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Pray for all the passengers and their families 🙏

The death toll in the #Odisha #trainaccident involving two express trains - #Bengaluru-#Howrah Express and #Shalimar-#Chennai #Coromandel Express -- and a goods train in #Balasore has risen to 238 and around 900 were injured.
#IndianAirForce (IAF) deployed Mi-17 helicopters for the evacuation of deceased and injured in the Odisha triple train accident, informed Eastern Command.

IAF is coordinating the rescue efforts with the civil administration and #IndianRailways.
While #Muslims are busy #mocking the death of #Hindus in the #TrainAccident. Here's #Odiya Hindus of #Odisha queuing at midnight to #donate #blood for the surviving #victims of the train accident. Irrespective of victim's #religion. That's the difference..
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While Chinese are beating Muslims in #Pakistan, the Communist authorities of #China is attempting to demolish Najiaying Mosque, a historic mosque located in Yuxi City, Yunnan.

Till now, 24 Sunni Hui #Muslims have been sent to detention center for resistance.
🔴 In complete silence from the #Arab and #Pakistan media, Communist party of #China will be demolishing the historic ′Nagying Mosque' which dates back to the thirteenth century. The demolition equipment was sent in premises on Saturday 05/27.
The reason for demolition is to implement a judicial ruling which says that the mosque's external appearance is UGLY & does not reflect #Chinese culture. The local Sunni Muslims without any support from the world #Muslim community, are defending the mosque with "#Nara_e_Taqbeer".
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I wrote this to a #BJP supporter who wanted to know my political position. I am expanding and sharing it here.

1. BJP is as corrupt and inefficient as #Congress, but it gets a free pass because it is successfully advancing the cause of #Hindu #majoritarianism.

2. Examples are #Rammandir, #kashivishvanathtemple, #Article370, #TripleTalaq, #UCC, #CAANRC, #Cowslaughter bans, random #lynchings of Muslims, ban on #Azan in public, etc. A majority of Hindus in India support these, as they believe these will "put Muslims in their place."

3. In fact, #Corruption under the BJP is likely to be far worse than under Congress rule, because the media (which is now entirely under the control of Modi's corporate cronies like A&A) simply refuses to investigate any BJP corruption scams. Examples: #Vyapam, #Rafale...

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A lie a sham this person is a blunt liar Ravinder Pandita & his conspiracy with #BJP #HindutvaTerror No BJP or Amit Shah wanted the people on both sides of #LOC cross for any cause it was #ImranKhan who gave this gesture during kartarpur corridor #DhardaPeeth
The Resolution of Re Opening the Ancient Temple for only the people on both sides of #LOC was passed by @ImranKhanPTI not @AmitShahOffice or @narendramodi KP Ravinder Pundita propaganda on the name of Sharda the Hindhu Goddess ImageImage
The #Muslims in #Kashmir always shown support towards the #KashmiriPundits allowing a greater people to people contact & opening routes to religious pilgrims they always welcomed peace that help to ease tensions unlike the #KPs who have kept they silence on the ongoing violence! ImageImage
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There is no concept of Engagement in Islam :A Thread🧵 Image
Engagement is the time between acceptance of the marriage proposal (khitba) and the marriage ceremony (‘aqd). Once the proposal is accepted, the man and the woman are known as “engaged to be married or simply “engaged”. Engagement has no recognition in Islamic laws Image
Who Proposes?

#Traditionally in all #cultures, it is the man who proposes to the woman; and it is done either directly by the man himself or on his behalf by his family. In the
West, even now man is expected to get down on his one knee to propose to the woman he wants to marry Image
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#SupremeCourt hears plea challenging removal of 4% #OBCReservation for Muslims in Karnataka close to elections.

SG Mehta: My lords please grant time.

Sr Adv Dushyant Dave: It was already said that it will be taken for interim relief on Friday.

#SupremeCourt Image
Dave: My reservation is removed and given to some else few days before elections. They have removed 4% reservation for Muslims in Karnataka. It's completely against a series of SC judgements. Completely unconstitutional! Why is it done overnight? On the eve of election?
Dave: Without any report? It's against the 1996 Statute. I am shocked at how the government can add this in the GO!

