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1. Prince Andrew and Epstein thread - Prince Andrew’s 2019 “Suicide” Interview Transcript – about Epstein, Maxwell and Virginia… #PrinceAndrew #Epstein #VirginiaGiuffre
2. FBI have Prince Andrew child abuse video… #PrinceAndrew #Epstein #nonce #csa
3. Panorama: The Pervert, the Prince, the Pimp and the Survivor… #PrinceAndrew #Epstein #nonce #csa #virginia
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ok so once upon a time
Some body went to court with 3 casa .
..settled last 1 out of court
( maxwell)
But still to pops up with same allegations already delt witn

So why is it me thats tellng you when its public ..?
Whys media not ?
#Epstein #maxwell #PrinceAndrew
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Look into the commons project. See my retweets...

When it was founded, who its backers are, and what NGO they are involved with.

Or search:

Reject this like your life depends on it.
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Would we have seen this on the #BBC? An extraordinary double whammy on #police corruption this evening as #C4 News devotes most of its programme to hard-hitting reports exposing the #Met’s failure to investigate two stories involving serious #crime
& the concealment of vital #evidence.
One was the report finding them guilty of institutional #corruption in the case of the unsolved murder of Daniel #Morgan, a private detective, briefed to investigate police corruption, found dead with an axe in his head;
the other that of #Epstein and #Maxwell’s grooming activities in the #UK, which the Met have been prompted to investigate by victims and with a wealth of evidence collected by #C4 News.
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Yesterday was another crazy day for #Football & specifically in this case, for #Derby #dcfcfans

#EFL ruling on their accounting practices

Threat of sanctions - What will that mean?

#RichardKeough ruling - They have to pay him £2.3m (bonkers episode)🤯…
Then add in the farce of the #takeover process

A 29 year old front-man masquerading as an Instagram Billionaire (complete with macho boxing backstory & links to Indonesian investors & looted billions) #Suharto

👏 @secondtierpod ⤵️

#DCFC #FitAndProper

I'm equally fascinated & frustrated by rogue investors in #EnglishFootball

I've read widely and spoken to people with genuine knowledge of the machinations of global finance💸

What puzzles me today is, how/why did #MelMorris get himself in this hole?😏
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THREAD: We went from #MeToo to #Weinstein to #Epstein to #Maxwell and what did Hollywood give us in response?

#CUTIES while labeling anyone who questioned pedophilia in Hollywood or this film a "right-wing conspiracy theorist".


If you have a $150 Billion Dollar a Year Industry and a Group of Pedophiles running your Governments, Trusted Institutions, Media and Tech Corps (among others), you cannot have a world that is safe for children. 2/5
You cannot claim to be building a world for "future generations" or say "our children are our future" while allowing for Human Trafficking of Children to persist. You must go to the root cause of the problem and solve it or it will fester, grow. 3/5
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Yes there is.

He had her on his lap, seen without his shirt on in the company of what was clearly a underage girl.
#BorisHasFailedTheNation #KeirStarmerhasfailedthekids when head of @cpsuk helping @ClarenceHouse #PrinceCharles @JimmySavileNews to be buried.

Who is now #leadersdebate of @UKLabour who is attempting to divert you away from @TheDukeOfYork as @KensingtonRoyal carry on as
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page 371

#Maxwell says she is citizen of her charity TerraMar (TerraMar Project) .

Citizen of a charity? 🧐 Image
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In #Maxwell @SDNYNews US Govt has photos and documents of Epstein sexual abuse that “post-date” the indictment they want to hold for now to protect ongoing investigation. Link.…
"These Materials include, for example, school photographs of certain victims and records, such as bank and travel records, for certain victims. The Government does not anticipate offering these Materials as evidence at trial in this
case . . "
The dates to watch are 1998 on. My quick look says Trump and Epstein were closely associated in NYC and Palm Beach from 1998 to about 2005 when they appeared to have a falling out. That's why he's going nuts. Plus the Covid and steroids.
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Siyah Göz Tarikati
Cocuk Ticareti
Organ #Mafya'si

Devlet Baskanlari

Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Milyonlarca KAYIP COCUK Anisina

