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#Sustainable Alternative Futures for #India (SAFARI) is a user-interactive scenario development tool developed by #CSTEP.

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction #Climate #CSTEP
The #SAFARImodel helps simulate long-term pathways where #development goals AND #ClimateAction are achieved synergistically.

#ClimateEmergency #Climate #CSTEP @ConnectSDGs #COP26 #SDGs @UN
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The #MGISummit is about to begin. Follow our live coverage of the event, where high-profile regional leaders gather in #Riyadh to discuss #climate action ahead of #COP26.
#MGISummit: #Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, as well as #Jordan and and #Kuwait's crown princes, arrive at the venue. Pakistani PM @ImranKhanPTI also shows attendance.
#MGISummit: #Bahrain's Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa and #UAE's Finance Minister Hamad bin Rashid Al Maktoum have also arrived
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The October issue of our Brussels News Updates (BNU) #newsletter is now available! 📨

Click here for the latest news impacting #chemistry in Europe! ➡️…
This month, we share with you the following news:
– news on the EuChemS Historical Landmarks Award 2020 (European Level)
– summary of our webinar “Good Chemistry – Do Chemists Need Ethics?”
– invitation to the 1st Global #Sustainable Chemistry Week
– our analysis of the outcomes of the Council of Ministers Responsible for Competitiveness (Research)
– a look at the European strategy for critical #rawmaterials
– updates on the @OPCW Centre for Chemistry and Technology
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ESG in GCC: Practical issues to think about-Marmore Report…

#esginvesting #sustainable #finance #esgratings #investing
Although on paper ESG looks like a simple no brainer concept, it poses a great deal of issues
At present, there seems to be no standard ESG reporting framework or a standard ranking methodology. Companies choose what they disclose (and what they don’t).
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Every time I see WEF/UN talk abt “gender” “Women”, I think about how they appointed Ghislaine’s TerraMar partner to COVID efforts & UN Women.

Also, Ghislaine’s sister, Isabel, and 2 of Gates/Epstein’s scientists (Boris & Melanie)at WEF

+Ghislaine’s dad attended WEF

It’s not that I don’t have faith in these’s what I *KNOW* to, factually, be wrong about what they’re selling.

Do you normally buy things from people who don’t buy their own products?
Also, Talibannies are now “Inclusive”

They slapped an ESG sticker on...

So, their child-raping, women-subjugation, backwards ways are now “progressive”.
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In this study, we show that it's not a good idea to wash roots and immediately collect #root exudates: because of the washing-induced root damage, roots are losing a lot of C and exudate profiles are likely not accurate. (1/6)…
Letting the roots recover for a few days before collecting exudates gets rid of this artefact, and allows distinguishing between species and re-application of exudates for mechanistic experiments. (2/6)
Using this 'hybrid' root exudate collection method we were able to show that root traits explain root exudate quantity and quality. (3/6)…
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1. Scything grass by hand is an art, but unfortunately this is slowly being replaced by mechanisation. This farmer sharpened his blade regularly and kept his stone in a holster on his belt for easy access. #sustainability #grass #farming #Transylvania #scythe #hay Image
2. Hay making in Transylvania #sustainable #farming Image
3. The farmer was just finishing off here. He had a very efficient, fluid motion with a wide reaching arc. He was such a pleasure to watch. #scythe #scything #farmer #farming #makinghay #grass #Transylvania Image
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The Electric Mobility dilemma of Legacy vs New-Age

There is no doubt that Legacy Auto businesses might be able to leverage their scale, capital & experience to roll out EVs faster than EV startups..

But does that make them a better investment?


#Megatrends #investing

Historically, disruptive #innovation has always come from outside the traditional bounds of the industry.

From #Apple's iPhone📱 & #Amazon's AWS☁️ to
#SpaceX's Reusable Rockets🚀, the incumbents have more often than not, failed to innovate and/or spot the disruptors.


In case of Electric Mobility though, there's one critical factor that's keeping incumbents in the race: POLICY📜

Since EVs are now a necessity to reduce global #carbonfootprint & control the #ClimateCrisis, incumbents have no option but to cannibalize their products.

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Tangisan Megawati merupakan tangisan agar Jokowi segera berpaling dari Luhut Cs ke Megawati. Coba perhatikan apa yang terjadi dikemudian. Secara Kasat mata Luhut merupakan Bagian dari Keputusan strategis sementara Megawati hanya Komunikasi Politik #hening @asboedionoid
Kedepan #Siapa saja yang dicalonkan oleh Partai yang ambivalent terhadap Rakyat jangan dipilih ( apapun alasannya karena Indonesia selalu menjadi tempat uji coba pelanggengan kekuasaan lewat memutar balikkan Aturan ~ Pembenaran menjadi Kebenaran ~ #hening @asboedionoid #Bahaya
Anak bangsa harus pandai memilah Tangisan Duka akibat Bencana dan Kematian, Tangisan Sukacita karena Bahagia, Tangisan Pencitraan Politik disebabkan karena Kepentingan Politik. Megawati termasuk dalam Tangisan Pencitraan Politik karena Kepentingan Partai #hening @asboedionoid
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@johnus_maximus @Carrot70 @mick67x @Craig09595975 @patd1967 QED

It's not an ONS stat

Nor even a National Travel Survey statistic

But biased partisan British cycling "research"

No doubt of members who can afford never mind want to join

In other news

Fishermen report 1 that got away longer than arm


Men report Johnus Maximus
@johnus_maximus @Carrot70 @mick67x @Craig09595975 @patd1967 Interestingly when I clicked on your link the "statistics" on cycling I found where:
@johnus_maximus @Carrot70 @mick67x @Craig09595975 @patd1967 No, wait...

