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So what did I do in the year 2022?
In January, I must have been seriously worked up about the statementss coming from leaders exhorting citizens to fulfil their duties. "Citizens have rights, Governments and institutions have duties, I argued:…
earlier that month a 2-word tweet with an embedded link was my top tweet for the month:
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Twenty eight senior journalists issued a statement on Wednesday appealing to all Indian constitutional bodies to "uphold their constitutional mandate" and take action against the increasingly frequent attacks against Muslims in the country.…
The appeal, titled, 'In the Face of Orchestrated Hatred, Silence Is Not an Option', begins by highlighting that the country, in recent years, has seen a "concerted amplification of hatred" as well as an "attendant advocacy of violence".…
The signatories are prominent journalists and include @thewire_in's three founding editors – @svaradarajan, @bombaywallah and @mkvenu1.…
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Hijab Ban Judgment: LIVE UPDATES from Karnataka High court.

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#HijabControversy #Hijab #KarnatakaHijabRow #KarnatakaHighCourt
Section 144 (Prohibitory Orders) CRPC imposed in Bangalore City and many parts of Karnataka from today till March 21 by
in view of the #KarnatakaHijabRow judgment from Karnataka High Court

NO agitation, protests, etc
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And I see this in action. Every faculty meeting, there is talk of growth achieved and growth being further targeted. Top 100 colleges brag more about student body size than acceptance rates. The latter are used more for internal assessment than marketing.

Why American universities don't market themselves to students based on low acceptance rates is like marketing 101. It makes sense to stress the opposite. Look HOW MANY students get in! You can too! Apply apply, we will reply.

Whereas IIMs, first talk is acceptance rates.
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The #Hijabrow which has disturbed the country in the past few weeks is not a new demand, the first demand was made in 2013 by National Women's Front, it is just that they have revived this in 2022. NWF is affiliated to Tero wrist organization #PFI
National women's front which was formed in 2009 is the women's wing of tero wrist org #PFI they have been raising the demand for Hijab /Burqa for a long time.
Even before it was on the media, along with Campus Front these people were well aware of the girls who were protesting and already started giving them the tactical support, on the so called world hijab day one of the protesting girls ' Aliya Asaddi' was their key speaker
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🚨 Karnataka High Court will shortly commence hearing in the Hijab Row case(s)
Yesterday, Advocate General placed FIR registered for investigating Campus Front of India’s alleged involvement in pushing #hijab at PU Colleges ot Karnataka in a “sealed cover” before bench
#HijabRow Image
Yesterday, senior adv AM Dar made submissions for petitioner students who had allegedly been denied entry to a PU College New Horizon school. AG however told court that it is a private school. Dar told Court that Hijab is a matter of life & death in Islam.…
Further, Sr Adv Kamat for original petitioners told court that the Court must decide basis “Pro-choice” decisions like Sabarimala. He said that right to wear Hijab cannot be restricted as it is a Fundamental Right & an Essential Religious Practice which need not be tested.
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Hijab Row: A full bench of Karnataka High Court will resume hearing at 2.30 pm in case against ban on hijab in certain colleges.

Track this thread for live updates from Day 9 of the hearing.

#HijabRowInKarnataka #KarnatakaHijabControversy #KarnatakaHijabRow #KarnatakaHC
The State government concluded its arguments yesterday after which other respondents started their submissions.

#HijabRowInKarnataka #KarnatakaHijabControversy #KarnatakaHijabRow #KarnatakaHC
Hijab Row: Day 9 of the hearing

#HijabRowInKarnataka #KarnatakaHijabControversy #KarnatakaHijabRow #KarnatakaHC

Read LIVE UPDATES from Court here:
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A Special Bench of #KarnatakaHighCourt will at 2.30 PM resume hearing plea(s) by girl students challenging alleged ban on wearing #Hijab in government PU colleges in Udupi district. S.S.Naganand,Sr.Adv, is expected to continue making his submissions #HijabRow
Yesterday, AG Prabhuling Navadgi argued that Islam can survive without #Hijab and cited the example of France where it is banned in public places #HijabBan…
Bench assembles #KarnatakaHijabRow
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A Special Bench of #KarnatakaHighCourt will at 2.30 PM resume hearing plea(s) by girl students challenging alleged ban on wearing #Hijab in government PU colleges in Udupi district. AG Prabhuling Navadgi is expected to continue making his submissions #HijabRow Image
On the last date of hearing, Advocate General Prabhuling Navadgi argued that Dr.Ambedkar specifically asked not to let religion enter education institutions #HijabControversy #HijabRow…
When a counsel mentioned of 'State excess' to implement the interim order being discussed in TV channels, the court asked him to argue before the TV channel #Hijab #HijabControversy…
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Hijab Row: Karnataka High Court full bench to continue hearing batch of petitions against hijab ban in educational institutions

