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If you are a physics prof & a woman up for tenure, & this sounds like it may refer to your portfolio, I have his whole thread in which he quotes & mocks it. Someone on your committee should be kicked off. Get in touch if you think it's yours. #WomenInSTEM #Physics #tenure Douchebag insulting a "female physics prof" for in
Everyone, THANK YOU! What an amazing and supportive family of folks in STEM & academia. With your diligent help, I think we may have found the person. I've emailed her. If I get confirmation or not, I'll let you know.
You're all so wonderful!
I just heard back from the person and it is definitely her work. Thanks again to everyone! She's going to pursue it through the appropriate channels, which probably means fewer pitchforks & torches than I'd like but is a smart move for a tenure candidate.
Have a good night!
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دریائے بلیو ڈریگن (پرتگال)
Blue Dragon River (Portagal)
دلچسپ اور منفرد
جیساکہ شکل سےبھی عیاں ھے کہ یہ "ڈریگن کا راستہ" ھےلیکن اس دریا کا اصل نام "Odeliete River" ھےجبکہ بلیوڈریگن اس کا nickname ھے۔
کیاپرتگال میں واقع اس دریا کاجسم کسی ڈریگن کی مانندنہیں دکھتا؟
کیوں نہیں!
بالکل ایسا ہی ھے۔
یہ دریا دراصل پانی کا ذخیرہ (Reservoir) ھے جو ایک ڈیم کے ذریعہ تشکیل دیا گیا تھا جسے 1998 میں دریائے اوڈیلائٹ پر تعمیر کیاگیا تھا۔ Algarve میں Castro Marim کی میونسپلٹی میں واقع Odeleite Dam جو دریائے Odeleite پر بنایا گیا۔
یہ دریا Serra do Caldeirão
پہاڑوں کے اوپری علاقوں میں اٹھتا ھے اور Rio Guadiana میں بہتا ھے۔
حوض کو نیلے ڈریگن کی شکل دی گئی ھے جو چینی ثقافت میں طاقت، طاقت اور خوش قسمتی کی علامت ھے۔
اس کے ساتھ ہی ڈریگن ایک ایسا نشان ھے جو شہنشاہوں نے پوری تاریخ میں استعمال کیاتھا۔ اسی حقیقت نے بہت سے سیاحوں کی توجہ مبذول
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When I trained as a scientist, #programming was a required tool in some select areas of #physics & #maths but not much beyond that…

That's no longer the case. #Coding is rapidly becoming a must-have skill in all scientific fields

Read on…



In recent years, I have introduced #Python #coding to chemists, biologists, psychologists, medical scientists, geologists, well, the list goes on.

Suffice to say that it spans all areas of science.


All of these teams and individuals realise that either they have large amounts of data they need to analyse in all sorts of different ways, or they need to simulate experiments and create computational models.

#Python is often the language of choice in many of these fields.

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@SirianSto Check into these:

1. Harold E. Ensle - "The Electromagnetic Universe"

2. Carver Mead - "Collective Electrodynamics"

3. Stefan Marinov - "Divine Electromagnetism" (hold off on that one, better copy coming)

4. Youhei Tsubono - (eccentric but has point)
@SirianSto No single source is 100% complete or accurate. This is a developing field. None have a full theory on subtle energy. All they do is correct bad assumptions in standard physics, how to view things from a deeper perspective, and how to extend it further along the corrected route.
@SirianSto I'm pretty confident that modern #physics is a shell game created by people with 200+ IQ to fool dumber academics with less than 180 IQ. I think that's only possible if the swindlers are alien hybrids or guided by nonhuman forces. Their cunning is off the charts.
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"From undirected to directed networks of dynamical agents"

Today's SFI Seminar from @robinus88 (@UCSantaBarbara), streaming now:

(Follow this 🧵 for highlights and select slides)
"[This is] the main question when we talk about power could be water, it could be gas, it could be opinions transmitted over social media:"

- @robinus88 (@UCSantaBarbara), streaming now:
"We want to keep the right-hand side of this equation as close to zero as possible. What happens if you produce too much, the frequency increases, which we don't want for a variety of reasons."

