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Allerorten wird jetzt eine #Pandemieaufarbeitung gefordert. #HeribertPrantl auf @BR24 Peter Dabrock (@just_ethics) fordert eine Versöhnungskommission und @alex_neubauer spürt im Spiegel seinem inneren kleinen Diktator in der #Pandemie nach. 1/
Also Ärmel hochgekrempelt - packen wir es an. Es folgt ein very #LongRead
Aber davor noch zwei Verweise zu anderen Threads 2/
Der vormals angeheftete Tweet zum Wandel der Natur der Pandemie durch zunehmende Immunisierung findet sich hier:

Wem dieser Tweet hier zu lange ist, der kann gerne auch bei #65 im Thread starten.
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#Shi & her 2022 #China Patent: BALB/c mouse adapted strain of #SARS related coronavirus WIV1-RsSHC014S and application thereof..
Inventors: Shi Zhengli, Lin Haofeng, Liu Meiqin, Jiang Rendi
Zhou Peng. #WIV1 #RsSHC014S Image
The invention relates to the technical field of coronavirus, in particular to a BALB/c mouse adapted strain of SARS-related coronavirus WIV1-RsSHC 014S. Image
The SARS-associated coronavirus #RsSHC014 can effectively replicate and propagate in a corresponding cell line and a transgenic mouse by using #hACE2 as a receptor, Image
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Niveles elevados de glucosa en sangre (hiperglucemia) en pacientes con #COVID19

Abro 🧵👇🏼


#SARSCoV2 #Diabetes #Glucose
Primero algunos (4) conceptos:

1️⃣ Insulina

Es una pequeña proteína producida por el páncreas. Le indica a nuestras células que deben absorber la glucosa que les llega a través del torrente sanguíneo


#Insulin #pancreas #metabolism

La adiponectina es una hormona producida por las células que almacenan la grasa (adipocitos), tiene dos funciones principales: hacer que las células sean más sensibles ante la insulina, y...


#FatTissue #Endocrinology #Hormones
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1/ 5. #China, #Aantal regionale #COVID #Lockdown dagen,
#Gemiddeld over héél China (1.400 miljoen).

Per stad / regio worden de lockdown dagen #Geteld.
#Maal 't aantal miljoen #Inwoners in die #Regio &
#Gedeeld door 't aantal miljoen inwoners van #China.
+ bronvermeldingen👇👇
2/5. #China: #Wuhan stad & #Hubei provincie.

1. Wuhan city, 23-01-2020 - 08-04-2020 = 75 dagen
- 75 x 11 miljoen / 1.400 milj. = 0,6 dagen

2. Rest of Hubei Prov. 23-01-2020 - 25-03-2020 = 61
- 61 x 46 mio / 1.400 mio = 2 dagen


draadje 👇👇
3/5. China Overige regio's.

3. Wenzhou, 02-02-2020 - 20-02-2020 = 19
- 19 x 9,2 mio / 1.400 mio = 0,1 dagen

4. Ürümqi, 18-07-2020 - 26-08-2020 = 39
- 39 x 3,5 mio / 1.400 mio = 0,1 dagen

5. Shijazhuang, 07-01-2020 - 31-01-2020 = 25
- 25 x 11 mio / 1.400 mio = 0,2 dagen
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#BSL3 #Hubei
Environmental assessments of BSL-3 lab in Hubei CDC, 2007
#BSL3 #Hubei
Environmental assessments of BSL-3 lab in Hubei CDC
#BSL3 #Hubei
Environmental assessments of BSL-3 lab in Hubei CDC
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#BSL3 #Hubei
Docs, meeting minutes, plans for the biosafety labs in Hubei from 2005.
#BSL3 #Hubei
Docs, meeting minutes, plans for the biosafety labs in Hubei from 2005.
#BSL3 #Hubei
Docs, meeting minutes, plans for the biosafety labs in Hubei from 2005.
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The @WHO investigation team is today visiting two centres for disease control in #Wuhan. They’re currently at the provincial level facility. The second is city level. Both places have labs in them for studying viruses etc but they’re not the top level (most dangerous). #China
This is probably the most relevant place the @WHO team has visited so far. They can speak to serious people with actual data etc. They’ve been inside for over 3 and a half hours. #China #coronavirus
@WHO team leaves. On the left hand side you’ll see some argy bargy with security as a cameraman tries to film comments from one of the scientists who had his window down. Apparently he said it was a good meeting. #China #coronavirus
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A year ago this week #Wuhan locked down in a warning to the world how deadly & destabilising the #coronavirus would be. Many didn’t heed it. We travelled to #Hubei then & now return to the province with the first #Covid-19 clusters. The road back to Wuhan:…
And here’s the Chinese version:…
For those on the thread asking about visiting the #Wuhan Institute of Virology. Naturally it's a highly-secure facility. I think only one reporting team has been briefly allowed in recently. As we're not scientists, even if we were given access, not sure what that'd achieve?
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#EspecialOEM: Historia breve del Covid-19 😷

