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1) Scare tactics- second wave is more testing! Stats tell the story. Even if they fudge the covid-caused deaths, AS PROVEN THEY ARE DOING, proper all cause analysis, and covid specific stats show the deaths ARE TRENDING LOWER, despite more asymptomatic “cases” they use for fear.
2) Just another snapshot as to where things are going...The first graph shows weekly Covid assigned deaths. The second graph shows all-cause deaths by age per week. As stated earlier, the numbers we are presently recording, are tracking lower than the prior years deaths,
3) during the same weeks. We are never going to have weeks where no one dies.
In 2017 an AVERAGE of 7,708 people died each day
In 2018 an AVERAGE of 7,779 people died each day
To conservatively account for population increase we can extrapolate
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1/ Reassess time:

I post Q drop 725 routinely when I hear the shills whining on my feed, "but nothing's happening"...

Just before the #fearPorn #block ...
2/ I took a minute this am in so doing, to READ the 6 steps to be accomplished...


They are:

1 Ensure Safety of Population
2 Shift the Narrative
3 Resignation/Removal of those [corrupt] in DC
4 Defeat ISIS/MS13
5 Freezing Assets
6 Kill off CoC Chain of Command
3/ Q: What should/would immediately start a war?

We obv want to AVOID plan Z if at all possible.

Let's examine WHERE WE ARE in the Plan, of the 6 steps listed above?


Did you ever think the shutdown was in part to prevent FFs? Esp at schools?
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Lets see how many red pills, Judge Sullivan drops in his filing against the Petition for a Writ of Mandamus in the @GenFlynn case. #ButNothingsHappening…
Starts off talking about the unusual case that got them to this point. Including the unprecedented case of an Acting US Attorney contradicting what previous DOJ prosecutors have sworn repeatedly to the judge over 3 1/2 years of this case.
This is not normal & must to be explained
If he drops the lying to the FBI charge about Russia, will @GenFlynn be charged by DOJ with lying to the FBI about Turkey.

All in favor of Flynn being charged with lying to the FBI in the Turkey case, say drop the case now & lets put him through this again... Fail!
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FBI Chief Counsel Dana Boente announces his retirement effective 6/30/20. The timing is certainly not a coincidence with major events happening next week in the Flynn case & with Spygate hearings in the Senate.

Of course, it looks like MSNBC got fed some less than reliable information on this, the leaks are real but the news is fake!
To hear them tell it, AG Barr fired Boente against Wray's wishes because Foxnews ran a negative story on him!…
I could say you can't make this up, but I am pretty sure someone did make it up!
MSNBC cited Lou Dobbs as the definitive source that Boente & Wray were blocking the release of information that would exonerate General Flynn, stop laughing Dobbs said it & MSNBC repeated it!
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It is SO time for @CDCDirector to move on. I truly believe the #MedicalMafia of Redfield, FauxChi, Birx, et al including whomever in the FDA that Greenlit #Zidovudine, Remdesivir and all other non- placebo blinded antivirals from #Fauci - needs to…
2) as I stated before- the trash data reporting FROM DAY 1 For maximum #Fearporn is unlike anything I’ve seen in my career. You DO NOT report positive serology as a #Newcase. Nor should you report 5 consecutive positive PCR’s from one person as 5 new cases! Additionally,
3) a positive PCR, is not indicative of SARSCoV2 infection. Therefore marking covid19 on death cert as cause when, like my uncle for example, died from a chronic illness at age 100, 3 weeks ago, did not have SARSCoV2, is disingenuous as well. NEVER in my career has medical
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The HEROES ACT is 1815 PAGES looong. Holy Mother of GOD. Is this what happens under quarantine?

"Making emergency supplemental appropriations for the fiscal year ending Sept 30, 2020, "and for other purposes.""

Suicide Prevention research?

How about opening up the country for starters? And stop with the #fearporn. How about letting people live.

#openamericaNOW #COVID19

Seemingly there is no end in sight and anticipation for a lot of substance abuse, mental health issues, and an increase in suicides.

Is this why they want to change the SUICIDE HOTLINE NUMBER to a three-digit code? What is it going to be #666?

No. It's 988
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The footnotes always tell a story:
Newly discovered information, newly disclosed information & newly declassified information.…
This is interesting "The FBI had in their possession transcripts of the relevant calls." From interview of Peter Strzok. Notice how they don't identify HOW or by what means that Peter Strzok was in possession of that transcript?
Not to the clueless this is important, the revelation the other day said Comey ordered the investigation closed. So who on the 7th Floor are Strzok & Page speaking for?

