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"इस बार पहली बार #UttarPradesh में ईद और अलविदा की नमाज सड़कों पर नहीं पढ़ी गई। 1 लाख लाउडस्पीकर उतारे गए और वो स्कूलों को दिए जा रहे हैं।"

"यूपी में 5 वर्षों में प्रति व्यक्ति आय दोगुनी हो गई। 44 योजनाओं में यूपी आज No.1 है। ये एक्सप्रेस प्रदेश बन गया है।"

-CM @myogiadityanath
"अयोध्या और जेवर में अंतरराष्ट्रीय एयरपोर्ट बन रहे। कोरोना का सबसे कम पॉजिटिविटी रेट और मृत्यु दर यूपी में रही। सबसे ज्यादा टेस्टिंग-टीकाकरण हुआ।"

"दूसरे प्रदेश से आए लोगों को हमने सहायता दी। 38 जिले संचारी रोगों से प्रभावित थे, आज इंसेफलाइटिस, डेंगू, मलेरिया नियंत्रण में है.
अवैध बूचड़खानों को बंद किया। निराश्रित गोवंश की संख्या बढ़ गई, जिनके लिए 5600 निराश्रित गो आश्रय स्थल बने।

वाराणसी में गोवर्धन योजना से गोबर से CNG बन रही। ₹1/Kg गोबर खरीदा जा रहा। 4+ गोवंश रखने वालों को ₹900 प्रति गोवंश दिया जा रहा। कुपोषित बच्चों के परिवारों को दुधारू गाय।"
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Supreme Court begins hearing plea against verdict on video survey

#GyanvapiCase live:

#GyanvapiMosque #GyanvapiSurvey
#SupremeCourt #Varanasi…
Supreme Court starts hearing the plea of Anjuman Intezamia Masjid, challenging the order of Varanasi court which ordered a videographic survey of the #GyanvapiMosque complex, which is adjacent to the famous #KashiVishwanathTemple in Varanasi.

Senior advocate Huzefa Ahmadi, appearing for #AnjumanIntezamiaMasjid Committee, starts arguments - says that the prayers filed by the #Hindu side in the #VaranasiCourt categorically speak about changing the character of the structure, which is a #mosque.
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Following revelations were shared by the #Dalit #Adivasi and EBC communities at a national convention held by the All India Union of Forest Working People #AIUFWP in Delhi in August 2021, 2 years after forced social isolation.
Report by @Countercurrents…
"caste still remained one of the key instruments of oppression in the remote interiors of India, especially in the feudal domain of the Hindi heartland."
#FRA2006 #UttarPradesh #Hindi #Forest #IndigenousPeoples
Rajkumari, village Naya Basti, Ghoom Nagar in District Sonbhadra in UP, said that her traditionally inherited land in the forest comprising 60 bigha, used for cultivation was set on fire by the local goons during lockdown and destroyed the crops of arhar dal and wheat in 15 bigha
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BREAKING: #Lucknow Court rejects bail plea of Umar Gautam in the 'nationwide illegal religious conversion racket case'. Image
Special Judge NIA/ATS, Lucknow rejected Gautam's plea noting that allegations against him are of serious nature and he is the key accused in the FIR.
Court noted that Gautam is alleged to be indulged in criminal conspiracy with the syndicate which by identifying the weaker sections of the society, minor children, women and persons, creates a feeling of hatred in their minds towards their religion and faith. Image
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Deogarh #Jain temples, Lalitpur, #UttarPradesh

There are 31 Jain temples here, situated inside the Fort of Karnali on the hills. The site was a Jain centre from the 8th to 17th century. It houses about 2000 sculptures, which is the largest such collection in the world!

