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Witchcraft Thread
Witchcraft is a construct of people that addresses tensions within society, & provides an explanation for events which they have no LOGICAL explanation for, such as illnesses, sudden death, misfortune, bad luck, & crop failure.#witchcraft #witch Elderly women
are one of the most vulnerable members of society in sub-Saharan Africa, and at risk of being accused of witchcraft or being a witch, or are perceived to have outlived their usefulness.
Community accusations of witchcraft correspond with direct or indirect harm to others, such
as from : road accidents, unemployment, infertility, and physical and mental health problems. From this perspective, a witch has caused harm in the physical realm by evolving a malevolent force from the spirit world, such as an ancestors’ spirit An accusation of witchcraft
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-- Thread Supranatural --

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@IDN_Horor @horror_fess

#wiccan #witch #February2022 Image
Halo sobat Sorcery

Tepat dihari ini dimana tulisan ini kami tulis ditanggal 22 Februari, 105 tahun yang lalu seorang penyihir yang dinamai Sybil Leek dilahirkan didunia.
Beliau adalah salah satu pelopor Wicca modern setelah Gerald Gardner memperkenalkan Wicca kepada masyarakat luas beberapa tahun sebelumnya.
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I've HATED this person. Actually, I've not loved them at all sometimes.

I've fed them lies and told them they weren't good enough and have allowed others to tell them they aren't good enough.

I've allowed them to be broken. I've allowed others to treat them disrespectfully.-
I've allowed them to run through brick walls and battle for others who won't even stand for them.

I couldn't stop others from abandoning them, but I've seen them stand up and be a light for the world and love others despite all that.

I have stood paralyzed by fear while they-
fought battles in their mind, heart and soul.

This person has screwed up many times as a partner, as a child, as a parent and as a friend because they didn't think they were worthy of self love or the love of others.

They have a smart mouth, a stubborn streak, and they have-
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Make sure to read the rules on the img! This is NOT by any circumstance, an *N*F*T* selling, I do not condone that type of purchase or sale. #dnd #OC #adoptable #art #digitalart #faun #satyr #characterdesign #dungeonsanddragons #witch Image
↓↓↓↓ ✨Bids start HERE✨ ↓↓↓↓
Just putting it back up on the timeline! If you can't afford or has no interest, pls rt if possible! Thankyou!✨💜
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1) #COVID1984 makes it totes obvious that we're in midst of weird globalist mega-psyop. Power of #occultelite and #DeepState cronies to control global economy, politics and popular culture is jaw-dropping. And they've long been up to srsly sinister shit in all those fields.
2) Unless you're an utter moron, odds are you're "awakening" to hidden forces shaping much of what happens in the world. And these occult (hidden) puppet masters manipulate our perception of reality via news media with skewed reporting, etc. Also via pop music and movies.
3) Disturbing fact is that #DeepState denizens (esp from CIA) have long been applying their vast knowledge of #mindcontrol to task of conditioning the public via Hollywood in particular. There's a good doco on this called #OutofShadows. Worth a watch.
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Baba Yaga is a supernatural being who appears as a ferocious-looking old crone and is found across Slavic folklore traditions. Particularly in Russian lore Baba Yaga flies around in a mortar, wields a pestle and dwells deep in the forest in a shack that stands on chicken legs
Despite equivalence in the witches of European folklore Baba Yaga may help those who seek her help, often playing a maternal role and nurturing close relationships with forest birds and animals. The endurance of the Baba Yaga myth is perhaps down to the figure’s ambiguity.
Depictions vary greatly, ranging from a child-eating monster, to helping a lovelorn protagonist find his missing bride. Folklorist Andreas Johns identifies Baba Yaga as a representation of ‘Cloud, Moon, Death, Winter, Snake, Bird, Pelican or Earth Goddess,
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Witchcraft is by no means harmless as it is a practice to summon demons for added power. When @realDonaldTrump speaks of Witch Hunts, one meaning is that we must recognize that millions of Luciferians are behind evil practices.

#Witch #BelizeanGrove #blackmagic
#BelizeanGrove is the female version of #BohemianGrove
Through secret rituals and dark magic, they summon demons to do their bidding.…
As described by Juan O'Saven
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