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🧵Introducing Stader ETHx - Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD)

@staderlabs #ethereum #Staking 👇
1/ Liquid staking has gained significant attention in the crypto space, and @CroutonDigital has introduced a fascinating derivative called Stader ETHx, which stands for Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD). Let's explore its features and potential benefits. #Crypto #LiquidStaking
2/ Stader ETHx allows users to trade liquid staked Ethereum (ETH) derivatives. It enables ETH holders to access the benefits of staking while maintaining the flexibility to trade and utilize their ETH for other purposes. #Staking #Ethereum #DeFi
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1/ 🚀 We are excited to launch tomorrow the #Blockedcc missions for Levana Perps on @SeiNetwork Testnet!


A step-by-step guide to beta testing trading & earning real yield rewards! 🤑 Join us on Levana's Discord server for support! 🔗 #SeiTestnet Image
2/ 🌐 What is Levana? It's a GMX style Perps platform on @SeiNetwork Testnet . Trade long or short with 30x leverage on your favorite cryptos like #BTC #ETH and earn yield by providing liquidity! up to 40% APR of #realyield 💰 #CryptoTrading #LeverageTrading
3/ 📢 Mission #1: Connect with Levana's Social Channels to be eligible for rewards! 🎁 ✅ Join Discord & verify account ✅ Follow on Twitter ✅ Join Telegram Find all links on our Linktree! 🌳 #StayConnected
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Technical Analysis 101: A Beginner's Guide to Trading Crypto Using Charts💸📈
1/🧵 Welcome to my #TechnicalAnalysis guide! In this thread, we'll explore what technical analysis is, how it works, and how you can use it to make informed trading decisions in the world of #crypto. Don't forget to like, retweet, and follow for more crypto content! 🚀
2/📈 What is Technical Analysis? Technical Analysis (TA) is a method of analyzing the price movements of an asset, such as a cryptocurrency, using charts and indicators. It aims to identify patterns and trends that can help traders make decisions about when to buy or sell. #TA
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Are we heading toward a Bull Run?🐮

After the continued bear market of 2022, the investor sentiment is that the #crypto industry is entering the bull run in 2023.

In today's 🧵, we explore strategies that traders can make a profit from crypto trading in the bull market.
2/ Bull Run: The price of an asset generally increases, typically for several weeks or months. Traders expect prices to continue to rise & increase in value for the foreseeable future. 📈 This can be an exciting time for investors if they exit before prices start to decline.
3/ ➡️Dollar-cost averaging is a strategy that involves investing a fixed amount of money at regular intervals to benefit from market volatility & accumulate assets over time. It spreads out risk, allowing traders to benefit from the bull market without taking on too much risk.
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🚨 Exciting news! Game-changing features of last week!

Here's our last additions review:
1️⃣ The first dapp to aggregate Liquidity from @xExchangeApp , @JungleDEX and @ash_swap , enabling swaps between cross pairs, LP Tokens, and Stable Coins. You can swap any token to a Stable Coin and vice versa. This is a game-changer for crypto swapping in #MvX! 💰📈🚀
2️⃣ We created Hypezone, a dedicated section featuring all $HYPE Farms/Pools that is 100% ready, and we are anticipating the $HYPE listing on Jungle so we can enable them. Till then, users can use the limited $HYPE Faucet to claim 500 HYPE every day. A great way to earn for free!
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🚀🔥 Exciting news, everyone! 🔥🚀

Our #swap interface just got a major upgrade! 🆕💻

🔝With faster multi-shard swaps, you can now swap your tokens and LP tokens in no time. No more waiting for slow transactions or getting stuck in a backlog. 🏃‍♂️💨 Image
💰Plus, we've added pricing in $ on the swap interface for every token or LP Token. This means you can see the value of your assets in real-time and make informed swap decisions. 💹💸
👀But that's not all! Did you know that you can create Liquidity directly from @QuantumXnetwork swap interface using only your $EGLD or $USDC? 🤯🌊
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If you want to get started investing, read the following:
ZuluTrade is the largest broker-neutral social wealth management and copy trading platform in the world
• It provides a smooth and simple trading experience, with the largest community of verified and curated trading strategies to copy on your account for a variety of instruments such as cryptos, stock CFDs, forex, commodities, and indices.
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Are you looking to improve your crypto trading skills? Here are some tips to help you achieve success:
#crypto #cryptotrading #trading

Learn from your mistakes: Don't be afraid to make mistakes, they are a natural part of the learning process. But make sure you reflect on them, identify what went wrong, and make adjustments to your approach.
Focus on risk management: Before you make any trade, consider the potential risks involved and have a plan in place to manage them. This could include setting stop-losses, diversifying your portfolio, or allocating a portion of your capital to lower-risk investments.
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If you are interested in Forex, you need to read this:
Fxview is a broker that can help you become immersed in the forex industry.