No wonder after years (a DECADE?!) of asking no other cyclist was dumb enough to answer

Your "evidence" is that:

Schoolkids students unemployed...

"were RESIDENT in a HOUSEHOLD WITH ACCESS TO a car or van"

When my kids were at home they ALL cycled

NONE paid VED!
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#Agenda21 is #Global #Communism

Wake Up & Resist

Deny #Marxists at every turn
They are not your friends
At best,they are #UsefulIdiots
At worst..
They are purposefully helping #Globalism install dictatorial #government & eroding our rights as FREE people.
Don’t let them!

#Agenda21 is the biggest public relations #SCAM in the #History of the #World
But it is far more then that its the agenda for the 21st century and it’s a recepy for #destruction it enables and justifies monitoring and metering and restricting our #energy & #water usage!

#Agenda21 is #Global #Communism

#Communitarism says that it’s all for the common good,that the individuals right need to be balanced with the rights of the #community
Now we don’t know what these rights are they can change them at any time!
The individual loses!
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Effect of #emobility on #oil #consumption, what does statistics tell us? Comparison between #BEV pioneer #Norway (🇳🇴) vs. #biofuel addicted #Finland (🇫🇮).

🇳🇴 #BEV + #PHEV share of the passenger cars
- 2016: 3,66% + 1,29% = 5%
- 2020: 12,06% + 5,11% = 17%
Delta +8 %-units.
🇫🇮 #BEV + #PHEV share of the passenger cars 2020 is 0,35% + 1,66% = 2%.

Total amount of registered passenger cars 2020 is 2,748 million. Cumulative #BEV is doubling every year. Assumed: No effect on fuel consumption yet. 2/x
🇳🇴total sales of petroleum products was 8181 million litres (2020). That has decreased 11% from 2016.

2020 sales of road traffic fuel (petrol & diesel) has decreased 10% from 2016, from 5262 to 4716 million litres. 3/x…
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Blackburn made operating losses of over £24 million in 2019/20. Player sales reduced this to ‘just’ £21 million. #Rovers
Blackburn total losses over the years now exceed £282,000,000. This has been funded by loans and shares bought by the Venkys.
Venkys lent #Rovers £14 million in 19/20 on top of £18 million the previous year. I suspect @AndyhHolt is unimpressed at the casino style football finance operations we constantly see in the Championship
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In the Zoom waiting room, waiting for Sec. Vilsack to start the briefing on the newly announced $4B for #FoodSystem #resilience
#USDA #BuildBackBetter
Mae Wu affirming that pandemic has illustrated how vulnerable our #foodsystem is w/room for fairness, equity & resilience to be vastly improved.
#USDA #BuildBackBetter
Wu: describing about how USDA is trying to remedy inequities of the past, increased vax deployment & working on other supply chain challenges. #USDA #BuildBackBetter
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Welcome to Forbes India CFO Dialogues virtual discussion, in partnership with IMA #ForbesIndiaCFODialogues @imamiddleeast
@imamiddleeast Our panelists will discuss how #COVID19 has driven home the urgency of a sustainable change at businesses and upskilling the workforce for the digital revolution, and how risk management and analysis evolved in the pandemic era #ForbesIndiaCFODialogues @imamiddleeast
@imamiddleeast Meet our panelists: @TarunSatiya, MD (Strategy & Consulting)- CFO & Enterprise Value, @AccentureIndia; Tejaswini Rajwade, CFO, @ibm_in/South Asia; @ManishDugar, CFO, @Mphasis; Daniel Spindler, CFO, @Siemens & Doreen Remmen, CFO, @imamiddleeast | Moderated by: @MBalachandran88
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💡 How the resetting of corporate control of food systems is already well under way 👇🏾


🧵 A thread on #foodsystems & the #UNFSS /1
Few people will dispute that global food systems need transformation, but this #UNFSS is instead an effort by a powerful alliance of multinational corporations, philanthropies, and export-oriented countries to subvert multilateral institutions of food #governance.

Once Guterres appointed a Special Envoy and the structure of the Summit was announced, the drivers behind the Summit became clear.


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Excerpts from "'America’s Post-Pandemic Geography' - Covid-19 is transforming all types of communities, from big cities to suburbs to rural areas" - from the Summer 2021 Issue of @CityJournal - by @Richard_Florida & @joelkotkin. A #Thread.

