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🧵1-A thread for non-scientists on the issue of #COVID19 variant (614G vs. 614D) found most common in Québec (614G) & why it's irresponsible & inaccurate to blame the way pandemic unfolded in Québec on the variant

#scientific evidence shows this variant is NOT more dangerous
2-The phylogenetic analysis of #COVID19 in Québec has shown that majority of viral introductions to the province came from Europe ()
Therefore the variant (version of the virus) that was most common is Europe (614G) is also most common here
3- Wondering what D614G means:
genome is a long code that gets translated to functioning molecules. To keep track of each letter in the code, we assign them a number based on their position, hence 614. D&G refer to 2 molecules that different versions of the code can produce.
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🧵In this thread I'll address the INACCURATE claim that the #COVID19 strain found in Québec is somehow more virulent & therefore the reason Québec was the epicentre of the pandemic in🇨🇦
I'll be referring to data from @McGillGenome study & @nextstrain…
1st I'd like to acknowledge @bjesseshapiro @cl_murall & other amazing #scientists whose work & analysis should be relied on by policy makers & media alike.

See my summary of their phylogenetic study of #SARSCoV2 in Québec 👇🏾
Analyzing samples from 734 Québec residents shows a global introduction of the virus into Québec. However, once the borders were closed & restriction were put in place, certain clades of the virus become more frequent.
What is a clade you ask? good question, keep reading👇🏾
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Battles over delaying or modifying @CDCgov reports have been a #TrumpFascist #distraction in middle of #pandemic response, "Dr. Redfield has pushed back on this," @KFF CDC's process there was no reason for #Trump officials to review work of #scientists.
OOO. #TrumpFascist THUG #Caputo didn’t like @politico article doesn’t like CHAP 42 of #ProofofCorruption that elucidates ALL #TRUMP #COVID19 lies .. Killing THOUSANDS of deluded #Americans. SEE his response to @SethAbramson via @threadreaderapp unroll.
GOT THAT? @AMSA_News @ANANursing1 #frontline workers. CHAP 42 of #ProofofCorruption contains ALL #TrumpTeam #Covid_19 LIES. From very first when he got #MilIntell briefing on #coronavirus and being #germophobe he panicked and got taken to #WalterReed for cold symptoms #maddow
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Interesting how people consider #ElonMusk (mostly investing in) is first in the world. Including simulation hypothesis, hyperloop and the recent Brain Computer Interface.
Appreciate all #Engineers and #scientists involved in #breakthrough #technology, not just Elon.
#SimulationTheory hypothesis
Goes all the way back to the #veda #BhagavadGita from India, later proposed by a #philosopher, Nick Bostrom in 2003.
The theory resembles the concept of #Maya in #Spirituality , now debated by top #scientists #physics #mathematics
First proposed by George Medhurst in 1799 to #transport goods inside sealed tubes using pneumatic pressure.
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Canada's #5G rollout

"A larger number of connected devices will result in huge increases in data that need to be stored in energy-intensive #data centres, which are expected to emit more #carbon than the international #aviation industry."

"It also means an exponential increase in the # of wireless networks, which are energy-guzzlers (est. to be 10x less efficient than wired networks). In 2015 alone, the energy used to power wireless networks generated approx. 30 megatonnes of carbon, the same as 4.9 million cars."
"There are no published long-term studies... As one US Senator put it, w/ #5G, “we’re kind of flying blind here, as far as #health & #safety is concerned.” For this reason, 273 #scientists & #doctors in the EU have signed a declaration calling for all 5G [] to be stopped."

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1. News: RUMORS SWIRLING: President Trump’s Recent Actions Indicate Something HUGE Is About to Drop -

Indicates... Deep State & Obama Gang May Finally Face the Music. -Thread 8.9.20… #Trump #Obama #Justice #DeepState
2. News: #Trump #Happening #Storm

President Trump needs to be in a tightly controlled environment while whatever this is goes down.

3. News: Just in time for November Presidential Vote! Nearly 20,000 Fake Driver Licenses Floods into US From China, other Countries to Chicago’s O’Hare airport in past 6 Months… #Trump #Election #VoterID
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#COVID HIT scientific paper by @mgmgomes1 rejected because it...

“would be interpreted to justify relaxation of interventions, potentially placing people at risk.”

WOW... 😳

Will #scientists now be silenced due to truth being inconvenient?

h/t @FatEmperor @AlexBerenson
The following paper from Prof Sunetra Gupta (@SunetraGupta) from Oxford University came to the same HIT conclusions...will it also be rejected?…
Here is a news article explaining the “controversial” findings that were rejected, even though other scientists concluded the same (e.g. Prof. Sunetra Gupta):…

Here is a link to the scientific article by Dr. Gomes (@mgmgomes1)…
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Thread-Thoughts on #COVID19 in #SouthDakota. My home state that has not locked down and is seeing spikes in multiple communities. @govkristinoem has been praised for her lack of leadership & assertion that citizens will do the right thing. The numbers tell us differently.
1. Nationally 160,000 in 6 month since first reported death puts the death rate much higher than Flu. 135 COVID deaths in SD since 3/10. 217 flu death total 2017 (last report I could find)

2. If we are willing to politicize a disease is there anything that we won't politicize?
3. If you blame the #Media I urge you to read news from other countries. If you honestly don't trust the US media there are other outlets with no skin in Trump vs Media war reporting on the devastation of #COVID19 in their own countries. This is not #FakeNews
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As it pours in India today, we are ready for an intellectual pour down Towards a #PolicyFramework for #Indian #SciComm in partnership with @spf_in 🥳

Day 1 discussions starting in a few minutes!!