#HijabBan #HijabCircular #KarnatakaHijabRow #KarnatakaHC

Hijab Row: During the last hearing the State govt had told the High Court that Hijab must pass Constitutional Morality test in Sabarimala, Triple Talaq rulings of Supreme Court

#HijabControversy #KarnatakaHijabRow #karnatakahighcourt

Read story:
Hijab Row: LIVE UPDATES from Karnataka High Court - Day 7

#HijabControversy #KarnatakaHijabRow #karnatakahighcourt #HijabCircular

Read LIVE ACCOUNT of hearing here:
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A Special Bench of #KarnatakaHighCourt will shorty resume hearing plea(s) by girl students challenging alleged ban on wearing #Hijab in government PU colleges in Udupi district. AG Prabhuling Navadgi is expected to continue making his submissions #HijabRow
On the last date of hearing Navadgi argued that #Hijab will have to stand the test of individual dignity and constitutional morality to constitute an Essential Religious Practice (ERP) #HijabRow…
The Karnataka High Court today declined a plea to stall live streaming of proceedings in the ongoing hijab row controversy. It remarked that the people need to know the stand of the government and college #HijabRow…
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BREAKING: @RashmiDVS approaches Karnataka HC in ongoing #HijabRow case. Inter alia avers “alarmed at purported attempt to introduce symbols widely regarded as tending to promote discrimination & exclusion of women in state-run edu. institutions under garb of Freedom of Religion”
.@RashmiDVS tells Karnataka HC that she herself was once a student of PU College & recalls that she & peers adhered to a strict uniform code which they welcomed as it “fostered sense of sameness & community”, “fulcrum upon which entire student body united” #HijabRowInKarnataka
Despite views expressed by noted scholars & activists such as “Hijab is meant to keep muslim women oppressed” (Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed), “Veil not mandatory in Islam” (Indian muslims for secular democracy) etc, religious chauvinism being pushed: @RashmiDVS to #KarnatakaHC
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The Advocate General has completed arguments from perspective of whether the Government has any say in deciding uniforms of PU Colleges. Now, they are rebutting submissions which claimed that Hijab will be an ERP & is a fundamental right. #HijabRow
“The method and manner in which GO is assailed must be taken note of, not challenged earlier,” advocate general adds #HijabRow
Advocate General: Article 25(2) speaks of power of state to restrict or regulate by way of order. Similarly, 19(1) right can be restricted by “law to be made by state”

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Lets go back to basics. What is the core question?
Might be easier to define what it is NOT.
1. It is not whether Hijab is mandated by Islam. You could have a decades-long debate on that Q and still not get universal agreement. It Does NOT matter.
2. It is not whether a Hijab (or for that matter a #Ghunghat, a turban, a #mangalsutra or whatever) is a regressive practice. Women are repressed in all communities. And you could hardly argue that @IlhanMN or Halimah Yacob suffer repression
#Hijab and repression are NOT linked.
3. The Q is not "Why do some women insist on wearing a #Hijab?". You could, with equal stupidity, ask "Why do some women not wear a Hijab or a Ghunghat?"
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A #KarnatakaHighCourt bench of Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, Justice Krishna Dixit & Justice JM Khazi to resume hearing in plea(s) by girl students challenging the alleged ban of wearing #Hijab in government pre-university colleges in Udupi district. #KarnatakaHijabRow Image
Yesterday, one of the intervenors, Dr. Vinod Kulkarni argued that “banning #Hijab is tantamount to banning Quran” & “that allowing sporting of hijab was paramount for preserving mental health of muslim students during Ramzan & on Fridays”…
The day before, one of the petitioners lawyers drew corollaries between allowing girls to wear Hijabs to school/pre uni colleges as men in turbans are allowed in the army & bindi’s and the crucifix are common symbols in institutions #HijabRow Image
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Hijab Row: Day 6 of hearing before Karnataka HC

Hearing to commence at 2.30 pm before full-bench of Karnataka High Court

Government expected to commence its arguments through AG Prabhuling Navadgi

#HijabRow #Hijab #HijabOrUniform #KarnatakaHijabControversy #KarnatakaHighCourt
Watch this 30 second video explaining yesterday's hearing.


#HijabRow #Hijab #HijabOrUniform #KarnatakaHijabControversy #KarnatakaHighCourt @khadijakhan55
Hijab Row: Karnataka High Court - Day 6

#HijabRow #HijabControversy #KarnatakaHijabControversy #KarnatakaHighCourt

Read LIVE UPDATES from court here:
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Karnataka High Court begins hearing petitions challenging the ban on hijab in educational institutions in the state.

