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Any 2004 #Sabadell, pràcticament cada cap de setmana hi havia agressions de caps rapats #nazis, alguns d'ells organitzats en el partit polític MSR. Uns 50 joves #antifeixistes s'enteren que un grup de nazis està al bar Warlock i els agradeix.
La policia deté a 6 #antifeixistes. Des de la Plataforma Antifeixista de #Sabadell, crítiquen a la policia per la seva falta de contundència davant l'escalada d'agressions #nazis en contrast amb la detenció dels 6 antifeixistes.
Gràcies al treball de la PAF, Associacions de Veïns com la de Torreguitart, Bruixes del Nord, Can Capablanca, etc. es pressiona a l'Ajuntament perquè prengui mesures. Les agressions no s'aturen però si que disminueixen. Agressió a jove de 19 anys després de l'atac als nazis:
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It's a beautiful day to start!@IWS_Network .
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my #story and hope I can do the justice of being part of #IWSVoices
Stay tuned to hear my story!! feel free to pop a question for me!!
#IWS #WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS #AgriTech #WomeninAg
Hello #Monday!
I would like to re-introduce myself!👩‍🌾 An #agribusiness marketing specialist with experience in leading corporate marketing and internal communication for various #agritech platforms.
💪My journey hasn't been easy but it's worth it."
@IWS_Network On the 74th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, I landed on earth🐣; Born to two #progressive thinkers, a Malayalee by heart but brought up in the milk city of India- #Anand.
Who does'nt love #Amul?? Miss it🍫🍧🍨
#VoiceIWS #WomenInStem @IWS_Network Image
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Announcement from @fordnation sank my heart today. As an ER doctor, person of color and #Scarborough native, I feel defeated 😢. The measures are not going to get wave 3 under control. #BIPOC #ERdoc @SHNcares @torontolife @JustinTrudeau @SCMirror 1/
When I landed as an #immigrant in #Canada, my life started in #Scarborough. My parents (#heros) struggled to find jobs that matched their education. That didn't stop them from working hard / hustling even if it meant 2 jobs at times to keep bills paid and food on the table. 2/
My family lived in an apt building that had mostly racialized/middle-low income families (#affordability). Not much social distancing when large crowds wait for elevators (#EssentialWorkers) or use the shared laundry facilities. This pandemic brings back those vivid memories 3/
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thrilled to be publishing "Public Health and the Power to Exclude: Immigrant Expulsions at the Border" with @gulcimmigration & the wonderful @prashasti_b. this piece argues for an end to #Title42, an illegal policy destroying families, and endangering #refugees at the #border. 1/
My piece beings by examining the historic intersections of public health and #immigration law, and the origins of federal quarantine and exclusion power. 2/
Woven into the article are first hand accounts of advocates on both sides of the #border who have witnessed the devastating impact of COVID-19 era immigrant expulsions as #immigrants, children and families are disappeared by the US gov't. 3/
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No IELTS To Canada Guide

You won’t be wrong to assume that any sane Nigerian wants to move out to a better country based on the current economic, financial, and overall wellbeing of the citizens.

Yesterday as I was coming back from my family home,
I went to buy Garri for my fisherman’s soup I had prepared.

Pulling N1,000 to give the seller, behind me was an old woman of about 85 years or more untying her handkerchief and bringing out N100 for how many cups of Garri?
Answer – one.

Now, how do you explain the fact that a cup of Garri moved from 3 cups to 1 cup? How do these kinds of mothers survive?

At a point, I started being enraged because the matter was all over my head, but I had to tame my emotions and said to myself,
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1. St Frances Xavier Cabrini was born into a farming family in Lombardy, Italy, in 1850. She was attracted to a missionary life from an early age and founded the Institute

#StFrancesCabrini #Christian #missionary Image
2. of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Codogno in 1880. Her original missionary dream was to go to China but historical circumstances prevented this. Pope Leo XIII directed her to the United States, where millions of Italians were arriving in search of work
3. and with the hope of a better life.

Over the next 30 years she established 67 foundations in Europe, the United States and Central and South America. This included schools, hospitals, orphanages and social centres. She established a school in Honor Oak, South London.
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A long thread about #immigration and #FreedomOfMovement in the light of the #Covid #vaccine.

While the UK government is now apparently ecstatic with delight to be ending Freedom of Movement, I'm thinking of Albert Bourla, (Άλμπερτ Μπουρλά) a Greek scientist and veterinarian. 1/8
Albert Bourla has lived in four different countries, joined Pfizer in 1993, and has used EU #FreedomOfMovement.

