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17 Apr
@krisoosting @TheoHakkert De oplossing zal toch vanuit de medische wetenschap moeten komen. Ook dit leidt tot een duivels dilemma. Om klinische testen uit te voeren, moet je een deel van de patienten opofferen door ze een placebo te geven.

Er is echter praktische ervaring:…
@krisoosting @TheoHakkert Raoult geld in de wereld "als een van de grootste kenners van de mechanismen achter infectieziekten" en dient dus serieus genomen te worden.

Ik verwacht persoonlijk dat de vraag over hoe hier mee om te gaan er toe gaat leiden dat er in de toekomst "koppen gaan vallen".
@krisoosting @TheoHakkert De reden waarom ik verwacht dat er in de toekomst “koppen zullen vallen” is het volgende.
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14 Apr
@VOLG_DE_DATA @wmiddelkoop 1) This is a very hard question to answer. US #gold has not been audited since the 1950's and there are rumours that much of the gold in Fort Knox has been replaced by fakes. Rob Kirby claims to "know folks who have copies of the original shipping docs".…
@VOLG_DE_DATA @wmiddelkoop 2) Hence the question to Q, with his interesting replay that the #US has the #gold and that it shall destroy the #FED.

What we know is that currently the #FED is printing dollars #Weimar style, which can be expected to result in #hyperinflation.
@VOLG_DE_DATA @wmiddelkoop 3) Alan Greenspan warned about this a while ago and talked about returning to the #gold standard. Remarkably, he mentioned the time before 1913, when the #FED was established:…
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10 Apr
1) As an Electrical Engineer who studied Tesla technology, I have a hard time believing all this, this is really over the top #fearporn that should be filed in the same cabinet as #babyq's "Quantum Internet".

cc @prayingmedic @DustinNemos @Jordan_Sather_ @Perpetualmaniac
2) That’s not to say there are no health risks associated with holding a cellphone next to your ear and that it’s all honky-dory. According to this, there is:…
3) That’s also not to say there can be no connection whatsoever between 5G and the *severety* of the corona virus. There can, and the absorption peak oxygen has at 60 GHz *could* play a role:…
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9 Sep 19

So frustrating to #know the answer to the question of how to formulate that #TheoryOfEverything #scientists say is the biggest unsolved problem in #physics, yet they don't even want to look at it:…

Wave-particle duality a #mystery?
What I've found is rather astonishing:

The #mathematics used by #Maxwell are inconsistent.

He left the magnetic vector potential field [A] undefined and decoupled from the #medium thus creating #MaxwellsHole, which introduced an unwarrented #gauge #freedom in the model...
It is this #gauge #freedom thst led to the #hack known as #Quantum #Madness.

Really, it doesn't take a PhD to figure out that when you believe particles can exist at two places at the same time, you have a mental problem.…
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