Küreselci SAPIK TARIKAT'cilarin

Tam isim Listesi..👇👇


John Brennan
Huma Abeden

Bill&Mellinda Gates
Mike Pence

Andrew McCabe
Barack Obama

James Clapper
Antony Fauci

Baba-Ogul Bush Ailesi

Dick Cheney
James Baker ImageImage
Hilary ve Bill Clinton
James Comey

Eric Holder

John Kerry
Loretta Lynch

John Podesta
Tony Podesta ImageImage
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Yeni gelen bilgilere göre,
yakin bir zamanda
#Epstein'in virjinyadaki Özel Pedofili Adasinin
müsterileri arasinda yer alan bircok ünlü siyasetci ve isimler hakkinda
Tutuklama karari baslatilmasi bekleniyor.

Bunlardan biri de ELON MUSK

Hatirlayanlar bilir,
Epstein'in özel adasina gidenler arasinda,
Bill Clinton
Bill Gates
Elon Musk gibi isimler yer aliyordu.

Bill Gates;
Adadaki Özel Laoboratuvar'da
Cocuk ve Kadinlar üzerinde
Cesitli #ASI ve ilaclar icin
gercek deney ve arastirmalar yapip
#Finans saglamisti Image
Pedofili Adasinda;
#Adrenochrome üretimi
#Cocuk ve #Kadin ticareti
#illegal Laboratuvar arastirmalari gibi,
korkunc deneylerin yapildigi tespit edilmis
FBI tarafindan baskin düzenlenmisti
Gelen yeni bilgilere göre
Adada Yeralti-yerüstü birer tane
#TAPINAK oldugu yönünde ImageImage
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This JohnM, @ gabhaz333, is a real piece of work. Two tweets and all comments are focused on excusing #epstein, supporting #maxwell, defining #pedophilia & attacking victims. ImageImageImageImage
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#Pedogate Processo #Maxwell
#JohnDoe #JaneDoe sono nomi usati nel gergo giuridico USA per indicare un uomo o una donna la cui reale identità è sconosciuta o va mantenuta tale
Con i bambini è frequente l'uso di #BabyDoe ma anche #JohnnyDoe per i maschi e #JanieDoe per le femmine ImageImage
#Pedogate Il progetto #Terramar che Ghislaine #Maxwell ha presentato all'#ONU e che riguardava la sostenibilità degli oceani..non era altro che una copertura per il traffico di minori che prevedeva l'uso di super Yacht -Sottomarini #Migaloo con passaporto per l'elite... ImageImage
#Pedogate #GhislaineMaxwell all'@UN con il giubbotto di salvataggio dell'#ONU.. Image
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#JeffreyEpstein #MKUltra #Monarch
Gary Ackerman, the former long term Congressman, who was named as part of the Monarch Project by Paul Bonacci was sued last yr by a man who alleges he was raped by Ackerman when he was a teenager in 1966 at a summer camp.…
Gary Ackerman was named by Paul Bonacci of the Franklin child abuse case of being "1 of the leaders" of CIA's Monarch Program.

Ackerman was married to Mona Riklis Ackerman who is the deceased sister of my rapist Ira who turned me into his sex slave.

These ppl are all connected.
In my memoir 'The Billionaire's Woman' I write about how I became a sex slave to this man for 8 years and how I managed to finally break free.

The Riklis family is on the same level or above Leslie Wexner's level. My memoir is on my website.

#Epstein #Wexner #Maxwell #MKUltra
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ABD-Bugünki gazete haberine göre:

Küreselci Milyarder George SOROS,
sahip oldugu

Ulusal Devlet Egitim Kurullari Birligine
Resmi Finansman Ortagi olarak listeye alindi..#FON


Soros Vakfi
Bill&Melinda Gates Vakfi'ni;
ortak cekirdek standartlarinin #birincil özel finansörü olarak,

Kolej Kurulu
Teknoloji Titan Google
ve #Ders #Kitabi devi Pearson Education'i da,
"ilerici/Devrimci Ortaklar" listesine aldi. Image
Egitim-Ögretim=COCUKLARIN gelisimi=SOROS'un Seytanligina emanet.
George SOROS ve Gates Vakfini listeye alan
"Ortak Cekirdek Standartlarinin" mimari David Coleman,
ayni zamanda Kolej Kurulunun suanki Baskani ve CEO'su

