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Hmm. I know nobody is going to want to hear this because everything in our politics is blindly partisan, but @ChristinaPushaw, although she should have registered under FARA before, was acting for one of the anti-Kremlin good guys.
2/ I find this to be heartening, in fact, because it means that @RonDeSantisFL hired a spox who worked with and for anti-Putin factions in Georgia. No, I do not support DeSantis, but he has the best chance of beating Trump for the GOP nomination.
3/ National security is first second and third to me when it comes to politics, because everything else depends on the basic security of the nation; all economics, and all social policies. I do not want another pro Russia Manchurian candidate in the White House.
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What Does Vladimir Putin Have on Joe Biden? Joe and Hunter Biden’s seedy involvements in Ukraine may have given the Russian leader all the ‘kompromat’ he needs to keep America at bay! 🔍 Tablet Magazine #Cybersecurity #Forensics #NatSec…
Vladimir Putin didn’t need the green light that Joe Biden gave Russian forces during his marathon press conference last Thursday for a “minor incursion” into Ukraine. The Russian president already knew the U.S. commander in chief couldn’t stop him even if he wanted to.
You don’t need a secret dossier authored by a British ex-spy for hire like Christopher Steele to understand the possible weird real-world mirror version of Russiagate. This time, it’s basically all out in the open—or at least it was …
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Incoming monster thread: y'day my @Carleton colleague @leahwest_nsl argued the Govt “must believe the protests rise to the level of a national emergency” to invoke the #EmergenciesAct for the 1st time since its creation by a @CPC_HQ Govt in 1988 1/X
While #natsec law is outside my wheelhouse of expertise, my work regularly bumps up against such issues & has forever focused on Qs about coms, society & democracy. As such, I want to weigh in with a few thoughts of my own & hope that I have something worthwhile to say. 2/x
TLDR: While I disagree w/ her provisional conclusion, I do agree that we must be very vigilant that this precedent setting use of the #EmergenciesAct remains ltd in time, targeted in terms of geography, subject to Parliamentary review & snuggled tightly within the 3/
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Sun Guangxin

Xinjiang Guanghui Industry Investment Group
#Guangxin received his primary education in the Anhui Military School. This was the time of China-Vietnam war, and the military required soldiers. He was selected for the service, and served in the military for a few years. In 1989, he left the army…”…
‘Texas bans secretive Chinese billionaire - who spent $110m quietly buying-up land -from setting up 15,000 acre wind farm amid fears turbines could be fitted with spying equipment or used by Chinese government to cripple energy grid’

Sun #Guangxin…
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1/16🧵 A #thread on how badly #CDNmedia is crippled by substituting journalism with public relations amid concentrated, consolidated, & political ownership

This isn't just about revenue, though the Canada Revenue Agency (#CRA) will serve as this week's textbook example (con't)
2/16🧵 #CDNmedia #CDNpoli #CRA

Yesterday you might've seen this vanilla story about Revenue Canada taking its site offline for some miscellaneous 'global #security vulnerability'

It was a whole lot of 'everything's fine' & 'nothing to see here' #InfoSec
3/16🧵 #CDNpoli #CRA

That story was written by Canadian Press, that now funds reporters via Facebook corporate sponsorship in an official & ongoing #CDNmedia alliance

It was published without a byline at 11pm on Saturday night (when few would see it) & syndicated by Global News
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Hey there, friends! Happy Thursday morning!

Today is #InternationalPodcastDay and if you're looking for a new podcast on #NatSec, leadership, and history, we suggest this one.

We've got 74 episodes to comb through.

[1 OF 9]
[2 OF 9]

We've had some cool guests, such as entrepreneur Gary Vee [], who spoke about empathetic leadership, motivation, and the value of failing.
[3 OF 9]

We had @PaulRieckhoff for Episode 56. As you'd expect, he had MUCH to say about the end of the war in Afghanistan, the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and the need for veterans to reach out for help:
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1/17 🧵#CDNpoli #InfoSec #CDNmedia

To friends, a cautious warning; to nefarious actors, you're put on notice & the radar of #NatSec

During the writ my bank account was hacked repeatedly, likely to gain insight RE who might be paying me

On #Elxn44 day, $3,000 was stolen
2/17 🧵#InfoSec #CDNmedia

Soon after the #Elxn44 writ dropped, multiple IP addresses began #hacking my bank account

According to bank security (that happens to be the HQ for all #CDNpoli banking #NatSec security), every attack arose from @Rogers/@RogersHelps accounts
3/17 🧵#CDNpoli #InfoSec #CDNmedia

And by no means was it even typical hacking. It's the type that put #NatSec on full alert because it compromised bank security as well as my own security & overrode all the safeguards that banks have in place

Please let me explain...
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1/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Elxn44

Disappointed in #CDNmedia. Downplaying #violence & mischaracterizing blame must stop. Threat is more serious than anyone wants it to be

This #thread is about NEW #HateClub escalation

cc @Nat_Div_RCMP @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland
2/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Violence #Elxn44

Someone alerted me to a new post in Zelda's Facebook #HateClub (thank you)

