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$TTCM ✅👀🔥👉🏼I took the weekend to put a strong thread loaded with DD to explore, learn, follow & share. If you like it & find new info please feel free to add. Have fun digging. 😎 @MyArknet
$TTCM ✅👀👉🏼😎What is Arknet? ARknet! ARknet is a patented geo spatial, augmented reality privacy first social media engagement platform by Tautachrome, Inc which will transform the way we interact with the world!
$TTCM ✅👀👉🏼Who’s Who & who to follow. Many thanks to the list of game changers who’s name show in the tweets & contributed to this thread. I invite you to add your name to this list along with your work. 😎Follow thread ✅👀🔥👇🏼@MyArKnet many more here👇🏼
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What I have to say is very important and I ask you to read this all the way through.

About half of our district is the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. This is where our aquaculture is and it is very strong.


This area makes its living from the hard labor of our Watermen. They need our support now more than ever. Our Watermen catch and raise marine life from rockfish to oysters. They are small businesses that keep the region going.


They keep many more small businesses thriving. Restaurants, local grocery stores, roadside stands and more sell the fresh catches they bring to us.


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We are live at @PetFedUK #virtualpetindex conference! If you weren't able to attend this talk on the £131 billion pound #pet industry, you can catch up later in the week when our recording be live on
The death of the #highstreet is not universally applicable. Empty shop fronts range from 5% to circa 30%.

Future of the high street may lie in more residential and entertainment space in the centre of towns, alongside #retail.

Jack Tindale, #retail expert from @Policy_Connect
We need to re-imagine the #highstreet. #Pet businesses can offer a tactile #shopping opportunity that isn't open to other commercial entities

Jack Tindale, #retail expert @Policy_Connect
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CALLING ALL LOCAL BUSINESSES - We're looking for YOU to help revamp our offering across our three retail stores and offer more to the thousands of passengers who travel on the Severn Valley Railway each year. #localbusiness #shropshire #worcestershire #wmhour 1/3
Whether you make jams, chocolates, bread, handcraft trinkets, ornaments and homeware or something a little more unique, we'd love to hear from you.

It couldn't be easier to get in touch either... #2/3
Simply email and tell us a little bit more about your business. If you're in Shropshire, Worcestershire or the Black Country, we can't wait to hear from you! #worcestershire #shropshire #smallbusiness #retail #wmhour
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We talk a lot about growth, marketing, SEO & all the fun sides of #startups and #entrepreneurship, but there's more to online business than that.

Let's take a crash course in financial statements, shall we?

The 3 financial statements businesses issue to report their financial performance are:
1⃣ Cash Flow Statements
2⃣ Balance Sheets
3⃣ Income Statements

@freshbooks has a good tutorial on how to read each of these statements.…

#Accounting #SmallBusiness
1a) The cash flow statement shows actual cash inflows and outflows of a business over time. 📈

It basically measures how well a company manages its cash. @noahparsons and @Bplans explain cash flow statements in this article:…
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Small Business Crisis Amidst the #COVID19 Pandemic:

Dear small business owners & advocates,

It is time to collect your stories about @WasteManagement to document the contract brutality that #smallbusinesses face: @wmcares.

#WasteOfManagement #TakeOutTheTrashPandemic
#WastedManagement #WasteOfManagement

WM abuses #smallbusinesses in the best of times yet exploits their worst moments: retirement; business exit; need to switch to a more competitive service.

@Q_i_a_n_a @AlwaysaGoodday1 @sweatequity @ewhitmore @AOC @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden
Call for a national & California review of @WasteManagement contract disputes with #smallbusinesses to explore a #classaction lawsuit.

It is time to #TakeOutTheTrashPandemic.

I am hearing horror stories during this unprecedented health & economic crisis from micro-businesses.
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If you're #SelfEmployed, #freelance or #SmallBusiness, applying for #unemploymentbenefits for the first time, here's what I learned when applying for #PUA from the California #EDD. First of all, you start here and create a new account:
Once you register for a new account with Benefit Programs Online, you will be able to proceed to "UI Online," then "File a New Claim." Like many self-employed professionals, my income has fallen off a cliff, but not dried up completely. That's OK; you can still file.
Assuming you worked full-time in your business before, enter your previous hours per week as 40 & your annual income as the net income claimed on your Schedule C last year. That's at the very bottom, Line 31. As long as your net income is over $17,368, you qualify.
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Are your Community's small businesses hurting? We just had an AWESOME Community funded Stimulus event called Prime the Pump and it was INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL! And incredibly easy. Here's how we did it...