Similarly, the Turkish parents of the CEO of Biontech Uğur Şahin came to Germany when that country opened up and welcomed foreign workers "Gastarbeiter". 2/8
Obviously, the vast majority of #immigrants are not going to design vaccines that potentially can bail us out of this #corona misery.
Still, what strikes me in success stories like these is how many successful immigrants or their parents weren't exceptional when they came. 3/8
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A 🧵 on #immigration and a new administration. As a @JoeBiden administration and Congress prioritize battling the pandemic and fostering an economic recovery, both parties must recognize that #immigrants, standing shoulder to shoulder with native-born Americans, ...1/11
..are essential to those efforts. The new administration need to work from the outset to reunite families separated at the border, begin rebuilding the #refugee and #asylum systems the Trump administration dismantled and roll back draconian and nativist restrictions on ...2/11 #immigration. Human dignity, family unity and the economy of the US are at stake. Longer-term and together with Congress, the new administration should implement #immigration policies that help workers, families and the economy to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. 3/11
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The firm that invented the #Pfizer vaccine, Biontech, is a German medical startup founded by the children of Turkish #immigrants: Özlem Türeci (CMO) and Uğur Şahin (CEO).
#Germany has long struggled with its openness to immigration, and its post-war programme of 'guest workers' was seen ambivalently.

But one of those guest workers was Şahin's father, who came to Cologne to work at Ford. His son may now end a world-wide pandemic.
I don't have a book to sell, but @plegrain has: on making migrants and locals thrive together. Worth checking out:…
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Finally an official YIPPIE KI YAY!!! 🎉🥳 And a deep first real breath after looooong anxious 4 days and even 4 YEARS....Here's to HEALING, REUNITING, REBUILDING. But for now, we are enjoying this Carrboro+Chapel Hill parade with infinite honking, plates+spoons, celebrating 😄😃
The first "Madam Vice President" (and first African-American + Indian VP) and her husband the "first second-gentleman", lovely times 🙂🙏 #endSexism #endRacism

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An indomitable spirit

I had the privilege of meeting an incredible Pakistani yesterday. @sidraqasim is best known today as co-founder and COO of @WearAtoms , a leading footwear company she created with her husband Waqas. 1/n #persistence Image
Sidra was born and raised in Okara, Pakistan. When she finished high school she had to enroll in an all-boys college but not attend classes with other boys. Studying in seclusion was uncomfortable but she persisted. Image
When she got her first job in Lahore, it paid PKR 10,000 / month and that meant living in a hostel near Firdous Market where monthly rent was PKR 4,000. Living in a cramped hostel was uncomfortable but she persisted. Image
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I took the day off yesterday. Today I learned that one of our #AsylumSeekers clients, a #translatina from El Salvador, was stabbed 14 times and nearly killed in an act of hate. My staff didn't tell me until today, because they knew I needed a day off. This is the job.
Hatred towards #immigrants and #transphobia, legitimized by our government leaders, makes the US a place where often times #AsylumSeekers don't find the safety they seek and desperately need.
If you're a black, LGBTQ, or Latinx immigrant, often times you experience racism, hatred, and violence in the US. The govt lies, calling you rapists and murderers, and making others believe your life matters less. That you can then be killed with impunity.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This part is called: Eliminate Racial, Gender, and Geographic Health Inequities
Only one party has a specific plan for ensuring EVERY American will be able to have high quality, affordable healthcare .. the other plans to take it away 1/15
The national statistics on American health care mask profound disparities in insurance rates, access to primary and specialized care, and disparate health outcomes, which are a symptom of those disparities in access. 2/15 #DemPartyPlatform #healthcare #HealthcareEquity
Even before the #COVID19 pandemic, the uninsured rate was nearly three times higher for Latinos and nearly twice as high for Black Americans as it was for whites. 3/15 #DemPartyPlatform #healthcare
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I am not an immigration lawyer-never have been

Then why am I so passionate about this administration’s immigration policy

After all, it doesn’t affect me personally and it probably never will

Well, I’ll tell you


Trump called Mexicans “rapists”
Then sought a “total ban of Muslims”
This is how persecution starts
As a lawyer-as an American-I support the Constitution
If I stand by while people are oppressed because of their nationality or religion
Who will stand for me

A week after he took office, it started
The Muslim Ban
I had to do something
So I went to JFK to help-even though I am not an immigration lawyer
I wound up going every day for a week, with many others
We had to defend those unjustly harmed

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How was your #cruise

6,000 young cows drowned at sea. SIX THOUSAND🐮
Image the terror .@AustraliaUN
These #cows were exported by #Australia -headquartered #AustralasianGlobalExports, 💀specializes in live #animalexports, aka torture, abuse
#auspol 👎…
2/ This is on you #Australia gov AND ppl who continue to eat the flesh of others

The #LiveExport 🚢aka #DeathShip departed Napier in #NewZealand w 5,867 #cows passengers
bound for Tangshan, #China
The journey= 17 days no food/water🐮💔
If you're shocked by this incident - maybe it's time to stop supporting it
If you still eat other animals, drink their #milk (#AnimalAgriculture ) THIS is a #RealityCheck

