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Biome Environmenal Trust works with governments, diverse communities and organisations in varied aspects of land-use, energy, water, and sanitation.
Jan 18, 2023 12 tweets 5 min read
Can you effectively manage wastewater in your locality?

Check out these snippets from the comic book “Neera, Jalaj and the Case of Untreated Waste”, that tell us how we can achieve sustainable #wastemanagement ...🧵 10-year-old Jalaj was curious about how efficiently waste can be used.

He kept thinking about the technology that helped #recycle and reuse it. Jalaj wondered how he could replicate the system in his own #environment.
Jan 16, 2023 8 tweets 4 min read
How can water sensitivity transform our cities into sustainable urban spaces? 🧵 Image What is the challenge for water-sensitive #urban design on a #city scale?

Turning an area spread across 1250 square km, divided into 3 major valleys & a tank system into a water-sustainable space. Image
Jan 16, 2023 10 tweets 3 min read
Here are some ways you can make your layout/apartment/gated community more water sustainable...🧵 Here’s the challenge:

In a layout, how can we convert water from an individual, private resource, to an #equitable resource?
Jan 5, 2023 6 tweets 2 min read
Do you know how much water you use in your school every day?

Here's an easy way to calculate your school's water demand: Image First, draw a map of your campus showing:

1. Buildings (classrooms, labs, etc.)
2. Paved Surfaces (pathways, courts, etc.)
3. Open Areas (grounds, gardens, etc.) Image
Jan 3, 2023 8 tweets 3 min read
How can a #school become more water #sustainable? 🧵 Image In this image, a typical school’s water sources, use and disposal processes are numbered. Image
Jan 2, 2023 15 tweets 3 min read
Do you know what makes up a #lake system?

Understanding the components of a lake system, its purposes and functions are critical to drawing out an inclusive rejuvenation plan.

Here's a quick run down of a lake's basic components 🧵 1/ Cascade: A series of lakes or man-made tanks that are connected
Jan 2, 2023 9 tweets 6 min read
What is the story behind the famous #Bangalore weather?

It goes back 3400 million years...🧵 Around 3,400 million years ago, the peninsular ‘gneiss’ came out and was cooled from volcanic activity.

This is what formed the city’s bedrock today. But the rock itself weathered and stored water in shallow aquifers.