5.30 - 7.30 PM 🗣️

👩‍💻Don't forget to tweet your comments at #PFI_SciComm
And the Day 1 discussions begin!!

We are on our way Towards a #PolicyFramework for #Indian #SciComm in partnership with @spf_in!

Let #PFI_SciComm be the bugle for your opinions this evening. 📢

Starting with: #Funding & #Infrastructure

@AnamZille, @yaskap94 & @ChampakSuchitha curating this live thread especially for all you on behalf of @spf_in & @scicommsci
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✅Are you a scientist?
✅Do you want to actively participate in policymaking with your scientific evidence?

Then our new #Science4Policy Handbook is for you 👉…

Get a sneak peek ⬇️

Understand policymaking first.

What are the policy priorities?
How are decisions made?
Who are the key actors?

Put yourself in the policymaker’s shoes, empathising with their responsibility for decisions that carry real weight.…

Discuss and define relevant questions together with #policymakers and stakeholders.

Remain sceptical, but not cynical: challenge their questions and assumptions.
Do not hesitate to reframe the problems.…

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why i am no longer publishing (my own) #research in #academic journals - a (long) thread 1/38

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #academicpublishing #academicjournals #peerreview #ecrchat #OpenScience #publicationbias

(some references at the end of the thread)
(i still have a few collaborative papers to write and these will be published properly for the benefit of my co-authors)

i will soon publish a paper on a pre-print server, with no intention of submitting to an academic journal. my reasons for this are manifold 2/38
1. #academia is inherently corrupt & the publication model facilitates this:
- unpaid labour (editors, peer-reviewers,& authors [ok, they do get paid by the uni which oft = public funds yet journals privately profit & we see none of this unlike other forms of publishing]) 3/38
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recap of a lil #hydration #sciencefromhome #experiment me & some mates ran over the last ~year. analysis not finished, but will release #bloodsugar data before H4H conf starts🤓

Pt 1. A fair while back we had a rather exciting delivery...What have we been up to?1/ Image
Pt 2. After the rather exciting delivery (and some more) arrived, the study design needed to be finalised:

Non-randomised controlled study where we *planned* for experimenters to do the CONTROL arm first, followed by the INTERVENTION arm

#hydration #sciencefromhome Image
Pt 3. Equipment ordered & study designed.

Minor problem: i hadnt cannulated in > 1 y & my mates had never learnt at all

Cue odd evening remembering/teaching cannulation on poor Snuffles belly...

My ❤️of #science > my fear of needles it seems
#sciencefromhome #hydrate Image
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India develops world's first 100% efficacious and 100% safe anti-viral for #COVID19. A THREAD

Its fully #Ayurvedic, undergone imaginary 'clinically controlled' trials. It was difficult, but they pulled through. Here is how they did it #fakescience Image
a - A team of scientists were appointed after #Covid_19 outbreak (no details of #Scientists given. They should be named for appreciation)
b - The the appointed scientists performed simulation (details unknown, but researchers think, #Xbox or #PlayStation could have been used) Image
c - After simulation, compounds that kill #coronavirus was identified [again, no details, but lead researcher confidently (see confidence below) mentions phytometabolites and powerful phytocompounds in product launch interview] Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/16/2020-2…

Capitalism's Case for Abolishing Billionaires - Evonomics…

#billionaires #capitalism
Using Evolutionary Social Science to Deal with Pandemics - Evonomics…

#social #coronavirus #evolutionary #complexity
Petroyuan’s stature grows on Shanghai exchange, helping world’s largest energy importer cut dependence on US dollars | South China Morning Post…

#petroyuan #oil #energy
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about summer.. i’d like to urge everyone not to suntan in the summer, wear sunblock, and avoid prolonged sunlight exposure -
- and here is why:…
the Earth’s magnetic field is compromised by the Sun’s expansion of its core - the Sun has been expanding its magnetic field, breaching planetary fields since glaciers started melting, and since 1970’s the Earth’s field has a hole in it -
- which causes #climatechange
singularity scientists are in denial of the true cause of global warming - the breach in Earth’s magnetic field, because they live in an alternate reality where things like that don’t happen to human kind - see human #specialness ..

they call it an anomaly..
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Thread: 👋🏾 Welcome new followers. I am a #nurse #researcher, leveraging my expertise for #health #equity. This includes fighting for #social #justice, #RacialJustice, etc. This #Throwback image depicts wounds that were passed down 1/6