2) First, the what & the how:
Prime the Pump was for jump starting the Community shopping by pulling people out to the shops& giving them an incentive to spend.
We did this by raising money via local donations from local businesses Community members. We raised $10,000 in 5 days!
3)The only requirements were that all shoppers had to show up at the event to sign up, they would be reimbursed a set amount$ for spending at all local shops who weren't able to open during the shut down, &they have to present their receipts at a set time Mon or Tue next week.
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1/According to the Brigham Young University survey, loneliness is a bigger cause of early death than obesity. Being aware of obesity death numbers which are mind-blowing,
2/what happens when people with smaller homes especially in Europe can only travel from bed to sofa and sofa to bed and loneliness and obesity both together act as the worst poison that they have to take every hour and day and week and months and who knows for how long?
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There are 30.7M small businesses in the U.S. which account for 99.9% of all U.S. businesses (SBA, 2019)

SBA defines a #SmallBusiness as a firm having fewer than 500 employees.
This means that many highly valued startups in the U.S fit within this definition of small businesses. Image
The definition of a #SmallBusiness varies across the world.

For comparison, in the European Union any business that has fewer than 50 employees is considered a small business.

In Australia, companies with fewer than 15 employees are considered small businesses.
#SmallBusiness stats show that most businesses in America have fewer than 500 employees.

Those businesses with fewer than 100 employees account for 98.2% and those w/fewer than 20 employees account for 89%of all businesses in the country.

➡️98.2% have FEWER THAN 100 EMPLOYEES Image
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Look online and you’ll find endless advice on what you need to start a small business. But very few websites tell you what you don’t need. So here is ANNA’s list of 10 things you DON'T need to start a #SmallBusiness.
1) A stapler. This is a controversial one, as plenty of people do use staplers to attach two - or sometimes three! - pieces of paper together. But we’ll be blunt: it’s 2020. A stapler is a luxury, not an essential. Think of it as the elderberry of the small business world.
2) A wolf. Yes, we know you love wolves. The way they prowl the wilderness in desperate packs, howling at the moon. They're free, tied to nothing and no one. You see a lot of yourself in those fearless wolves. But do you NEED a wolf to start a small business? You do not.
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1/ It is THREAD time friends! Today we're going to highlight some businesses, here & on @BladensburgRoad Main Street, that are GIVING BACK to the community, even in these tough times. Did we miss any? Add them in the comments! We ♥️ our #SmallBusiness -es! #RIAMS #bladensburgroad
2/ First up, @roamingrooster1 on @BladensburgRoad Main Street. They have given TONS of free, delicious sandwiches to hospital workers over the last few weeks. 👏👏👏
3/ Next, @foodhini on #RIAMS! In their newsletter last week, they announced they'd be delivering meals to healthcare workers by partnering with a GoFundMe campaign! Amazing! 🙌🙌🙌
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ATTENTION Lenders, #SmallBusiness & media interested in #Ppploans. The following 13 part thread outlines many of the impediments we saw on day one of the program & how they can/will be fixed.

I apologize for the length of the thread but important details below. 1/13
Day one saw complications you would expect with unprecedented $349 BILLION emergency plan passed just 7 days ago

Despite this as of 6:06 pm Friday 13,669 #SmallBusiness owners received #Ppploans valued at more than $4.3B

However a number of outstanding issues to address 2/13
On Friday we had various & extensive conversations with @SBAgov & @USTreasury about the issues that emerged on day one of #PPPloans. I expect that early next week they will be releasing additional guidance that should provide clarity & help resolve many of these issues 3/13
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BREAKING: With $349 billion in emergency #smallbusiness capital cleared, SBA and @USTreasury begin unprecedented public-private mobilization effort to distribute funds. #COVID19
The #CARESAct established the new $349 billion Paycheck Protection Program, which is specifically designed to help small businesses keep their workforce employed.
The Paycheck Protection Program will be available retroactive from Feb. 15, 2020, so employers can rehire their recently laid-off employees through June 30, 2020.
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I know @AndrewYang asked about how to care for #SmallBusiness. I have an idea. Curious what smarter folks than I think about it. Maybe @MaxGhenis has some data about it.

Essentially, set up a website for small businesses to self-report financial obligations and pay via QE.
While these business owners are at home with their ledgers and contracts, we could create a place for them to self-submit for relief.

Let's say you own a taco truck (#goals) and you are screwed, right now with your city on lockdown. What are your obligations?
You likely have some monthly debt payment on the truck and other equipment. This could easily be verified: Submit the papers to the website package. Submit bank account info to verify payment of the obligation.

Typically, you would carry insurance to cover crazy stuff like
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1/8 And a few more points for @GovWhitmer, a thread...

