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Drigung Monastery, #Tibetan monastery famous for performing sky burials

Photographed by 📸Mark Evans in November 2005
Sky burial (Tibetan: བྱ་གཏོར་,"bird-scattered") is a funeral practice in which a human corpse is placed on a mountaintop to decompose while exposed to the elements or to be eaten by scavenging animals, especially carrion birds.
It is a specific type of the general practice of excarnation. It is practiced in the Chinese provinces and autonomous regions of #Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan, and Inner Mongolia, as well as in Mongolia, Bhutan, and parts of India such as Sikkim and Zanskar.
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4 Tage nach den #Erdbeben in der #Türkei und in #Syrien liegt die Zahl der Todesopfer derzeit bei 21.500 (orangene Linie).

4 Tage nach dem #Erdbeben 2008 in #Sichuan (M7.9) in #China lag die Zahl der gemeldeten Todesopfer in etwa genauso hoch (blaue Linie).

Das #Erdbeben 2008 in #Sichuan (M7.9) in #China tötete insgesamt 88.000 Menschen (69,2k Tote/18,8k Vermisste).

Beide Ereignisse weisen mehrere Ähnlichkeiten auf:
- Die meisten Todesopfer sind/waren auf den Einsturz mehrstöckiger Gebäude zurückzuführen.

- Magnituden und Erschütterungsausmaß ähnlich
- Hohe Bevölkerungsdichten
- Menschliche Entwicklung
- Beide Länder verfügen über erdbebensichere Bauvorschriften und haben aufgrund zahlreicher Ereignisse in der Vergangenheit ein Bewusstsein für die Erdbebengefahr

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دیوقامت لیشن بدھا (لیشن، چین)
Leshan Giant Buddha(Near Min, Qingyi and Dadu River, Leshan City)
Circa: 8th C.
آنکھیں موندے اوربارعب اندازمیں بیٹھےبرلب دریائےمن، چنگی اور دادو، صوبہ سیچوان(چین)میں واقع لیشان بدھاکا 71 میٹر(233 فٹ) اونچادیوہیکل مجسمہ
جو 1940 میں دریافت ھوا، چٹانی طرزتعمیر کی حیران کن مثال ھے۔
ہائی ٹونگ نامی ایک راہب تھا جس نے اس منصوبے کا آغاز کیا تھا۔اسکی فکر ان دیرینہ لوگوں کی حفاظت کیلیے تھی جو تین دریاؤں کے سنگم کے آس پاس اپنی روزی کماتے تھے۔ ٹونگ کاماننا تھاکہ بدھاپانی کی روح کوقابو میں لائیں گے۔
20 سال
کی بھیک مانگنے کے بعد، آخر کار اس نے اس منصوبے کے لیے کافی رقم جمع کر لی۔ ٹونگ کی وفات کے بعد اس کے دو شاگردوں نے اس مجسمے کو مکمل کروایا۔
بدھا کامقام عام طور پر واٹر لائن سے اوپر ھے لیکن یہ علاقہ 70سالوں میں بدترین سیلاب کی زد میں آیا ھے۔
 بدھا کہ ہیت (Structure) کو زیرقلم لائیں
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In 2022, #coal use for power & #steel production in #China has dropped. The target to peak #CO2emissions means it must fall more, yet investments in coal power & coal-based steel plants have increased.

Our new report w/@GlobalEnergyMon looks at what's happening. Image
In the first half of 2022, China’s local governments approved 28 new coal-power units, with 15 gigawatts of capacity, while Chinese steel firms announced 16 new coal-based steelmaking projects in the same period, the most since 2019, with a capacity of 30 million tonnes/year.
Steel emissions are due to peak by 2025. Emissions are falling now & there is little scope for them to increase before the peaking deadline. The steel emission peak target also means China can't use the infrastructure & construction push it used for previous economic slowdowns.
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The images coming out of #Chongqing are apocalyptic. Mass #coronavirus PCR tests being carried out as bushfires rage following months of heatwave with a record drought threatening crops and severely limiting much needed hydroelectricity. #China
Some more info on the vast drought across southern #China
Large queues with what appear to be hundreds of fire fighters lining up for #coronavirus PCR tests in #Chongqing. This shows the priority being placed on zero #Covid in #China. Even as fires rage through forests, emergency teams must participate in mass testing.
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🥵#China🇨🇳 #heatwave 24 août 2022
🌡️44.0°C à Qu, nouveau record absolu pour la province du #Sichuan !
"ancien" record provincial : 43.8 les 18&23-8-2022 ; et avant 2022, 43.5 en août 2011.
"ancien" record à la station : 43.6 les 18&20-8-2022... ; et avant 2022, 42.7 le 15-8-2006.
🌡️nouveaux records absolus en Chine ce 24-8-2022