The article →…
1. "The #Pandemic will pass...But in geographic terms, today’s Covid-precipitated crises may well prove to be the most transformative event that #America has experienced since the great migration to the suburbs after World War II."
2. "....centrifugal forces pull some people out of #Cities: families seek more #Affordable space, backyards, and access to better schools. With the wider scope of choice that #RemoteWork affords, some are casting their nets wider and moving farther afield..."
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Since coming back to beautiful #Aotearoa, I’ve been ridiculously busy working on an exciting new focus - making films on #conservation, #wildlife & the #climatecrisis. During the #NZ summer I’ve had the privilege of filming in the stunning #OtagoPeninsula ... #Thread
... in the wildlife capital of #NZ#Dunedin (Otepoti). I’m totally blown away by the depth & breadth of the #conservation work happening all over #Aotearoa, especially to help save NZ’s endemic #wildlife. Standby for a #conservation #thread ... :)
#NZ has a number of native species currently under threat - from forest birds like the Kea, the iconic Kiwi, Kākāpō & Takahē. But it’s Dunedin that is hailed as the #wildlifecapitalofNZ because it’s here that you can see so much wildlife – from #sealions #furseals #penguins ...
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Analyse de la société Mint, distributeur d'énergie proposant à ses clients des offres éco-responsables à des prix compétitifs
Je suis actionnaire.
▶️ Activité/Contexte/Gouvernance/Marché/Base client/Projections/Valorisation (💰💰💰)
Mint SA, ancien Budget Telecom (ALBUD), est depuis 2017 un distributeur d’énergie proposant à ces clients des offres éco-responsables à des prix compétitifs. La distribution d’électricité représente 95% de son activité contre 5% pour l’activité télécoms.
Mint a fait l’objet d’une OPA à 10 euros en septembre 2020 sur la base d’un prix de 10 euros par action avec la volonté de retirer la société de la côte via une OPRO. A cette date la société comptait 100 000 clients énergie.
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We’re delighted to open the #ATIBoeingAccelerator Demo Day with an introduction from Sir Martin Donnelly, President @BoeingEurope and MD @BoeingUK. It’s been incredible to work with Boeing and have their support for our 10 #startups creating #sustainability-enabling #tech ✈️ Image
Thank you Minister Paul Scully @scullyp @beisgovuk for joining our Cohort Two Demo Day! "The #ATIBoeingAccelerator is a fantastic resource, providing world-class #startups with great opportunities to innovate and grow in the UK." Image
"Despite the challenges the sector faces, we must continue to find areas of #innovation as the world slowly but surely recovers from the pandemic." It's fantastic to have Nour Eid @UKAeroInstitute support us at the #ATIBoeingAccelerator and provide his insights into #aerospace Image
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#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity in the age of #globalization, #information & #connectivity has now become an all-encompassing notion. Surely it is not solely a function of the #ArmedForces anymore.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity also includes providing a conducive environment in which aspirations of human #security, national #progress & #development could be realized.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity has now become an all-encompassing notion, wherein besides various elements of national power, #global & #regional environments also play a profound role.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
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#SpringIsComing 😁

& @UCLPsychiatry's #DoPGreenTeam is doing some #SpringWatching 💚♻️

Spring clean your #VirtualCommute 😉 & how about tagging & sharing with us?

And why not check out @MCPCRD's #MarchAMillion for #MarieCurie #StepIntoSpring #DaffodilAppeal? Image
Another in our occasional series of @UCLPsychiatry #DoPGreenTeam's #SpringIntoGreenHomeWorking activities:
#SpringCleaning with an additional eco conscience!

Join us in reducing waste & using environmentally-friendly cleaning products when bringing your home to a spring sparkle! Image
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Our third #AldabraResearchStation50 post focuses on some of the #Aldabraresearchstation’s critical infrastructure which has made major discoveries possible and enables ongoing ecosystem monitoring & scientific #research. 1/10

#throwback #ThrowbackThursday #Seychelles #Aldabra
First up is the #research block, the station’s heart. Originally constructed by @theroyalsociety and officially inaugurated on the 30th June 1971 it has experienced various visible changes while welcoming many #Seychellois & international researchers. 2/10
Another major change to #Aldabra’s infrastructure, also visible in these photos, is the #lighthouse. At 17M tall the solar-powered lighthouse, erected in 2013, helps vessels stay clear of Aldabra&its reefs. 3/10
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The lack of consultation on authorising #neonics is unacceptable🚫

As has been previously evidenced, it will be very hard to prevent these #pesticides making their way into plants & rivers, thereby damaging our #wildlife

WE BELIEVE: Emergency authorisations like the introduction of #neonicotinoids in #farming are a short-term crutch that will stifle innovation and long-term thinking💔

It’s vital we think of #SUSTAINABLE & #ENVIRONMENTAL methods of protecting our crops against pests, instead


A) Look at a long-term strategy for a #sustainable future for sugar beet in the UK - addressing its role in rotations, health issues, farm incomes, jobs & the environment 🚜

@CarolineLucas @LukePollard
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