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TA vs FA

Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis

TA works 90% of the times, FA works many times but when FA works, TA takes a backseat

Don’t blindly use TA during times of major economic events & catalysts from other co-related markets

Thread 🧵
It’s wise not to use TA during the black swan events or during uncertain emotional events

Wait for that event to pass & TA will eventually takeover price action

Global stocks are dumping hard with Nasdaq $NQ leading the pack. For now $BTC is closely correlated with #Nasdaq

#Bitcoin gave up all the gains and is back below original breakout levels. I won’t apply TA for the day until I see Nasdaq finishing a floor. The dump is brutal and hard.

Next support for NASDAQ is 5% away from current levels. Let’s wait and see if that holds

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This will be an update of the previous altseason explanation, where I will explain the reasons why a new phase of the altseason is likely to happen soon.

I will also post the invalidation points for this scenario.

Let's start! 💪
1) As explained previously, during bull markets money tend to flow from #bitcoin to #altcoins, because people is greedy and always want more profits. This is the main reason why altseasons happen.

2) Now Bitcoin is confirming the bullish scenario, and $100k and higher targets are likely to happen in the next few months. This would create the perfect scenario for people to get comfortable and start speculating on altcoins.

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Diyagonaller ve Üçgenler | #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Elrond #FTM #WRX #NEO Elliott Dalga Analizi
#mith #flm

Yassı -> A, B yayvan, yavaş / C hızlı, ani, sert (Beyaz)
Zikzak -> A hızlı, ani, sert / B, C yayvan, yavaş (Kahve)
#kriptopara ImageImage
#total2 ve #btcdominance da durum buysa ki öyle görünüyor, bak sen #ALTSEASON a. Bu ay hızlı geçecek. #kriptopara #Bitcoin ImageImage
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#Altcoins A Thread🔥

Loved💚 and hated😡📉 in the timespan of a few months.
What's the status?

- General view
- Sentiment
- #Ethereum & Btc.D
- $ALTS during recent dips
- #DeFi
- Bottom?
- Examples
- Summary

Let's go💪🔥

#Altcoins #Total2

The Market Cap of all the $ALTS combined.
We all know there was brutal massive correction recently.
The initial dip on may the 19th, followed by a second shake-out on june the 22nd.

We saw a lot of these massive corrections in the previous bullrun.

So, many dumped their bags/were forced to sell due to (high) leverage.

There were several brutal corrections. Some coins saw a -70/80% move in the matter of days.

That could be a sign that we're entering a bearmarket for $ALTS, but are we?

Let's dive in more

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-- Educational - When is the next “Alt Season”? --

[An 11 Part thread, bear with it.]

1. What is Alt Season?
2. What is #Bitcoin Dominance?
3. How to interpret BTC.D
4. How to trade based on BTC.D pt.1
5. How to trade based on BTC.D pt.2
6. What is TOTAL2?

#Crypto #BTC Image
-- Educational - When is the next “Alt Season”? --

7. How to interpret #TOTAL2
8. How BTC.D and TOTAL2 can be used in conjunction Pt.1
9. How BTC.D and TOTAL2 can be used in conjunction Pt.2
10. What is the current state of play Pt.1?
11. What is the current state of play Pt.2? Image
-- What is “Alt Season”? --

🔹 A.k.a Altszn, is a part of the #cryptocurrency market cycle when many alt coins “moon”
🔹 "Mooning" is when a coin go up quickly in price
🔹 Basically an Altszn is when the Alts are out performing #BTC against the $

#altszn #bitcoin #crypto Image
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First of all, what is an altseason?

An #altseason is a phase of the #crypto market in which most altcoins have very high rally percentages.
So far we have had only one altseason, which has had three different phases (check altseason schematic chart posted below)

Phases usually start in December, after a $BTC macro bottom (high timeframe swing low), when it's trending up.
The logic behind this is that a large part of the profits generated in $BTC flow into altcoins. Also, people are more comfortable investing in riskier assets as the market situation is much better and the general sentiment is bullish.

Risk tolerance is higher.
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