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Hoy he visitado el Museo del Romanticismo @MRomanticismo y, como siempre, me ha encantado.

Es una casa-museo centrada en el s.XIX, con arte, objetos cotidianos, muebles, etc, pero con especial atención a la corriente estética del #Romanticismo.

Ven y te cuento⬇️
Qué es el #Romanticismo? Fue un movimiento artístico y literario europeo del s. XIX, que a España llegó tarde.


-Sentimiento y emoción frente a la razón.
-Individualismo y ansia de libertad.
-Imaginación como fuente de inspiracion.
-Ansia de libertad.

-Nacionalismo, lo cual lleva frecuentemente a temas artísticos históricos y militares.
-Escapismo de la realidad.
-Aparición de retratos y temas burgueses, nueva clase emergente.

En #España, el #romanticismo duró lo que el reinado de Isabel II (1833-1868).

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One reason the "do diets work?" debate interests me is because so many things that are terrible for fat people (and others) rests on that foundational belief that fat people could stop being fat if they wanted to.

.CathyYoung63 wrote "Obesity should be met with compassion, not 'acceptance.'" But if weight loss diets don't work for most fat people, then telling fat people not to accept our bodies is the opposite of being compassionate.…
(Definitions: By "work," I mean that a typical fat person will be able to follow the plan and become sustainably non-fat.

By "weight-loss plan" or "weight-loss diet," I mean any plan for losing weight that depends on controlling what's eaten. This includes "lifestyle changes.")
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The devil works hard but the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics works harder

ICYMI they quietly proposed new guidelines for "evidence-based" interventions for o*****y

In there, they recommend a daily 500-750 kcal deficit and suggest not using #HAES to improve quality of life
It should be obvious, but this is NOT the move. I cannot endorse what will perpetuate a culture of weight stigma and anti-fat bias in the profession and allow harmful practices to continue to be recommended to those in fat bodies under the guise of it being "evidence-based"
You can read them here:…
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#HAES RDs have you seen the BS from @eatright to treat large bodies? Start w/1200kcal diet (good for toddlers, not adults) & end with a call to "not use a Health at Every Size® or Non-Diet approach to improve BMI and other cardiometabolic outcomes or quality of life." A thread:
Don't miss the chance to let them know that this is not evidence-based, that this is harmful, and contributes to weight stigma, and that #HAES is proven to improve metabolic markers and QOL via their public comment survey:…
And before any non-#HAES folks jump on to troll fat bodies, here's some research to peruse (from their journal):
Bacon L, Stern JS, Van Loan MD, Keim NL. Size acceptance and intuitive eating improve health for obese, female chronic dieters. J Am Diet Assoc. 2005;105(6):929-936.
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Please read whole thread

It has taken me a few weeks to process this.

Let me tell you a conversation I had with a Dr recently. Had to visit & get checked over general pregnancy niggles, they had to check my BMI.
Dr: Oh Mrs Burnett you are measuring obese, we need to look at diet plans, I can suggest the new better health app, a calorie defecit & exercising.

Me: But I am 8 & a half months pregnant & recovering from an ED.
1st of all of course I am going to be weighing more a tiny human is growing inside me, I could pop any day now. 2nd I was discharged from ed services in Jan, suggesting I diet is not a good idea. I know I would spiral quite quickly and my priority is staying well for little one
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Much rhetoric around obesity as a critical pre-existing condition for Covid-19.

A key lesson from H1N1 epidemic: meta analyses (n=25,189) showed an odds ratio of 1.8 for fatality amongst obese people. Until they controlled for one key variable


#HAES #fatphobia #medtwitter
Smaller bodied people *systematically* received earlier antiviral treatment than larger bodied people. Controlling for this difference eliminates impact of obesity on H1N1 fatality. Obesity kills, but the critical mediator is not biology, it's bias.
H1N1 and coronavirus are not the same; but these results should encourage us to think critically about the current alarm bells. The concern should be directed inwardly, to providers, and outwardly, to an inequitable society.
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For 40 yrs I desperately tried to to lose weight. I failed at everything, ended up nearly 400lbs, thought it was all my fault. I was broken, unsalvageable. Now I know differently, but there were skills from each paradigm that have been instrumental in my low-carb journey: /1
From Weight Watchers (joined over 35x!): counting points. Eventually I transferred that to counting carb macros. I don’t think weighing/measuring/counting is ultimately a sustainable solution but in early days of low carb it taught me what I was eating and where carbs lie. /2
From intuitive eating (which ultimately landed me +50 pounds) I learned that food addiction is real and that there were things driving appetite that have nothing to do with how much food is in my stomach /3
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Hard to believe #PGY4 is here! Grateful for the opportunity to share more about #HAES and #IntuitiveEating with fellow trainees in #peds today for my senior talk. I learned so much along the way I thought I might create a brief #tweetorial of the summary of my literature review.
#HAES or health at every size is a method of nutrition counseling focused on promoting body acceptance, encouraging nutrition 🍎, and gentle movement 💪 without an aim of weight loss.

In brief: pursuing health-promoting habits at any weight/body size. Image
A 2013 study in @JAMAPediatrics showed children whose parents used “weight-centered” language were more likely to diet frequently, binge eat, or have eating disorders as teens.

