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Aug 10, 2020 9 tweets 8 min read
Hey @wregional! How are you today?
I’m at #HarrisonAR, checked in with #solv app instant waiting list to get tested for #coronavirus, trying to stay positive. C, pictured, yelled at me to roll my window down when asked what #number I am in line, after previously yelling at me. No rush, I know everyone is busy. I’ll be here when my windows up to keep y’all safe cos my coworker tested positive for #coronavirus Friday, and I was last in contact Wednesday.

Side note: my #airconditioner is out. I am worried about being in a #hotcar and getting #heatstroke.
Aug 10, 2020 10 tweets 11 min read
Just had a wild idea, so bear with me:
Imagine an #opensource #cryptocrowdfunding model for software products, the kind you buy from @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud and also the smaller players like @digitalocean and @Rackspace m, where there are no hardware licenses. 1/ You don’t even have to run the software or have access to the hardware running it in this model. Instead of #softwarelicensing, #developers set #crypto #staking thresholds which act as #digitalaccesscontroltokens; #stake x of whichever #Crypto, or y of another, with a discount 2/