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26 Nov
-- Educational - Good & Bad trading habits --

Formatted as follows:

1⃣ 7 habits of a highly effective #Crypto trader
2⃣ 7 habits of a Rekt #Crypto trader

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#Bitcoin #tradingpsychology
--7 habits of a highly effective #Crypto trader--


1⃣ Develop a trading plan
2⃣ Manage risk
3⃣ Start with a demo trading account
4⃣ Be proactive, adapt to the market
5⃣ Control your emotions / Never FOMO
6⃣ Keep a trading journal
7⃣ Trading / Life balance

+Personal habits
-- 1⃣ Develop a trading plan --

🔥Failing to plan is planning to fail🔥

A trading plan is a back tested guide with criteria to enter & exit a trade

🔸Entry and exit levels
🔸Position size
🔸Stop-loss level
🔸Take profit level
🔸Indicators to use to confirm your entry and exit
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14 Nov
-- When Macro Top? When Exit/Sell? --

This thread will cover a few indicators and metrics i will be looking at to help me identify when i should start to sell my #Bitcoin with the potential of a bear market to come.

TLDR: When i am going to sell my #Crypto
🔹Q2/3 2022 @ ~$200k
-- 1/ The #Bitcoin / #Crypto Bubble --

First thing is understand how bubble markets move, & especially how the #cryptocurrency market moved in the past, & where we are now.

Below shows the stages of a bubble market, which #BTC has been through 3 full cycles & now is in its 4th.
-- 2/ Retail FOMO --

There are 2 key metrics that I use to help understand the stage of the bubble which we are in & when a top is close.

1⃣ Google Trends
2⃣ Fear & Greed Index
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22 Aug
--🧑‍🎓Educational - Linear vs. Log-scale --

Just a quick summary, as i have had DMs about it recently

1. Logarithmic Charts Explained
2. Linear Charts Explained
3. When to Use Log rather than Linear
4. Summary

#cryptotrading #cryptocurrency #Crypto #Bitcoin
-- Logarithmic Charts Explained --

🔹 Logarithmic or log price scale, represents price spacing on the vertical or y-axis dependent on the PERCENTAGE CHANGE in the underlying asset's price

🔹 Think of it as the log scale shows the rate of change over time

#cryptotrading #Crypto
-- Linear Charts Explained --

🔹 Linear or arithmetic price scale, represents price on the y-axis using equidistant spacing between the designated prices / the absolute values

🔹 Think of it as showing the absolute number increase / decrease over time

#cryptotrading #Crypto
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22 Apr
-- Educational - #Fibonacci trading? --

1. What are Fibonacci numbers? (4 parts)
2. How are they used in Trading? (4 parts)
4. Using Fib Extensions (2 parts)
5. Using Fib Retracements (2 parts)
5. Using Time Cycles (2 parts)

#BTC #cryptocurrency #Crypto #TRADINGTIPS
-- What are #Fibonacci numbers? Pt.1 --

🔹 Fibonacci numbers are a numerical series depicting nature’s expansion
🔹 The same number sequence appears all over throughout nature. i.e.
🔸 The number of petals on a flower
🔸 A snail shell

#BTC #cryptocurrency #Crypto #TRADINGTIPS
-- What are #Fibonacci numbers? Pt.2 --

🔹 The sequence is made by simply starting at 1 and adding the previous number to arrive at the new number:

0+1=1, 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8, 8+5=13, 13+8=21, 21+13=34,…

#BTC #cryptocurrency #Crypto #TRADINGTIPS
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19 Apr
-- #BTC HFT Range Parabola --

🔹This could take a bit to explain what i am seeing

🔹I am using:
🔸Yearly closes (Red Dots)
🔸Ranges taken from the closes, broken into Phases
🔸A Parabola linking the yearly closes
🔸Elliot Wave for wave structure


#Bitcoin Image
-- #BTC HFT Range Parabola --

🔹The Phases double in Height each year. i.e.
🔸Phase 1 = 1 range height from open to close
🔸Phase 2 = double phase 1 in height*
🔸Phase 3 = double phase 2 in height*
*Gets more parabolic as time goes on

#Bitcoin Image
-- #BTC HFT Range Parabola --

🔹The EW count puts us in the 4th wave of the 3rd
🔹The 4th is looking like a big running flat correction
🔹The 5th if taken as a 1:1 of wave 1, would take us to ~$200K
🔹The W4 correction will be a killer and make every think its over. BUT its NOT! Image
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19 Apr
-- Educational - When is the next “Alt Season”? --

[An 11 Part thread, bear with it.]

1. What is Alt Season?
2. What is #Bitcoin Dominance?
3. How to interpret BTC.D
4. How to trade based on BTC.D pt.1
5. How to trade based on BTC.D pt.2
6. What is TOTAL2?