*province du Sichuan*
44.0 Qu
43.2 Fushun
42.2 Yibin

*province du Jiangxi*
41.7 Nankang ->40.4 le 4-8-2003
41.5 Yiyang ->41.4 le 18-7-1988
41.3 Dexing ->40.7 les 28&29-8-1967
41.3 Nanfeng ->40.8 31-7-2003, 2-8-2003, 10-8-2013
🌡️nouveaux records absolus en Chine ce 24-8-2022 (suite et fin)

*province du Jiangxi (suite)*
41.0°C Xingguo
40.0 Huichang ->39.9 le 4-8-2010

*province du Guizhou*
34.1 Xiuwen ->34.0 le 7-5-2020

source : "weatherman_xinxin" (sur weibo)
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🥵Vague de chaleur en #Chine🇨🇳, encore des records absolus historiques ce 18-8-2022
#China #heatwave

45.0°C Beibei, nouveau record absolu pour la municipalité de Chongqing (->44.6 hier) et record moderne fiable pour la Chine hors Xinjiang !

44.7 Jiangjin ->44.3 le 15-8-2006
... ImageImage
...nouveaux records absolus en Chine ce 18-8-2022 (suite)

43.8°C Xingwen->43.3 17-8-2011, nouveau record absolu pour la province du #Sichuan ! (ancien record provincial : 43.5 en 2011, déjà égalé à Qu le 15-8-2022)

43.7 Bishan (Chongqing) ->43.4 16-8-2022, 42.2 15-8-2006

... Image
...nouveaux records absolus en Chine ce 18-8-2022 (suite)

43.6 Qu (Sichuan) ->43.5 15-8-2022, 42.7 15-8-2006

43.3 Tiancheng (Chongqing) ->43.0 15-8-2022, 42.7 24-7-1961

43.0 Linshui (Sichuan) ->42.8 hier, 42.0 15-8-2006
... Image
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Power crunch in drought-hit Sichuan and Chongqing disrupts production in auto industry chain; parts of Tesla, NIO, and other EV makers' charging services suspended due to power rationing: local media
#Tesla $TSLA $NIO #Sichuan #China #EVs
Tesla has asked Chinese govt to help secure power to its suppliers amid power rationing in Sichuan.
#Tesla $TSLA $NIO #Sichuan #China #EVs
#FYI: Sichuan-Chongqing region is one of six major automobile industry clusters in China, with an annual capacity of 2.725 million vehicles in 2021, accounting for 10.3% of China's annual capacity.
#Tesla $TSLA $NIO #Sichuan #China #EVs
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This weekend, @NishiDholakia @AntiokhosE and I explored the largest & most confounding #Neolithic site in China: #Shimao. A massive fortified stone city in an unexpected place, w/ objects from far afield, and grizzly human sacrifices. Vibrant until abandoned around 1800BCE 1/
This first mystery of #Shimao was the location: the city was built on the Northern Loess Plateau, relatively dry and far from the lush Yellow River “cradle of Chinese civilisation”. What might attract a large #Neolithic population to create a major city in such a place? 2/
The second mystery was the building material. #Archaeologists associated this period in #China with rammed earth structures. But this #Neolithic city - built in 2300 BCE - was made of #stone, dominated by a 20 tiered oblong stepped #pyramid structure on the highest hill 3/
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Not sure how on the radar this is for you but the #Chinaflooding season starts in 13 days and it’s already a catastrophe.

An interesting analysis of the situation.

#msm not covering this.

@paul_furber @paulmuaddib61

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#Breaking 🇨🇳
— 5.1 magnitude #earthquake just struck Chengdu, #Sichuan at 12:05 a.m. local time per #China Earthquake Networks Center.

Amid #WuhanVirus & the newly-reported #N5N1 Bird Flu in Hunan + #H5N6 Swan Flu in #Xinjiang..⚠️

#天滅中共 #四川地震
#coronavirus #antiCCP ImageImage
#BREAKING 🇨🇳 — huge #FIRE broke out in one major tourist spot in #Putian, #Fujian.

People said Fire trucks just could NOT get in & they keep hearing sound of explosions🔥!

God bless the people!
#天滅中共 #莆田大火 #四川地震
#coronavirus #antiCCP #China
#ChinaVirus — Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hua Chunying actually BLAMES #US for “spreading fear” about #coronavirus by withdrawing their diplomatic staff & banning travelers from #China, instead of “offering any assistance”.

— well I just recall 🇨🇳 REJECTED @CDCgov three times. Image
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