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8 Apr
“The documents that make India and France tremble”: Annotating the #RafalePapers unearthed by the French website @Mediapart on the € 7.8 billion “government-to-government” jet deal. @yphilippin (1/6)
Middleman Sushen Gupta, a US citizen, knew @arunjaitley would be replaced as India’s defence minister, months before the change took place in November 2014. (2/6) #RafalePapers
Enforcement Directorate (ED) found that Sushen Gupta, arrested in the Agusta-Westland VVIP chopper deal, “received kickbacks” to influence “other defence deals” too. (3/6) #RafalePapers
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7 Mar
Invoking Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth, six Karnataka ministers have obtained a pre-publication gag order against—believe it or not—the “Editor-in-Chief” of @WhatsApp and 67 others to protect what little is left of their sordid reputations. (1/2) @mla_sudhakar ImageImageImageImage
Before the 2019 elections, Mysore MP Pratap Simha and Bangalore South BJP candidate Tejasvi Surya took out an identical ex-parte injunction against 49 media houses, after allegations of sexual misconduct began doing the rounds on social media. (2/2)…
“By a process of deep fake, using artificial intelligence, videos of @BarackObama and Queen Elizabeth have been morphed”: Karnataka BJP ministers desist from throwing in two other buzzwords that dot every scandal in IT City: dark web and block chain. @mla_sudhakar @BSBommai Image
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15 Jan
The selfless #SudhaBharadwaj has spent 3 years in jail after #ArnabGoswami’s nauseating witchhunt. Now, Bombay Police are returning the favour by outing tens of pages of WhatsApp conversations in the #BARCGhotala which reveal how the media is a key player in ‘The Grand Project’.
The superhit Friday release. #BARCGhotala
When #ArnabGoswami was first implicated in #TRPGhotala, India’s brain-dead TV gasbags were all triumphantly jumping around in glee, running the news for days. Has the appearance of the initials “AS”—and the names “Doval”, “Smriti” and “Javdekar”—taken the wind out of the blimps?
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6 Aug 20
“The book that begins with ‘we, the people of India’ is the God that we failed || Raja and rishi are no longer”: With a picture of the Constitution, and a white-on-black headline, ‘The Telegraph’ says India witnessed a “ritual merger of the Church and State” in Ayodhya. @ttindia
“PM fulfils nation’s aspiration”: ‘The Hitavada’ reflects the sentiment of the city it is located in (Nagpur) and the politics of its owners. Only a handful of English newspapers in Kashmir and the Northeast, play down the ground-breaking ceremony in Ayodhya for the Ram Temple.
“Stone laid for ‘Hindu rashtra’”: the clear-eyed headline of the CPI(M) mouthpiece in Kerala, ‘Deshabhimani’, edited by former Rajya Sabha member and ‘Sansad Ratna’, P. Rajeev:
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5 Aug 20
India’s language press has been a key force-multiplier of the Hindutva cause—and ipso facto of the RSS-BJP. Today’s front pages on the foundation stone being laid for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, are less a product of journalism and more a cross between a calendar and a pamphlet.
In contrast to the language press, whose front pages look like a free advertisement for a news event, most English newspapers are sober and balanced, and even analytical, in their presentation of what is to happen in #Ayodhya today.
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18 Jul 20
Over the last 7 days, two diligent reporters—both former Armymen—have made 3 stunning claims on the loss of lives and land due to the Chinese incursions in Ladakh under @narendramodi. A combination of silence, compliance and distraction has put the lid on a nation betrayed. (1/5) Image
On July 11, in an interview with Karan Thapar for @thewire_in, @ajaishukla of ‘Business Standard’ revealed: “The loss that has taken place now is the largest since the 3,000 sq km loss that took place as a result of the 1962 war.” Col. Shukla repeated the claim on July 17. (2/5)
On July 15, Sushant Singh of the @IndianExpress revealed that intelligence reports of Chinese troop movement came in mid-April. But the Army says it never received any input till early-May. These lapses are reminiscent of Kargil in 1999. @SushantSin (3/5)…
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19 Apr 20
“How will we earn? How will we eat? How will we pay rent?”: How fear and panic sparked by @narendramodi’s poorly planned 21-day lockdown propelled Mahesh Jena, 20, to cycle 1,700 km in 7 days, from Sangli in Maharashtra to Bhanra in Odisha, without a phone or map. @htTweets ImageImageImage
27 Oriya fishermen pitch in Rs 7,000 each to buy a boat for Rs 1.73 lakh, to get back home. Will they ever return to Chennai where they earned Rs 40,000 a month: “Never. Life is more precious than money.” Another feather in @PMOIndia planning. #COVID…
“Ours was an inter-caste love marriage. Namita had fought with her parents to marry me. She was dying to see our kids. I could not hurt her”: the fabulous story of Ashok Behera who cycled 1,100 km over 7 days, from Chennai to Ganjam, with wife riding pillion. @ttindia @PMOIndia Image
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28 Mar 20
Sir V.S. Naipaul called India an “area of darkness” (1964) and a “wounded civilisation” (1977) marked by a “million mutinies” (1990). What would he make of the brutality and inhumanity the land of his origin is able to showcase to the world in AD 2020?
“We had to leave to survive. I had no money for rent... My grocer didn’t extend credit... My factory is shut for 3 months... I got work only on 2 days in the last 15”: @IndianExpress journalists Anand Mohan and Amit Mehra show @balbirpunj why real Indians are fleeing Delhi. (1/2) Image
“I have lived long enough to see many things but nothing like this... I didn’t want my daughter to get the disease... How will I pay my rent?”: 8 close-up shots of Indians who didn’t join @narendramodi’s joker in the pack @PrakashJavdekar to watch Ramayan. @IndianExpress (2/2) Image
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21 Mar 20
Every bird-brainwave of @narendramodi and his handlers—from #Demonetisation to #CAA_NRC_NPR—is about testing India’s democratic spirit, to get people to meekly fall in line like sheep. “Discipline” lovers naturally see #JanataCurfew as “obedience” training. @IndianExpress
Despite the sanctimony, bird-brainwaves like #JanataCurfew stand the risk of ending up as fodder for vigilante groups to terrorise citizens. Who would have thought it would weaponise Bangalore’s police chief? @CPBlr @IPS_Association @Copsview @PMOIndia…
In the 2019 Global Hunger Index, India stood 102nd out of 117 countries, below Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. @timesofindia cartoonist Sandeep Adhwaryu reminds the nation of whom to (also) remember when it bangs its ‘thaali’ for the cameras. #JanataCurfew
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