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1/In my more than 20 years of rep'ing #natsec #whistleblowers, & 15 years since @ODNIgov was created, I have never known nor observed policy that #WBer must have first-hand information to file complaint.
@ODNIgov 2/My experiences have always been that WBer must provide evidence that can be substantiated, whether through documents or identification of witnesses. No whistleblower law I know of has any personal knowledge requirement.
@ODNIgov /END I fully support and endorse the information set forth in @ODNIgov IG press release that accurately explains the law & policy as the experts know it to be. Any assertion to the contrary, as argued by @FDRLST, is blatantly pure disinformation.…
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The comparison to what is about to happen to the country is not Clinton's impeachment but Iran-Contra. At core, this appears to be a cooked-up foreign policy scheme that did not get run through channels, had the president's support, and broke the law. 1/x
My book covers Iran-Contra, but I've learned two things in writing and promoting it: 1) everyone remembers Iran-Contra but no one understands it, and 2) no one understands how bad and how close to real reckoning that caused in the #natsec business. 2/x
Because the Ukraine issue is about national security, getting to the bottom of it all will cross a lot of the lines--chains of command, classification, etc.-- that Americans don't really understand and are built not to be broken. 3/x
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BREAKING NEWS: Statement Concerning the Intelligence Community Whistleblower

The legal team has issued a statement that can be read in its entirety here:…

I will also reproduce the text below.

#WhistleblowersComplaint #Whistleblower #NatSec
TEXT: 1/Our firm has represented our client from the outset, and he/she has diligently followed the processes and laws that afford the greatest legal protections against reprisal. As legal counsel, it is our duty to ensure our client is fully protected.
2/We support the bi-partisan, unanimous resolution passed by the Senate regarding our client’s lawful whistleblower complaint and call upon the Acting Director of National Intelligence to transmit the complete disclosure to the two Intelligence Oversight Committees.
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Remember the bomb set off in Sherwood Park, AB in Nov 2018? @globalnews reported the explosive substance was tannerite according to multiple sources & an internal RCMP memo. K Division @RCMPAlberta called the reporting speculative. 10 months later RCMP admit it WAS tannerite
Tannerite has a very distinct appearance for those who may not have seen it and is typically triggered by shooting it (note the small white pellets)
Note: this comes the same day as an RCMP press conference that also started w senior officers trying to discourage journalists from reporting on a critical file. Referenced speculative reporting & then confirmed large elements of what @globalnews reported #natsec #cdnnatsec #RCMP
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#BREAKING Exclusive: information obtained through an intl criminal probe into encrypted comms firm Phantom Secure (used by global criminal syndicates) produced evidence that led to investigation and arrest of the RCMP's Cameron Ortis… #cdnnatsec #natsec
Canadian CEO of Phantom Secure Vincent Ramos is in prison in the United States. Information from the RCMP in his possession led Canadian investigators to launch a probe into who tried to sell him info. Sources say the 2015 charge Ortis is facing is from that attempt to sell info
Working on confirming some other elements on just how damaging this has been and how Ortis got the information from the RCMP HQ to his condo.
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More exclusive details tonight on @GlobalNational Re: Cameron Ortis, the RCMP's Director General of the National Intelligence Coordination Centre now charged with trying to sell top secret Cdn intel. More on the investigation and what he was trying to sell #cdnnatsec #natsec
@GlobalNational More details on what Global News has learned regarding the Cameron Ortis investigation. As previously reported, American authorities successfully flipped someone to provide information that identified Ortis. Source says this person was & remains in US custody #natsec #cdnnatsec
@GlobalNational The person who flipped is facing a serious criminal conviction. In a bid to reduce their time behind bars at sentencing the person revealed they had been contacted by someone in the RCMP in 2015. #cdnnatsec #natsec
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#Breaking Global News has learned that the Director General of an intelligence unit at RCMP HQ has been arrested and charged under the secrets act involving espionage by foreign powers. Sources tell Global News this was an extensive national security investigation #cdnnatsec
Global News can identify the senior RCMP member charged as Cameron Ortis. This is a very serious and rarely used charge #cdnnatsec
He was arrested yesterday in Ottawa
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/1 Thread on #Natsec #Whistleblower victory