Teen use of vaping products, as reported by @US_FDA was overwhelmingly because of "curiosity" rather than flavors as you keep trying to claim, which is data from the 2019 NYTS… with most using Juul
2/8 This leads directly into point number two, from looking at FDA sales/inspection data, it is, again overwhelmingly not vape shops that are selling to teens, this data can be seen here… out of all sales to underage in MI only 13 (2.22% were at vape shops)

Type of store product was sold in:

Vape shop: 13 (2.22%)

Gas station: 362 (62.09%)

Tobacco shop: 70 (12.00%)

Alcohol/liquor store: 35 (6.00%)

Convenience store: 60 (10.29%)

Grocery/drug store: 43 (7.37%)
Read 8 tweets… THIS is as disgusting as the EPSTEIN plea deal corruption. No Jailtime for raping 3 year old daughter of BIG CHEM heir??? Beau Biden supported the probation???🧐
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Social media marketing strategy is not as complicated as it seems. “Social media is about the people. Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.” Matt Goulart. These are the secrets of marketing online.
1. Connect with your followers on a personal level. Be human. The great thing about your social channels is that it gives the opportunity for viewers to see what you do on a day to day basis.
#DigitalMarketing #SmallBusiness #OnlineMarketing
2. Maintain your reputation. People love to rant and Twitter is often the first point of call for many customers with questions or complaints. Managing your reputation online is a critical part of any marketing strategy.

#OnlineMarketing #DigitalMarketing
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@OregonGovBrown logic: ppl are getting sick from vaping #THC oil (black market, mostly). So we're going to ban nicotine vape & send nicotine & THC vapers to the black mkt - which is what's been killing people ... Are they trying to kill off all smokers? #VapeBan #vaping
ALL cases where they've found a cause have been THC oil ... and the symptoms of vaping oil (esp. Vitamin E oil) are identical to the symptoms being reported #vaping #VapeBan #vapingsaveslives @OregonGovBrown
Nicotine e-cigs have been around for about a decade.  These illnesses just started this summer.  Ergo, it's something new, not the e-cigs people have been using all this time #VapeBan #vaping #vapingsaveslives
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In #SDNY Mag Court Ms Santiago freed after gov called her mental health risk for talking suicide after loss of child- thread
Next up is Burrell, in from the #MDC on the morning transport, bound for Judge Marrero for violence in aid of #racketeering
Next up is Mr Paulson, not Henry, in pink shirt. He has retained counsel Sorrentino and is assigned to Judge Crotty. Drugs
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We think and plan a lot about the future of Vermont’s economy. Yesterday after touring an #organic dairy farm in Fairfield, Marcelle and I visited Liquid Measurements Systems, a growing aerospace firm in Georgia, #VT. @LMS_VT recently hired 3 engineers who relocated to #VT
.@LMS_VT competes on a global scale with its sensor products. These support cutting-edge aircraft like the #X59, Lockheed Martin’s partnership w/@NASA to build a supersonic aircraft. Thru 30 years this #SmallBusiness has supplied both commercial and military aerospace sectors.
The variation of these two enterprises is part of the beauty and strength of our state. #Vermont will have a vibrant future if we protect our agricultural heritage, and expand our manufacturing and tech sectors.
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Do you run a small business in the UK or know someone who does? If so, read on: #SmallBiz #SmallBusiness
You have probably heard/seen/read a lot on TV, Internet and Radio about Brexit. What you might not know is how it could affect your business.
A 'Hard' brexit (i.e. a badly managed form of leaving the EU resulting in a distant relationship with it) could have several negative effects on small businesses - difficulty sourcing stock, delays in obtaining raw materials, missed deliveries and difficulties recruiting staff
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"I'm afraid to discuss my business ideas because I'm afraid someone will steal them. What do I do, Shadeed?"

Good question. Here are 7 ways that you can protect your #business ideas.


#smallbusiness #startup #smb
Protect your business idea #1
Non-disclosure agreements. (NDA)

What is a NDA?

A legally enforceable contract that binds confidentiality
between a person holding information with the person who
is receiving it.

You sign NDA before you tell the details.
Protect your Business Ideas: #2
Trademark your Name

What is a trademark, Shadeed?
A symbol or words that are legally filed to represent a product or company.

Where do I file my trademark?
Apply online here:

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Where is everyone going for #OpenFarmDay?

There are around 100 farms across #Maine participating in the 29th annual event. Support #smallbusiness and agriculture by coming out!…
Very first farm in the #OpenFarmDay brochure has...a winery. Somone want to tell @Governor_LePage that we should be exporting wines as well as importing them?

So much fun on #OpenFarmDay!

Our first stop was From The Country Farm. No online ordering, but you should absolutely do a #MaineRaising with a phone order. Amazing soaps, lotions and goat cheese.

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