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The Far-Left Progressive organization @campaignfuture who amplified the disinformation campaign "Don't Say Gay" Bill in Florida

This organization is funded through @GeorgeSoros-Funded Arabella Front and sixteen thirty fund…
For those of you who aren't aware they announced this month at the @SXSWEDU they are launching, "The Educator Defense Fund" which is expected to launch by the end of this summer to protect teachers against "extremists"
They estimate between 500-1000 teachers, school librarians, superintendents, and school board members could request assistance where they will scrub their internet history.…
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The Correct answer is (C)
(1/5)Recombinant vector vaccines are made through genetic engineering. The gene that creates the protein for a bacteria or virus is isolated and placed inside another cell’s genes.
(2/5)When that cell reproduces, it produces vaccine proteins that mean the immune system will recognize the protein and protect the body against it. Hence, statement 1 is correct.
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The Correct answer is (D)
(1/3) A corporate tax is a tax levied on the profits of a company/firm, and is paid on a company’s taxable income. Corporate taxes are collected by the government as a source of income.
(2/3)These taxes are based on taxable income, after expenses have been deducted.
Corporation Tax is an appropriation out of profits from business, interest on securities and dividends of the company.
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The Correct answer is (D)
(1/4)Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) are devices that use bacteria as the catalysts to oxidize organic and inorganic matter and generate current.
(2/4)Electrons produced by the bacteria from these substrates are transferred to the anode (negative terminal) and flow to the cathode (positive terminal). Hence, statements 1 and 2 are correct.
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*** New Post ***

“Now independent research has shown that the Welsh #RSE Code was influenced by elements of Queer Theory that should concern parents.” @WG_Education @childcomwales @LauraJ4SWEast @MerchedCymru @LGBAllies_Cymru @WRNWales #edutwitter #LGBT…
“Queer Theory is an academic field of study that aims to dismantle accepted social norms. This may not seem immediately concerning. However in this field any idea can be – and is – challenged, including the idea that children should not be sexually active.” #CurriculumForWales
“Queer Theory challenges boundaries that are put in place to preserve ‘oppressive’ ideas such as the importance of child safeguarding. This academic discussion is not something that should be allowed to direct the way schools teach children.” #CurriculumForWales #RSE #edutwitter
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..Facebook group Education- our say, our way!!)"which wants to remove relationship and sex education (RSE) from the mandatory part of the new curriculum..
..Mr Justice Turner said: "The issues raised on behalf of the claimants involve consideration of complex constitutional.."
..matters with potentially very significant consequences for both parents and children..
Human rights barrister Paul Diamond "..will argue that the case raises important legal issues, including the human rights of very young children from "the imposition of ideologies that.."
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TIL that the Roman Numerals have only 7 unique symbols. I for 1, V for 5, X for 10, L for 50, C for 100, D for 500 and M for 1000.

This might not be interesting but the fact that there is a rule to use these symbols to create the roman numeral representation of any number is indeed very interesting.

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¡Comienza el segundo tiempo en Guayaquil!

#CSEvsCAT 0-0

Andrés Oña🔄Facundo Martínez
Ismael Díaz🔄Christian Martínez

60' | El partido es parejo. Ninguno de los dos equipos llega al área rival con peligro

#CSEvsCAT 0-0

72' | ¡GOOOL de #CAT! Chalá se juntó con Alzugaray que se la devolvió y Walter definió al primer palo para marcar el primero

#CSEvsCAT 0-1

65'Alexis Zapata🔄José Cevallos
65'Bryan Carabalí🔄Dixon Vera
65'Emiliano Clavijo🔄Kevin Minda

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¡Comienza el partido en Guayaquil!

12' | ¡Se salvó #CAT! Chalá tiró un centro desde la derecha, Minda desvió la pelota y Cuero voló para mandar la pelota al córner

#CSEvsCAT 0-0

15' | El partido es parejo. #CSE trata de acercarse al área rival. #CAT busca tener la pelota para hacer daño

#CSEvsCAT 0-0

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The South Asian nation is set to blow through the grace period on $78 million of payments Wednesday, marking its first sovereign debt default since it gained independence from Britain in 1948. #EconomicCrisisLK #SriLankaEconomicCrisis
Its bonds already trade deep in distressed territory, with holders bracing for losses approaching 60 cents on the dollar. The government said last month it would halt payments on foreign debt. #GOSL #CBSL #CSE
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, appointed last week, is yet to choose a finance minister, who will help lead talks with the International Monetary Fund over badly needed aid.
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Here's Lucy amplifying the doctored far-right video of Keir Starmer.