Incredibly pleased to report on significant development in one of our cases involving @AndrewBakaj which shows system CAN work even against @CIA. Congress should use this example to further strengthen system.…
@AndrewBakaj @CIA /2 Bakaj, an attny, was former @DoD_IG & @CIA OIG. He wrote CIA's internal regs to implement PPD-19, which was 2012 presidential directive by @POTUS44 to protect #natsec #whistleblowers…
@AndrewBakaj @CIA @DoD_IG @POTUS44 /3 He properly participated in @ODNIgov OIG investigation, which was required by LAW, & #CIA OIG retaliated against him. Much of the battle arose from still ongoing tensions btwn who has higher authority: ODNI or CIA. NOTE: I say ODNI but that's another discussion.
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Thank you to the authors of this piece for speaking out. It's so important that there is a national debate about the impacts of Canada's ongoing national security focus on Muslim and Arab communities…
The criticisms of this piece have been quick and predictable. One theme is that people do not understand how CSIS & intelligence and national security investigations work.
I think this is highly problematic on at least two levels: First, is the assumption that they "just don't understand". The secrecy around intelligence work means that, yes, there are parts of #natsec work many of us will never intricately understand.
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THREAD: I told you I was going to write #NatSec drivel that gets published so here we go.
Changing Core Competencies and Mission: Special Operations in a Dynamic and Changing Battle Space with Near-Peer Adversaries
Special bois are big and strong. They lift heavy weights and run really really far.
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The Free Press has identified Master Cpl. Patrik Mathews, 26, as the person behind the Winnipeg recruitment drive for the terrorist paramilitary organization The Base.

Mathews is an explosives expert. /1…
His social media is largely bare - presumably the result of his pulling back from his socials once he joined The Base. /2
However, his social media still provides a look into the mindset through his page likes. They are almost entirely alt-right, cryptofascist, and meme culture.

He appears to have supported Bernier. /3
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FBI & ICIG said they "had no definitive answer on what Carter Heavy Industries is or who runs it"
Throw those taxdollars down the toilet folks cause It took me 2 hours
Maybe they should have looked into U.S.A. CARTER HEAVY INDUSTRY GROUP, INC
@realDonaldTrump @Jim_Jordan
Here are more archives & business listings corroborating the owner of Shandong Heavy Industries Is in fact U.S.A. CARTER HEAVY INDUSTRY GROUP, INC.…
Let's address a potential link the FBI should have seen.
Iran & Iraq locations per the listing you saw above connected to Shandong CHI:
Located in the strait of Hormuz nearby Iranian Navy Base
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Time to unmask* the latest Trump/Kremlin disinformation designed to distract Planet MAGA as Mueller's Hill testimony approaches. The source is one of the leading peddlers of DC #deza BS. Let's unpack his latest NSA-themed screed.

*See what I did there?…
2/ First, there isn't much new here. The core is SIGINT unmasking in 2016 by members of the Obama admin. Specifically Samantha Power, then the US Ambassador to the UN. FYI, in advance of the Trumpist bullshit tornado: I'm no fan of Amb Power, per below:…
3/ However, I 'm even less a fan of lying about our intel agencies. SIGINT unmasking is a formal procedure (I've been involved many times) where recipients of NSA intel --- which even in TS/SI channels does NOT reveal US Person (USP) identities, no matter what Hannity told you...
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I like @BulwarkOnline and I respect what they're trying to do, mission-wise. But this piece by @Tracinski requires a brief response. My comments are not solely critical. There's good here. He's right to point out that everything is not about Bolton. /1…
Moreover, @Tracinski is right to call out some Left and Right attacks on Bolton, many of which are disingenuous and evasive, plus economical with #facts. Trump's Iran policy is complex and cannot be explained solely by Bolton's odd relationship with the MEK or Sheldon Adelson. /2
However, the article misses a key point.

It states, "nobody was actually talking about invading Iran. No influential political or foreign policy figure has seriously contemplated it since 1980."

Yes, but also No.

