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Thank you so much for such a lovely intro, & for this opportunity!
I’m @SJLahey, & I’m delighted to host @Tweetistorian this week. We’ll be taking an in-depth look at #parchment (in part via #quantitative #codicology 🧮😍—fret not: no maths required)…
📷: @UVicSC Doc.Brown.2 Close detail of the edge of...
My dissertation engaged with the production & use, in late medieval England (c.1200–c.1500), of #manuscript codices [i.e., handwritten #books] copied on #offcuts: cheap, low-quality parchment scraps created as a byproduct of the #parchment manufacturing process.
Unsurprisingly, #OffcutZone #parchment (a term I’ll unpack later) will be the central focus of my @Tweetistorian tweets this week. I’ll discuss methods & findings from my doctoral research—more interesting than it sounds, I promise!—but I’ll *also* …
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hello #psychology #stats twitter!

a while ago i promised some graphs on why #removing #outliers using a simple cut-off (eg, >2SDs) is a #bad idea

so that I can sleep at night again, here they are


for some reason, it's very common in #psychology to remove 'outliers' from data

most common way: exclude data more than two standard deviations from mean

we spend time & money collecting data, then throw 5% away


I don't know why, or where it's taught, but there it is

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1/ A thread on @pendle_fi, one of the most understimated projects that recently launched on mainnet. Pendle is a protocol that enables the trading and hedging of yield and currently supports two yield-generating tokens: aUSDC and cDAI, both products expire on December 29th, 2022.
2/ A deposit of aUSDC is separated into OT-aUSDC (OT represents the ownership of the underlying token deposited) and YT-aUSDC (representing the ownership of the future yield generated).
3/ @pendle_fi created a USDC liquidity pool for YT-aUSDC and YT-cDAI to price their markets, this is achieved providing incentives,
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The latest figures about the 10000s of #britsinFrance #latvia #luxembourg #malta who haven't applied for residence makes alarming reading. With a #harddeadline of #30June, my latest piece for @ukandeu examines the #stats 1/…
It addresses who might fall between the gaps - building in my experience in working with British citizens living in France over the course of the #brexitnegotiations 2/…
And calls for these countries to extend their deadlines for applications and develop communication strategies to target hard-to-reach populations. And I'm not alone @BritishInEurope have released a statement to the same effect 3/⬇️⬇️⬇️…
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There is a lot of nuance people are missing in this.

One - @Tesla and Elon still believe heavily in #bitcoin - why? They are Hodling.

Two - this signals they didn’t have a high take up on #tesla purchases with #btc - why ? 1/
Because like @elonmusk and @Tesla most people who have enough to buy a Tesla is #hodling.

Most ppl are actually selling their cars to acquire more #sats.

Three- Uninformed- #GreenTerrorists have been on a massive anti-Tesla campaign since @Tesla purchased #bitcoin 2/
This would have had a negative effect on traditional #model3 and #modelx car sales - as this green army was the backbone of positive pr for Tesla.

With #btc sales not making up the difference in sales - they need to do something to #greenwash their image. 3/
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Toute bonne bibliothèque de statistique doit avoir le livre « A Million Random Digits », 1 million de chiffres aléatoires réunis dans 400 pages. Parce qu’en 1955, c’est très très difficile de générer des chiffres vraiment aléatoires en grandes quantités. #stats #random Page de titre : A million random digitspage du livre A million random digits contenant uniquement d
Les chiffres aléatoires sont utilisés dans plusieurs domaines : la statistique mais aussi dans le développement de jeux vidéos ou si un ingénieur doit choisir au hasard les pièces métalliques à vérifier sur un pont plutôt que de toutes les vérifier par exemple...🧐
Alors plutôt que demander à son voisin un chiffre entre 0 et 1 000 000 qui ne serait pas vraiment aléatoire (puisque tout le monde a des schémas pré-établis qui pourraient rendre ce chiffre prédictible), la Rand Corporation a édité ce livre.
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Hon. Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, @HETimipreSylva will brief the press on the imminent passage of the #PetroleumIndustryBill (PIB), and what it holds for the country. Noon today. #StateHouseBriefing

Watch Live on State House YouTube Page:
Apologies for the delay in kicking off. The briefing is now on:

#StateHouseBriefing #PetroleumIndustryBill
Present at the briefing: HMS @FMPRng, @HETimipreSylva; GMD @NNPCgroup, @MKKyari; and Executive Secretary of the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), Dr. Bello Aliyu Gusau #StateHouseBriefing
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Hello World! Today we launched our brand new @RSeriesa Twitter account!🥳

We also welcome @Fcorowe who joins our editorial board

Our *AIM*: share all the great work published in our journal 👉🏼 & all about #stats! Interested? Give us a follow🙏

First🧵👇🏽 Image
We’ll celebrate the launch of this account this week by highlighting the top 10 most cited journals published in JRSSA in 2020 🎉

*DISCLAMER* in reality they will be 13 given that a few of them have the same number of citations = same rank position. A bonus for you!