- @robinus88 (@UCSantaBarbara), streaming now:

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#Tutoring has become an important discipline to improve #STEM education background.
Here are some interesting stats about STEM:
1. 10.2 million people work in STEM in US in 2021.
2. Average annual #salary for STEM workers is around 90k USD and thus more than double the average.
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Yesterday I shared a small thread about getting into #DataScience. Today I’ll build on that and share a bit about my own journey into sports analytics, specifically as a #DataScientist in the #football industry. 🧵
My path began with a MSc in Sport & Movement Science @VU_FBW. It’s not computer science or anything, but it does involve quite some #Math, #Statistics and #Physics, as well as a course in programming. Mainly it learned me Science, and gave me a lot of domain knowledge in sports.
I wasn’t planning to become a #DataScientist, but I wanted to work in sports. I did various stints as an embedded sports scientist, mostly internships/part-time, before joining @ZZLEIDENBASKETB. Those jobs involved data & science, but it wasn’t anything close to #DataScience.
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It's good to be back! Follow this thread for the video stream & live coverage of tonight's first SFI Community Lecture at @TheLensic in two years, featuring @Sara_Imari on the #physics of living #systems.
And stay tuned for an extraordinary lineup of additional talks this year...
Live stream starts in one minute!
SFI's @ChrisKempes introduces tonight's speaker @Sara_Imari (@sfiscience, @beyond_asu) by quoting #HaroldMorowitz about how, to find life beyond Earth, we must understand the *origins* of life...
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Are you starting your career as an assistant professor and guiding #PhD students for the first time?
Here are a few mentoring tips from the perspective of a current PhD student that may help you.

@AcademicChatter @PhDVoice @PhD_Genie #research @PhDsofIndia
1) Never keep lab meetings on Monday, Tuesday and weekends. Putting on Monday or Tuesday will force them to work on weekends. Respect the social life of PhD students. It's also good for their mental wellbeing.

2) Regularly talk about the long term and short term impact that the PhD project is going to produce, like patents, high impact journal papers as well as the societal impact. This will motivate the PhD scholars to work harder, smarter and better.
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Have you ever heard of the “Orion Correlation Theory”? It’s the correlation between the location of the 3 largest pyramids & Orion's Belt of the constellation Orion, & that this correlation was intended as such by the original builders of the #Giza #pyramid complex. #Archaeology Image
The Orion correlation theory was put forward by Robert Bauval, & the theory was first published in 1989 in Discussions in Egyptology, volume 13. It was the subject of a bestseller, The Orion Mystery, in 1994. Source:…
The evidence shows patterns of stars that is frozen on the ground at Giza in the form of the 3 pyramids & the Sphinx represents the disposition of the constellations of Orion and Leo as they looked at the moment of sunrise on the spring equinox during the astronomical age of Leo. ImageImageImage
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Paper alert! I'm going to share the story of my paper with @barabasi , "Recovery Coupling in multilayer networks" out today in @NatureComms #networkscience #resilience #research 👨‍🔬🧑‍💻A thread.🧵
People have been solving models for interdependent networks for a while. The math is elegant and the models can easily show a plethora of interesting dynamical phenomena. I even wrote a review on the subject… #resilience #infrastructure #physics
The trouble is, most models require that a power asset can fail and cause a communication outage AND that a communication outage can cause a power outage. The first is common. The second? Hard to find. Both at once? No one has ever reported it. Image
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PEOPLE OF SPACE! I’m super excited to be hosting this week! We’ll be covering a bunch of topics that are near and dear to me including #space (obviously), astronomy, supernovae, radio astronomy, science communication, and MORE
#science #scicomm #spacetwitter #intro #Thread
But who is this random dude yelling at us about space?
Well the short version is that I’m a physicist who finished high school with every intention of becoming a lawyer - pictured is 19yo me not caring about science
#accidentalscientist #accidentalphysicist #throwback #SPACE 10 years ago before I had considered a career in science - I
For a slightly longer version you can check out this #thread I did on my @funfactscience account recently to reintroduce myself to #spacefam and any newcomers to my page
#introductions #spacetwitter #space
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A select case of #Evolution and #Leftist Progression in the History of Economic Thought ->
From #Marxism to #Keynesian Economics to #MMT
Negative events will lead to negative outcomes :
#Bolshevik Revolution => #Intenational #Proletarianism & #Leninism
#Great #Depression -> #Keynesian Economics
#Chinese Cultural Revolution -> Gang of Four
#GFC -> Modern Monetary Theory #MMT
That is how to interpret history.
Anticipating #tippingpoint is the most essential thing a gifted leader has to his credit.
All non-linear events should be studied carefully by applying #physics in social sciences, such as #Chaos #Theory and Law of #Thermodynamics.
Yes, and #Murphy's #First Law might also help.
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What are the Lagrange points and why is JWST going there?

