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Recently, @NEARProtocol announced the launch of the first of-its-kind Blockchain Operating System (BOS)🔗

The operating system creates a shared layer for discovering & exploring open web resources, making it easier for users to navigate the decentralized web🌐
🧵👇 Image
What's truly groundbreaking about #Near Protocol's operating system is its interoperability🔄

It's compatible with any #blockchain or web2 backend, allowing users to seamlessly switch between different applications and chains without interruption.
Additionally, the system provides developers with the ability to create decentralized & composable frontends.

They can combine different components & add-ons with built-ins like payments, profiles, & notifications, all without needing to host them on a separate server🖥️
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🧵 A thread: Ethereum Staking 🧵
1/7 - 🤝🏰 Staking on #Ethereum is like pledging your allegiance to the kingdom of Gondor by locking up your #ETH to validate transactions and earn rewards.
2/7 - 💪🧝‍♂️ Just as Frodo needed the support of Sam, Merry, and Pippin to destroy the One Ring, #stakers on Ethereum rely on each other to secure the #network.
3/7 - 🦸‍♂️💍 Minimum staking requirement on Ethereum is 32 #ETH, equivalent to assembling the Fellowship of the Ring to undertake a perilous quest.
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🔝#Bitcoin Skyrockets to All-Time High in 2023: Is it the Right Time to #Invest?💥

📰Let’s dive into your weekly digest of specially curated reads by #Matrixport 📰

What’s #trending in #cryptocurrency?
⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
1️⃣ #Bitcoin Rockets Past $24.7K to Reach 2023 High

2️⃣ #Paxos Reportedly Ordered to Stop Issuing #BUSD; #Tether’s #USDT Gains $1b

3️⃣ #Polygon Announces Launch Date for #zkEVM #Mainnet Beta in March
4️⃣ #Binance and #HuobiFreeze $1.4M in #Crypto Tied to #HarmonyBridge Theft

5️⃣ #ConfluxNetwork Partners with #China Telecom to Build #Blockchain-Enabled SIM Cards

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The @NEARProtocol's unique architecture & it's phased upgrades are designed to enhance:


As the network continues to evolve, it will become more efficient & better equipped to handle the growing demands of #Dapps
#NEAR uses a Thresholded Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm to execute transactions 📝
The network algorithmically sets a minimum validator participation threshold, where validators bid for participation👨‍💻️
The sharding model used by #NEAR is called Nightshade, which is powerful but also complex 🛠️

One aspect that requires attention is the fork choice rule, which needs to be executed separately for each chain (shard chains and beacon chain) 🔗
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The @Cardano ecosystem is one of the most exciting ecosystems out there,
We take pride in being a leading validator & contributing towards the network's security🔐

Here's a short 🧵 to understand the networks consensus & #staking mechanism👇
#Ouroboros is the Proof-of-Stake (#PoS) consensus mechanism used by the #Cardano #blockchain.

It allows users to delegate their $ADA to a stake pool operator and earn rewards while still maintaining ownership of their tokens💰
It uses a variant of PoS called Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) and divides time into epochs and slots, with each node using a verifiable random function (VRF) to generate a random number to select the slot leader🎰
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What is a #DAO and how is it shaping the future of #Crypto and #finance?

This crypto guide as well as other free guides & project reviews can be read more clear on my website:

1/ 🧵👇
2- The whole #Crypto #DeFi community believes in a decentralised space with no centralised entities governing their finances. Users in the #DeFi world have complete control over their #crypto but do they have control over the future of the protocols they've invested in?
3- In some cases, yes! It is called a #DAO, which stands for 'Decentralised Autonomous Organisation'. A #DAO allows the community to make every future decision regarding the protocol through proposals and voting!
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1/ Today marks the evolution to $MEX 2.0 & #xExchange: one of ten xDapps that will POWER the #Multiverse.

MultiversX $EGLD is now on @coinbase! 🇺🇸

Newcomers: Let's dive into all the excitement & kick off #xExchange with a bang!💥🔋 @ElrondNetwork @MaiarExchange #MultiversX

2/ 📝Facts first:

• 1,269 days ago $egld (BEP-20) launched on @binance launchpad.
• 862 days $EGLD main network launched (Layer-1).
• Avg. 75k transactions per day among 2M erd addresses.
#DeFi on $EGLD is 386 days old.