#SupremeCourt #SupremeCourtOfIndia #OBCReservations
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Thread: #MalianaMassacre a Tale of Injustice in India

It has been 36 years since 72 Muslims were brutally killed in the small town of #Maliana, in #UttarPradesh by provincial police force. On 01 April, 40 accused in the #massacre during the 1987 riots in Maliana...,
...Meerut were acquitted, while 23 accused have left this world and 30 accused are missing, against whom the trial will continue. The prosecution failed to produce sufficient evidence before the court, due to which benefit of doubt was given to the accused. #muslimsinindia
It took 36 years for the court to pronounce the verdict i.e. those who were accused in youth were acquitted in old age and children whose parents were killed have crossed puberty. Their families still await even the first glimmer of justice. #MalianaMassacre #IndianSupremeCourt
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@Aminbchy @McrMuseum @OfficialUoM @nazirafzal @WakkasKhan @ManchesterSAHM @RahmanCllr @k4shf @M_R_ULLAH @GMLO_UK @QaisraShahraz @ManchesterISOC @NusratAhmedMM @mcr_msf @ward_esme @TasteRamadan @mmuisoc The #Iftar at @McrMuseum was a great opportunity to share with all what #Islam is about and what #Muslims do too. @TasteRamadan made a number of posters for people attending with some simple facts that may be of interest for those wanting to know more @MuslimCouncil @bmhcentre
@Aminbchy @McrMuseum @OfficialUoM @nazirafzal @WakkasKhan @ManchesterSAHM @RahmanCllr @k4shf @M_R_ULLAH @GMLO_UK @QaisraShahraz @ManchesterISOC @NusratAhmedMM @mcr_msf @ward_esme @TasteRamadan @mmuisoc @MuslimCouncil @bmhcentre There are considered 5 pillars in Islam
1. Shahada (to testify/witness)
2. Salah (to supplicate / pray)
3. Zakat (to purify, grow, increase - compulsory alms for certain groups of people)
4. Sawm (to abstain from / fast)
5. Hajj (pilgrimage made to the ka’ba)
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The Lahore Resolution: A 🧵

#OTD in 1940, the All-India Muslim League adopted the Lahore Resolution—which later came to be known as the Pakistan Resolution—during its three-day general session, which was held in #Lahore from March 22–24.

A. K. Fazlul Huq, the Prime Minister of #Bengal, presented the resolution, which was authored and compiled by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan and served as a formal statement of the party's vision for the future of Muslim #India.

The document famously stated that "...the areas in which the Muslims are numerically in a majority as in the North Western and Eastern Zones of India should be grouped to constitute ‘independent states’ in which the constituent units should be autonomous and sovereign."

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THE MYSTERY OF #GodhraMassacre

21 years ago in 2002, the #Godhra incident took place on this very day. On this day, the Sabarmati Express train was set on fire at Godhra. A crazed mob set fire to a coach of #SabarmatiExpress departing from #Godhra railway station in #Gujarat. Image
In this incident, 59 returnees from #Ayodhya were killed and riots broke out across Gujarat.
Hindu pilgrims were returning from Ayodhya in the #SabarmatiExpress. On 27 February 2002, the train reached Godhra station in #panchmahal district of Gujarat. Image
As the train was about to depart, someone pulled the chain and stopped the train, and then threw stones and set fire to the coach. 59 people lost their lives in the S-6 coach fire. FIR registered against 1500 people in #GodhraMassacre. Image
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Thread: The #Massacre at Best Bakery
On March 01, 2002, the Best Bakery area was attacked and burned down by a deranged mob of #RSS situated in Hanuman Tekri. The Best Bakery case was a symbol of the 2002 #Gujarat carnage.
Its controversial nature attracted the allegation of the State Government, implying the government’s compliance in it. During the incident, a mob targeted the Sheikh family who ran the bakery and had taken refuge inside...,
...resulting in the deaths of 14 (11 #Muslims including family members and 3 Hindu employees of the bakery). This case has come to symbolize the carnage in 2002# Gujrat riots (and the alleged State Government complicity in it) that followed the #Godhra train massacre.
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Thread: The Horrific Killing of Ehsan Jafri in the #GulbargMassacre
On 28 February 2002 Ehsan Jafri was gruesomely murdered by a feverish mob. Slaughtered along with him were around seventy women, children and men who had taken shelter with the man....
...whom they had believed was influential enough to save their lives from a colossal armed mob baying for blood.
But he was dragged away by the horde, his limbs were cut off from his body before he was burned. His family could not even locate his remains.
He was a renowned poet, labor leader and politician who was killed in infamous #Gulbarg Society massacre in Gujarat 2002 riots. #Modi, then the CM of Gujarat, was accused of doing little to stop the anti-Muslim riots -an allegation he has always denied.
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THE MYSTERY OF #GodhraMassacre