It has ethical products that will cater to the needs of new age investors and help them invest wisely with their decades worth of experience in technology and financial services.
It offers over 500+ trading instruments including Forex, stock CFDs, crypto CFDs, commodities and indices.

Here are some of the perks that it has:
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Today is the last #trading day of #January, and it’s been an excellent month for the #CryptocurrencyMarket, with some coins rallying by 200%!
2/ Currently, #Bitcoin $BTC is up about 42%. The $23,023—$23.200 range is crucial, and if it’s reclaimed, it’s a good sign for the market.
3/ I recommend long positions on strong coins until the range is reclaimed. However, with tomorrow’s #FOMC, I’m a little #bearish.
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#capitalism requires what people call "magical thinking". it requires people to believe that impossible things aren't merely *possible*, but can be done routinely, and turned into a dependable cash flow. #AI / #AGI of the @fchollet / @JeffDean sort is a perfect example.

the very name "#AGI" gives the game away: the #programming boys daydream that they've invented a "general intelligence", a universal thinking machine capable of solving literally any problem—and #capitalism is willing to gamble on that. it's just what #business wants.

remember that the ideal corporation in #capitalism *does nothing*. it produces nothing, it provides no service, it solves no problems for anyone not in the ownership hierarchy—because producing things *costs money* and capitalists hate all expenditures for any reason.

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more #cryptocurrency talk. it seems that there may be (another) #cryptocrash developing; there's been so many of them.

to reiterate my earlier point: the allure of #cryptocurrencies is instant #money in vast volumes, and that's why $BITC and @ETH have a million copycats.

#cryptocurrency (and the related #blockchain money-making gewgaw, the #NFT) are in a sense nothing new. there have been untold millions of #investment scams and #business tricks and other shifty clever ways that at least *pretend* they can guarantee an effortless #profit.

this is an artifact of the extreme #wealth inequality encouraged by #capitalism: once you've got a bunch of elite capitalists *hoarding* all the #money, that means you've got big enough piles to *steal*. all get-rich-quick schemes are ultimately acts of disguised _theft_.

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1/ Thread Alert! Want to know more about @DEXToolsApp and its impact on the decentralized market? Check out this thread for a comprehensive overview of the platform's features and benefits. #decentralizedfinance
2/ One of the most important aspects of #Dextools is its comprehensive user interface, which consolidates #blockchain data and provides you with a clear vision of your trading, investments, and the current state of the market.
3/ Did you know that Dextools has a unique utility token, $DEXT, that allows you to access premium features and investment opportunities? The platform also has a buy-back and burn program, which has a significant impact on the token's price.
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I'm opening a small short on #Aptos. This thing can still go up, but asymmetry is to the downside, in my opinion.

With $20 billion valuation, this shitcoin has a higher MC than Prada, Mitsubishi, OMV, Dominos Pizza and what not while having 5 users all together.
2)And yes, #Bitcoin definitely has power to still go up, however, imagine what a 10-15% BTC drop would do to alts. And we will still be in a short-term bull market. Also, layer-1, high transaction throughput, low latency, and low fees ain't a thing to me.
3)That was the hype behing Sparkster and that scam was promoted heavily like 5 years ago. And last but not least, cointelegraph is promoting it and I just don't think chances are high for a mass media guessing it right :)…
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#India's #startup ecosystem raised $455 million across 24 deals last week (Jan.16-21,'23) with #fintech #unicorn PhonePe turning decacorn at $12 billion valuation.
#StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #funding #Entrepreneurship #innovation #Motivation #prosunjoyi #Thread Image
#India's #startup ecosystem raised $126 million off 16 deals last week (Jan.23-28,'23) across #cybersecurity, #deeptech, #energy, #gaming, #logistics, #SaaS, etc. with total #funding for Jan.'23 crossing $1 billion. #StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #inspiration #Thread India's startup ecosystem's funding round up for the last week and also for the January month + an inspirational quote stating that your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.
#India's #startup ecosystem raised $49 million off 12 deals last week (Jan.30-Feb.4,'23) across #EVs, #freight, #manufacturing, etc. #StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #leadership #founders #Entrepreneurship #MondayMotivation #inspiration #innovation #prosunjoyi #Thread Image
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Sniff out #CryptoTrading opportunities on #Polygon

- Best-performed tokens in the last 3 days
- What tokens traders bought in 24h
- Top Liquidity added tokens in 24h

(1/4) A short thread🧵

#PolygonNetwork #PolygonGems #MATIC #TradingSignals #Cryptotraders #Altcoins

$ROND #ROND is the top 1 gainer on #Polygon, surging 540.70% in 3 days.

$GOVI #CVI rebounded 35.02%.

$SD #Stader ranks #3, +32.58%.

Quick access to ROND indicators👇…

A positive Net Buy Value represents stronger buying than selling on DEXs.

