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1/ Markets are down and the Vix is...down.

Why is the Vix sub-14? And what is the Vix?

Debrief from my convo with a equity volatility options trader.

What happens from here?

Charts below.

#VIX #volatility #nvidia
2/ Vix closed at 13.5 today.

The VIX, or Volatility Index, is a measure of expected price fluctuations in the S&P 500 Index options over the next 30 days.

It is often referred to as the "fear index" or "fear gauge" because it represents the market's expectation of volatility. Image
3/ The Black-Scholes (or related equations) are used to back-out the implied volatility. Observed put/call prices on front-month contracts Image
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1/ Yet another FAST evolution in AI: Tafi has announced a text to #3D character engine. A game-changer for artists, developers, and creatives, making 3D character creation faster and easier.
#3DArt #gamedevs #digitalartwork
2/ The engine uses a huge 3D dataset from Tafi's Genesis character platform and is compatible with popular game engines and 3D software applications. Get ready for integration with #NVIDIA's Omniverse! #AI #3D #Software
3/ Tafi continues to support its artist community with a revenue-sharing model and a method for recording artist attribution. A win for creatives everywhere! #DigitalArt #ArtistsOnTwitter
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W weekend powinien pojawi膰 si臋 u mnie 馃У podsumowuj膮cy kwartalny raport #Nvidia, a przede wszystkim: co m贸wili w trakcie konferencji. Mo偶e do tego czasu sp贸艂ka opublikuje te偶 tradycyjn膮 prezentacj臋 kwartaln膮.

Tymczasem zach臋cam do "pakietu combo" nt. $NVDA i moich marcowych 馃У猡碉笍
Om贸wienie sp贸艂ki, a zw艂aszcza jej oferty, w trzech cz臋艣ciach. Skupiam si臋 bardziej na rozwi膮zaniach sp贸艂ki, a nie na jej finansach, poniewa偶 to nie s膮 馃У rekomendacyjne

Cz臋艣膰 1鈨: Wprowadzenie. Wyniki, komentarze, zapowiedzi podczas konferencji kwartalnej

Cz臋艣膰 2鈨: Infrastruktura / oferta $NVDA pod AI. Czyli co ma tworzy膰 fos臋 wok贸艂 biznesu sp贸艂ki w AI.

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1Stability AI鎺ㄥ嚭StableLM
3Elon Musk濞佽儊璧疯瘔Microsoft
4OpenAI鏇存柊API瀵嗛挜閫犱簡Stable Diffusion鐨凷tability AI鍒氬垰鍙戝竷浜嗕竴濂楀悕涓篠tableLM鐨勫紑婧愬ぇ鍨嬭瑷妯″瀷锛圠LMs锛夈
Elon Musk杩戞棩瀹e竷锛岀敱浜嶮icrosoft鍦ˋI棰嗗煙鐨勬煇浜涜涓猴紝浠栧彲鑳戒細瀵硅鍏徃鎻愯捣璇夎銆傚叿浣撲簤璁粏鑺傚皻鏈叕寮锛屼絾杩欒〃鏄嶢I棰嗗煙鐨勭珵浜夋棩鐩婃縺鐑堛
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Let's develop a podcast concept for #NVIDIA to test #gpt4 and see what we can do without industry knowledge or research

Picked NVIDIA more or less at random. I know very little about them

In this thread we'll pick a target audience, tomorrow we'll develop the concept. Let's go!
To figure out who the audience might be, I first needed to understand more about their products. Since we're using AI and it's growing like mad, figured I'd drill into tech used specifically in this space. Image
This was a fairly long conversation though, so I asked the chatbot to summarise it into a Twitter thread. Some pics along the way to see the prompts I used... Over to ChatGPT...
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NVIDIA. Cz臋艣膰 2鈨

Cz臋艣膰 1鈨: Wprowadzenie. Wyniki, komentarze, zapowiedzi podczas konferencji kwartalnej. 5.03

Cz臋艣膰 2鈨: Infrastruktura / oferta #NVDA pod AI. Czyli co ma tworzy膰 fos臋 wok贸艂 biznesu sp贸艂ki w AI. 12.03

Cz臋艣膰 3鈨: Omniverse, Automotive. 19.03

Dzi艣 cz. druga 馃У
2/ Nvidia uwa偶a, 偶e rynek, kt贸ry b臋d膮 mogli zaadresowa膰 (TAM, Total Addressable Market) w d艂u偶szym terminie b臋dzie wart 1 bilion USD.

