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This is the “Fallacy of the Unknown” that pseudoarchaeology claims thrive on.

Let’s explore what’s really going on here! Come along on this 𝘮𝘺𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘰𝘶𝘴 thread! 1/7
Only 10% of Teotihuacan has been excavated they say, so what surprising discoveries might await us? I mean there could be ANYTHING in the rest of the sight! Right?!?! 2/7
Archaeology, like all social sciences, works on sampling strategies. There is no where near enough time or money in the ‘verse for us to excavate & analyze an entire site, so we take systematic samples.

And, after decades of research, those samples return consistent results. 3/7
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Trying to think like a satanic piece of 💩 so I can figure out where a few things are like the:

-Other destinations


I have seen old newspaper articles with this map saying it was an ancient Buddhist map
Not saying they're real or not, but I don't discredit anything at this point. There has to be someone out there with some info

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Dear @joerogan, speaking as a “mainstream” archaeologist, the image you’re referring to is the sarcophagus lid of Pacal, ruler of Palanque. It depicts him falling into the underworld at the moment of his death. 1/
@joerogan This notion of death and passing to the next world is particularly reinforced when we think about the fact that this carving was found directly on top of his mortal remains. (And a sweet greenstone burial mask) 2/
@joerogan What you talked about as possibly being a telescope is in fact an image of what we know today as the "World Tree." (Note the bird on top, that would much up a telescope view pretty quick, as well as a rocketship launch.) 3/
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The ancient Incan terraces at Moray, Peru, represent a visually stunning reminder of human ingenuity and capability.

But @Microsoft is now encouraging you to think these terraces might have been built by #AncientAliems or Romans. Let’s talk about why that’s a problem! 1/6
This was brought to my attention by @ArchaeoJapan, who shows us that in a Screenshot @Windows asks users if this structure is an ancient Roman amphitheater or maybe a UFO landing pad.

They’re just asking, right? No harm, right?

Hmm... 2/6

The problem is that for centuries Westerners argued the ancient structures of the Americas couldn’t have been built by the continents’ indigenous people. Instead earlier European visitors must have built them.

This idea was not based in evidence, but rather simple prejudice. 3/6
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Hey folks, make sure you check out this great new article by @SarahEBond about the implicit racism by behind #pseudoarchaeology and #AncientAliens claims!

And, I have some thoughts on race and pseudoarchaeology below! 👇…
I've encountered lots of people who react angrily to the assertion that #AncientAliens claims are rooted in racism. Many will assert the show is about technology & evidence of alien contact, not race. Or will instead get upset that "academics" want to make everything about race.
I do believe, that most viewers of the show are not attracted to it for racially motivated reasons, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to this idea.

There are lots of things in this world that may not appear racially motivated if we don't know the history behind them.
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Why casual engagements with #AncientAliens aren’t ‘cute’ or ‘a fun break from real news,’ a thread!
1) The central claim of the show is that humans could not have achieved feats of engineering and science without the help of 👽.

If they’re right, humans are pretty dumb. If they’re wrong ... well the whole show is an exercise is denigrating human achievement.
2) There’s no evidence that aliens visited earth in the archaeological record. The show takes objects out of context, dims the lights, squints, & says “doesn’t this look like an alien/ufo to you?” If you #AskAnArchaeologist you’ll find they leave out lots of data in this process.
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