Top Net Buy $ Tokens on #Polygon (24h)

$XSGD $303K
$TEL $31.3K
$AAVE $27.2K
$RBW $26.2K
$LDO $26K
$SD $22.3K
$ROND $17.8K
$BAL $16.7K
$GOVI $15.5K

Top 5-mins Net Buy Tokens…
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$SHIELD is the top 1 gainer invested by Smart Money, rising 54% from $0.0005711 to $0.0008007 in 24 hours.

Let's analyze
- How early did Smart Money find this #GEM?
- Buy prices of Smart Money
- Current Smart Money Holders

A short thread🧵
#DEJITARUSHIRUDO #cryptogems Image
Smart Meme Pro traders started to buy $SHIELD on Dec 11. We recorded 6 buyers on that day.

On Dec 16, Candlestick #Degen Explorer detected the activity of Smart DEX traders in this token.👇
Smart DEX Traders 0x4427, 0x21e9 & Joegrower420.eth are early $SHIELD investors with buy prices btwn $0.0001138 to $0.0003893.

In the past week, 0x21e9 & Joegrower420.eth bought more tokens. 0x6d4c bought in dips at $0.0003621 2 days ago.

Smart Money Avg Entry Price: $0.000193 ImageImageImage
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Bringing you today's #DemexSignals

📉 Bear Trade Idea - $ETH / $USD

💡 Rationale: The previous unemployment rate and CPI showed that the job market remains strong and inflation is still hot, which likely means the Feds will continue to be adamant about rate hikes.

Read on. 👇🏻
With NASDAQ and SPX making new lows, the overall macro trend remains bearish and crypto is likely to follow the downtrend for now with the occasional rallies. With winter coming and inflation possibly increasing, it is possible that recession occurs and the market goes...
...further risk-off, sending ETH back to $1250 or towards $1000 or below.
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Bringing you today's #DemexSignals

📈 Bull Trade Idea - $ETH / $USD

💡 Rationale: ETH has again bounced off its $1250 support level and is trading above $1300.

Read on. 👇🏻
With record levels of puts and shorts, we may see a short squeeze and strong rally towards the mid-term elections on 8 November. The CPI inflation read on 13 October was neutral on the YoY but slightly higher than expected on the MoM, creating a bearish bias that has since...
...been absorbed, signalling strength in ETH and a break towards $1380 is next.
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Bringing you today's #DemexSignals

Bear Trade Idea - $ETH / $USD

💡 Rationale: The previous unemployment rate showed that the job market remains strong, which likely means that the Feds will continue to being adamant about rate hikes.

Read on. 👇🏻
With NASDAQ and SPX making new lows, the overall macro trend remains bearish and crypto is likely to follow the downtrend for now with the occasional rallies. The upcoming CPI read on 13th October will determine where the market will move next. If inflation remains high...
..., it is possible that ETH exits this range and breaks below the support towards $1000.
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Bringing you today's #DemexSignals

Bull Trade Idea - $ETH / $USD

💡 Rationale: ETH is now back at key support around $1250. Although macro markets took a tumble with the announcement of the unemployment rate...

Read on. 👇🏻
..., a bullish divergence is being formed and with record levels of puts and shorts, we may see a short squeeze and strong rally towards the mid-term elections on 8 November.
The CPI inflation read on 13 October will determine where the market goes next, if inflation is lower than expected, it could be the start of another bear market rally.
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1/ 🏃🏼‍♂️Perpetuals Trading Competitions are LIVE from NOW, till 31st Oct, 8AM UTC🏃🏼‍♂️

⚡️#TopGainers: Compete for the highest profit & loss % ranking
⚡️#TopTraders: Compete for the highest trading volume ranking.

Start trading now!
Experience the best of the best trading experience right here on Demex with all our killer features. 🦾
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🏃🏼‍♂️ 3 hours to go for the competitions! 🏃🏼‍♂️

In order to be eligible for the Top Gainers Competition, you must have a minimum initial equity of 500 USDC at the start time.

Head to to deposit now, or ensure you have a minimum available balance of 500 USDC.
Tag a fellow #trader in the comments section, to come participate and win from a prize pool of $4,000! 💸

Don't forget, #Demex offers the HIGHEST LEVERAGE in the @Cosmos Ecosystem at a whopping 50x leverage!
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Reasons why Demex is the Perp-fect DEX for trading perpetuals. 🦾

We’re not kidding when we say that our perpetuals market is the best in the DeFi space, and our trading competition is a great way for you to test it out. Image
Compete and win from a prize pool of 4000 USDC in our upcoming perpetuals trading competitions running from the 10th to the 31st of October.

Ensure you are eligible to participate! Head over to and deposit 500 USDC before the competition start time if you wish to participate in the #TopGainers Competition. 🏃🏼‍♂️ Image
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