Ten schemat mniej wi臋cej pokazuje nam, w jakim kierunku #Nvidia b臋dzie chcia艂a i艣膰 i gdzie b臋dzie pr贸bowa艂a rozbudowywa膰 kompetencje.
3/ Oczywi艣cie to NIE JEST prognoza dla ich przychod贸w za 10 lat (roczna sprzeda偶 to teraz ok. 27 mld USD)

To jest warto艣膰 tortu, z kt贸rego sp贸艂ka b臋dzie pr贸bowa艂a wykroi膰 jak najwi臋kszy kawa艂ek dla siebie. Musi doda膰 nowe kompetencje, by wykroi膰 wi臋cej, ale musi i chroni膰 obecne
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1/ #Nvidia is world鈥檚 eighth largest companies in terms of Market Cap (~$582 bn).

It is not as large in terms of revenue ($27 bn, FY23 Jan YE), but perhaps its business and its opportunities make the market value this high. Perhaps. Difficult to fathom.

A thread.
2/ Set up in 1993, Nvidia makes chips, software and systems. Or platforms.

It was set up in 1993.

In 1999, it invented the #GPU which forms its core business even today.

From early focus on PC Graphics, they have expanded to several computationally intensive fields.
3/ What is a GPU?

GPU is Graphics Processing Unit. Initially launched for graphics, it has now evolved into an important computational tech.

In 2006, Nvidia introduced CUDA programming model which opened parallel processing capabilities of GPU for general purpose computing.
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Looks like Sony recently filed a patent and plans to use NFT technology with Playstation. We need a #P2E Tekken!

That may be a long way off, so let's talk about what is happening in NFT & Crypto Gaming TODAY. A thread...
1/ My goal with this thread is to create a growing resource for games. ***I will add a short video of each game in this thread for easy scanning.***

Please feel free to comment with games I've missed. I find some of the best gems are hidden in the comments of threads like this.
2/ First, I want to cover the Top 10 gaming projects by total transactions over this past week, according to @Gameverse_

I'll give a brief summary with video demos of each of these in order... Image
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馃敻What is Blockchain Technology
馃敻10 x Great Blockchain Companies to Invest in

We dive deeper into this in the thread below
What Is Blockchain Technology?

It is a type of database that is both public & decentralized

Each 鈥渂lock鈥 in a blockchain is a data structure & is recognized by a cryptographic 鈥渉ash鈥 and timestamp

It is almost impossible to alter/delete anything that has already been added
The blocks make up the chain & the data they contain is kept in a public database

Blocks include information on a transaction, such as cost/date/time & the digital signatures of those involved

Info on the blockchain can be accessed by anybody
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Here is a summary of yesterday's Nvidia GTC keynote speech by Jensen Huang for those of you who aren't familiar with the industry or simply have no time.

#Nvidia #geforce #gaming #metaverse #AI #Trending
Nvidia RTX 4th Gen. Ada Lovelace

-4x more processing throughput vs the RTX 3090Ti

-Shader Execution Recording (SER) improves super complex ray tracing calculation efficiency by rescheduling similar works to be executed at the same time.

-*Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS)
*DLSS 3.0

-Rendering pixels in real-time requires an insane amount of computation power

-DLSS uses AI to generate new frames by comparing current frames with prior frames to understand how a scene is changing

-ESSENTIALLY, DLSS 3 predicts new frames without involving the game
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NVIDIA GTC starts today! There are tons of exciting topics and webinars covered. This year again the whole conference is online and free, so go and register if you have not done so already.

Here are a few special highlight sessions:

1/4 Image
GTC 2022 Keynote - September:

How CUDA Programming Works:

Building the Future of Work with AI-powered Digital Humans:

Building Future-Ready Intelligence for Cars:

A Deep Dive into RAPIDS for Accelerated Data Science and Data Engineering:

A Deep Dive into the Latest HPC Software:

Cross-Framework Model Evaluation and Accelerated Training with NVIDIA Merlin:

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Reason to choose Technology Sector Fund

鉃★笍 Almost all IT Companies corrected 30-40% .

