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Special Lecturer, Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ. Ex-Ambassador of Moldova to UN. Ex-peacekeeper. Ex-CSO. Alien in NY for now, Dad forever. RT≠endorsements.
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May 1 4 tweets 4 min read
Liudmyla Monastyrska from #Ukraine emerged in the Ukrainian flag at the end of Saturday #NY Met. Opera "Turandot" performance. She replaced Anna Netrebko, from #Russia "whom the company dropped over her past support" of President Putin @nytimes reports.
nytimes.com/2022/05/01/art… 2. In fairness, @guardian previously reported that soprano from #Russia Netrebko condemns war in #Ukraine but Met says it’s not enough - Netrebko previously voiced pro-Kremlin views & in 2014 posed with a rebel flag in the contested Donetsk region...
Apr 29 8 tweets 7 min read
On 27 Apr 2022, as explosions were heard in #Russia controlled "separatist" region of Moldova & Kremlin used them to blame #Ukraine , #US congress voted a resolution to support MLD independence, territorial integrity & strengthen #USA #Molodva relations
congress.gov/bill/117th-con… 1May2022 update - after recent explosions in #Moldova "separatist" #Russia controlled region of "transnistria", signaling a possible local extension of struggle for influence in Moscow, local Russian leaderships asks again for recognition & separation. (2)
Apr 26 9 tweets 10 min read
Today's thread of updates from #Moldova explosions in #Russia controlled "separatist" Transnistrian region near #Ukraine
- 3 confirmed explosions
- RusMFA threats & blame of #Ukraine
- MLD Govt assessment it's internal separatist war-party, conflicting similar explosions in Ru #Moldova v.brief update 27 Apr 2022 : shots were heard near Cobasna weapons depot housing ~20.000MetricTons of #Russia munitions in the "separatist" region Ru supports. MLD Govt stated shots were fired nearby in #Ukraine not Cobasna, as the border is near.
Mar 3 13 tweets 10 min read
A Bloomberg reporter abt FSB planning public executions after #Ukraine takover. People, who never followed #Russia, react in disbelief. Yet, during Chechen wars Russia tortured & executed civilians, rebels. Ru army solders & officers freely recognized their Bespredel (next tweet) 2. Russian officers in Chechnya “What rules? What Geneva Conventions? What difference does it make if Russia has signed them?” said a 25-year-old army officer. “I didn’t sign them, none of my friends signed them. . . . In Russia, these rules don’t work.”
Jul 11, 2021 27 tweets 14 min read
#Moldova election day, July 11 - about 48.28% of the registered voters have exercised their right to elect by 21.43hrs in the Republic of Moldova and abroad. This is a considerably lower percentage than during Presidential elections: 2. The approximate distribution by gender and age of the voters in #Modova elections today (as it was recorded at 21.43hrs Moldovan time) is aprox 54% women voters and aprox. 45% men.