On the surface it indicates a #Conservative partisan/electoral purpose & that's interesting enough, but upon digging deeper it's a legitimate cause for #NatSec concern
3/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Violence #Elxn44

Inspection of first revealed a plan to unite Conservatives

Closer to election it became a Trudeau attack machine

That claimed to be factual
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1/26 🧵#CDNpoli #2Michaels #Elxn44

It's been hard for me to watch #CDNmedia coverage of the 2 Michaels, knowing there's a pointless media blackout that's resulted in widespread #disinformation & exploitation by partisan actors

This #thread is RE Spavor

2/26 🧵#CDNpoli #2Michaels #Elxn44

Canada has become a laughing stock to our global partners due to #CDNmedia suppression of facts about Spavor & Kovrig, that are available to everyone else in the world, including 🇨🇦, if we only bothered to google
3/26 🧵#CDNpoli #Elxn44

I've known facts about the #2Michaels for some time & I declined to share earlier so it wouldn't impact Spavor & Kovrig's trials in #China. But that collective ignorance is being weaponized against voters & both sides have been disingenuous in recent news
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1/10 🧵#CDNpoli #Bolton #Elxn44

While you were sleeping, a number of serious developments have occurred surrounding the intimidation & violence that shutdown Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau's campaign events in Ontario

Please see what follows for details #DevelopingStory Image
2/10 🧵#CDNpoli #Elxn44

Conservative campaigners were implicated in #Bolton, heckling obscenities & intimidating @JustinTrudeau as well as Liberal Party supporters. For security reasons the event had to be cancelled & these partisan provocateurs were caught on CPAC video Image
3/10 🧵#CDNpoli #Bolton #Elxn44

Conservative candidate Kyle Seeback has taken responsibility for his rogue staff, apologized, & fired them

But additional details have come to light since this mea culpa was provided Image
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1/3 If Mercedes was a journo & not a partisan propagandist, she'd know that altering evidence in a criminal case to omit one party, omit all clarifying details & publish with an agenda to misrepresent it will get her & Global sued

#CAF #Vance #CDNpoli
2/3 It's just so galling that ethics are nonexistent & Mercedes would venture into the territory of maliciously exploiting children. None of the 8 kids knows their paternity & several men are alleged to be fathers including others in #CAF. Vance is one of many accused substitutes
3/3 It's also unnerving to see Global News allow Mercedes to tamper with evidence in an active trial to pervert the course of justice. Do they not have libel lawyers to vet what she's doing? At this rate she's putting her sources at risk for criminal charges... You'll see #NatSec
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1/21 #Indigenous #ResidentialSchools #MassGraves #RCMP #CDNpoli

A smarter person might ignore it, but I want to show y'all the state of things with law enforcement, systemic racism, toxic politics, & media, as it unfolded surrounding this story (#thread)

2/21 #ResidentialSchools #MassGraves #RCMP #CDNpoli

Recently @APTNNews published an investigation by @brittany_guyot about @RCMPVetsGRC & anti-#Indigenous racism

What happened next reveals how deep that trouble runs & the risks some are willing to take
3/21 #Indigenous #ResidentialSchools #MassGraves #RCMP #CDNpoli

A flurry of activity occurred when @brittany_guyot enquired with @RCMPVetsGRC about the offensive op-ed by Iwona Mooney

1st they deleted the entry, but Google cache still has original copy
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1/My firm filed new #FOIA lawsuit today for @wbaidlaw to compel disclosure of @FBI records re: #whistleblower’s efforts to reveal pattern of falsified intel reports generated by FBI & @CIA that led to unlawful retaliation. Story of #MarkMcConnell told in…
2/In July 2017, McConnell was detailed by Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF) Executive Office to work at Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATFS) at request of JIATFS leadership.
3/Primary reasons for detailing McConnell were to inject agency-agnostic prosecutor perspective into fed law enforcement agency interactions at JIATFS to try & smooth out unproductive competitive interagency law enforcement behaviors ...
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🔴 Today @grantshapps will outline the Govts next step in the roadmap for resuming international travel from May 17th.

🔴 We believe the use of a traffic light system, #vaccinepassports, incl pre-depature & re-entry testing is unnecessary & illegal towards citizens.

🔴 Article 13 of UNHR Declaration:

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of movement & residence within the borders of each State.

2. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including their own, & to return to their country.
🔴 Article 8 - ECHR, gives effect to UK Human Rights Act (1998)

1 Everyone has the right to respect for their private & family life, their home & their correspondence.

2. There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right.

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Bulgarian prosecutor's office details how 6 person spy-ring with access to the Bulgarian military and parliament operated.
#espionage #russia #gru #natsec #intelligence #counterintelligence #bulgaria @NATO @EU_Commission @NSAGov @CIA @NCSCgov #EU #SCS #security #cybersecurity Image

The #GRU tasked for #SECRET info on #Bulgaria, #EU, #NATO & specifically the NSA, CIA and their joint SIGINT entity the SCS

