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Just because something is #recyclable does not mean it's #recycled. This article makes a lot of great points about misleading consumers on the sustainability (or lack thereof) of packaging.

I'd like to add a local and #zerowaste perspective!

The National Sword program in 2017, when China stopped accepting recyclables unless they met the stringent 0.5% contamination rate, had a big impact on recycling.

China was previously a large importer of US recyclables, which now needed to find new markets. (1/n)
As far as contamination rates go, the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA) noted this was "nearly impossible."

Even with a contamination rate of 1%, OCRRA has reported on looking for new solutions:… (2/n)
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Protect Yourself by Protecting Nature

#Nature is what keeps us alive, giving us food and #oxygen to breathe and in return, we are busy in mindless exploitation of natural resources, so much so that #humanity is on the verge of extinction. What are we thinking? There Image
is another #planet for us? Someone would descend from above and fix everything? Some magic that will correct everything? To an extent, nature does correct itself, but at what cost?

We, the humans are not special species for nature, if to improve the conditions, nature has Image
to kill humans, it would do so and it will be our loss, but nature will flourish again. Do we want it? Certainly not! What can we do? Together our collective effort will bring a #positive change. We can preserve nature in our daily life. Let us see how; Image
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Plastic based #synthetic fabrics use 342 million barrels/ 5437 crore litres of #oil annually.

Some commonly used synthetic fabrics are #polyester, #nylon, #acrylic etc.

These #fabrics are made using fossil fuels and are #nonbiodegradable, hence they’re bad for our #environment.
Synthetic fabrics release #micro #plastics in the environment which can be #carcinogenic.
Let’s stay clear off them while future #shopping. But we don’t have to get rid of the ones we already own. We must take good care of our clothes, use what we already have till it wears out.
After the clothes wear off, we must either #upcycle or #recycle them.
Disposing our synthetic clothes in the bin means sending them off to the landfills & that just means a mountain of clothes for hundreds of years to come.

We believe #upcycling is the most #sustainablefashion.
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@AP No one is facing up to the scale of the demand crash.

We normally produce 80-million+ barrels a day, and half the world (the rich half, mostly) is under lockdown.

Do we need 3/4 of the oil we did? 1/2? 1/4?

20-million+, 40-million+ or 60-million+ barrels/day less?
@AP Does the lockdown end in several months?

A year or more from now, when we (hopefully) have a vaccine?

How much will our consumption habits have changed by then?

How much renewable power will have been installed?

How many vehicles will be hybrid or electric?
@AP How long will it take to recover from what is effectively a depression?

Then look at the underlying math for oil coming out of this era, which is even worse.
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@business .@business Very useful for Russia, Iran and the Saudi's Aramco IPO.

But just pointing out we could dump algae in biodigesters, produce unlimited natural gas & recycle the waste on 6/23/14 preceded oil prices peaking 6/24/14 & plummeting by 75%.
@business .@business To sum up:
Algae rotting in biodigesters can make all the methane (natural gas) that you need.

Conventional GTL (gas-to-liquid) technology converts NG to oil at $25/barrel *without* pricing in de facto free energy or feedstocks.…
@business .@business A biodigester is a covered trench lined with block, w/a slurry of waste & water decomposing inside. Not exactly the most difficulty engineering feat if you have the lined hole and a sheet of plastic.
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J’ai été interpellée au sujet des numéros présents sur les #emballages en #plastique. Ces symboles, au nombre de 7, sont des triangles constitués de 3 flèches et un chiffre qui indique le type de plastique. Donc c’est parti pour la description de chacun de ces symboles #Thread
Pensez à aller voir mes #threads sur les plastiques et le #recyclage, épinglés sur ma page si ce n'est déjà fait ça vous aidera sur certains points
N°1-Le PET ou PETE, c’est le plastique qui constitue principalement les #bouteilles d’eau et de boissons gazeuses en plastique, flacons de produits d'hygiène, etc. Il est facilement recyclable=> #PoubelleJaune
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We’re all a bit crafty and environmentally aware here @moattheatre and have been talking about #ConsciousGiftGiving this year. Have you seen this guide? What would you prefer to receive as a gif? Ooh I feel another poll coming on...
Gift. 🙄 #CaffeineJitters
What kind of #Ethicalgift would you prefer this #Christmas? What would you give? We only recently heard that wrapping paper can’t be recycled so brown paper with reusable ribbon or string is better #recycle #upcycle #ConsciousGiftGiving #consciousgifting
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