鉃★笍 It can consolidated for next 2-3 yrs

鉃★笍 One can accumulate Units at lower NAV through SIP.
Reason to choose #SBITechnologyFund

鉃★笍 Combo pack of USA Tech + Indian Tech .

鉃★笍 Country diversify

鉃★笍 Top US holding in this fund

#Alphabet (Google, Google Fiber.....etc)
Befor start must know some Positive & Negative points of Sectorial Fund

鉃★笍 Very High return in a particular time frame upto 25-30% annually.
鉃★笍 Do not invest more than 10%
鉃★笍 It may risky investment in short term
鉃★笍 Minimum investment time frame should be 3 Yrs+
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Here's the conundrum with @Nvidia drivers on Linux, in a thread. I have a Fedora perspective, obviously, but I think it's a shared problem. (馃У rant which I'm not going to bother to count or number.) #linux #nvidia #opensource #freesoftware
On the one hand, users just want their hardware to work 鈥 I've got a laptop, it's got an Nvidia card, make it go!
And I don't have anything against proprietary software. I mean, I find it boring, but, sure, keep your "secrets".
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#Lapsus, el grupo cibercriminal que extorsiona con #ransomware que se la puso a Nvidia y Samsung, ahora hace una encuesta para que voten a su siguiente v铆ctima.

Miren qui茅n aparece en la lista 馃憖

El leak de #nvidia fue tremendo. El c贸digo fuente de DLSS, uno de sus desarrollos m谩s importantes de los 煤ltimos a帽os, adem谩s de la eliminaci贸n del l铆mite para minar a las placas que vienen capeadas por soft.

Y 71 mil credenciales de empleados鈥

190 GB de informaci贸n subida en un torrent el viernes pasado. Como prueba del ataque, subieron una captura de los directorios de C/C++

(v铆a @BleepinComputer)鈥
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Herkesi konu艧up durdu臒u #Metaverse nedir ?

Hangi evrende, hangi arsalar谋 alabiliriz?

Arsa fiyatlar谋n谋n durumu nedir ?

Arsa sat谋n almak mant谋kl谋 bir yat谋r谋m m谋 ?

#Metaverse'眉 脰teEvren olarak 莽evirebiliriz.
陌nsanlar谋n, ekran ba艧谋nda "seyretmeyip" Evrene sanal g枚zl眉klerle interaktif bir 艧ekilde dahil olmalar谋 diyebiliriz k谋saca.

@BarisOzcan'谋n deyimiyle "Ayna D眉nyalar"
Bir bilgisayar oyunundan daha sanal, kendi hayat谋n谋zdan daha ger莽ek bir ya艧ant谋n谋z谋n oldu臒u, kendi ekonomisine, kendi siyasetine, kendi e臒lencesine en 枚nemlisiyse kendi ger莽ekli臒ine sahip 枚te d眉nyalar...
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Las 10 mayores acciones del #Metaverso, analizadas 馃憞

Dentro hilo 馃У
1鈨 Lo m谩s f谩cil para estar invertidos en el Metaverso es a trav茅s del ETF USA:

$META Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF.

A causa de la directiva Mifid II no podemos comprarlo desde Europa pero tenemos algunas opciones馃檪
2鈨 Una es a trav茅s de opciones financiares, como coment贸 mi compa帽ero @VictorG_bolsa, te recomiendo su hilo si no lo has visto.

Yo en mi newsletter di otra opci贸n, replicar las 10 mayores posiciones del ETF, con los mismos pesos.

A continuaci贸n revisaremos cada una de ellas.
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Memory Efficient Coding in #PyTorch
20 tricks to optimize your PyTorch code

Let's break some of the bad habits while writing PyTorch code 馃憞

A thread 馃У
1. PyTorch dataloader supports asynchronous data loading in a separate worker subprocess. Set pin_memory=True to instruct the DataLoader to use pinned memory which enables faster and asynchronous memory copy from host to GPU Image
2. Disable gradient calculation for validation or inference. Gradients aren't needed for inference or validation, so perform them within torch.no_grad() context manager. Image
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The next leap in the internet, I think, will be the expansion of the "metaverse"

Shared virtual 3D worlds that are interactive, immersive, and collaborative

I believe the NVIDIA's Omniverse $NVDA will be a major player in this space

Here is a breakdown猬囷笍
1) What is NVDIA's omniverse?