#espionage #russia #gru #natsec #intelligence #counterintelligence @EU_Commission @NSAGov @CIA @NCSCgov #SCS #security #cybersecurity ImageImageImage
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Today in investment law and policy, we’re talking about investment and national security (my favorite topic). The students read treaty text and Continental Casualty v Arg, and also watched a short recorded lecture by me. Other links below were not assigned to students. 1/
First, a little background from my recorded lecture. When folks say that today there is greater overlap between #NatSec & #ISDS, what do they mean? What kinds of measures are they talking about? How would they violate investment rules? 2/
Historically, the primary concern might have been economic sanctions. The US, in particular, has for years applied sanctions, asset freezes, and embargoes under the 1917 Trading with the Enemy Act and the 1977 Int’l Emergency Economic Powers Act (pictured). 3/
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#FBI Director Christopher Wray will discuss the role civic education plays in national security during a webcast this afternoon at 2 p.m. EST. You can watch live at #NatSec @CSIS
During his remarks, Director Wray described how civic education intersects with national security and the FBI’s work: “First, it intersects with some of the threats the FBI and our nation confront today, and second, it can shape how we do our work.”
Wray: One example of how civic education affects a current national security threat is election security—and more broadly, the problem of malign foreign influence, which has been a top concern for the FBI recently.
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1/This was one of the most successful #natsec #whistleblower cases in history. We had three primary objectives: (1) ensure client lawfully released classified information to appropriate oversight authorities; (2) protect client's anonymity & (3) protect client from retaliation.
2/We succeeded with all three objectives.

You will notice what was NOT our objective, and that was the #impeachment of President Trump, which was a natural and political outgrowth of achieving objective #1.
3/The representation was a perilous one. We received death threats and hostility, including from the President himself (who publicly declared I "should be sued for treason"). One individual was prosecuted for threatening my life and he will be sentenced later this month.
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Tomorrow, the @JoeBiden Administration will likely release a memo that sets the ground rules for national security decision-making. /1
This memo will clarify who sits in the key decision making bodies – the National Security Council (NSC), the Principals Committee (PC), the Deputies Committee (DC), and the subsidiary interagency bodies. /2
For convenience, here is the Obama Administration memo (…) and the Clinton Administration (…). Small hints about the process may be embedded in the #BidenAdministration’s document. /3
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Good morning, loves! ❤️ Here are a few wisdom droplets for you: To state the obvious, every member of congress who aided & abetted last Wednesday's attack is a traitor to this country. #NatSec
If you've seen photos & listened to reports from congresspeople who were inside the Capitol during the attack, you know certain Republicans gave rioters pre-attack recognizance tours.
They also first-pumped to cheer attackers on as they trashed the Capitol, tweeted out the location of the fellow congress members' hiding spaces & one literally said (about the mob) "those are my people." Watch this entire video. #NatSec…
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If you need a mental / #SelfCare break, tune in to something uplifting ... We're staaaaarting! First up, @USChamber Pres. Suzanne Clark is interviewing @NEAArtsChair @MACartsDC & Annette Bening. #StarringRole…
LOVE @NEAArtsChair @MACartsDC comment about how the arts unite us. It's true!! ♥️ #StarringRole
By definition, they require imagination and expanding one's mind. For example, when you see an actor, you're picturing them as the person they're depicting — not solely thinking: "Hey, that's ____!" #StarringRole
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I kinda think it's hillarious that @_SecondThought was intimidated by @DHSgov and shadowbanned by @YouTube re: criticism of the @CIA.

For all the wrong reasons...
[a thread]
For once, it's a chilling effect for anyone, espechally de-facto members of the #press [since @_SecondThought does #journalism, be is part of it] to intimidate them by a govt. agency like @DHSgov.

Not to mention that their accusation, "anti-americanism", is not a crime.
In any reasonable justice system, #NullaPeneSineLege applies, which means the government cannot do anything about something that isn't explicitly outlawed.

And last time I checked voicing criticism of politicans was not, @DHSgov!
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No surprise to me, but my Congressional 'representative,' Trump sychophant @RepNewhouse, is among the 106 @HouseGOP members who have violated their oath of office & abandoned democracy today by signing onto an attempt to overthrow the will of more than 81 million American voters.
I hope @Lawrence posts his opening statement & segment with @SteveSchmidtSES from this evening, because they expressed, more eloquently that I can, the extent to which @RepNewhouse, @cathymcmorris & the other 104 @HouseGOP seditionists have betrayed the Constitution & the nation.
The burning question in my mind is: why are they doing this? They obviously fear Trump, but why? What damning information does he have on them? What do they fear he will do to them? Or are they simply in favor of ANYTHING that preserves the white-dominated, Christian patriarchy?
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Championing foreign aid is a tough sell, particularly these days. But here are some ways to make it work for Middle America and the world.

1. Connect the heartland to global development, there are some great examples here. @TheHillOpinion @drgilliland…
2. Innovate/sell climate solutions + other tech to emerging markets.@DFCgov

3. Build global pandemic & climate tracking systems that also help the heartland. @HouseForeign

4. Bring global expertise to Middle American problems; learn from int'l best practices. @jakejsullivan
Given the recent calls for a Marshall Plan for Middle America, why not deploy the pros who have done it for years?

5. Establish development incubators in Peoria, Youngstown, Jackson, and other “forgotten” communities of America.@USGLC
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