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DEEP SEA VOLCANO NAMED AFTER MORDOR INTERRUPTS INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ROUTES | The waterways of Indonesia carry 90% of the world's trade. But the volcanic activity at the Karma seamount has been making waves - literally - at an increased rate since December 14, 2021. 🔽🧵#tsunami
2. Indonesia's island volcanoes get most of the headlines, and even the research activity. Take Krakatoa, pictured here. It caused such a destructive tsunami in the 1800's that explosive activity can be alarming. And it is certainly erupting today. This is a recent photo.
3. But Krakatoa is only one of Indonesia's many erupting volcanoes. And most of them aren't even listed on this map. The map shows every volcano that has erupted in Indonesia over the last 100 years. Notice that none of them are in the sea. That's a big mistake.
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Powerful #earthquake jolts northeast #Japan but no reports of major injury | Mar 16
- The tremor hit off the coast of #Fukushima prefecture, some 275 kilometres northeast of Tokyo and at a depth of 60 kilometres, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said.… Image
No abnormalities at stricken Fukushima power plant after 7.3-magnitude quake: #Japan nuclear authority | Mar 17
- #TEPCO said that around 2M households were without power, including 700,000 in the capital, and that it was checking the condition of reactors…
7.3 magnitude #earthquake rocks #Japan; #tsunami advisory issued | Mar 16, 2022
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/15/2022…
COVID-19 Counter Measures Should be Age Specific ⋆ Brownstone Institute…
#COVID19, #CounterMeasures, #AgeSpecific, #OpEd
America faces greater division as parties draw safe seats for congressional districts…
#CongressionalDistricts, #HouseOfRepresentativesSeats,#PartisanPolitics, #remapping
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Today is #InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsinScience! I am so incredibly lucky to have so many amazing #WomenInScience to work with! So listing just a few here… 👩‍🔬👩‍🔬👩‍🔬

