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26 Jul
We celebrate the life of Congressman John Lewis, who passes through Alabama one last time today, including crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge on horse drawn carriage, where 55 years ago he and other voting rights advocates were beaten by Alabama State Troopers.
He was a towering figure in American history — a hero in our fight for equality and justice, and we recommit ourselves to continue in his footsteps. His work is far from over and we won’t stop until all of us are truly free and equal. #HumanDignity #TheMarchContinues
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8 Jul
BREAKING: Far-right @OANN host #JackPosobiec — a @RealDonaldTrump favorite — collaborated with white supremacists, neo-fascists & antisemites for years, creating propaganda #Trump has openly embraced, a new @SPLCenter investigation finds.…
.@SPLCenter reporter @MichaelEHayden reveals that @OANN’s #JackPosobiec rose to prominence while operating a #GameOfThrones fan account that he used to tweet racist remarks and target Jews with antisemitic hate. He did this while praising @realDonaldTrump.
#JackPosobiec continued to spread disinformation and propaganda promoting white supremacist activism after taking his own name on Twitter. @RealDonaldTrump responded by praising him for his work.
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19 Jun
When @RealDonaldTrump announced he would be holding a campaign rally on June 19 in #Tulsa, #Oklahoma, there was immediate backlash. #Juneteenth…
Not only had the president chosen #Juneteenth - a day celebrating freedom and recognizing the resilience of enslaved people - but he also chose the city where a mob of white supremacists terrorized and killed Black people, destroying #BlackWallStreet in the 1921 #TulsaMassacre.
As our nation grapples with recent police killings of Black people and calls to address systemic racism and white supremacy culture in our society, @RealDonaldTrump was criticized for co-opting historically significant spaces for Black people for himself.
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9 Jun
THREAD: There are reports of problems in #Georgia's in-person primary elections. Read SPLC's Nancy Abudu's response:

“Georgia’s in-person primary elections are turning out to be a self-inflicted mess.
"The stress on our election processes from #COVID19 and the need for social distancing alone do not justify what we are witnessing on the ground.
"Currently, our Election Protection team is working with partners and determining the full extent of systemic problems and irregularities with the goal of every eligible voter having their ballot count.
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3 Jun
BREAKING: #Florida Judge denies the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission’s effort to dismiss our lawsuit challenging its violation of Florida's open meetings laws, allowing the case to move forward.(thread)
Today, Leon County Circuit Court Judge John C. Cooper denied the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission’s request to dismiss a lawsuit challenging its refusal to honor the original time for public comments during its Oct. 16 meeting...
effectively denying youth advocates the right to publicly address the Commission.

“We are thrilled with the Court’s decision allowing the case to move forward.Given our current climate, it’s important that student voices, especially those who would most severely be impacted...
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6 May
The government has failed to protect immigrant lives; this death is on their hands. #FreeThemAll #FreeThemNow…
The following statement is from Laura Rivera, director of SPLC’s Southeast Immigrant Freedom Initiative (SIFI) following the first reported death of an individual in @ICEgov custody from #COVID19:…
“We mourn the death of this man and extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones. ...
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6 May
Hate group Family Research Council is known for pushing anti-LGBTQ+ propaganda. Now, they're pushing widespread conspiracies about voter fraud.…
Voter fraud is a myth used to defend and pass laws—like photo ID laws—that suppress voting rights, specifically for Black voters and other voters of color, younger voters, elderly voters, and low-income voters.…
We list Family Research Council as a hate group because of its rhetoric demonizing LGBTQ+ people. FRC peddles junk science, including falsely linking pedophilia to being LGBTQ+.
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11 Apr
The Southern Poverty Law Center condemns the antisemitic attacks that took place during #Passover at the Etz Chayim Synagogue in Huntsville, #Alabama.…
"To vandalize a synagogue with swastikas and hateful antisemitic tropes during a time when the three Abrahamic religions — Judaism, Christian and Islam — commemorate their most holy holidays is a threat to religious liberty for all. ...…
"... The SPLC’s decades-long research monitoring hate and extremism reveals a clear pattern of increased hate activity during times of national crisis. The #COVID19 pandemic is such a time. ...
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18 Mar
We counted 940 hate groups — a decrease from 2018's record high of 1,020 — operating in the US last year. Hate groups continue to maintain ties to lawmakers, including White House officials, and hate violence doesn't show any sign of stopping.