I made this digestible breakdown: hope it's useful for someone out here on Twitter! 1/6

#Physics #SpaceExploration Image
2/6 Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/27/2021…
A stream in Waipio smelled like beer. An investigation into a strange spill ensued.…

#runoff #contamination #alcohol #brewery #hawaii
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/17/2021…
Rarest mammal in North America found in Colorado garage, ‘looking for a new home’…

#EndangeredSpecies #BlackFootedFerrets #restoration
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What entropy is not: The very definition of entropy is inconsistent with a #deterministic #world view. This entails difficulties in understanding entropy because our education is based on the deterministic paradigm. Read more:… Image
What entropy is: According to its standard definition, entropy is precisely the expected value of the minus logarithm of probability #Physics #Math Read more:… Image
What entropy is: If this sounds too difficult to interpret, an easy and accurate interpretation is that entropy is a measure of #uncertainty
#Physics #Math Read more:… #UncertaintyExperts Image
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குருதிப்புனல் படம் வந்து 26 வருஷம் ஆகுது நிறைய விஷயங்களை இந்த படத்துல பார்த்திருப்போம் அதுல முக்கியமான ஒரு விஷயம் அர்ஜூன் பேசுற கம்யூனிகேஷன் சிஸ்டம். கூடவே சுபலேகா சுதாகர் கமல் வீட்டுக்கு வந்து கொலை பன்ன நாசர் பீப் சவுண்டு மட்டும் தருவோம் அதுதான்சிக்னல்னு சொல்லுவார். இந்த விஷயம்
இன்னிக்கு நடந்த @SpacesScience ல பேசுனவிஷயம் பற்றிய இழை. @Eswarphysics சார் சொன்னார் அந்த விஷயம் ஹாம் ரேடியோ.ஹாம் ரேடியோ என்பது டூ வே ஒலிபரப்பு. அதாவது நாம பேசி முடித்த பிறகு அடுத்த முனையில் இருப்பவர் பேசனும். அதை அந்த அலைவரிசையில் இருக்கும் அனைவரும் கேட்க முடியும். மொபைல் போல
அல்லாமல் ஒரு நேரத்தில் ஒருவர் மட்டுமே ஒலிபரப்ப முடியும். அதனால் ஒலிபரப்புபவரும், அதைக் கேட்டுக்கொண்டிருக்கும் அனைவரும் ஸ்டேஷன்னுதான் சொல்லுவாங்க. எல்லாருக்கும் ஒரு ஸ்டேஷன் கோட்(code)தருவாங்க.அதுவைச்சு எல்லாரும் தொடர்புகொள்ள முடியும். அப்படியே அர்ஜூன் பேசுற சீன் எடுத்துக்கோங்க
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In the theory of #specialRelativity, time (t) and the well-known spatial coordinates (x, y, z) are all treated equally. Just as particles can have physical quantities in space such as position, velocity, momentum, acceleration, etc.
Particles can also have a component of these quantities along the time axis. Indeed everything we see is moving all the time, even the stationary bodies. Stationary bodies are stationary in space (with respect to us only), but they move all the time along the time axis.
Since time can't be separated from our measurement of the universe, how can we visualize that new axis? We live in a 3D space and our minds aren't capable of realizing extra dimensions, hence there's no way to depict the 4 dimensions all at once.
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