#AUnAñoDelCovid, ¿cómo cambió nuestra vida en 2020? 🦠

Lee la historia completa en Image
#EspecialOEM: Todo empezó el primero de diciembre de 2019

Según se sabría después, el paciente cero de la pandemia de #COVID19 habría sido un hombre de 70 años viviendo en la ciudad de #Wuhan

#AUnAñoDelCovid, lee la historia completa en Image
#EspecialOEM: Para el 5 de enero, por primera vez, la #OMS emitió un comunicado alertando a todo el mundo sobre una “neumonía desconocida”.

#AUnAñoDelCovid, lee la historia completa en Image
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Not sure how on the radar this is for you but the #Chinaflooding season starts in 13 days and it’s already a catastrophe.

An interesting analysis of the situation.

#msm not covering this.

@paul_furber @paulmuaddib61

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🔴#Crisanti: "#Riaperture senza criterio, colpa non è dei ragazzi"
"È una polemica a senso unico. Io l’ho ignorata fino all'ultimo, ma quando vengono dette delle bugie a fini politici, con sprezzo di tutte le sofferenze e dei morti, rispondo indignato.
🤾‍♂️"Altro che Decreto Rilancio" i Professionisti in rivolta
23 mag | TG4 | Rete 4

#DecretoRilancio: è botta e risposta tra #governo e #professionisti.
🚨La beffa dei #rimborsi e le #aziende chiudono
23 mag | TG4 | Rete 4

#Coronavirus: economia sempre più in ginocchio ed esplode la rabbia degli #imprenditori.
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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: U.S. took two-and-a-half years to identify #HIV/AIDS after the discovery of the first symptomatic case in the country, #China discovered, identified and contained #COVID19 within a few months.
By: Roger Stoll…
In the #US , over half a million people have died of #HIV/AIDS; worldwide that same number die every year. Even now, in the U.S., 13,000 die each year of the disease.
#COVID19 #covidsafe #China #covidsafe…
On December 26, Dr. Zhang saw four patients at the hospital with flu-like symptoms, an elderly couple and their son, and a seller from the seafood market.
#COVID19 #covidsafe #pandemic…
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Chinese citizen Tan Jun Sues #Hubei province for covering up the #CCPVirus epidemic
He tried to file his complaint with Xiling District Court at Yichang City in Hubei province on Apr. 13. The court refused to take his case, and asked him to file his case with ImageImageImage
2.. Wuhan Municipal Intermediate Court. He was then summoned to the police station on the same day. The police required him to write a quarantine statement to promise that he won't post any materials, photos, screenshots online that are related to his lawsuit.
Tan Jun said he...
3...had posted his complaint to Wuhan Municipal Intermediate Court on Apr 15, and it should arrive on Apr. 16.
He demands that:
1) The Hubei provincial government publish an apology in the Hubei Daily for one day.
2 )The costs of the lawsuit are borne by the defendant.
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#China has officially reported zero new #coronavirus deaths today! A thread...
#China has reported zero new deaths today! It's the first time since the 21st of January when the National Health Commission started publishing daily #coronavirus figures (Official figures usual caveats). It doesn't matter whether or not I "believe" the number because...
While a "milestone" day with zero official #coronavirus deaths, the most important thing in #China is the trend. There's a mountain of evidence to show that the trend in #China is real. Doesn't matter if overall infections are 10 x the official figure, the curve is what matters.
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#武汉 #湖北 #Wuhan #Hubei ImageImageImageImage
芳草萋萋鹦鹉洲——鹦鹉洲大桥 Image
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Dès la fin du #confinement à #Hubei : la révolte. Bientôt les mêmes images en Europe ? #effondrement
En #Italie aussi des signes de annonciateurs de possibles révoltes populaires #effondrement
Ce ne sont plus des signaux faibles. Ce sont des avertissements. #revolte #effondrement #Collapse2020
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🆘#COVIDー19 😷


Proteste sul ponte sul fiume Yangtze di #Jiujiang, che unisce le province di #Hubei e #Jiangxi nella Cina orientale.
🆘#COVIDー19 😷