Last week @MaiarExchange generated $3.6M rewards. 👇
3/ Elrond rebrands to #MultiversX*, now tradeable on @coinbase. 🇺🇸

$EGLD at a glance:
• Sharded Smart Contracts platform
• 15k TPS, testnet 263k TPS
• Adaptive State Sharding; Secure Proof of #Stake
• 6s block time, $0.002 tx cost w/ 3.2k nodes
#NFTs, #DeFi, #Metaverse
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What is Proof of Stake (PoS) ?

Our last 🧵 looked at the original Nakamoto #consensus method that uses #ProofofWork - a trusted & robust method - but very time & energy consuming.

Enter #ProofofStake
1/ With #ProofofStake validators don’t race to solve #cryptographic puzzles (also known as #mining and the main reason #ProofofWork is so energy intensive).

Instead validators #stake their own #crypto assets in order to participate in consensus.
2/ This uses much less energy and is faster - which is important for the #environment and for #applications that require speed and scalability.
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Imagine getting paid for asking @Google a question...

I will leave all the official links at the end.

Please like, retweet and follow if you enjoyed this thread!

Have a look at our website for more guides & much more!👇

Imagine no further.

#Presearch is a decentralized search engine that not only rewards users for exploring #Web3 on their platform but aims to bring security and privacy to its users.
@Presearchnews launched their search engine and token $PRE in 2017.

In October 2020, @Presearchnews established that its users made over 10 million monthly searches. Today, 21 months later averages over 150 million user searches!
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@avalancheavax was built to address issues of scalability prevalent in top protocols. And, with rapid popularity, Avalanche moved a step ahead to cater to its ballooning users by introducing Avalanche Subnets.

What is it?

How does it work?

Let’s Dive in👇🧵 Image

Before we dive into #subnets
Let’s first understand Avalanche.

#Avalanche is a Proof-of-Stake smart contract platform for #dApps powered by the snowman consensus protocol with near-instant transaction finality. It has been the most successful EVM chain after #BSC. Image

@avalancheavax launched its mainnet in Sept 2020 & Avalanche Rush - a Liquidity incentive Program in Aug 2021. This was a huge success & led to many #dApps migrating & bringing a lot of capital onto the platform.
Total Value Locked had reached $24B at its peak. Image
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1/13 Have you ever heard a world where #DeFi rewards are automatically harvested & reinvested? Welcome in the #YieldOptimizer World. Here is a 🧵why they are one of the first door to open for newcomers in #DeFi 👇
Concrete example on @optimismPBC with @beethoven_x & @beefyfinance
2/13 When you deposit into a Liquidity Pool, you receive token(s) reward based on the #APR of this pool. APR stands for: Annual Percentage Rate. On @beethoven_x , this pool is made up of 8 #tokens, with an APR of 139%
3/13 As you may know @beethoven_x is a friendly fork of @BalancerLabs coming from #Fantom who deployed their platform on #Optimism. Reward of this pool are split:
- 37% of swap fees => your LP token will increase in quantity
- 102% liquidity mining => Reward received in $BAL Image
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1/ Eli5DeFi is a collaborative effort to educate people about #DeFi, #Cryptocurrency and #Blockchain with infographics and visual guides.

Our #Notion page is a one-stop place for curated DeFi information and resources
2/ To find our unrolled #infographics🧵, you can check our @typefully page below:
3/ Our first #visualguide is about @CurveFinance Primer, including @ConvexFinance and #CurveWars narration. Check the🧵for more details!

$CRV $veCRV $CVX $crvCVX
#Curve #Convex #DeFi #YieldFarming

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[Who in the hell are the @CannabuddieNFTs?]

A 🧵.
#Crypto, #NFTs, & #Cannabis. Normies don’t yet get it, those that do, can’t get enough. @CannabuddieNFTs seeks to be at the center of it all, bridging IRL & #Web3 Integration by utilizing the greatest medium in Internet Culture! This is much more than getting stoned & dope art…
I. The Idea

The story is simple…In 2021 our homies started a crypto group chat, looking to help bring one another to the top through alpha trades & pam jokes. Garry was periodically mentioning Cannabuddies at this time, something which I (Austin),
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Presenting: @0xPolysynth DeFi Option Vaults 🏛