#Crypto #BTC Image
-- Educational - When is the next “Alt Season”? --

7. How to interpret #TOTAL2
8. How BTC.D and TOTAL2 can be used in conjunction Pt.1
9. How BTC.D and TOTAL2 can be used in conjunction Pt.2
10. What is the current state of play Pt.1?
11. What is the current state of play Pt.2? Image
-- What is “Alt Season”? --

🔹 A.k.a Altszn, is a part of the #cryptocurrency market cycle when many alt coins “moon”
🔹 "Mooning" is when a coin go up quickly in price
🔹 Basically an Altszn is when the Alts are out performing #BTC against the $

#altszn #bitcoin #crypto Image
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13 Apr
-- #Crypto 101 - Beginners guide (Part 2) /2 --

Content in Part 2:
🔹What are STO's ICO's & IEO/IDO's?
🔹Crypto Regulations at a glance
🔹How do i get started buying my first Crypto?
🔹Basic day 1 Crypto investment strategy
🔹Is #BTC/Crypto a Bubble?
🔹Crypto Slang
🔹What next?
-- What are STO's ICO's & IEO/IDO's?? /18--

🔹#STO - Security Token Offering
🔸 An investment contract which is backed by the security token
🔸 Token is asset-backed and represents ownership
🔸 Like a digital certificate much like the real-world stocks and bonds
-- What are STO's ICO's & IEO/IDO's?? Cont'd /19--

🔹#ICO - Initial Coin Offering
🔸 Used to launch a service or product like a new #cryptocurrency token or an app
🔸 Similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering) which is used by a company to raise funds on the stock market
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13 Apr
-- #Crypto 101 - Beginners guide (Part 1) /1 --

Content in Part 1:
🔹What is a #Cryptocurrency?
🔹How many Cryptocurrencies are there?
🔹Types of Cryptocurrency
🔹What are real world applications of Crypto?
🔹Pros and Cons of Crypto?
🔹Crypto, the future of Finance?
-- What is a #Cryptocurrency? /3 --

🔹A cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset based on a network that is distributed across a large number of computers
🔹Decentralization allows them to exist outside the control of governments and central authorities

-- What is a #Cryptocurrency? Cont'd /4 --

🔹Cryptocurrencies have many real word applications, i.e. secure payments online
🔹"Crypto" refers to the various encryption algorithms and cryptographic techniques that safeguard the entries
🔹The most widely known Crypto is #Bitcoin
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31 Mar
-- 👨‍🎓Educational 👨‍🎓- Trading Resources 1 of 14--

🔹Live trade ticker
🔹Exchange in & out flows
🔹Aggr Indicators
🔹Heat maps
🔹Order flow
🔹Screening and Alerts
🔹PA Charts and indicators
🔹Aggr Trade execution
🔹Portfolio & Trade Diary
🔹Trading groups
-- Trading Resources - Funding Rates 2 of 14--


🔹Extremely useful in understanding how over heated the leveraged market is at any one time
🔹Below 0.01% / green are bullish
🔹Above 0.01% / red are bearish
🔹At 0.01% is neutral
-- Trading Resources - Live large trade ticker 3 of 14--


🔹Live cryptocurrency trades visualizer
🔹large orders and liquidations in realtime across multiple exchanges
🔹I have it pined to the left of my screen and set it to notify me large orders
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27 Mar
-- 👨‍🎓Educational 👨‍🎓- ❓What are the different Types of DLT? --

🔹DAG - Directed Acyclic Graph ($IOTA)

Follow on for details and how each of them work.

🔹E.g. $BTC $ETH
🔸Immutability - Can't change the ledger
🔸Enhanced Security - near impossible to hack due to distribution
🔸Faster Settlement - Faster than boomer payment systems
🔸Concensus - supports lots of different consensus mechanisms

🔹How does it work?
🔸Transaction executed
🔸Network node verifies it
🔸Unique hash ID allocated along with transaction hash
🔸IDs are stored on the ledger
🔸Transaction is now immutable
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26 Jan
Afternoon all,

I wanted to take some time to cover some resources I use in my daily $BTC trading. This will be a longer thread, so bear with it you will hopefully find something that will help you also. I will try to keep it concise so if there are any questions please DM me.
1. Funding Rates -
Funding rates have proved to be extremely useful in understanding how over heated the leveraged market is at any one time. Funding rates (below 0.01% / green) are bullish. Funding rates (above 0.01%/ red) are bearish.
2. Live large trade ticker -
When scalping I like to see the large orders and liquidations in realtime across multiple exchanges. I have pined to the left of my screen and set it to notify me of orders over specified size.
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