Manifestanti attaccano un'auto della polizia sul ponte sul fiume Yangtze di #Jiujiang, che unisce le province di #Hubei e #Jiangxi nella Cina orientale.
Sembra che oggi la polizia della provincia dello Jiangxi abbia attraversato il ponte che separa le 2 province, sia entrata nello Hubei e abbia fatto un check-point. La polizia locale e la gente del posto non l'hanno presa bene. Da qui gli scontri.
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From tomorrow all people in #Hubei (except #Wuhan) who have green code health clearance can leave the Province. People in #Wuhan city can leave on the 8th of April. The #coronavirus lockdown down there is finally coming to an end. #China #covid19
So, for the people of #Wuhan, by the time they lift the #coronavirus lockdown on the 8th of April they will have been under that restriction for 76 days. It’s been a tough slog for that city and for all of #Hubei Province.
How’s this for both ends of the #coronavirus tunnel: #Sydney’s Taronga Zoo and #Perth Zoo close as #Beijing Zoo re-opens. #China #covid19 #Australia
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Latest on #COVID19 - #China added 46 new cases, bringing the total number of cases to 81054. It also added 6 new deaths, increasing the total number of that to 3261.
In the epicenter of #Hubei province, the province recorded 0 new case and 5 new deaths. This is the third day in a row that Hubei has no new case, which has raised serious question about the way #China categorize its confirmed cases and the authenticity of its data.
The National Health Commission reported that 45 new cases are imported from abroad, and so far there have been 314 imported cases in total.
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The number of new #China #coronavirus infections from overseas arrivals seems to be increasing every day a/c to official figures (usual caveats). So 46 new cases today include 45 from passengers arriving + 1 person in #Guangdong who caught it from a person arriving.
Overseas arrival #coronavirus cases just in #Beijing, for example, Caixin has counted 89, including from the #UK 28; from #Spain 23; from #Italy 18.
Overall picture a/c to official figures: 6,840 current #coronavirus infections in #China, 2,136 of those in a serious condition. This includes 5,013 patients still in hospital in #Hubei Province. Dead 3,255. Recovered 71,291.
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1/9 #COVID19: Enhanced screening has been in place at all airports since February and at all 🚗, 🚄and 🚢 ports since early March. Travellers — no matter their country of origin — are assessed on arrival to #Canada. Additional measures include:
2/9 providing instructions for travellers who have been to the Province of #Hubei, #China; #Iran; or #Italy to self-isolate at home for 14 days, and report to local public health within 24 hours of arriving in Canada;
3/9 providing instructions to travellers arriving to Canada from other international destinations to self-monitor for symptoms, and to consider self-isolation for 14 days;
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La situazione nel MONDO, #14MARZO 2020:

🏥 145.369 casi confermati

🔴 5.429 MORTI

🔵 71.694 già guariti

🗺️ Almeno 1 caso in 139 Paesi e territori

#COVID_19 #COVID19italia Image

Paesi, province o territori per numero di MORTI, al #24marzo:

1. 🇨🇳#Hubei: 3.075
2. 🇮🇹#Italia: 1.266
3. 🇮🇷#Iran: 514
4. 🇪🇸#Spagna: 113
5. 🇫🇷#Francia: 79
6. 🇰🇷S.#Corea: 72
7. 🇺🇸#Washington: 67
8. 🇨🇳#Henan: 22
9. 🇯🇵#Giappone: 21
10. 🇨🇳#Heilongjiang: 13 Image

🇮🇹 #Italia: 17 660 (1 266)

🇮🇷 #Iran: 11 364 (514)

🇰🇷 #Corea del Sud: 8 086 (72)

🇪🇸 #Spagna: 5232 (133)

🇩🇪 #Germania: 3 675 (8)🤔

🇫🇷 #Francia: 3 667 (79)

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The @IAF_MCC Indian Air Force #C17 #Globemaster prepares to take off from #Wuhan on its way to #NewDelhi after delivering more than 15 tons of relief assistance. @DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia
76 Indian nationals are returning home on this flight, which also has on board 23 nationals from Bangladesh, 6 from China, 2 each from Myanmar and Maldives and one each from South Africa, USA and Madagascar. Wish them all a safe journey and good health. @DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia
Would like to thank @MFA_China and the provincial authorities in #Hubei Province for their assistance and facilitation of this operation. @DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia
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“To be honest, I don’t give a damn if that boy with #hemophilia just died in Wuhan...Why not just die in #China?”

Those are words of Taiwanese internet celebrity Chen Yee #陳沂, now agreed by many on social media.
#coronavirus #COVID19 #武漢肺炎
The kid had previously made headlines bc he was in urgent need of medical supplies but was stranded in #Hubei. Local media had used him as a symbol for at-risk groups to press the govt to made evacuation plans.
But since locals found out that his mum was born & raised in #China and has posted pro-Chinese comments on Facebook, public opinion divided. More people like Chen believe that it’s a waste of resources, & that they don’t deserve it.

Note: Both kid & mum hold a TW passport.
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