The temples abound in panels depicting scenes from Jain mythology, Tirthankara images, pillars, tablets, Jain images visible from all sides and pillars carved with thousand of Jain figures. A beautiful Manastambha depicting 24 Tirthankars and Yaksh/Yakshini is noteworthy
Thousands of sculptures are seen embedded in the walls surrounding the complex. A large number of idols lying scattered around the fort area.
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#UttarPradesh has given India a number of prime ministers, but this is the first instance that a U.P. chief minister serving for full five years has been re-elected, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

For the latest news & updates visit:
People used to tire out making endless rounds of government offices, even offer money, to get access to basic needs like electricity, water, gas, telephone connectivity, says Prime Minister Modi. #ElectionResults

For the latest news & updates visit:
Commit to 100% saturation of every government scheme to each of its intended beneficiaries, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi. #ElectionResults

For the latest news & updates visit:
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Punjab is expected to witness a multi-cornered contest. In UP, the third phase will decide the fate of SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, who is contesting from Karhal.

All the latest updates:…
#PunjabElections #UttarakhandElections2022
Voters in #Punjab say they have exercised their franchise looking towards progress of the state. “There are parties which say they’ll give out free electricity, rides, LPG, but they are actually using the taxpayers’ money to do that. We have voted for progress, not freebies.” Image
As Punjab started voting, #AamAadmiParty’s chief ministerial candidate #BhagwantMann said: “It is a big day for Punjab today.
LIVE updates:…
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I was in UP 10 days ago during my road trip. Asked for route to Tanakpur, at a Kanpur petrol Pump. The security at the pump, aged around 60 suggested me to take Kanpur Bareily Tanakpur route. Added that, since I am alone and a TN registered bike, he suggested 1/n
that route. Even cops wouldn't dare to go that route & frankly I was worried. The attender while filling petrol said that all those stories are 3,4 years old & nobody dares anything. He even suggested to take Sitapur, Lakhimpur, Gola Gorakhnath, Puranpur route. Since 2/n
it is going thru Tiger Reserve, asked me to exercise caution which normally one would do. No one would dare to touch anyone and reaffirmed that it is fine to go. 3/3.

That's the transformation UP us seeing guys. So get ready to face the reality.

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A UP local court grants bail to Maulana Umar Gautam in an alleged forceful religious conversion case.
@ISalilTiwari reports.…
Gautam, who is also accused of being involved in a nationwide religious conversion racket, was arrested by UP Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) in June 2021.
#UttarPradesh #Religiousconversion
In the instant case, it is alleged Gautam in collusion with a school's manager namely Maulana Umar Sharif Mahajri, had forcefully tried to convert Hindu teachers of the school into Islam. One of the teachers had filed a complaint in this regard.
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🪡 A cute question on the #HijabRow in #Karnataka is: “Why can’t the CM stop it when it’s ruining the State’s image?”

Answer: “Have you seen @BSBommai’s record?”

He was home minister for 23 months from Aug 2019. It was because he met all the KPIs that he was made @CMofKarnataka
2️⃣ @BSBommai was home minister when school children in #Bidar were charged with sedition, for a line in a play that “insulted” @narendramodi during the anti-CAA protests. Bommai had the temerity to say: “It is a very serious and sensitive case.”

3️⃣ @BSBommai is an “educated” politician, an engineer. In #Bidar, the school children charged with sedition were between 9 and 12 years of age. Najumunissa, 35, a single mother, spent a week in jail because police under Bommai’s watch charged her Class V daughter. @IndianExpress
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🪡 Much of the outrage on the #HijabRow asks the naive question: “Why is it happening in #Karnataka?”

Answer: “Why are you surprised?”

The startup state was an early-stage investor in #Hindutva. Its reputation as a #Hindutva laboratory precedes #Gujarat and #UttarPradesh.
2️⃣ #BJP’s political quest for the Babri Masjid only began in the late 1980s. In #Karnataka, the ground to reclaim Baba Budangiri, a Sufi shrine in #Chikamagalur district, had been laid a decade before #Ayodhya became common parlance, in 1978.

3️⃣ In 1990, when L.K. Advani’s ‘Rath Yatra’ passed through #Karnataka, seven people died in Bidar in communal riots. But 600 km away, in and around #Bangalore, at least another 33 people died in clashes in 5 locations. It was not an accident.