A new dawn for #DeFi and @0xPolygon Ecosystem 🌅

Simple #oneclick strategies to #earn in all market scenarios 🌈

Plus, you get to choose, which #DOV gets unlocked 🗝

Wanna earn for choosing? Read along...
@0xPolysynth DOVs democratise sophisticated strategies that were otherwise only available to Hedge Funds & HNIs 🌈

Simply: #Stake. #Earn. #Repeat ♻️
Even in a rather dull market like right now, we have dedicated strategies to earn high yields 💸

Some of the DOV Strategies on @0xPolysynth are:

🤑 Covered Call/Put
🤑 Short Call/Put
🤑 Bull/Bear Spread
🤑 Long/Short Iron Butterfly
🤑 Long/Short Iron Condor and more
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Kripto Piyasasında olan herkese fayda sağlayacak ve stratejinizi kendinizin de belirleyebileceği hale gelmenizi sağlayacak web sitelerini sizler için derledik. Hadi başlıyalım.💫
#Bitcoin #AVAX #LUNA #lunaterra #kriptopara
1.Piyasada olan projelerin kontrat adreslerini bulunduğu, anlık olarak değer takibini yapabileceğimiz, kendi portföyümüzü oluşturabileceğimiz, kripto paralar için kendi kategoriye ayıran geniş kapsamlı sitemiz:
2. Site içerisinde kendi portföyümüzü oluşturup takibini kolayca sağladığımız coinlerin geçmiş verilerinin hangi borsalarda listeli olduğunu gösteren, #coingecko ile benzer bir site olan @CoinMarketCap
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Still on the fence of whether to invest in one of the fastest growing @terra_money protocols?

The COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE to the $PRISM (& $xPRISM) token is finally here!📚📚📚

Tokenomics, use cases and a short summary (not-sponsored) ⚖️!

A thread.🧵
1/ The overview 📖

1. Token distribution and launch📊(tweet no. 2)
2. What can you do with $PRISM?🔨(tweet no. 10)
3. What can you do with $xPRISM?🛠️(tweet no. 11)
4. Development of token price📈(tweet no. 19)
5. Implications and summary 📕(tweet no. 20)

Let's dive in! 🌊
2/ Token distribution and launch📊

Understanding token distribution and release (vesting) schedule is a crucial aspect when evaluating a #cryptocurrency.

As such, let's take a look at who controls what amount of $PRISM tokens and how they plan to be unlocked.
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1/ @harmonyprotocol approves 21 more proposals for its $300M Ecosystem Fund 💙

💱DeFi: @epnsproject @AnChainAI @perpprotocol @freyalacrypto

💳Payments: @Allbridge_io @MIM_Spell @klever_io @Trustee_Wallet

🎭NFT: @TheDeFimons @KangaFinance @StoreyTheApp @NiftyRow

And more ⬇️
2/ @finance_unite is the first algorithmic #stablecoin on the @harmonyprotocol ecosystem. Users can #stake their UNITE tokens and earn daily rewards💰


#DeFi #HarmonyONE #Blockchain
3/ The Ethereum Push Notification Service (@epnsproject) is a decentralized communication & notification protocol for Web3. With it, any smart contract, dApp or backend can send on-chain or off-chain #notifications tied to wallet addresses 🤩

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Let's take a trip through the major releases on the @iota network since #chrysalis this April. 🧵(1/13)
Their brand new wallet, #Firefly, was released on April 21 in preparation for the token migration to the new #chrysalis network (#IOTA 1.0 -> #IOTA 1.5). (2/13)
Then the #chrysalis network (1.5) went live on April 28. The coordinator is still active, but this sets the stage for #coordicide (#IOTA 2.0) in the future. (3/13)…
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(1/17) Selamlar dostlar, herkese mutlu haftalar diliyoruz.🍀🍀 Bugün sizlerle NFT pazarı olan bir P2E 🎮🎮oyun projesi olan #WonderHero $WND ’yi inceleyeceğiz. 🔎🔎
(2/17) Peki nedir bu #WND ❓❓
$WND ne işe yarar ❓❓
Partnerleri kim ❓❓
Gelin beraber inceleyelim.
(3/17) ⚠️⚠️ Öncelikle belirtmek isteriz ki, incelemelerimiz kesinlikle yatırım tavsiyesi içermemek ile birlikte, amacımız sizleri projeler hakkında bilgi sahibi etmek ve bilinçlendirmek. Artık projeye geçebiliriz. ⚠️⚠️
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1/ (of 17)💥Even if you HATE #HEX or @RichardHeartWin, read this thread. Clarity ahead.

