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wenn Ihr das mit weltweiten Militärs nicht klein bekommt, könnt Ihr Euch Streiterei #Democrats gegen #Republicans ersparen. Ganz ehrlich. Ihr #Amerikaner könnt Koffer packen & zu uns kommen oder Euch denen unterwerfen. Problem nicht ohne #Militärrecht, Ausnahmezustand zu lösen Image
2) das ist kein Scherz von mir. Das meine ich völlig ernst. Alle #Militärs der #Welt müssen Leute, die zu dieser #Verschwörung gehören wegen #Landesverrat verhaften. Niemand steht über dem #Gesetz. Niemand steht über dem #Staat. Reich hin o. her. Verhaften & wegen Landesverrat 3) ImageImage
3) vor Gericht. All diese Leute sind für weltweite #Katastrophen, #Kriege & #Armut mitverantwortlich. Die #Befreiung der #Erde wie Ihr es nennt, wird nie mit Fortsetzung dieser Struktur funktionieren. 5te Dimension, Weltfrieden, Kennedy Plan, G.e.s.a.r.a. alles hängt davon ab. Image
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Can you effectively manage wastewater in your locality?

Check out these snippets from the comic book “Neera, Jalaj and the Case of Untreated Waste”, that tell us how we can achieve sustainable #wastemanagement ...🧵
10-year-old Jalaj was curious about how efficiently waste can be used.

He kept thinking about the technology that helped #recycle and reuse it. Jalaj wondered how he could replicate the system in his own #environment.
First, Jalaj tackled the solid waste by building a toilet with a twin leach pit, with the help of his friends. A twin leach pit is a toilet that can manage faecal waste locally.
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How can water sensitivity transform our cities into sustainable urban spaces? 🧵 Image
What is the challenge for water-sensitive #urban design on a #city scale?

Turning an area spread across 1250 square km, divided into 3 major valleys & a tank system into a water-sustainable space. Image
But increasing urbanisation in the last few decades has been diminishing the city’s #water bodies.
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Do you know what makes up a #lake system?

Understanding the components of a lake system, its purposes and functions are critical to drawing out an inclusive rejuvenation plan.

Here's a quick run down of a lake's basic components 🧵
1/ Cascade: A series of lakes or man-made tanks that are connected
2/ Catchment: The extent of land where all rainwater and surface water flow into the lake following the natural contours of the land.
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🏁_____ 🤴 👸 _____🏁

⭕️ ⬛️🟥⚫️
Rodney Mullen
DaeWON #SONG LZ ImageImage
10/23/2000 (99 00 01)
( #COMMS LEFT IN TIME ) Using the life of NOT A good man, the life of A #GREAT MAN …

#Transition 2 GREATNESS ! ….

Billed Weight—
•67 (58)
•13. 13.

.@taylorswift13, let’s talk about the number 13.
13 is not actually ImageImage
You’re favorite number, you’re favorite number is 2 & 4 (42) (24) …
Let’s talk about the Jersey number 24, #LAKE ..
Let’s talk about The 🖕 MIDDLE #FINGER Award ..
Let’s talk about every photo that I allowed someone to take of me, why do you think I always chose the Bird?
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Excited technologies announced by @aselipsky at #reinvent2022
Entire catalog of #AWS #Analytics and #MachineLearning services available on #ServerLess

It is a paradigm shifter!
'A Zero ETL Future' - Federated queries across data sources
bridging OLTP and OLAP those who know will get what folks like me have been struggling.
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Fraude potentielle des élections en #France & US?
En attendant les #Midterms, Momotchi & @les_deqodeurs font un top 10 des choses louches et étrangement similaires de ces élections. Ici sur les machines de vote où on peut entrer les votes à la main sur PC…
Machines de votes en #France, si vous voulez vérifier par vous même
#US Elections #Midterms Les Républicains sont en tête pour le moment!
House: 200 sièges contre 179 des démocrates
Sénat 49 sièges contre 48 On croise les doigts
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1. Hi everyone, I’m Elvira de Eyto @edeeyto , and this week I’ll be talking about long term monitoring, freshwater ecosystems, migratory fish and a bit about freshwater pearl mussels. I work at the research station in the Burrishoole catchment run by the @MarineInst Aerial view of the Marine Institute, Co. Mayo
@edeeyto @MarineInst 2. I grew up near Navan, Co. Meath, spent a good bit of time in @TCDZoology doing a degree in natural sciences followed by a PhD and subsequent research work on the ecological assessment of lakes
How can we tell what condition a lake is in ?💦
This is the beautiful #LoughCarra Littoral zone of Lough Carra
3. I did my PhD with 3 partners-in-crime @gnfree_gf @J0naf1n and Rossana Caroni, and we spent 2 years driving around 🇮🇪 with a little inflatable boat sampling many many many lakes. No camera phones in those days! 📸These are literally the only 3 photos I have of those 2 years Boat on Lough Inchiquinn, Jonathan, Gary and our boat, Elvir
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What is a pond?! We’re excited to announce our new publication in @SciReports that compiles existing scientific and legal pond definitions, compares how ponds functionally compare to lakes and wetlands, and proposes an evidence-based pond definition. 1/n Image
While seemingly everyone knows a pond when they see one, we lack a universal pond definition. The confusion causes debates over how many lakes a state has (cough, @mndnr and @WDNR) and creates challenges in upscaling global GHG emissions for ponds, lakes, and wetlands. 2/n
@SciReports Here, we found that existing definitions are largely qualitative– calling ponds small and shallow. 3/n Image
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Alright, folks, where did I take these photographs? #NaturePhotography #Spring #Lake #Brook A brook flowing between mossy bouldersAn 8 inch birch tree felled by a beaver. Toren's hand for coA slow-moving brook flowing through a conifer forest.A lake and a small pond, both surrounded by coniferous fores
I'm sure lots of you would have had all kinds of guesses, but I am also sure none of you would have had "an island off the Eastern Shore" as your answer.
Here's the zoomed out version of the image I showed previously.
All the photos were taken on Wolfe's Island. #NovaScotia A lake and a pond surrounded by conifer forest, with ocean a
A few more photos from Wolfe's Island, including the cabin where I spent the day, and what the rest of the island looks like. A red cabin on a rock by the ocean, with a blue motorboat inAerial photograph of a barren landscape, with two lakes and A large forested cliff rising straight from the ocean.Top-down view of a rocky, seaweed-covered shoreline with sil
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I just got on the @rzd_official No. 2 train from #moscow to #vladivostok. This #transsiberian route is over 9200km, the longest single train ride in the world. It will take 6 days and change in one direction. THREAD (I’ll add throughout the journey): Image
Tonight we will stop in Vladimir in the night and be in Nizhny Novgorod on the Volga before sunrise. My coupe while not fancy is certainly comfortable. We are passing through the Moscow suburbs. It’s midnight. That’s a full commuter train we just whizzed by. Image
This is my coupe. There is a mini TV (peak Russia) and a plug to charge phones in the hallway. Haven’t dared ask the shower question yet as not all trains have them. The lady in charge of our “wagon” is very nice and will go all the way to Vladivostok (and back!). Shared WCs. Image
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Pues me voy a animar como dije el otro día a hacer un proyecto 365, pero en vez de haciendo fotos, editando fotos mías antiguas, random, basadas en el mood de cada día.
La única limitación que me voy a poner, va a ser el formato 1:1... A ver lo que sale xD
I´ll say it also in English :)
I´m gonna try a photography 365 project, but instead of taking photos, processing old random photos of mine...
Only one rule: the square format.
Let´s see what I got, which will be directly affected by the mood of the day...
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