If anyone knows the artist, please tag them.
through generations. You could swap the images out for multiple people groups w/ shared experiences of historical and ongoing #trauma. My desire is to not only show how these #atrocities CONTINUE to affect #population #health, but also to implement multilevel interventions 2/6
that mitigate the influence between the aftermath of such injustices & #health. (#Structuralracism has to be addressed to do this.) This is done in #partnership with communities. For too long too many #Scientists (me included) have been #complicit in documenting differences 3/6
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Looking for ways to bring discussions of #racism in your #science classes? Some ideas I use in class & in talks e.g. genome-wide sequencing studies, databases are skewed. Must be accounted for when extrapolating these data (e.g. personalized medicine)… 1/n
Especially when those findings are used to develop decision #algorithms otherwise #racism gets "baked in" #ArtificialIntelligence is not neutral. Healthcare outcomes reflect societal racism…
Which means that structural #racism can kill #cancer patients "Black patients with breast cancer and other malignancies face historical inequities that are ingrained but not inevitable"…
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Every state/local #Covid_19 initiative I’ve read about is making one of the following mistakes.

1. Ignoring community altogether and just doing apps.

Case example: Utah.

$2.75 million to purchase an app PLUS a *monthly* maintenance fee of $300,000.

(Could’ve employed 100 FTE #CHWs with this $ but who’s counting)

And the app isn’t working.
2. Vaguely referencing “shoe leather” and community engagement but no mention of the #CHW workforce who already does that.

Case example: almost everyone.

“Cultural literacy is key to developing trust.”

(Really? Then hire someone of the same CULTURE!)
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🥁I've been asked by 3 different people about the Korber et al., study in @biorxivpreprint on emergence of a more transmissible form of SARS-CoV2.…
In this thread I explain why you should NOT panic! ⤵️
1⃣ Imagine you have a precious family recipe, handwritten & inherited from your ancestors, some of whom had poor handwriting/spelling➡️the version you have is a bit different than original➡️depending on the errors made your food could be similar or different from original recipe
2⃣ This is analogous to what viruses go through. Viruses need to use their host’s copying (replication) machinery. However this replication machinery while super fast, is a bit sloppy & makes mistakes➡️ genetic mutation or variants.
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1/ Update: #Scientists and #clinicians must acknowledge that #SARSCoV2 has the potential to attack the human body in multiple ways simultaneously and exploit any weaknesses of its host
@JAMA_current @JAMANeuro @TheLancetNeuro
@TheLancet @NeurologyToday @AANSNeuro
@Mannanbaig11 Image
2/ A #multipronged attack could potentially explain the severity and extensive variety of the signs and symptoms in patients with #COVID19. So, is the lung a tactical feint by #SARSCoV2?

@mlipsitch @larrybrilliant @jeremyfaust
@ASlavitt @meganranney @choo_ek @tmprowell
3/ Regardless of your current specialty in #surgery or #medicine, the reality is that #SARSCoV2 and #COVIDー19 will affect us all. The sub-specialization of medicine has siloed #healthcareprofessionals, preventing us from seeing the true scope and complexity of this #pathogen.
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@CDCgov @DrNancyM_CDC @CDCDirector @CDCGlobal

#USA #physicians and #scientists need clinical guidance on testing cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) via RT-PCR. This is a critical piece of understanding #SARSCoV2 and #COVID19

5yo F meningoencephalitis in MI:…
2/ Moriguchi, T., et al. A first Case of Meningitis/Encephalitis associated with #SARSCoV2.  International Journal of Infectious Diseases. 94: 55-58. CASE REPORT (#JAPAN) [03 Apr 2020]…

@TopNeuroDocs @NeurologyToday @greenjrnl @AANSNeuro #medtwitter
3/ Li, Z., Huang, Y., and Guo, X. (2020). The #brain, another potential target organ, needs early protection from #SARSCoV2 neuroinvasion. Sci China Life Sci 63, INSIGHT.  (#CHINA) [31 Mar 2020]…

@TopNeuroDocs @NeurologyToday @greenjrnl @AANSNeuro
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in normal reality (not singularity), this goes both ways -
- it should give scientists a pause at least to assess the long held myths that animals are a source of {viruses}
and again, scientists harmed animals in the search of magical pill against #coronavirus…

~ cruelty + magical thinking in singularity science

to all #scientists: hands off animals please..
STOP harming innocent animals - there is not one study on animals that ever helped science in any way, not even one..

stop animal cruelty NOW
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"The Lancet‘s fraudulent concealment of genetics, and its own conflicting interests, while condemning #coronavirus conspiracy theorists, gives the appearance of “crisis capitalism,” and complicity in the COVID-19-SARS/HIV-1 #Wuhan ‘Event 201‘ biocrime." Image
The 'Scientific' arguments going on behind the scenes on #Covid_19 should be a wake-up call to the 'TRUE' dangers the world is being exposed to! 'BOTH' sides of the argument are labelling the other 'Conspiracy Theorists'. Only one of them can be! Image
The Lancet writes that "Conspiracy theories do nothing but create fear, rumours, and prejudice...." #Covid_19 Image
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