I helped a friend set up a STAKE LADDER this year. Here's how it went:

She bought $10K of $Hex total back in Feb of this year. Price was a little under 1 cent at ...
(continued) 👇👇
2/ ...that time. Today it is 40 cents, for a 4,000% gain.

Her $10K investment if she cashed out now would be worth $400K.

But here's the magic in what we did:

$10K bought her about 1 million #HEX.

She created 5 stakes. Today, we call this a #STAKE LADDER.

(continued) 👇👇
3/ Each #Stake was for 200K $Hex (1 Million #Hex divided into 5 stakes.)

Stake 1 matures in 3 years
Stake 2 matures in 4 years
Stake 3 matures in 5 years
Stake 4 matures in 6 years
Stake 5 matures in 7 years

A lot can happen in the #crypto world in 7 yrs, so...

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One of the longest thread on #ct here 😇if you are one of the #LUNAtics and want to know how #STTsquadron will work, follow it and do RT $STT $LUNA #ToTheMoon
The purpose of creating #STTsquadrons is to allow holders of fewer STE (StarTerra Energy, where: 1STE - 1 $STT) points to participate in #IDO
A #STTsquadron is represented by a #smartcontract. In the first iteration, the @StarTerra_io team will create squadron contracts assigned to each faction. For each subsequent #IDO, #StarTerra will initiate new squadron contracts
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#Ethereum size istediğiniz her şeyi yapabileceğiniz bir platform sunar ama nasıl yapacağınıza #ETH karar verir.” Ethereum ile #PolkaDot arasındaki temel fark budur. Bugün anlatacağım @AcalaNetwork #AcalaNetwork projesi #PolkaDot un hepsi bir arada #DeFi hub ı olmayı planlıyor. Image
#ETH protokolü üzerinden istediğiniz #DApp uygulamasını yazabilirsiniz ama istediğiniz şekilde yazamazsınız. En basitinden, protokol sizden #ERC20 standartlarına uymanızı, #Solidity dilinde yazmanızı, (yüksek fee ücretlerine rağmen) fee olarak $ETH kullanmanızı isteyecektir. Image
Öte yandan, PolkaDot ağı birçok yazılım dilini desteklediği için size herhangi bir programlama dilini veya herhangi bir para birimini kullanmanızı gerektirmez. Geliştiricileri/Yazılımcıları kısıtlamak, sınırlamak yerine onlara tüm istediklerini yapabilecekleri bir platform sunar
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📢 Posizione #G7FIN sul negoziato in corso (in sede @OECDtax) sulla riforma del sistema di tassazione internazionale d'impresa 👉 1/
Poche sorprese rispetto alla vigilia
1⃣ Tassazione effettiva minima (#Pillar2 del negoziato #OCSE): #G7FIN si allinea sull'aliquota (di almeno il 15%).
❓Ci si deve ancora accordare su definizione di utili sottotassati (base imponibile da assoggettare a tassaz. minima) e... 2/
... su chi e in che misura riceverà ("paesi-fonte" degli utili vs. "paesi di residenza delle multinazionali") le imposte sugli utili sottotassati.. 3/
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$ATOM is already a $1000 asset. 99.9% just don't know it yet.

Here are 20 simple reasons why you should #stake $ATOM

⚛️ Secures the spaceport of the 70 billion $ #Cosmos ecosystem
⚛️ Highest security in the ecosystem
⚛️ Billions of tx and liquidity to flow through atom & hub
⚛️ Onchain governance voting rights
⚛️ #Decentralized anchor of the ecosystem
⚛️ Permissionless & censorship resistant
⚛️ Fees from shared security
⚛️ Fees from tx & gas (dex)
⚛️ Fees from swaps (dex)
⚛️ Fees from #dataviz routed through the Hub
⚛️ Fees from liquidity pools (dex)
⚛️ $Atom as collateral in defi
⚛️ Fees from smart contract deployment
⚛️ Fees from #NFT mint & marketplaces
⚛️ Fees generated from data marketplaces
⚛️ Fees from bridge mining dot, eth, bitcoin etc
⚛️ Interchain auctions
⚛️ #Staking derivatives
⚛️ Stakedrops & airdrops
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