21 years ago in 2002, the #Godhra incident took place on this very day. On this day, the Sabarmati Express train was set on fire at Godhra. A crazed mob set fire to a coach of #SabarmatiExpress departing from #Godhra railway station in #Gujarat.
In this incident, 59 returnees from #Ayodhya were killed and riots broke out across Gujarat.
Hindu pilgrims were returning from Ayodhya in the #SabarmatiExpress. On 27 February 2002, the train reached Godhra station in #panchmahal district of Gujarat.
As the train was about to depart, someone pulled the chain and stopped the train, and then threw stones and set fire to the coach. 59 people lost their lives in the S-6 coach fire. FIR registered against 1500 people in #GodhraMassacre.
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Can any Indian or @Javedakhtarjadu himself dare to speak on the use of pellet guns, gang-rapes, extra-judicial killings, and stripping civilians of human dignity is the everyday routine of #Indianforces in #IIOJK?
Occurrences like the government sanctioned release of eleven convicts who were charged with the gang rape of Bilquis Bano and the murder of her family in the #Gujarat riots of 2002, conveys clearly that #MuslimWomen are unsafe in India.
@Javedakhtarjadu was hosted by Pakistan at the #FaizLiteratureFestival2023. He is trending on social media, for all the wrong reasons though and none of them have to do with Literature. @Javedakhtarjadu spoke about defusing tension between the two countries and said.....
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Was #Shivajis leadership Anti-Muslim? Lets use facts to answer the question in this thread.

Many anti-Muslim historians of India have portrayed him as an anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic, and this concept was used by some politicians of India, especially from #Maharashtra ... Image
for their anti-Muslim propaganda. Haji Mateen Bagban, President of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Muslim Brigade said that he was a secular Maratha king. He never hurt Muslims or tried to defame Islam…in fact, nearly 30% of his soldiers including 11 personal bodyguards were Muslims.
Some faction of Hindu society championed him as an “important part of #Hindu nationalist ideology”, but the truth is that his relationship with Islam and #Muslims is not so black and white. Image
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On 19 February 2022 #AnisKhan, a 27 year old former Aliah University student, was found dead outside his home in a village in Howrah near Kolkata. His parents have alleged that he was thrown off the roof of building by four police officers, who had come to search for their son.
The death triggered a political uproar, with the Student Federation India calling it “murder” and launching a countrywide protest for justice for Anis. Anis, an MBA graduate who had enrolled for a communication course, was a political worker is now known.
It is also known that he was with CPM’s Students’ Federation of India (SFI) for some time and had also worked with the students’ wing of the Congress. In the last election he had campaigned against both BJP and the ruling Trinamool Congress (AITC).
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#beauty #Halal over haute: Certification as key factor for cosmetics purchases, not ingredients…
Here in the United States, #halal products are marketed to non-#Muslims for "purity."
An article on #halal vitamins that appeared on some non-#Muslim site (can't remember which) was basically #dawah-ganda
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#StoryAlert 🚨

Meet Victoria Gowri, an advocate who was recommended to be a Judge at d Madras HC by the SC collegium led by CJI Chandrachud.

I found evidence of her bias & extreme views against India's #Muslims & #Christians

A thread on her utterances🧵…
Gowri's first known association with BJP started in 2010, as Kerala Mahila Morcha state in-charge. When Modi's govt came to power in 2014, she was appt a senior central govt counsel at Madras HC in 2015.

In 2017, a cabinet committee headed by Modi also appointed her as... 2/ independent director at Kamarajar Port Ltd in Chennai.

In 2020, Modi's govt appointed Gowri as the Assistant Solicitor General of India at Madras HC's Madurai Bench.