Who is countermanding Comey's order to close the Flynn case?
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Is #COVID19 a scam or a hyped-up virus panic to isolate us?
TAAK NR. ÉÉN VAN DE OVERHEID: Volksgezondheid en veiligheid...
Tijdlijn NL mbt corona
Zie hier 👇 uw regering in beeld en hou dat beeld vast tot 17 maart 2021 aub ...
#coronavirus Fact not Fear - Government Killer
#FEARPORN by politicians is big business as usual, they ALL should resign NOW! 😉
Status of COVID-19
As of 19 March 2020, #COVIDー19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK. Mortality rates are low overall, COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID 🤔…
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1) As an Electrical Engineer who studied Tesla technology, I have a hard time believing all this, this is really over the top #fearporn that should be filed in the same cabinet as #babyq's "Quantum Internet".

cc @prayingmedic @DustinNemos @Jordan_Sather_ @Perpetualmaniac
2) That’s not to say there are no health risks associated with holding a cellphone next to your ear and that it’s all honky-dory. According to this, there is:…
3) That’s also not to say there can be no connection whatsoever between 5G and the *severety* of the corona virus. There can, and the absorption peak oxygen has at 60 GHz *could* play a role:…
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#COVID19 #Fascism / #Communism has arrived and you expected #Hitler or #Stalin, didn’t you?🤣
Our civil rights are being trampled by lying politicians, cooperating police and military.
Worst part, the public ‘thinks’ it is OK 😁😉

21Day #SouthAfricaLockdown - Police & Army brutilize civilians
Mind you, if the Police & Army were White the whole leftist world would demonstrate shouting "RACISM or FASCISM".
Are black Communist Police & Army allowed to do this?🤔
Status of COVID-19
As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the #UK. Mortality rates are low overall, #COVID19 should no longer be classified as an HCID 🤔…
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#COVID19: #Vaccine McMedicine Under Guise Of Safety

Regardless of all the corruption/lies/#fearporn -- the race for commercial vaccine manufacturers developing SARS-CoV-2 rabidly continues.

Hence willing #guineapigs testing questionable technologies & platforms including
#COVID19: #Vaccine McMedicine

RNA, DNA, protein, and viral vectored vaccines.

The rapid spread of SARS-CoV-2 requires accelerated development timelines for SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidates to enter expeditiously into Phase 1 clinical trials. Hence....
#COVID19: #Vaccine McMedicine

... proper protocols are outranked by "the unmet medical need for vaccines to confront this challenge."

It's OK to cut corners in emergency situations. Esp fabricated ones.


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FEAR kills dreams. FEAR kills hope. FEAR puts people in the hospital. FEAR can age you, can hold you back from doing something that you know is within yourself, that you’re capable of doing...but it will paralyze you.
~Les Brown
Fuck. Your. Fear.
Are you going to be stuck in your home forever, assuming the fetal position sucking on one thumb while having the other stuck up your ass waiting for the MSM to tell you to switch? Or will you make a different choice?
Choose Courage.
Courage is the mental strength to persevere against fear. Learn how to not only survive in this time of fear, but how to function successfully. It takes courage to act, be smart and think about the situation & plan on contingencies. It take courage to persevere.
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#Covid19: Must Watch:

Learn about the impact of #fearporn on the body, #germtheory & #exosomes via @GreenMedInfo

We have a #Virome yo.
Trust your body.

& as I've been saying the #pcrtest produces falsepositives

Nature article: Conserved and host-specific features of #influenza virion architecture



Thanks for sharing @katzdani

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Daily dose of WTF...

Red is Green but, Green is Red I guess...