#11Feb #WomenInSTEM #GirlsInSTEM #GirlsInScience

Starting out with my team @Uni_Newcastle @UoN_CaMS with so many stellar women doing super cool research! Big shout outs to @rosey_hart, @Cristina__Viola, Maddy, @annette_burke77, @EliseBuller, Kendall (not on Twitter 🤯) and @_KarenPalmer down in Tassie!
@UON_research I have amazing colleagues in #STEM, from those I work with like @KiddVerdon to others who are just doing amazing stuff like @scientistjessie, @DaphneJamesUON, @oreotheoread, @juanitatodd10, and @Dr_Jess_Allen. Some I’m lucky enough to consider as mates!
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@pitaTofua Sending a plea for help from #Kotu (Home of the Taufatofua chiefly title). Professor Perminow, author of the book about Kotu's response to the March 2011 #tsunami warning, reports: "the situation is quite a bit worse than the air photos indicated"
Cont'd: "Dear friends, finally received a first hand eye witness account on the ground from Kotu... Sitiveni Fehoko... returned from Lulunga yesterday after having brought relief supplies & this is what he reports: /2
#TongaVolcanoTsunami #Haapai #Kotu
cont'd: "Everything was destroyed by the wave. No watertanks stood and were filled with seawater. All boats were smashed." @pitaTofua @TongaNews /3
#TongaVolcanoTsunami #Haapai #Kotu
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Sobre #DerrameDePetroleo #LaPampilla #Repsol y Buque Tanque italiano Mare Doricum #BTMareDoricum
Este es mi opinión personal en base a años de experiencia como oficial en BT.
Cc @Repsol @DHN_peru @naval_peru @MinemPeru
Un derrame de combustible ocurrido en La Pampilla por descarga de Buque Tanque italiano Mare Doricum puede haber ocurrido por una deficiente conexión de mangas de Refinería al Buque Tanque (caso muy inusual) por altos estándares aplicados de seguridad hace más de 20 años
Por un oleaje en la zona de carga y descarga inusual propio de marea o algún evento fortuito natural como el ocurrido tras erupción de volcán en #Tonga y género #Tsunami u #OleajeAnomalo
En este caso si puede ocurrir un derrame por que genera que mangas tuvieran accidente.
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🌋 #HungaTonga 💥 Desde el sábado se esta hablando mucho de este volcán, pero...¿os gustaría conocer más sobre esta erupción? Arrancamos hilo desde el #IGNSpain sobre la erupción del #HungaTongaHungaHaapai
(👇 sigue para verlo 😉)
#HungaTongaHungaHaapai es una erupción ocurrida el 15 de enero en Tonga (pacífico sur) que ha afectado a 3 islas muy jóvenes: Hunga Tonga, Hunga Ha’Apai y una isla nueva que se había formado en medio de ambas. Las tres formaban el borde norte de una caldera de un volcán submarino
La última erupción comenzó el 21 de diciembre de 2021 y el 4 de enero ya había descendido mucho su actividad. Las columnas eruptivas habían llegado a más de 16 km de altura, cayendo ceniza en las dos islas y otras adyacentes.
📹 Créditos de Taaniela Kula en Youtube
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Mango Island #Tonga via Airbus SPOT imagery 1/16/22. Unfortunately the inhabited part of the island obscured by clouds. It appears either survivors or debris in a spot not normally occupied by people on lower right.
Reference image from 1/14/22 of Mango Island, you'll notice the bright spot visible in the other imaging not present. I suspect survivors of the tsunami put up some kind of shelter up at the high point of the island. Tent, leanto or stretcher. Looks like at least 5-6 people too
Tough to tell 100% but I would put money on these being people around a tent or some kind of temporary structure. #MangoIsland #Tonga #tsunami
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Kanokupolu #Tonga taken yesterday, 1/16/22 via Airbus SPOT #satellite. Post volcano/tsunami. High resolution image, this looks to me to be ashfall.
#Tonga taken by Airbus SPOT on 1/16/22. This is (was?) Ha'atafu Beach and Haatafu Beach Resort, but it seems to me that there are structures missing on this side (the resort appears to me to be missing, or extremely covered with ash). Possible tsunami scouring on the beach.
Reference image in Google vs. this acquisition -- you can see the big building on the top right in both images, but none of the structures you'd expect at Ha'atafu Beach, Nuku'alofa itself. #tonga #tsunami #volcano
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Tonga Navy appears to have just reached the island of #Nomuka
This ship (the only one transmitting satellite AIS data) came from Nuku'afola this morning, when officials said they would be sending the Tonga Navy to the outer islands.
Found this video I had missed earlier from this location (FB Live... shot just as the seas were retreating. Hope this person made it up a hill, what was coming as likely worse)
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Postdisaster msg from HRH Princess Latufuipeka (daughter of King Tupou VI & #Tonga’s High Comm to 🇦🇺). Focus on gratitude, faith &taking refuge in God. This type of reaction overwhelmingly present on Tongan social media atm. Not what you’d usually get elsewhere,but consider (1/4)
#Tonga is one of the most vulnerable countries in the entire world to natural #disasters & climate change. In less than 4yrs it has weathered 2 max strength (Category 5) cyclones, a pandemic and a 1 in 1000yr volcanic eruption + resultant earthquake & #tsunami. (2/4)
And each time, people pick up & carry on. Often with humour & while singing a hymn! I’m no expert but I would think being grateful/positive, having a form of faith & relying on each other as a community helps ease the otherwise depressing mental effects of so much trauma. (3/4)
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#Nomuka #Tonga via Sentinel-1 #satellite, before and after the #HungaTongaHungaHaapai volcano eruption.
This island south of Nomuka looks to have been inundated, based on Sentinel-1 radar image (darker areas = water).
Using a new feature of @sentinel_hub here's a sequence of SAR radar before/Sentinel-2 true color before/and then SAR radar after where you can see where the reflectivity of the land has changed to water.
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Wir sehen aktuell an mehreren Küsten Europas leichte Meeresspiegelschwankungen um 10 Zentimeter. Wahrscheinlich der Tonga #Tsunami, der ein einmal um Südamerika (oder Südafrika) in den Atlantik geschafft hat (Oder Meteotsunami durch Druckwelle?). Ein paar Beispiele:
Ponta Delgada auf den Azoren seit ca. 2 Uhr mit einem Peak um 40cm Wellenhöhe.…
Cascais bei Lissabon begann etwa zeitgleich, Amplitude 20-30 cm.… #Portugal #Tsunami
Sehr schwaches Signal in Cadiz, SW Spanien zur gleichen Zeit. Sehr unsicher ob Tsunami oder nicht.…Ähnliches in der Bretagne, Frankreich, ein wenig später.…
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Satellite imagery reveals first losses due to the #Tonga #tsunami.
It seems that the uninhabited islands of Nuku and Tau have been completely eroded. Their larger neighbors Tonumea and Kelefesia were at least partially inundated.

Satellite imagery via @sentinel_hub #Sentinel1 Image
@sentinel_hub Nomuka island , North of #Tonga was also significantly affected. Its barrier islands Nomuka Iki was at least partially inundated and traces of inundation seem visible for the main town of Nomuka (400-500 people).

Interpretation is difficult. Image
A few more islands show traces of inundation. Unfortunately, there is not yet much data available to assess more regions.

Waiting for imagery for Nuku'alofa and the islands of Fiji.
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With latest satellite imagery, we get a step closer to understand what happen with Hunga #Tonga leading to this ocean-wide #tsunami.

