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Missed some of the recent moves that happened?

1 way that will help gain an edge is to follow whales/smart money and check what they're up to.

Here's a list of the top 10 + 1 wallets on @DeBankDeFi to see what they're up to!
Some of the key findings:

▶️Some are taking part in APE staking.
▶️Common farms include Convex, Beefy, GMX.
▶️Majority of funds still on Ethereum.
▶️1 is net short USDT, another is net short VST.
▶️2 wallets have SUDO-ETH positions.
▶️Some are in liquid staking derivative farms (stMatic, beFTM, wstETH)
▶️1 is active in TreasureDAO ecosystem.
▶️1 has been in Canto since the beginning, compounding.
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KeyPaths are a pretty popular Swift syntax!

But do you think you know all the features of KeyPaths? 🤨

Here are 5 things you (probably) didn't know about KeyPaths 🧵
Let’s start with #1️⃣: Whenever you use a method like `.map { }` or .filter { }`, you can pass it a KeyPath instead of a closure!

And the compiler will take care of automatically translating that KeyPath to a closure 👌
Moving on to #2️⃣: Did you know there’s actually more than one type of KeyPath?

The classic `KeyPath` type is actually a reference to a read-only property.

When we take a `KeyPath` to a writable property, we get a `WritableKeyPath`:
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Wanna be an Opportunity Zone investor?

It is the most tax advantaged way to invest in Real Estate

There are rules to learn first. A few CANNOT be broken or you lose all of the promised benefits

Don't throw your money in the dreaded BLACK HOLE of OZ investing

🧵 below
When you boil it all down, there are two fundamental responsibilities for investors:

1️⃣Realize capital gains through the sale of an asset
2️⃣Invest some or all of those capital gains into a QOF within 180 days
The starting gun for that 180-day time frame can differ depending on where the capital gains originated

That is where the BLACK HOLE of OZ investing is

There are special timing considerations for gains coming through a partnership or S corporation
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Do you feel overwhelmed by cross coverage at night?

You need a framework to stay organized.

Here are 5 tips to thrive in these high stress situations:
The problem?

🔶 You might be 1 person covering admits and floor patients you don't know.
🔶 This is a high stress situation.
🔶 A framework allows you to provide better care.

Let's dig in ⤵️
Tip #1️⃣ Determine acuity

Did 5 pages just come through at once?

Get the info from ALL of them asap
(& have a system... more on this later)


You might waste 5 minutes replacing electrolytes on the first 4 but that 5th patient is decompensating.
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#Thread 🇪🇪🏆
Há exatos 4️⃣ anos, o Grêmio conquistava o Bicampeonato da Recopa Sul-americana.
Fiz uma #Thread sobre os 25 jogadores inscritos na final, e por onde andam cada um.

Segue +
Arrasta pra cima 🔃
📸 Nelson Almeida
#1️⃣ Marcelo Grohe
O grande herói da conquista ao defender o pênalti de Benítez.
Em 2018, foi a última temporada do ídolo Tricolor atuando pelo clube.
No início de 2019 se transferiu para Al Ittihad 🇸🇦

📸 Al Ittihad
#2️⃣ Léo Moura
Foi titular no primeiro jogo da final em Avellaneda. Na partida de volta na Arena, saiu lesionado aos 20" do 1º tempo,sendo substituído por Paulo Miranda.
No Grêmio atuou até dezembro 2019.
Anunciado em janeiro de 2020 pelo Botafogo PB.
Em março de 21 se aposentou
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We created more TikTok automated accounts and told the app they were 13.

The algorithm served them tens of thousands of weight-loss videos within a few weeks.

The latest story in our @WSJ TikTok investigation:
@WSJ This is our 3️⃣rd piece in this @WSJ TikTok series.

Here’s #1️⃣, a video investigation where we broke down the algorithm and how it drove our bot accounts into rabbit holes of depression.…
@WSJ Here’s #2️⃣, an interactive story where we broke down how TikTok can quickly drive minors into endless spools of content about sex and drugs.…
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#POCUS Ocular

Este Sábado 4 de Diciembre el Dr. Patrick Caqui nos habló de #DVNO/#ONSD, Relación Globo Ocular/DVNO y Pupilometría

Abrimos 🆕 🧵 con algunos de los puntos más interesantes y comentarios extras.
¿Podrás mejorar tu desempeño en 👁️👁️‍🗨️?
A manera de introducción se mencionaron los temas a tratar. Utilidad indiscutible en el paciente neurocrítico.
Antes y durante de 1999 se estaba ocupando el modo B para la evaluación ocular, posteriormente se adicionó el Doppler Color y Pulsado y el Modo-M.
Los tiempos cambian.
En el 2020 el Dr. Patrick de #PedsICU 🇵🇪 público, en base a un caso clínico de amebiasis cerebral, un artículo acerca de monitoreo invasivo y no invasivo en pediatra.
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Hard to believe #PGY4 is here! Grateful for the opportunity to share more about #HAES and #IntuitiveEating with fellow trainees in #peds today for my senior talk. I learned so much along the way I thought I might create a brief #tweetorial of the summary of my literature review.
#HAES or health at every size is a method of nutrition counseling focused on promoting body acceptance, encouraging nutrition 🍎, and gentle movement 💪 without an aim of weight loss.

In brief: pursuing health-promoting habits at any weight/body size. Image
A 2013 study in @JAMAPediatrics showed children whose parents used “weight-centered” language were more likely to diet frequently, binge eat, or have eating disorders as teens.

Parents that focused on healthy eating ONLY had a protective effect on all the above for their teens. Image
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“Building Your Digital Brand” 👩🏻‍💻📱

How YOU can leverage the use of SoMe as a platform for professional development! 🚀

Key 🔑 pearls from Brooke’s Grand Rounds Presentation 🙌🏼 @UK_HealthCare
#1️⃣ What is a digital brand? & why is it important for you?

Your brand is a synonymous term for your reputation! This resembles the intersection of how you see yourself & how others see you 👩🏻‍⚕️👨‍⚕️
2️⃣ Brings us to the question what is YOUR brand⁉️ How would you define it?

Take a moment to find out and search your name on google....What do you find?
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