We start with the first 3 in reverse order from 10th to 1st

First up! A paper by Fadlalla Elfadaly & Paul Garthwaite:…

*AIM* Establish a prior distribution to represent expert opinion in a multinomial model setting

3/n Image
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A Thread about the best test batsmen 1/25
#India #Aus #NZ #Stats #Cricket

A #statistical breakdown

Kane Williamson: 7115 runs @ 54.31, 24x100s
Virat Kohli: 7318 runs @ 53.41, 27x100s
Steve Smith: 7368 runs @ 61.91, 27x100s

Smith here has the best average by a fair way.
But the joy of cricket is in its intricacies so let’s dive a little deeper. At home the 3 batsmen are absolute run machines.

Kane Williamson: 3788 runs @ 65.31 13x100s
Virat Kohli: 3558 runs @ 68.42 13x100s
Steve Smith: 3485 runs @ 68.33 14x100s
Here their statistics are very similar.

However it is worth noting how hard it is to bat in each of these countries. These figures reflect the average runs of each players team mates in the last 10 years.

Australia: 44.27 runs/wicket
New Zealand: 42.28
India: 44.17
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Here's a #stats thread on best practice for dichotomising continuous variable such as age for use in ANOVA/regression models 🧵 1/8
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A Summary thread of the Quaid-E-Azam Trophy
Most Runs
-Kamran Ghulam (25yo): 1249 @ 62, 5x100, 5x50, HS 166
-Saud Shakeel (25yo): 970 @ 57, 3x100, 5x50, HS 174
-Agha Salman (27yo): 941 runs @ 58, 2x100, 6x50, HS 169
#Pakistan #Pak #Cricket #FirstClass #Stats #TestCricket
All players are at a prime age for international cricket and average 35+ at a FC level with Ghulman and Shakeel averaging 48+. With their recent batting woes in tests, and an aging batting order, the inclusion of mid-age talent could be what the test team needs.
Most Wickets
-Sajid Khan (27yo, Off-Spin): 67 wickets @ 25.08, 5x5fas, 1x10fas, Best of 6-71
-Nauman Ali (34yo, Left arm orthodox): 61 wickets @ 23.16, 6x5fas, 3x10fas, Best of 7-53
-Zahid Mahmood (32yo, Legbreak): 52 wickets @ 26.94, 3x5fas, 1x10fas, Best of 6-57
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21st of December ... here's my #stats advents calendar:

In case you learned that a 95% confidence interval (e.g., [0.3,0.6] for some true parameter) is interpreted like: "With probability 0.95 the true parameter is between 0.3 and 0.6", then STOP IT 🛑! It's wrong! ❌

Correct is:

If you could resample data from the true data generating process infinitely many times, then 95% of the resampled confidence intervals will contain the true (unknown) parameter (e.g. the mean).

Best visualization I know:

The one single confidence interval [0.3,0.6] computed from your data will either contain the true parameter or not... you never know.

This makes it extremely difficult to properly interpret a given single (frequentist) confidence interval.

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I am humbled and privilleged to note that my #Research paper; "Sources of #Unemployment in #Lesotho" is now available and can be accessed via the People's Republic of #China's National #Science and #Technology #Library - #NSTL. I give thanks 😎 Image
So far this year, I have successfully published three #Research articles in #Macroeconomics & #Finance, with another two in press. I am currently hammering away at a handful of working papers which will most certainly find a home in reputable #Journals, come 2021 🙏🏽🙂 Image
Im currently internalising the very insightful reviewer comments on my latest #Research paper titled; "Investigating Determinants of Commercial Bank Spreads in #Lesotho", from the good folks over at the globally reputable #International #Journal of #Finance & #Economics #IJFE 😊 ImageImage
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AY CARAMBA! 😎 We are going to take another running leap at chatting to @bbc5live about #musicindustry and #covid_19 AND the #UKgovernment in light of the the Chancellor’s announcements today. 💪🏻 I have #stats. GET READY.⚔️ Kickoff 6pm ✌🏻@WeAreTheMU @ukMPG
They cut my contribution again. WHYYYYY Radio 5? I am so "erudite"! Which is code for: good on the radio! I had stats, dammit!
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1991 #Newsweek David Rockefeller ... "We are on the verge of a Global Transformation. All we need is the major CRISIS, and nations will accept New World Order"
▪︎1 📰
Rockefeller also said
... "To bring about worldwide condition of things (events) which will accept a new world order"
David Rockefeller, Leader of
Council on Foreign relations
#TheLeft (reshape global order thru china) agenda

Mar 2020 ... The Coronavirus Could Reshape Global Order. China is maneuvering for international leadership during the coronavirus crisis as the United States falters…
▪︎3 💻
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#Trichy #Covid19 #TOI Thread (stats till August 03)
1. #Positive cases:
Rural: 1,679
Urban: 2,838
Total: 4,517
(T1) contd..
2. RT-PCR tests conducted (positivity cases rate)
April: 2,684 (51, 1.90%)
May: 9,406 (37, 0.39%)
June: 14,742 (582, 3.95%)
July: 41,012 (3,474, 8.47%)
August (till Aug 03): 4,745 (373, 7.86%)
Overall positivity: 6.22%
Looks like right people were tested in recent month.
3. #Containment zones:
Total active containment zones in Trichy district: 22 (119 positive cases)
Number of containment zones in Trichy city: 18 (75 positive cases)
K Abishekapuram: 8
Ponmalai: 7
Ariyamangalam: 3