Map: courtesy Prof Mushirul Hasan
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PM #Modi adopting a sombre and measured cadence ..warming up slowly. #PMinLokSabha
2/n Now coming to #Corona ....for the first time speaking aggressively on the pandemic after nearly two years. He was waiting for this day. Rebuttal is best served cold. #NarendraModi #PMinLokSabha 3/n
3/n Recounts the role of Congress in Maharashtra and AAP in Delhi in encouraging reverse migration to #UttarPradesh, #Punjab #PMinLokSabha 4/n
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*⃣Thread on #COVID19 deaths*⃣
Officially reported C19 deaths in India crossed half a million (500087) although many studies estimate the true number to be between 3-4 million.

This chart shows % share of reported deaths & compares it with the % adult population in each state.
Some states stand out on this chart:
#Kerala with only 2.84% of adults has reported 11.3% of all deaths.
#Maharashtra with 9.7% adults reported 28.6% of deaths.
#Uttarpradesh with 15.7% of adults reported only 4.7% of deaths.
#Bihar w/ 7.8% adults reported just 2.5% of deaths.
#Gujarat with 5.2% adults reported only 2.1% deaths.
#Rajasthan with 5.5% adults reported just 1.9% of deaths.
#Telangana with 3% adults reported only 0.8% deaths.
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🪡 The day after the #UnionBudget is the closest India’s media comes to peddling pornography. There’s so much public display of affection—ranging from flirting to petting, from kissing to kissing the ass—that the moral police could easily charge it with indecency. (1/5)
2️⃣ There are the usual diabetes-inducing 10/10 pronouncements of the “captains of industry”, drafted by hacks-turned-PR shills, competing word for word with newspaper headlines, which compete with #PIB releases. Like, “#Nirmala presents ‘Amrit Kaal’ budget”.
3️⃣ Although India has been warned of the “2A variant” by former chief economic advisor Arvind Subramaniam, only @gautam_adani has dropped his pearls of wisdom on @nsitharaman’s offering. Mukesh Ambani has let employees of his execrable TV channels to bare their patriotic fangs.
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#India's economic growth in current year is estimated to be 9.2%, highest among all large economies- FM @nsitharaman #Budget2022
National Highway network will be expanded by 25,000 kilometre: @nsitharaman #Budget2022
The data exchange among all mode of operators will be brought on unified logistics interfere program : #NirmalaSitharaman

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#India is another country where #SARS_CoV_2 BA.2 is rapidly replacing #Delta & #Omicron BA.1. The pace of sharing sequences by India is very slow, median days from collection to deposition is 69 days according to GISAID. Genome sequencing among the states is not always fair.🧵 ImageImageImage
In the state of #Telangana #India, #Omicron BA.1 in the most recent dates are exclusively from #Hyderabad. Except for a couple cases, BA.2 positive samples were collected outside of Hyderabad. The last sequence from this state is from Jan 6, 2022. Image
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🙂why #Hindus spreading hastag #wakeupsouthhindus ? See the below threads for more info my dear #Hindus .

#parundhu #teakadaibench #letztalk #TheDharunCyberdaddy @TeaKadaiBench @Uday_Tweet @Sivaji_KS @evil_sara_ @Samaniyantweet @DrSharmila15 @Isha1532011 @evil_sara_ @meyowlove
Do you remember #BabriMasjidDemolition happened in #Ayodhya present #UttarPradesh ? It is fully done by Vishva Hindu Parishad & kar sevak group . And around 2000 people were died
Do you know more than 395 churches were razed or burnt down, over 6k+ houses burnt down, over 600 villages ransacked and more than 60,000 people left homeless. Reports put the death toll at nearly 100 and suggested more than 40 women were sexually assaulted till the year 2021.
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Previous post how UP is going to be a change agent in Indian Politics during this 2022 elections

अगर आप सोचते हैं कि यूपी चुनावों में जातिवाद पर वोटिंग होगी तो आप मुगालते में हैं।

जनता ने मन बना लिया है,
फिर चाहे वो किसी भी समुदाय का हो।
केंद्र और राज्य की योजनाओं का जितना फायदा निचले तबके और पिछड़े वर्गों का हुआ है, उतना किसी का नहीं हुआ।