Konderefansin Davet Slogani;
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Ghislaine was raised at Headington Hill Hall in #Oxford, where her assistant Emmy Tayler lives


15m→Lord Rothschild's #Eythrope

29m→Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild's #AscottHouse

21m→Matthew Freud's #BurfordPriory

Prince Andrew is friends with Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild and her husband Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, who were part of Epstein's inner circle.
Prince Andrew's wife, Fergie, is also fond of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild.
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Bugün 36 yasinda olan Virginia Roberts,
Attigi twitte
Naoimi Campbell'in St.Tropez'deki
31.dogum günü partisinde oldugunu
Epstein'in kendisini S.e.x Kölesi olarak kullandigini iddia etti.

Tabiri caizse;
"Ulan Hepiniz Ordaydiniz be!" dedi.

Campbell'in partisine katildiginda
hennüz 17 yasinda gencecik bir kiz oldugunu,
ve Campbell dahil orda bulunan herkesin neyin ne oldugunu
gayet iyi bildiklerini söylüyor
Epstein'in kullandigi s.e.x kölelerinden biri olarak
Naoimi Campbell'in dogum gününde Image
ayni zamanda 17 yasindayken
Prens #Andrew ile
#Epstein'in zoruyla Epstein'in evinde 3 kez
s.e.x yapmak zorunda birakildigini
ve yillarca süren kötü muamaleye maruz kaldigini söyledi
#Naoimi'nin partisinde
ve Pren andrew ileyken yaninda #MAXWELL var.(Sagdaki) Image
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#Pedogate Ghislaine #Maxwell doc

Già nel 2007 #FBI e il #DOJ sapevano che non avevano interrogato tutte le vittime di Jeffrey #Epstein anche quando firmò il suo patteggiamento... ImageImage
#Pedogate Testimonianza contro Bill #Clinton che era sull'isola di Jeffrey #Epstein con Ghislaine #Maxwell e "2 giovani ragazze" Image
#Pedogate Il traffico di Ghislaine #Maxwell in #Francia dove ordina massaggi erotici per un magnate francese.. Image
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Multiple documents in the #MaxwellFiles data dump tonight are either old documents or previously released, making the rounds as though new.

For example, Judge Preska ordered Virginia Roberts Giuffre's deposition should "remain unsealed" and it's in the release.
Virginia Giuffre's interview with her lawyers from 2011, however, has been unsealed for the first time.

The screenshots are flowing freely tonight, but the hard work of contextualizing and following up on leads will emerge with time from reporters closely eyeing the case.
To be clear, there are some real bombshells here, like the 2015 Epstein-Maxwell correspondence that undermine a claim that Maxwell already has made in court in her criminal case.
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I’m posting a set of pages from the Ghislaine Maxwell released files here with instructions.

#HowTo unredact the redacted PDFs. Shown side by side.

#Maxwell #MaxwellFiles #MaxwellDocs #Epstein #EpsteinFiles #EpsteinDidntKillHimself #Unredacted
PAGE 2 of 10

First you have to go download PDFs:…

When you open them, many are heavily redacted.


#HowTo unredact the redacted PDFs. Shown side by side.

#Maxwell #MaxwellFiles #MaxwellDocs #Epstein #EpsteinFiles #EpsteinDidntKillHimself #Unredacted
PAGE 3 of 10

The digital redaction is an Adobe Acrobat security feature, so Acrobat won’t let you select the hidden text.


#HowTo unredact the redacted PDFs. Shown side by side.

#Maxwell #MaxwellFiles #MaxwellDocs #Epstein #EpsteinFiles #EpsteinDidntKillHimself #Unredacted
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"Of all the areas of Jewish enterprise," notes Gerald Krafetz, "none has been so overlooked as the field of crime. And it isn't because of a lack of Jewish criminality.…
"...that is a matter of fact and public record... while on the other hand... the Jews lead in all fields of criminal activity. Arson. Rape. Dope peddling. Fake Bankruptcy. Political bribery and corruption. smuggling and White Slavery..."

Fighting the traffic in young girls; or, War on the white slave trade; a complete and detailed account of the shameless traffic in young girls (1910).…
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