Read more:…
Despite the overall drop in the number of hate groups, we identified a

▪️ 43% increase in anti-LGBTQ+ hate groups;
▪️ 18% increase in anti-immigrant hate groups;
▪️ 5% increase in white nationalist hate groups.
A number of anti-immigrant hate groups, including Center for Immigration Studies, have ties to lawmakers. Last year, we broke the news that #StephenMiller, architect of #Trump's cruel immigration policies, promoted a white supremacist novel and websites.…
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25 Feb
The Supreme Court issued a decision today affirming the dismissal of a lawsuit by the family of a murdered child seeking damages from the agent who shot him across the U.S border. Below is our response.
“This decision will further embolden already lawless Border Patrol agents operating near and along the border. Shutting the courthouse doors and failing to hold these agents accountable for clearly unconstitutional actions – like the murder of an unarmed child...
will only encourage further bad acts by those within Customs and Border Protection (CBP), an agency responsible for extensive and well-documented abuses.
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14 Feb
The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled today that the Trump administration's approval of #Medicaid work requirements in #Arkansas was "arbitrary and capricious."

Read the ruling:…
“The court confirmed that this administration’s effort to ‘explode’ #Medicaid by converting it from a health care access program to a work program is arbitrary and illegal." - SPLC's Sam Brooke
"We hope the federal government and the states will return to focusing on expanding coverage and access, so that everyone—regardless of economic status—can be healthy.” - SPLC's Sam Brooke #Medicaid
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13 Feb
We've reported that #StephenMiller's bigoted views on immigration have informed some of the #Trump administration's most inhumane policies.

Now, @KamalaHarris, @JoaquinCastrotx and other lawmakers are calling for his removal.
.@Hatewatch reporter @MichaelEHayden reviewed 900+ leaked emails in which #StephenMiller recommended white nationalist websites and writers and the racist novel “The Camp of the Saints.”…
In a number of these emails, #StephenMiller admired the Immigration Act of 1924 — a eugenics-based law signed by Pres. Calvin Coolidge, who is lionized by white nationalists for his views on race.

It’s a law Adolf Hitler praised, too.
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10 Feb
Voter suppression and election mismanagement are alive and well in #Alabama. Check out our new report released today detailing how Alabama laws and policies create and perpetuate obstacles to the ballot box.

#AlabamaVotes #VotingRights #All67…
Despite #Alabama being at the epicenter of the #VotingRights movement of the 1960s, the state remains one of the most difficult places in our nation for an eligible voter to register and successfully cast a ballot. #AlabamaVotes…
Since #SCOTUS gutted #Section5 of the #VotingRightsAct, #Alabama and localities have made it harder to vote by requiring photo ID to vote, closing polling places in predominantly Black counties and purging hundreds of thousands of people from voter rolls.…
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5 Feb
Our tax dollars should be invested in education, housing, prison alternatives and health care programs that provide opportunity and increased well-being for all - not in the Trump administration's anti-immigrant and racist policies. #DefundHate #SOTU
The Trump administration continues to promote discrimination against immigrants, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and Muslims. #DefundHate #SOTU #SOTU2020
The Trump administration is ripping apart health care and nutrition programs for low-income people. #DefundHate #SOTU #SOTU2020
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29 Jan
The Trump administration has weaponized the immigration courts as a deportation machine. Tune in as the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship holds a hearing about the U.S. immigration courts crisis. #AbolishTheDeportationMachine #SaveAsylum
The immigration court backlog is over one million cases. Thousands of asylum seekers wait years for their court date. #AbolishTheDeportationMachine #SaveAsylum #RestoreAsylumNow

Read our report on immigration courts:…
Our nation’s immigration courts make life-and-death decisions every day for people seeking #asylum.