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Every American should speak out about this. They do of course make it difficult for any of us to be heard. Today, the @DeptofDefense along with @TheJusticeDept have turned their Billions of Weapons--ANTI PERSONNEL NON LETHAL aka STEALTH ASSAULT WEAPONS on Americans. #DefundThem
2/ Of course, they appear to be doing this in order to shut down entire US from speaking out, protesting, acting against policy of illegal war supporting Israel and Saudi Arabia's quest for dominance, their own quest for world dominance, and the incoming Neuro Dominance Agenda.
3/ While media lies, psychs lie, docs lie, police lie, #FBILies, #CIA hides, #DOD hides, all daring to say #NatSec to hide crimes, the most devastating stealth wpns ever invented are used on citizens in US homes to silence & terrorize all: RF/sonic wpns, X-ray wpns, scalar wpns.
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A provocative take on the US national security tariffs. @rodrikdani suggests "the best we can hope for is what one might call 'democracy-enhancing global governance'" based on procedural requirements. 1/4
I generally agree with the diagnosis. I'm skeptical that the response is as easy as shifting from substantive to procedural review (e.g., for transparency). In practice, these procedural principles are so open-ended they can simply mask a more substantive decision. 2/4
Neither do I think that 100% non-jusiticability is the answer - maybe in other times/contexts, but not today. But int'l courts could steer deliberations about #NatSec measures to other domestic & int'l fora where appropriate, & this is worth exploring further. 3/4
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1. Hey Billy Barr. Now that your cover is blown, you might not want to do any work on your roof this weekend. Just saying. Russian moles whose cover is blown usually don't do well when working at heights. Heads up Billy. Call the @FBIWFO. Turn yourself in. @TheJusticeDept
2. My lat brother John may have been the only person in history who was not CIA to have access to @CIA NOC List. Barr is trying to deliver that to Putin. That's now a 100% certainty. He won't get it but he needs to be exposed soon before our field people have to go to ground.
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What is so valuable that it’s worth killing and dying for? (A thread)

In war, we have to measure human costs & compare it to the cost of doing nothing. This is hard work.

Recent work by @Amnesty/@Airwars/@danmahanty/@annieshiel helps to show us why. (1/13)
@Amnesty/@Airwars recently released a report on civilian casualties (#CIVCAS) in the fight for #Raqqa in which they claim that the coalition (@CJTFOIR) killed 1600 civilians (compared to the coalition claim of only 159) from June-Oct 2017. (2/13)
They go so far as to assert: “The Coalition launched strikes likely to cause excessive harm to civilians and failed to distinguish between military targets and civilians. … Disproportionate or indiscriminate attacks are war crimes.”

Is this right? (3/13)
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Packed room for today's @SenateCA National Security and Defense committee's first hearing on Bill #C59. Will try and share updates throughout
First up, as per custom, is Public Safety Minister @RalphGoodale #c59 #cdnpoli
You can watch online at SenParlVu.… #C59 #cdnpoli
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Gather 'round, I have a story to propose. This is a gathering of data points. If anyone has the missing pieces, please speak up! We must come together through shared understanding. Our topic today: #SNCLavalin, #Libya, and, as always, Russia. 🇨🇦
Canada's Prime Minister (PM) Justin Trudeau is currently roiled in controversy. In brief, SNC-Lavalin, a Cdn engineering firm, has been charged with bribery. They have lobbied HARD to get a "deferred prosecution agreement" (DPA) to avoid real punishment.…
Canada's Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) decided they didn't get a DPA. The Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Reybould, decided they didn't get a DPA. Trudeau's team asked "are ya REALLY sure?" so often that the AG resigned in protest.
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Following months of criticism and a recent letter from @theJagmeetSingh and @MattDube, @RalphGoodale has finally acted on the troubling language used in the "2018 Public Report on the Terrorism Threat to Canada"… 1/8 #cdnpoli #natsec
It also comes a day before the release of the public version of a report looking at how national intelligence priorities are determined in Canada. 2/8 #cdnpoli #natsec
Here is the only report I've seen about the letter Singh and Dubé sent to Goodale last week:… 3/8 #cdnpoli #natsec
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#DisclosureOnTargeting Remember, no-one in the world can be harmed, can have their basic human rights, their civil rights, natural rights removed from them without a group of absolute MERCENARIES ensconced in govt. ACTIVELY CONSPIRING to make $$$ off their bodies. #HardlyAmerican
2/ That kind of hubris well-shielded by #Secrecy cd. grow only in Secrecy. Wd. anyone believe that extreme-stealth weapons cd be used on you in your own home, your neighborhood, your community by OTHER AMERICANS while your so-called "Peace Officers" looked the other way?
3/ I highly doubt that Air Force Sec. Michael Wynne said that publicly without planned, organized strategy behind him. He was the public face of that strategy, the Hiding in Plain Sight face, announcing PERFIDY by US GOV against its own citizens openly to the world. In 2006.
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