Ponampatti: 3
Ootaththur: 1

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This book arrived yesterday, yet it’s today that I’m 😭 tears of joy & appreciation as I hold it. It’s sinking in — the effort that underlies this piece, both professionally & personally. I’d like to share a bit b/c it may resonate for you as you prep for teaching this Fall.
The root of this is from my own math upbringing. I wasn’t good at it, or so I thought. My dad would have none of that. He was relentless in his guidance & relearned calculus to help me. This parallels some identical thoughts about my teaching ability many years later.
He (& my mom) made me live growth mindset daily. So naturally, when I saw this fixed mindset in my own students I wondered what I could do to help them see they had what it took to succeed —with the right effort & hard work, i.e., practice— learning #stats was within their grasp.
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📊 Two days ago, I asked a question. Way more people answered than expected, and... well, this week's weₐekly #quiz will be slightly ≠: a long thread on uniformity testing, trickling down all day long.

Be careful what you wish for :) #statistics


So.... uniformity testing. You have n i.i.d. samples from some unknown distribution over [k]={1,2,...,k} and want to know: is it *the* uniform distribution? Or is it statistically far from it, say, at total variation distance ε?

So, before delving deeper, let's recall what total variation distance is, and formalize the question. The former is basically a measure of how distinguishable two distributions are given a single sample.…

The latter... is below.

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Sempre bom lembrar a diferença entre correlação e #causalidade :-). Se a diferença não está clara para você, segue o fio 🧶 #stats #ia 1/19
2/19 Por que o sol nasce de manhã? Por que o céu é azul? Por que ficamos com fome? Por que nos arrepiamos? Por que choramos? Por que a criminalidade aumentou? Por que os preços caíram? Por que esse remédio não funciona?
3/19 O porquê é aquele amiguinho que nos acompanha dos primeiros momentos de nossas vidas até o final, para quem fazemos perguntas sobre a causa dos fenômenos que observamos. Vamos escolher uma pergunta e trabalhar em torno dela, ok? Vamos imaginar que você é o prefeito de uma
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Not sure how on the radar this is for you but the #Chinaflooding season starts in 13 days and it’s already a catastrophe.

An interesting analysis of the situation.

#msm not covering this.

@paul_furber @paulmuaddib61

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Let’s say you’re doing a quasi-experimental study of an intervention to reduce antibiotic prescribing in primary care. Then #COVID19 happens and prescribing takes a nose-dive because no one is visiting the doctor. Analysis would have been controlled interrupted time series. Image
The study is set to start in a few months. Left is what we expected, right is what we got. How would you change the analysis to accommodate for the #COVID19 effect on the baseline period? #statistics #stats #timeseries #timeseriesanalysis
Since #COVID19 destroyed any possibility of a smooth trend in antibiotic prescribing in primary care (affecting both the pre-intervention and likely post-intervention periods), my thought is to compare the "recovery" in prescribing in the intervention and control groups.
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Unclear why the @guardian would lowball #COVID19 deaths ("one in 20"?) across the #SocialCare sector here:…

Why use out-of-date, back-of-a-fag-packet guesstimates when we have actual figures? 👇

13.6% is one in seven people.

*ONE IN SEVEN*, not 1 in 20! Image
While we're on the topic, @BorisJohnson's pledge 👇 on becoming PM failed to even appear in his 2019 manifesto.

@MattHancock's letter of 6 March 2020 showed @10DowningStreet's "plan" didn't even exist:

So, with #trust collapsing:… Image
Let's be clear what's needed ain't just another "centralised system” (i.e. another costly debacle) but a #coherent, #interoperable, #consensual, #safe & #transparent 21stC #InformationSystem, to flow #DataThatCares along #CarePathways & show #stats we need to know
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Hilo recopilatorio de #PerlasMetodologicas

Perla metodológica. Vol. 1
#stats #methods #research Image
Perla metodológica. Vol. 2
#stats #methods #research Image
Perla metodológica. Vol. 3
#stats #methods #research Image
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OK, #stats story time again. I've promised @RrrichardZach a thread about the #GermanTankProblem. So imagine it's 1943. You, a statistician for the Allies, would really like to have some idea of how many tanks are rolling off German assembly lines each month. 1/10
The intelligence community is making their own estimates, but you're using information from the serial numbers of various tank parts, mainly the gearboxes and the wheels. 2/10
Here's a simplified version of your problem: suppose your troops have captured tanks with gearboxes with the following serial numbers: 12, 71, 47, 112, 34, 45, 88, and 103. How many tanks would you guess have been produced? Clearly, at least 112... 3/10
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