These young #cows were vomiting, deficating in #Terror as they slowly #drowned
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The Republican National Committee has caved to white supremacists and hate groups.…
This resolution is an attack on our definition of hate groups in order to excuse the Trump administration's history of working with those who malign entire groups of people — including #BlackLivesMatter, #immigrants, #Muslims and the #LGBTQ community — with dehumanizing rhetoric.
Since @RealDonaldTrump first ran for president, he welcomed the support of anti-LGBTQ, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant groups, like the Family Research Council and the Federation for American Immigration Reform.
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I have never cried so much - #Dreamers #DACA #undocumented #immigrants We need to find our heart again as a nation. #DemConvention #dignity #respect #humanity
"Immigration is our origin story." AMEN @BarackObama #DemConvention
#Immigrants get the job done. We are MADE of immigrants. "Out of many, one." Welcome the stranger. Period. (Don't TELL me you're "religious" if you are not for protecting the stranger) #DemConvention
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1/9 We’re sharing a series of recommendations from WES Ambassador @tundeTASH: Online resources and #eLearning courses #intlstudents and #newcomers to Canada can benefit from.
2/9 International students who would like to continue the application process for admission to #highered can now take the #IELTS Academic test online whilst in-person IELTS testing is suspended.

Learn more: #intlstudents
3/9 As #COVID19 disrupted physical operations, many settlement organizations are delivering services to #newcomers by phone, email, or video conference. You may be able to get pre-arrival services in your home country before you move. Learn more:…
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It is impossible to adequately convey the inhumanity of our country's relentless assault on #asylum protections on the southern border, but grateful for the opportunity to share with @hanjaneway our perspective in @NEJM @NEJMPerspec. /1…
The "Remain In Mexico" policy of returning asylum seekers to dangerous border cities in Mexico -- where they cannot access basic legal, social, or medical services -- is an affront to US federal law as well as international law. /2 @ACLU…
There are already over 1100 documented cases of murder, rape, torture, kidnapping, and other violent assaults against asylum seekers and migrants forced to remain in #Mexico under #MPP. @humanrights1st /3
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1-#MyStory- Decade of my life is lost in search of American Dream,being labor &showing excellence in 9 to 5 job,law-abiding,paying taxes, with kids close to age-out,my dreams are crushed, American dreams are JUST that dreams!
#S386IsFair #PassS386 #HR1044
2-I wish i get back my 10 yrs stolen life,stolen with misinformed dual intent #h1bvisa , #greencardbacklog despite being vetted twice USCIS&US DOL,APPROVED for GC have2wait for150+yrs?
#EBGCountryCap make #NoSense my last hope is #S386 which is also being crushed by @DickDurbin
3-Not untill 4Yrs back was aware of this indentured servitude caused by #NationalityDiscrimination #ModernSlavery in a Great Nation while world is watching & laughing for its ages-old IMMG policy, adding to it, #Durbin who sabtoge #DACA #LegalImmigrants but doesn’t help in REAL
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The US is causing #GlobalWarming through excessive #CO2 #emissions: The #CarbonFootprint, which equals CF per person multiplied by #population, of the current (2016) US population of 323 million uses the carbon sequestration capacity of 3.7 Americas. Image
The maximum #sustainable (“#CarbonNeutral”) #population at our current CF per person is only 87 million. The maximum that would maintain our current #QualityOfLife, as measured by the UN’s #HumanDevelopmentIndex, is only 195 million. Image
Since the start of CF tracking (1961), 91% of our #growth in CF has been caused by #population growth and only 9% by growth in personal #emissions (CF per person). Image
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The US is not environmentally #sustainable: The #EcologicalFootprint, which equals EF per person multiplied by #population, of the current (2016) US population of 323 million uses the biological capacity of 2.2 Americas. Image
The maximum #sustainable #population at our current EF per person is only 145 million. The maximum that would maintain our current #QualityOfLife, as measured by the UN’s #HumanDevelopmentIndex, is only 253 million. Image
Since the start of EF tracking (1961), our #growth in EF has been caused entirely by #population #growth, more than offsetting a small reduction in our personal #consumption. Image
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The @PrefaceVentures website is live: Special thanks to @BrettBerson @atouchofair as well as an anonymous designer akin to Banksy for the output. We're doing a few things a bit differently, specifically around founder #communication. A thread:
1 / Founders deserve more #transparency into how VC's operate and what we will do for them as partners. At Preface we call this "The Code", which is essentially our #SLA for #frontierenterprise founders
2 / We are clear how and what we invest in you. How much initially ($250-$750k), how much is reserved for follow-ons (1-3x) and how often (5-7x pa, ~20 investments per fund). This simple info is impossible to find online on 99% of VC’s
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