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In New Rochelle, the U.S. has a small glimpse into that life under lockdown — where the app economy has dried up, and the food is delivered in rationed bags by a desperate mobilized force. For America, it will be the National Guard — not the cadres.
New Rochelle High School: "This was the scene today at the sprawling campus that was otherwise quiet as thousands of students are kept out of three of the city's schools in an effort to contain the spread of coronavirus."…
"A [coronavirus] testing site run by Northwell Health was being set up at Glen Island Park this morning. It's expected to begin taking patients on Friday"
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"Curbs on transport in Wuhan remain in place, and schools in the province would remain closed until further notice... New infections in Hubei continued to stabilize, with new cases declining for the sixth day. All 13 new cases in Hubei were recorded in Wuhan."
"The [Chinese] economy is still operating at about 25% below its usual levels"
This recent photograph from Wuhan articulates how disconnected from normal life the conditions have become — despite progress in slowing the epidemic and restarting the economy. Food rations are delivered by garbage truck.
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Those who don't remember the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them...
While those who do remember are doomed to watch others repeat the same mistakes. Believe neither the #FearPorn nor the #ComfortableLies
Social distancing works to reduce disease.…
In 1918, Philadelphia chose to not cancel a parade as the flu was just impacting the city. 3 days later their hospitals were filled, we have learned the hard way that discounting a disease because it is in the early stages of it's spread is how to spread it.
The more effective social distancing & travel bans are in slowing the spread of the disease will lead people to reinforce their false belief that it was never a big deal to begin with. We are going to get the St. Louis chart & people will say Philly would never have happened...
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I said this last night... the market was going to be a bumpy this point the ride may be delayed in opening....driven by the #fearporn of #coronavirus.…
YES! #coronavirus is SERIOUS and so is the FLU which has kicked my ass last week! But this is NOT the is a serious virus causing interruption in #SupplyChain economics and reflected in the market exacerbated by the #MSM.
Take precautions, wash your hands, avoid large crowds and self-quarantine if sick with ANYTHING. It is the courteous thing to do!
#MondayMotivation #StockMarket #dowfutures
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"Who wants to go to the dentist or the hospital during an outbreak if a visit isn’t necessary? Yet health spending is 17 percent of the U.S. economy — more than triple the proportion spent in China."
"Agriculture, a sector not noted for day-to-day social interaction and so potentially less harmed by social withdrawal, is a 10 times larger share of China’s economy than it is in the United States."
"For all the talk about the global 'supply shock' set off by the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on supply chains, we may have more to fear from an old-fashioned 'demand shock' that emerges when everyone simply stays home."
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How's This Look? #COVid19 Hazmat Suit At The AirPorT?

Do you think I would be allowed to wear this & a full mask to travel out of the country?

Truth be told, this would be my preferred travel wear due to Aerotoxic syndrome & pesticide sprays on 🛩️

I'm also bringing doc note.
In The Future

Btw, this was my gear a week & a half ago, where America is just about to be. If they can find the gear. I survived the #fearporn. The suit is comfy. I bought my double n95 filtered mask last year, wishing I could wear it without issue. *not featured in 🔝image
Pesticides on Planes: How Airlines Are Softly Killing Us…
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THREAD: Won’t be popular with many of you who follow Greg but...

“Be careful who you follow.”

According to Q and @realDonaldTrump, Snowden was no Patriot. See Q posts and DJT tweets below this post.
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As Predicted: FEVER GUN coming to a Forehead Near YOU!

#Coronavirus Covert Operation

As @jonrappoport & others have been reporting expect false trails, #fearporn, rabbit holes, conflicting information.
Via @jonrappoport

"Who would benefit, on the back end, from the virus cover story? Drug companies? Vaccine companies?"

To that, I add WHO / CDC/ The bureaucratic elite that regulates without accountability to the people.
Meanwhile, look at WHO diagram. Symptoms are vague, a catch-all that fall under 'influenza-like-illnesses"

And what actually testing is being conducted? Are they accurate? Reliable? Even antibodies don't say much other than exposure.
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I hate to go here, but I have to point out where someone is leading people astray with their theories. I used to be a big fan but over time, I have seen diversion from the facts to support theory. Not to mention #FearPorn as click bait or worse.…
It is almost like Sundance is accusing Trump of being part of the coup here... He does this by assuming people who have been shown to be acting in Trump's interest & on his orders of being part of the conspiracy to get Trump.
He starts by focusing on Dana Boente, then US Attorney but also Acting AG, Acting Deputy AG & Acting AAG for National Security.
All roles President Obama tried to block Boente from serving in but Trump expressly appointed him to against Obama's orders.…
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#Zerohedge : "So did we have a right to ask the question if there is an alternative version for the emergence of the #Coronavirus pandemic? Absolutely."

Suspended On Twitter | Zero Hedge…
2) #Zerohedge suspension: "Second, and contrary to the claims presented by Buzzfeed, we did not release any "personal information": Peng Zhou (周鹏) is a public figure, and all the contact information that we presented was pulled from his publicly posted bio found..."+
3) #Zerohedge suspension "...on a website at the #Wuhan Institute of Virology which anyone with access to the internet can pull from the following URL:…, which is also the information we used." #coronarovirus
#FearPorn #FakeNews
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