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Yesterday marked an important day for review of Canada's national security activities: The new National Security and Intelligence Review Agency (NSIRA) came into existence.… #c59 #cdnpoli 1/12
For the first time, there will be an overarching review agency that can examine the activities of all National Security agencies, including CSIS, RCMP, CSE, CBSA, Global Affairs & more. This is in contrast to the siloed approach until now: CRCC for RCMP, SIRC for CSIS, etc. 2/12
It definitely isn't perfect - @ICLMG & others have argued for increased staffing, more independence & greater transparency. There is a fear that problems from the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC), on which NSIRA is modelled, will be transferred to the new body. 3/12
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I live tweeted today's committee study of Bill #C59. Policy nerds will love it, but if you want the abridged version of what amendments actually carried, here you go:
1. In section 13 of the Intelligence Commissioner Act: A provision was added to allow the IC to refer an authorization back to the Minister with proposed conditions. From what I understand, applies only in the case of CSE foreign intelligence authorizations. #C59
2a. Bill C-59 proposes to amend section 83.221 of the criminal code, replacing "advocacy and promotion of terrorism offences in general" with counselling another person to commit a terrorism offence #C59
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At the @SenateCA national security and defence committee meeting, where they are doing clause-by-clause of Bill #C59. #cdnpoli #cdnnatsec
Part 1 of the Act, the new National Security and Intelligence Review Agency, has passed without amendment from the committee. #C59
Part 1.1, the Avoiding Complicity in Mistreatment
by Foreign Entities Act, has also passed without amendment. #C59
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Today, the @SenateCA Standing Committee on Human Rights #RIDR is studying the #NoFlyList. You can watch live at… #cdnpoli #c59
Up now: John Davies, Director General, National Security Policy, @Safety_Canada; Andrew Lawrence, Acting Director General, Travellers Programs Directorate, @CanBorder; Wendy Nixon, Director General, Aviation Security, @Transport_gc #noflylist #c59 #cdnpoli
Q: how many cases have been resolved by the Passenger Protect Inquiries Office
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While folding review of the CBSA into the existing RCMP civilian watchdog may be effective, the lack of consultation and details is troubling. And the likelihood of this being passed before the fall election seems close to nil.… #cdnpoli
As per @Safety_Canada backgrounder, new body will be called the "Public Complaints and Review Commission" & will replace the @rcmpgrcpolice Civilian Review and Complaints Commission. Full legislation still not up online, tho.… #cdnpoli
@Safety_Canada @rcmpgrcpolice And here, finally, is the full legislation - bill #C98 - that would create the Public Complaints and Review Commission (PCRC). Mostly builds on the existing RCMP review body, the CCRC.
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Bill #C59 is back in front of @SenateCA National Security and Defence committee #SECD today, from 11am to 6pm. Watch live here:…
Today's agenda:
First up is @PrivacyPrivee commissioner Daniel Therrien. Says he is overall satisfied with the amendments made to information sharing/disclosure rules at the House of Commons. #cdnpoli #C59
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Packed room for today's @SenateCA National Security and Defense committee's first hearing on Bill #C59. Will try and share updates throughout
First up, as per custom, is Public Safety Minister @RalphGoodale #c59 #cdnpoli
You can watch online at SenParlVu.… #C59 #cdnpoli
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This response from the director of #CSIS to the latest review of its activities is mind-boggling:… #SIRC #C59 #cdnpoli
He defends actions by CSIS that the review committee finds is at odds with current laws by saying the agency is preparing for Bill #C59... which isn't even a law yet. #cdnpoli
How can it be acceptable for the director of Canada's main intelligence agency to respond to "You're breaking the rules" by saying, "Don't worry new rules are coming, so we're just getting ready for those"? #C59 #cdnpoli
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I haven't had a chance to read the entire #SIRC report on #CSIS myself yet, but the issues revealed just in this CBC article from @cattunneycbc are highly concerning, to say the least:… #cdnpoli 1/12
First, timing: It's impossible not to note that this report, which could have had a direct impact on the debate on Bill #C59, was released the day after the bill passed 3rd reading and was sent to the Senate. It will remain important for the debates this Fall, though. 2/12
Second: #SIRC calls out #CSIS for its continued unlawful practice of collecting bulk datasets - including of people who are not considered direct threats to national security. CSIS claims it is dealing with these issues as part of their transition to the provisions in #C59 3/12
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10 minutes late to #SECU and it's moving fast. Catching up. For those following, clause 109 of #c59 #cdnpoli
Conservative motion, similar to with #CSE, asking #CSIS to report annually on the costs incurred due to oversight. Both #NDP & #Liberals argue that this creates a new administrative burden. #NDP argues could be used to try & undermine new review & oversight bodies
Motion fails
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Good morning from the Public Safety Committee study of Bill #C59. Four hour marathon meeting. We'll see how much of the 90 pages or so left MPs get through today. #cdnpoli #hw #SECU
Conservative motion to remove the requirement that the Minister of National Defence must consult with the Minister of Foreign Affairs when the #CSE engages in active (offensive) cyber operations. Conservatives argue that this will hinder ability of Minister of Defence to act #C59
Motion is defeated.
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Back at #SECU for the next round of votes on Bill #C59, in time to see the #NDP motion to give the Intelligence Commissioner powers to go beyond simply saying "yes" or "no" on authorizations be voted down. #cdnpoli
Next Liberal motion, also proposed by Greens, is to ask the #IC to publish decisions not only when rejecting an authorization, but also in approving it (something @ICLMG is in favour of). Passes.
NDP motion that would allow IC to ask for additional information, rather than saying "yes" or "no" to an authorization. Notes that the current #CSE commissioner suggested this amendment #C59 #secu
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