भाजपा जब बहुमत में आती है तो वह दीर्घकालिक योजना बनाती है, और उन योजनाओं में यूपी फतह भी शामिल है।

ये चाहे जितना जाति आधारित राजनीति कर लें।
इन्हें वोट नहीं पड़नेवाले।

भाजपा 55% से ऊपर वोट शेयर कर कम से कम 310 सीटों पर विजय हासिल कर दोबारा यूपी की सत्ता पर काबिज़ हो रही है

This would be a pole shift moment which will pave way for crashing Caste & Religion based politics in India.
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Why should people vote for @myogiadityanath in #UttarPradesh?


This man works for the people 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He is a Yogi, but a modern one; he wears a watch, owns a smartphone, drives a Toyota Fortuner, and craves Gulab jamuns.
After years, the rooms of all the houses that did not have access to electricity feel the light of Diwali every day, and the ink of the journalists who review crimes on the basis of Dalit-Muslim and caste has also dried up. All of this work is sufficient to assess his performance
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India's Alarming Child Mortality rate & worrisome statistics on Children's Health- A thread +

42 /1000 children die before age of 5

#UttarPradesh, #Bihar (56.4 deaths for every 1,000 live births) & Chhattisgarh (50.4/1,000) have the highest under-five mortality rate.
The 10 Indian states with the highest child mortality rates compare with Afghanistan, & countries in eastern & southern Africa – where some countries have Africa’s most protracted conflicts, according to the World Bank.
As many as 16 /34 Indian states and Union Territories in India have child mortality rates comparable with countries in sub-Saharan Africa.
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#AssemblyElections2022 | Election dates for Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa being announced. #ElectionsWithNDTV

Watch LIVE:
#AssemblyElections2022 | "With this reduction of voters at a station, we have to increase our polling stations to 30,330. Total number of polling stations is now 2,15,368": Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra #ElectionsWithNDTV

Watch LIVE:
#AssemblyElections2022 | "At least one polling booth in each assembly constituency will be exclusively managed by women personnel to encourage women voters": Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra #ElectionsWithNDTV

Watch LIVE:
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#TheBigFight | "'Punjabis' are as patriotic as any other people in the country," says Sandeep Dikshit (@sanfunhindu), Deputy Editor, The Tribune, on the recent #PMSecurityBreach in #Punjab's Ferozepur.
#TheBigFight | "Everybody knows that threats were made to the Prime Minister by a terrorist sitting in Canada," says @smitaprakash, Editor, ANI, on the recent #PMSecurityBreach in #Punjab's Ferozepur.
#TheBigFight | #Congress Spokesperson @SupriyaShrinate on the recent #PMSecurityBreach in #Punjab's Ferozepur.
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This is how GoI creates false narratives! There is no sign of a clear "surge" of #COVID19 cases in #Kerala, yet. Whereas, in comparison, a surge is more visible in #UttarPradesh & #Bihar whose names are conspicuously absent from the list of "emerging states of concern".
In fact, both #UttarPradesh & #Bihar are among the top 5 states with the highest growth of active cases at the moment.
I had predicted the possibility of this narrative just a couple of days back
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#Thread |

PM Modi to lay the foundation stone of #MajorDhyanChand Sports University in Meerut, #UttarPradesh, today
The university will be established in an area covering Salawa & Kaili villages of Sardhana town
Its estimated cost is about ₹700 Crore

@RomeshNadir @atulaneja Image
#MajorDhyanChand Sports University forwards the PM's vision of inculcating sporting culture & establishing world-class sporting infrastructure pan India
Take a look at the planned features of this state-of-the-art sports university ⬇️
Its Modern sports infrastructure will include:
Synthetic hockey ground,
Football ground,
Basketball ground
volleyball ground,
handball ground,
kabaddi ground,
lawn tennis court,
gymnasium hall,
synthetic running stadium,
swimming pool,
multipurpose hall &
a cycling Velodrome Image
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