Parents that focused on healthy eating ONLY had a protective effect on all the above for their teens. Image
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Can someone explain to me the idea of syns when it comes to sw..... I'm sorry, I thought a sin was, you know, murder. Not eating a dam cookie. Stop labelling food good and bad. All food has nutritional value and is needed. Yes, ALL FOOD! #HAES @antidietriot #bodypos #ditchthediet
The conversation went like this
Friend. Oh I cant have it too many syns it's bad.
Me. The food is bad Why what did it do to make it bad? Rob a bank? Hold someone hostage? Ohhh was it a bigamist?
Friend. You know what I mean
Me. nope I really don't, a cookie can not syn.
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As long as we continue encouraging restriction for eating disorder patients in larger bodies, we are setting them up for failure.

If you are not #HAES aligned, get the hell out of the ED field because you are causing further harm to your patients.
This includes colluding with the ED & saying that you’ll help your patient lose weight once their behaviors stabilize -which happened to me more than once.

It sent me the message yet again that my body was wrong, eating was bad, & that I wasn’t safe to exist in my natural body.
I spent a long time blaming myself for going through intense ED treatment without achieving recovery.

I believed that I must not have wanted recovery or that I didn’t try hard enough but the truth is that I wasn’t given the chance with my restriction being PRAISED and encouraged
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Eating disorder programs that treat eating disorders while promoting the abstinence model along with weight loss is yet another example of what is wrong in our field.

You know why you might FEEL addicted? Because you’re restricting yourself or feeling guilt every time you eat something our culture has deemed “wrong.”

And of course that food changes every single decade.
Today, I read on an eating disorder program’s website - and this a direct quote from the dietitian- “Find foods that you love but not LLOOVVEE.”

Gd forbid you have pleasure from food? Gd forbid you go overboard and actually truly enjoy the food you eat??
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We are so quick to celebrate weight loss at any cost. But I want to talk about weight gain.

After a year+ treatment & many relapses, I’m officially pretty damn close to my pre anorexia weight.

Some people have found this disappointing; believing I’ve “let myself go.”
But every damn pound has been hard fought against my eating disorder and it’s necessary for my survival. And even more than my survival, for my ability to truly LIVE and thrive.
When someone fits the stereotype of what anorexia “should” look like, their weight gain is celebrated. Because I don’t “look” like someone who fits the stereotype of anorexia or any eating disorder, people think my weight gain is unnecessary or excessive.
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For #WorldDiabetesDay , let’s take a moment to remember that no one sweets their way into diabetes even though our culture loves to blame people with type 2 diabetes for bringing it onto themselves.
When someone says, “I just ate 2 pieces of cake and probably gave myself diabetes,” that’s not funny. That’s damaging and painful to those who have diabetes. It’s insinuating that those who have diabetes deserve it because they did it to themselves.
We need to consider what we’re inferring by those “jokes and how harmful those jokes are to people living with diabetes. #WorldDiabetesDay
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@NoomCoach I am on day 2 of my 14-day trial, and I am almost ready to cancel right now. 1/ I generally advocate for #bodyacceptance and #healthateverysize #HAES, so I am skeptical of all "diets" particularly the rhetoric around restriction and bad calorie science
@NoomCoach 2/ Your app/program claims to have a different relationship to food and value than other diet programs. And while I appreciate the gesture at not labeling foods "good" and "bad" your color-coding system is basically the equivalent
@NoomCoach 3/ Your calorie logic is *EXACTLY THE SAME* as every other diet program out there--weight loss is a simple equation between calories in/calories out. Which btw is overly simplistic. You basically have a teched-up revamp of @WeightWatchers_
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My body has been seen as wrong my entire life. Too big, too much, disgusting, lacking willpower and self- restraint. These are not my distorted ED thoughts but the reality of what I faced on a daily basis.
I was constantly told, “You must not have tried THIS diet” or “You must not want to lose weight badly enough,” insinuating that my body size is an indicator that I’m eating too much. That I don’t know how to control myself.
The truth is that the times I’ve been most free of my ED were the times I’ve been the biggest. Imagine what it’s like trying to reassure yourself that you’re doing what’s best for u in every damn way in a world telling u that u are WRONG simply for existing in your larger body.
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Can we stop pretending like diets in 2019 are any different than old diets just because they have been repackaged for health?

Keto is Atkins
WW Freestyle is still Weight Watchers
Intermittent Fasting is just skipping meals
Low carb is the new low fat

& they all still don’t work
Quick note: I’m going to do a thread later on the evidence to support what I’m saying

Also: I have a podcast called Trust Your Body Project if ya wanna check it out. It’s about intuitive eating, body image, and mental health
OKAY RESEARCH TIME! Let's do this, people. I guarantee I'll miss things and this won't be comprehensive, but I'm gonna try my damn best to lay this out. Are you ready?!
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1/ The #HAES and @WtMgmtDPG debate at #FNCE today impacted me more than I realized, so please allow me to share what has been bouncing around inside my head for the last few hours - Another perspective that may have been missed.
2/ This "debate" seems multi-layered and hard to pin down, but one of the most controversial points, as far as I understand it, is to argue which of the following is worse - the state of being obese, or the stigma that can be attached to it? #FNCE
3/ When I dare venture to ask why we can't respond to this stigma by teaching clients to internalize things differently, I get dismissed or told things like "You're missing the bigger picture of injustice", or, "that's just your privilege talking." #FNCE
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