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Anger at acquittals of #TEPCO execs in #Fukushima case

Judge: "scale of tsunami couldn't have been predicted, #nuclear watchdog hadn't ordered additional safety measures"

But TEPCO knew & refused (thread)…
NISA asked #Tepco to conduct a #tsunami simulation in August 2002

Tepco refused safety agency's proposal to simulate #Fukushima tsunami nine years before meltdown disaster…

Japan engineers knew tsunami could overrun #Fukushima plant

review company, regulatory records shows Japan & its largest utility repeatedly downplayed dangers, ignored warnings—including 2007 #tsunami study from #Tepco senior safety engineer…
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Hai drnewsreader,
Indonesia beberapa kali mengalami bencana tsunami. Karena itu kita harus tahu bagaimana mewaspadai tsunami, kapan suatu kejadian berpotensi tsunami, apa yang harus dilakukan pada saat tsunami dan setelahnya

#Thread #Tsunami #InfoBermanfaat

*gmbr: First aid PMI
1. Tsunami adalah serangkaian gelombang besar yang dihasilkan oleh gempa bumi yang dahsyat di bawah permukaan laut atau longsoran ke dalam lautan.

#Thread #Tsunami #InfoBermanfaat
2. Tsunami dapat menghantam orang dan daerah pantai dalam hitungan menit setelah suatu gempa yang dahsyat terjadi. Masa bahaya ini dapat berlangsung selama berjam-jam setelah gempa terjadi.

#Thread #Tsunami #InfoBermanfaat
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The Great Alaska Earthquake occurred on March 27, 1964 and rocked the state with strong ground shaking that lasted four and a half minutes. #AlaskaEarthquake #earthquake
At M9.2, it was the 2nd largest quake ever recorded. This event also rocked the scientific community by confirming a major principle of #platetectonics with the observation that the oceanic Pacific Plate dives beneath the continental North American Plate at the Aleutian trench.
On average, #Alaska has 24,000+ measured earthquakes every year. Usually, there is at least one M7 every year. Between 1899 and 1986, eight #earthquakes of M8 or greater impacted different areas of the Aleutian subduction zone.
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Subduction-zone mega-thrust #earthquakes, the most powerful earthquakes, can produce #tsunamis through a variety of structures that are missed by simple models. (THREAD)
The basic model shows rock above the convergent plate boundary being compressed and bent as it stores elastic energy. Once friction is overcome, the overriding plate slides abruptly up the fault causing the leading edge to heave seawater upward generating a #tsunami.
In 2011, the M9 #Japan #earthquake ruptured a fault area 500kms x 200kms over an interval of nearly 3 min. Surveys of sea-floor bathymetry before and after the earthquake document up to 50 m of fault displacement at near the Japan Trench.
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Hi @GlenPhillips and @ToadWetSprocket! You asked me a question about #earthquakes in the PNW at one of your shows DC in Aug (that’s me in the @500womensci shirt). I’ve finally got a more complete response for you! (THREAD)
The Pacific Northwest is a region of high #earthquake risk because of megathrust earthquakes on the plate boundary, deep earthquakes within the subducting plate, and shallow crustal earthquakes.
Along the western edge of the PNW, the Juan de Fuca Plate dives beneath the margin of the North American Plate in a process called subduction. On Jan 26, 1700 a M9 earthquake ruptured the full 1,000 km length of that plate boundary.
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Tengo 9 años compartiendo información financiera en twitter y 16 años viendo graficos, estudiando los mercados y nunca había visto una coyuntura tan interesante como la actual. El grafico mensual de la principal economía del planeta señala un gran punto de inflexión. #Tsunami
Esto sucede solo cada ciertas decadas en los mercados. Los elementos tecnicos señalan que vienen cambios muy profundos no solo en las economías sino en las sociedades (están pasando). Ajustes generacionales.
Esto puede ocurrir, como puede que no. Pero las señales estan en todas partes y todos los dias se refuerzan. Vamos a una recesión sincronizada de la economía global en 9 meses aproximadamente. Antes, los mercados deben descontarla con grandes ajustes
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Japan has more measurable #earthquakes than any other country. This is because #Japan is wedged among four major tectonic plates. (Thread)
80% of earthquakes worldwide occur around the circum-Pacific region chiefly along the subduction-zone boundaries, known as the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, so named because of the more than 400 active volcanoes that occur there.
The earthquake and volcano belt sweeps through Japan where about 20% of worldwide measured earthquakes occur. There are more than 100,000 earthquakes recorded in Japan every year. Of those about 1,500 are strong enough for people to notice.
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At least 43 killed, 584 injured after #tsunami hits #Indonesia's Sunda Strait
#UPDATE Death toll from volcano-triggered tsunami in coastal areas along the Sunda Strait in western #Indonesia jumps to 62, official says
What causes a #tsunami?
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Sadly, another #tsunami hits #Indonesia 🇮🇩. At least 40 people killed & hundreds injured. Coastal areas of Pandeglang, Serang & South Lampung impacted. Source may have been undersea landslides near #Krakatoa… @skbaer reports.
Via #MetroTV @Metro_TV in #Indonesia 🇮🇩 & @tictoc: WATCH: Scenes from aftermath of a #tsunami that left at least 43 dead & 100s injured. #developingstory🙏

Indonesia’s disaster agency says undersea landslides from a volcanic eruption may be the cause.
What we know so far about the #tsunami that has hit the Sunda Strait in #Indonesia 🇮🇩. Follow the latest @guardian updates / blog:
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BREAKING: #Tsunami warning issued for parts of Alaska after severe magnitude-7 earthquake near Anchorage
BREAKING: Officials have canceled a tsunami warning for southern Alaska that was issued following the 7.0-magnitude earthquake.
Alaska Earthquake:
- Alaska Gov has issued a declaration of disaster following massive magnitude 7.2
- Anchorage Police says there is major infrastructure damage across the area
- #Tsunami warning is no longer in effect
Per @PMBreakingNews #AlaskaQuake
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(1) #Earthquake near #Anchorage, Alaska in the last hour.

Moderately deep & strong, expect some damage, but loss of life unlikely. Magnitude is usually downgraded from initial level.

Best info source:…
(3) Some photos from around Anchorage that I've seen on Twitter. In New Zealand we have an earthquake of this type about once or twice a year. It is scary, but thankfully little damage is done.

#DropCoverHold is the best advice. More:
(4) If you feel an earthquake when you're on a beach or within a few miles of the coast, be aware of #tsunami risk.

"If it's long or strong, get gone." There is no time for warning sirens or messages.

If you don't feel it, that means any tsunami is hours away. You have time.
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#BREAKING : 7.0 magnitude #earthquake registered in the #Lombok region of #Indonesia, USGS says.
JUST in: #Bali rocked after 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes #Indonesia's #Lombok Island, #tsunami alert lifted
Strong shaking from the #Lombok earthquake has also been felt on the island of #Bali, a popular tourist destination @BNONews #PrayforLombok
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Small #tsunami possible, according to #Indonesia authorities.
Latest #Indonesia #quake, which struck at a depth of ~15km off the north coast of Lombok, comes a week after a M6.4 tremor that killed 14 people on the island.
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