Latest @sentinel_hub imagery shows the loss of a majority of the volcano's emerged landmass. However, most of its structure lies underwater. Image
Assuming that most of the volcanic dome was still intact prior to the main eruption, an area of about 2.5 km² was lost. With a height of 150-200m, we can assume that about 0.5 km³ of mass might has been moved.
If parts of the caldera have collapsed it might be much more.
Some parts of the volcano had already drowned during yesterday's (Jan 14th) eruption. As shown by satellite imagery from @planet taken just about 2h before the main eruption.

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Lo #tsunami generato dall'eruzione in corso alle Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'Apai sta lentamente attraversando l'intero Pacifico: Hawaii, Alaska, Stati Uniti, Giappone, Australia, Nuova Zelanda, Isole Fiji ecc. Fortunatamente parliamo di onde alte pochi centimetri, quindi nessun danno.
P.s. localmente onde così piccole potrebbero comunque produrli dei danni, per "nessun danno" intendiamo scenari ben più importanti e pericolosi. Anche onde così contenute possono infatti provocare disagi non da poco, mai sottovalutare uno tsunami.
Come ci segnala @virgo1972_, ecco le prime immagini dello tsunami che sta interessando anche le coste della California:
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Genug #Tsunami für mich für heute.
Status von #Tonga weiterhin unklar.

Wellenhöhen für Korallen- und Tasmansee passen zu Simulationen. Beständige Wellenhöhen (~1m) in
großer Distanz. #California und #Japan werfen jedoch Fragen auf. Dafür zu niedrig auf #Samoa & #Fiji.
Vermutung liegt auf teilweise oder vollständigem #Caldera collapse.

Eventuell erst partieller Hangrutsch, danach Kollaps (beides weitestgehend unter Wasser).

Klare Daten kann man erst in Tagen erwarten.
Bekannt ist, dass es auf vielen Inseln im näheren Umfeld zu Schäden gekommen ist, teilweise aber in 1000en Kilometern Entfernung. Gerade letzteres braucht umfassende Analyse.

Normalerweise verlieren derartige Wellen schnell an Energie, außer sie sind besonders ausgedehnt.
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"A Lava Jato é o maior engodo da história do Brasil. A riqueza do petróleo no Pré-Sal iria financiar a educação de gerações de Brasileiros. O Pré-Sal foi entregue pra meia dúzia de empresas estrangeiras. Onde está indo este lucro?"#MoroVenceBolsoLula?🛢️💸
"🇺🇸🏃🏻‍♂️Moro sugeriu ao procurador que trocasse ordem de fases, cobrou agilidade,antecipou decisão, criticou e sugeriu recursos ao MP,deu broncas em 🗣️Deltan como se fosse superior hierárquico dos procuradores e da PF" #ToComCiro #DeFériasCaribe ou em Paris?…
"O Pré-sal do Brasil teria reservas de no mínimo 70 Bilhões de barris de petróleo,significam 8,8 Trilhões de Dólares. Por algo que vale U$ 8,8 Trilhões, EUA, Inglaterra, chamadas grandes potências,fariam e farão qualquer coisa"@Bob_Fernandes Datena, veja👇
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#Tonga 🇹🇴🌋
Resumen de actividad 🧵👇

El volcán #HungaTongaHungaHaapai se encuentra a 67km al noroeste de la capital #Nukualofa, es parte de una caldera submarina dentro del arco volcánico de Tonga-Kermadec que se extiende desde desde #NuevaZelanda hasta a #Fiji.
Hasta finales del 2014, inicios del 2015 en esta zona del Océano Pacífico existían dos islas (#HungaTonga y #HungaHaapai), las cuales se unieron después de una serie de erupciones masivas.
Históricamente a estas islas los tonganos le denominaban "saltan de un lado a otro", por la recurrencia de los sismos en la zona y las erupciones submarinas recurrentes.
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Island nation of #Tonga is completely offline following a #tsunami triggered by a massive volcanic eruption in the Pacific Ocean.

According to @kentikinc data, traffic volumes began to drop around 4:30 UTC (5:30pm local) before finally going to zero at 5:40 UTC (6:40pm local).
Here's a view of the eruption from space:
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A first, rough estimate of #tsunami wave heights between #Tonga and #Australia.

This simulation might be an underestimation (1km resolution, unclear source mechanism -> volcano collapse/landslide, 2km³)
It can not adequately reflect complex wave patterns near the coasts. Image
Observations so far:
Apia, Western Samoa: 0.3m
North Cape, NZ: 0.5m
Suva, Fiji: 0.5m
Gold Coast, Australia: 0.8m
Port Vila, Vanuatu: 1.0m
Norfolk Island, Australia: 1.0m
Pago-Pago, American Samoa: 1.0m
Ouinne, New Caledonia: 1.5m
Raoul Island, NZ: 2.0m
Nukualofa, Tonga: >2m
Right now, the observed wave heights (tweet above) are not completely reflected by my simulation (but many at least).
I will keep enhancing the current simulation results.

There are still waves coming in, e.g. for Australia & New Zealand, which are higher than initial waves.
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