Pic: Gowri tying Rakhi to Modi on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. 3/
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1. The face of #RussianNazism is the commander of the Rusich Airborne Assault Reconnaissance Group Alexei Milchakov🤮
#PutinIsAWarCriminal #StopRussia #StopPutin ImageImageImage
3. From torturing animals and killing homeless people in the #RussianFederation, he moved on to killing #Muslims in #Syria, and then civilians in #Ukraine. ImageImageImageImage
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The Rs-35,000 Maulana Azad govt fellowship that Shamsher Singh, son of a Punjabi Sikh daily wage worker, received every month did more than fund his PhD. It threw a lifeline to his penurious family. All this has now ended. Follow this THREAD

Contending—without explaining how—that it overlapped with other scholarships, #Modi govt in Dec 2022 ended fellowships for minority MPhil, PhD students. As @ainulrhbr & @arshiiqureshi report, this overlap isn’t possible & reveals a larger trend.

The demise of the 13-yr-old Maulana Azad Fellowships is one of a series of moves by the #Modi govt to end, reduce or make it difficult to access financial assistance to minority communities, in particular to #Muslims.

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رضیہ سلطانہ (1205-1240)
First and Last Female Ruler of #Delhi Sultanate
رضیہ سلطانہ قیسی رام پوری کے ناول کا عنوان یامرکزی کردار ہی نہیں بلکہ تاریخ میں رقم حقیقی ترک خاندان غلاماں (Slave Dynasty) کے سلطان شمس الدین التمش کی بیٹی اور ھندوستان کی پہلی مسلمان
غیر شادی شدہ خاتون حکمران بھی ھے۔
رضیہ کو 1236 سے 1239 تک حکمرانی کا شرف حاصل رہا جو اسکے سات بھائیوں میں سے کسی ایک کو بھی نہ مل سکا۔
جب اس نے10 نومبر 1236 کوجلال الدین رضیہ کے سرکاری نام کیساتھ تخت سنبھالا تو اس نےاپنےروایتی مسلم خواتین کےلباس بشمول پردہ کوترک کرنےکاشعوری فیصلہ
کیاجس نےقدامت پسندمسلمانوں کےغصے کو ھوا دی۔
لیکن یہ مختصر سا عرصہ بھی رضیہ کیلئے وبال جان بن گیا تھا کیونکہ "سازشیں" جو مسلم بادشاہوں کی تاریخ کا ایک بدنما داغ رہی ہیں، رضیہ بھی اسی داغ کاشکار ھوئی جب اسےافریقہ حبشی غلام یاقوت (اصل نام جمال الدین) کیساتھ جوڑاگیاجوکہ اس کی زوال کی
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Justice For All Canada applauds @CanadaGeneva for raising concerns about #BJP state-sanctioned violence, hate speech, and the use of draconian laws against minorities in India, especially #Muslims.


#IndiaUPR @SaveIndiaOrg

But as a leader in promoting global protection of vulnerable groups, @CanadaGeneva has not exercised its full potential to advocate for religious minorities facing persecution in #India.

#IndiaUPR @SaveIndiaOrg

Concrete recommendations from @CanadaFP are needed to combat laws that threaten the citizenship of Indian Muslims, such as the Citizenship Amendment Act (#CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (#NRC).

#IndiaUPR @CanadaGeneve @SaveIndiaOrg
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As the #SupremeCourt demands the registration of criminal cases against #HateSpeech without formal complaints, our research & reportage over more than 2 years reveals the extent of #hatespeech in #India & the extent of inaction against it.
In Aug 2021 @ZafarAafaq & @alishan_jafri reported how rally urging marginalisation & murder of #Muslims in Delhi was 5th such event over 3 months in NCR & Haryana: some events shared common instigators, mobs allowed with minimal or no police action…
In Nov 2021, @kaushikrj6 reported how in 4 cases, #Hindus & #Muslims were unequal before the law: bail was the rule for Hindus who spread hate speech, while jail the norm for Muslim rights campaigners…
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#Muslims have two separate nations, carved out of India, where non-Muslims can’t survive even as second class citizens. Hindus, on the other hand, cannot have back, the three of their most sacred places of worship.
Hindus got #Ayodhya, after several protracted battles, spanning over five centuries, including seven decades of struggle in independent India. #Kashi is in courts and status quo continues in #KrishnaJanambhumi in #Mathura. The absurdity of the situation, gnaws the Hindu psyche.
If left to themselves, Hindus and Muslims may have sorted out these vexed issues between themselves. But because of the mischievous role of '#leftliberals', even any meaningful dialogue not been possible.
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