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WTF is wrong with people... This super viral thread is word-for-word plagiarism of a two decade old essay (that's mostly been debunked:…)

Scholars with large followings are sharing this

Do some due diligence! Share Twitter threads based on real research
If you want to share a fun thread based on real scholarly research, share this one on my PhD research into ancient chickens... it's fun, it has pictures of chickens, and it's based on hours and hours of actual research

Or if you just want something silly, but still based on hours and hours of actual research for my honors thesis. Try this thread on ancient use of marijuana. Bonus, it's got some fun gifs

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This meme is completely absurd. If it was turned in as an answer in my class it'd get a 6%. And that's rounding up, it's really a 5.55555555%

Let's walk through it:
1. Open borders? Wtf. There were extensive border fortifications throughout much of the Empire. But the idea of closed borders is a modern concept. The Roman empires borders never controlled immigration.
3. Corrupt politicians: Aren't all politicians corrupt? From the first Roman Kings thru the senators thru all emperors, Roman politicians were mostly corrupt.
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@diana_west_ to @amspectator & @kimstrassel: “Decency Demands a Correction”—“ ‘Andrew McCabe is the new Joe McCarthy,’ is, to coin a phrase, perpetuating #FakeHistory — which I am sure The Spectator (& @kimstrassel) will not wish to be party to” (1/4)…
@kimstrassel @amspectator 2/4 ~Two months before Joseph Welch’s mendacious histrionics HE, Welch, per the NYT, Apr 16, 1954 (attached), had fired Fisher for “previous membership in a Communist-front organization”
3/4 @diana_west_ to @amspectator & @kimstrassel: “Decency Demands a Correction”—“ ‘Andrew McCabe is the new Joe McCarthy,’ is, to coin a phrase, perpetuating #FakeHistory — which I am sure The Spectator (& @kimstrassel) will not wish to be party to” (1/4)…
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@DineshDSouza I wrote a book detailing southern Dems support for segregation and repeatedly noted that obvious fact on Twitter.

You, meanwhile, invented a fake Dixiecrat senator and implied that politicians who died in the 1940s and 1950s were still Democrats in the 1960s. That's #FakeHistory
@DineshDSouza If I'm trying to hide the Democrats' racist past as the defenders of segregation, I'm really doing a horrible job.

Here are just a few quick samples from my book.
@DineshDSouza When historians say you're a horrible liar, what they mean is that you're horrible at lying.

Like when you claimed "progressive textbooks" were hiding the "secret" about Democratic support for segregation. All these ones do:
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While Trump runs down the straightup Hitler rhetoric about "preserving & protecting Western Civilization," bloated with "America First" chauvinism... #FreeYourself from the Great Tautological Fallacy. #thread #FreeYourMind #TrumpInAsia
From childhood we’re indoctrinated with the notion that America is a Shining Light of Freedom & the President of the U.S. is the Leader of the “Free World.” #thread #FakeHistory #FakeNews
Is the U.S. a Shining Light of Freedom when millions of women are battered and huge numbers are raped every year? Is this a Shining Light to the world?? #MeToo #YesAllWomen
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