We're suing to bring integrity to the immigration court system. #AbolishTheDeportationMachine #SaveAsylum #RestoreAsylumNow…
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17 Jan
This week, the House formally delivered #impeachment articles to the Senate. See thread for a statement from Karen Baynes-Dunning, Interim President & CEO of the SPLC Action Fund:
"While many of us believe the evidence against President Trump is overwhelming, with new revelations emerging almost daily, the American people have a right to full, fair and transparent deliberations in the Senate. This includes testimony from key witnesses.
“SPLC Action Fund urges Americans to contact their U.S. Senators and ask that they fulfill their oath to ‘do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws.’”
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16 Jan
The #Florida Supreme Court issued a decision this morning permitting a modern-day poll tax and redefining the voter-approved #Amendment4.…
See thread for SPLC's Nancy Abudu's statement to the decision:

“The #Florida Supreme Court’s decision is disappointing and cuts the 1.4 million people who voters expressly intended to re-enfranchise almost in half.
"By holding Floridians’ right to vote hostage, the Florida Supreme Court is permitting the unconstitutional modern-day poll tax in #SB7066, and redefining an amendment nearly 65 percent of #Florida voters approved of in 2018.
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15 Jan
The #MarjoryStonemanDouglas Commission wants to arm educators, militarize schools and invade student privacy...but doesn’t want to listen to students. We are suing on behalf of @FlStuPwr, @mfolflorida and @Dreamdefenders. #SafeForWhom

Read the complaint:
@FlStuPwr @mfolflorida @Dreamdefenders The #MarjoryStonemanDouglas Commission held a 2019 meeting in the middle of the day at a luxury golf resort. While students were on their way to share what will make schools truly safe, the Commission adjourned before public comment. When students arrived, the room was empty.
The #MarjoryStonemanDouglas Safety Commission violated #Florida’s open meeting laws when it adjourned before the scheduled public comment period. We demand accountability so @FlStuPwr, @mfolflorida and @Dreamdefenders have their voices heard.
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10 Jan
Despite evidence that forcible #familyseparation is traumatic and leads to short- and long-term health issues, the Trump administration has separated thousands of children from their parents.

We're suing. #KeepFamiliesTogether
Facing gang violence and extortion in Guatemala, J.V.S. and his 5-year-old daughter sought refuge in the U.S.

He was detained. His daughter was flown to a foster home in NY.

It was weeks before they spoke on the phone and more than two months before they saw each other again.
A.P.F. and his 7-year-old son fled Guatemala after threats of extortion. They were detained and separated at the U.S. border, forced to spend 65 days apart. #KeepFamiliesTogether
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31 Dec 19
The anti-Semitic gestures by the West Virginia Correctional cadets were unconscionable, especially at a time in which the Jewish community faces a rise in violent attacks.…
.@JimJusticeWV is to be commended for firing and suspending those involved. The SPLC urges him to conduct a full and in-depth investigation into the views and practices of all criminal justice staff.
@JimJusticeWV He must ensure that the men and women entrusted to their care are treated with respect and humanity.
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18 Dec 19
The Trump administration has weaponized the immigration courts into a deportation machine. This must end. We’re suing. #AbolishTheDeportationMachine #SaveAsylum…
We filed a lawsuit today with @ThinkLawLab on behalf of our organizations and @asylumadvocacy, @santafedreamers, @LasAmericasIAC and @cliniclegal. #AbolishTheDeportationMachine #SaveAsylum
Our nation’s immigration courts make life-and-death decisions every day for people seeking #asylum. They depend on a functioning court system to protect them from persecution, torture, and death. #AbolishTheDeportationMachine #SaveAsylum
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