#HijabRow Image
Hijab row | Karnataka High Court dismisses one of the petitions filed by a social activist saying it's not maintainable.

Karnataka HC tells advocate Rahamathulla Kotwal, representing the social activist that you're wasting precious time of the court in such an important matter
Hijab row | Adv Vinod Kulkarni, petitioner-in person, whose petition is under consideration tells Karnataka HC that this issue is creating hysteria & is affecting the mental health of Muslim girls. He seeks interim relief to allow Muslim girls to wear hijab at least on Friday
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Karnataka hijab row: Day 5 hearing before Karnataka HC full bench at 2.30 pm today.

Senior Advocates Ravivarma Kumar and Yusuf Muchhala completed their arguments yesterday.

Read this thread for LIVE UPDATES from court

#HijabRow #KarnatakaHijabRow #KarnatakaHighCourt #Hijab
Here are the important arguments from yesterday before the Karnataka HC

Read More:

#HijabRow #KarnatakaHijabRow #KarnatakaHighCourt #Hijab
Watch this 1-minute VIDEO on what happened before the Karnataka HC

#HijabRow #KarnatakaHijabRow #KarnatakaHighCourt #Hijab @khadijakhan55
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Hijab Ban: Karnataka HC full-bench to resume hearing at 2.30 pm today.

Devadatt Kamat concluded his arguments yesterday. Sr. Adv. Ravivarma Kumar is currently making arguments.

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#HijabRow #HijabControversy #KarnatakaHighCourt
The matter is being heard by a Bench of Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi and Justices Krishna S Dixit and JM Khazi.

#HijabRow #KarnatakaHijabControversy #KarnatakaHighCourt
Hijab Ban: LIVE UPDATES from Karnataka High Court

#HijabBan #KarnatakaHijabControversy #KarnatakaHighCourt

Read here:
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A Special Bench of #KarnatakaHighCourt will shortly resume hearing plea(s) by girl students challenging alleged ban on wearing #Hijab in government PU colleges in Udupi district. Ravivarma Kumar,Sr.Adv, is expected to resume his arguments today. #HijabRow #HijabControversy
While @Devadattkamat concluded his arguments yesterday. The court pulled up a lawyer appearing for the petitioners for filing an application with his affidavit as opposed to that of his client’s #HijabRow #HijabControversy…
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Hijab Ban: Karnataka High Court full bench to hear petitions against ban on wearing hijab in Govt colleges.

#Hijab #HijabRow #KarnatakaHijabRow #karnatakahighcourt

Track this thread for LIVE UPDATES from court.
Hindu Sena Vice President has filed intervention application before the High Court praying that he be heard.

#Hijab #HijabRow #HijabBan

Read more about that here:
Hijab Ban: LIVE UPDATES from Karnataka High Court Full Bench hearing

#HijabBan #HijabRow #karnatakahijab

Read live account from court here:
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A #KarnatakaHighCourt bench of Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, Justices Krishna Dixit & JM Khazi will continue hearing plea(s) by girl students challenging the alleged ban of wearing #Hijab in government pre-university colleges in Udupi district. #KarnatakaHijabControversy
The court had yesterday asked the media to report the proceedings responsibly. #HijabRow #HijabBan…
Hindu Sena has moved an application for intervention in the ongoing proceedings saying freedom of religion is not absolute in a secular democracy…
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Kerala: 60yo Rahim rapes, impregnates, and kills young, differently-abled Rini, Wayanad.

Wayanad is Islamic Terror org & #HijabRow lead campaigner #PFI's strong hold & @RahulGandhi is the MP. He hasn't visited Rini's family since November when she was murdered by Rahim. Image
Kerala Police has arrested Rahim (60) for the rape, impregnation and murder of a Divyang woman near Manathavady, Wayanad. Police were searching for the accused since the end of November – it is believed that Rahim admitted to his crime during interrogation.
Rini, daughter of Pallikkal Devasya from Moolithodu parish and Mary, died on November 20, 2021. Back then, she was 5 months pregnant. According to police, the lab report showed that Rahim, the unborn child’s father, had poisoned Rini.
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This #HijabRow has finally got me to understand what's this faux secularism at its most fundamental level:
- It basically guaranteed same conditions as existing in Pakistan/Islamic State within India for those who supported but could not go to Pakistan.
- 50% of outrage factory on Twitter is courtesy just genius journalists who absolutely lack in common sense, logic or reasoning.
- A private school can run its business as it wants. Is any Muslim student being forced to chant Hanuman Chalisa?
- All the Rana Ayyub types would be feeling so glad inside. I mean, so much to outrage about, so many topics on which to write articles, give interviews, make money!
- Really Acche Din for them 😂
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