It's an interactive, real-time, physically realistic simulation platform that allows live collaboration in digital projects thru a variety of 3D design tools.

Will allow teams to work together in a photo-realistic, shared virtual space
2) Based on #NVIDIA's RTX technology

RTX uses ray tracing technology to render photorealistic images in real-time that react to lighting, shadows, and reflection

Allows for accurate modelling of real word objects in virtual environments. Demo below馃憞馃憞

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Two large #antitrust probes in the same screenshot that relate to #Genomics and #Bioinformatics
(1) Possible buyout of #ARM by #NVIDIA does have an effect on the #Bioinformatics field: many applications now are deployable on CPU/GPUs with #ARM and/or #NVIDIA chips on them. Some recent examples are:
(a) the Oxford @nanopore MinION Mk1c device, which originally was specced at Jetson TX2 ARM+Pascal GPU accelerators (ARM processor 6 cores, 256 Core GPU), 8 GB RAM (may have changed since then.
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New evidence suggests #SolarWinds hackers likely compromised the software build infrastructure of Orion platform & added malicious code, which was then eventually delivered within new updates that the company compiled, signed, and delivered.鈥
SolarWinds attackers mimic the software developers' coding style and naming standards to blend in their malicious code with the rest of the code.
Although first version containing the backdoor was traced to 2019.4.5200.9083, new report says version 2019.4.5200.8890, from October 2019, included an empty .NET class that attackers added to verify if their modifications to the codebase were being delivered into new updates.
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Why #Tesla needs to double/quadruple down in #China now by increasing EV production, FSD dev; starting RoboTaxi & insurance!

#elonmusk, 4X in China will greatly accelerate transition to sustainable energy and cement Tesla鈥檚 leadership.
1/10 Quick thoughts & winner/loser prediction after watching #NIO day. Impressive event, nice sedan, wish NIO to be successful, but some concerns:
1. FSD HW from #Nvidia. HW spec does not equal good AI results. #Tesla chip is custom & optimized for Tesla only, super efficient...
Additional thoughts/info on #NIO after #NIODay, & which #EV#Battery companies I think are best bets 2021.

Again I am rooting for NIO's long term success, while I try my best to focus analysis 100% on facts & share my rationale for your own consideration & benefits.
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#EdgeAI for everyone! 鈥 @NVIDIA Jetson Nano developer kit = low-cost #AI computer delivers compute performance to run AI workloads at unprecedented size, power, & cost, plus it connects to a diverse set of sensors:
#MachineLearning #IoT #IoTPL #IIoT
.@NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB 鈥 The Ultimate #AI and #Robotics #Edge platform with an entry-level price:
#BigData #DataScience #EdgeAI #IoT #IIoT #IoTPL #EdgeComputing #MachineLearning #DeepLearning @NVIDIAAI #GPU
The #Nvidia Jetson Nano is boosting the growing industrial #IoT revolution:
#abdsc #EdgeAnalytics #EdgeComputing #IIoT #IoTPL #StreamingAnalytics #BigData #DataScience #AI #EdgeAI #MachineLearning #GPU
See it here:
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Jensen Huang, @nvidia CEO just kicked off #GTC2020 with a keynote that covered several groundbreaking announcements and partnerships. The future of #AI and #Nvidia is incredibly exciting. Here's a thread of the (many) key takeaways. Let's get started!馃У馃憞
The main focus this time was on #AI & high performance computing in the data center & on the edge. This #GTC2020 Nvidia is releasing 80 new and updated SDKs. CUDA, Nvidia's toolkit for GPU powered applications, has been downloaded 20M times, 6M in 2020 alone. Image
#Omniverse, Nvidia's platform for simulation & collaboration is now in open beta. Using Omniverse teams can simultaneously work in Blender, Maya, Unreal etc and view the results rendered in real time in a common interface. Image
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#Huawei is bypassing #US sanctions by leasing #NVIDIA #GPUs and #Dell workstations through third-party companies.
Dear @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @FBI @CIA @CommerceGov, please investigate.
I got the above tip from @zhangtianliang. I'll put his original Chinese message below
Original message from @zhangtianliang:
Translation of @zhangtianliang's message: "Jennifer, someone left a comment under my show about #Huawei:' Chinese companies sanctioned by #US are obtaining US products and services via leasing. My former company is on the U.S. sanctions list, but the company is leasing...
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