Britain First's Paul Golding said to anyone 'harassing' JRM: “We will find out where you live. We will find out where you work. We will find out where you study & we will come down on you like a ton of bricks.” Image
Allan was one of three Tory MPs who shared the doctored video: Nadine Dorries deleted the Tweet without explanation; Maria Caulfield deleted her entire account; Lucy Allan deleted it but chose not to apologise & to double-down on the general point while not naming Starmer again. Image
Instead of apologising like any sane person would for sharing a doctored video from a far-right account, she said: "There was a total failure by the authorities to understand #cse #grooming, a dismissive attitude towards victims, & a belief that victims brought it on themselves."
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Is this is the end of #CSE, answer is NO. Many people may exit, new people may join, Mr Market will be here and he will prove everyone he is right at the end. Mr Market will transfer the wealth from people who violates the rules to people who follows the rule.
When AAIC research published AAIC remained stagnant at 30 levels for next 3 months. Whenever people ask me about good stocks I suggested it, but they replied me it doesn't have volume know. Imagine you bought this at 30 and went to Coma and woke up few days back return was 7x. Image
When you look at the chart you can see the stock got mass attention when it peaked to 180 levels. So everyone wanted to join the running horse and they don't want to Buy a stock when no body wanted and sell it when everyone wanted it. This way you could easily compound money.
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.@thetalentguru #GhislaineMaxwell

#PeterNygard, 78, has hosted celebs & politicians at the property, near the Bahamian capital of Nassau. Photos credited to Nygard’s website appear to show such visitors incl #PrinceAndrew & ex-wife Sarah Ferguson & their 2 daughters, 20 yrs ago.
.@thetalentguru #GhislaineMaxwell #GodSaveTheQueen #CSE

photo shows paedophile #PeterNygard talking with a shorts-wearing Andrew as the two stroll together. In another picture Nygard is posing with Sarah and her daughters, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.…
.@thetalentguru #GhislaineMaxwell #JeffreyEpstein #GodSaveTheQueen #TheQueen #CSE

#PeterNygard’s Sex Trafficking Arrest Casts New Scrutiny On Reported #PrinceAndrew Visit
The #paedophile Canadian fashion mogul was arrested for sex trafficking in Winnipeg…
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Heureux d'avoir pu participer, avec le @CabinetOrseu, @SyndexFR, l'IRERP, l'IODE, l'@UParisNanterre et @Paris_Dauphine, aux travaux d'évaluation des ordonnances Macron de 2017 sur le dialogue social dans l'#entreprise menés par @Strategie_Gouv ! #CSE
#Thread (1/3)
Notre rapport souligne que ces ordonnances ont profondément transformé le paysage des institutions de représentation du personnel (IRP), not. en supprimant les délégués du personnel. D'où un éloignement des IRP des salariés, surtout dans les grandes #entreprises #CSE (2/3)
La fusion des institutions de représentation du personnel modifie donc le rôle des élus et le fonctionnement même du dialogue social #CSE
Rapport en ligne sur :… (3/3)
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It is heartening how many individuals & businesses have responded to @MarcusRashford’s appeal to help children needing #FSM over half term. It is really encouraging that many people care about keeping children safe & healthy so they can grow up in the best possible circumstances
#safeguarding must always come first though. We are alarmed at some of the offers of help we have seen. We must not normalise unsafe practises such as encouraging online contact from kids, going to meet adults they don’t know & taking gifts from strangers. Safeguards must be used
We know people want to help but this must be done safely or the consequences could be severe. Sadly children have frequently been groomed with food. The guardian has reported here. Boys are more usually groomed into the drug trade. #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY
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2020 is a year no one will ever forget due to the #COVID19Pandemic and it’s more important than ever that we have people to talk to when we need too.

I myself suffer with my #MentalHealth due to a part of my life as a #teenager
I’m not ashamed of my #MentalHealth issues and what caused my #MentalHealth issues so I will share my story with you and I would like to ask that my #twitter followers to please #RT as far and wide to help me raise awareness of this issue. Thank you in advance.
My #MentalHealth story:

I was 17 and naive I had just come out as being #gay to my family and I started talking to a man on a app, we hit it off however that was just the start. We spoke for a while and he was saying everything I wanted to hear
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'Probe #PrinceAndrew's links to #GhislaineMaxwell', says Rochdale grooming ring detective

@VRSVirginia⁩ ⁦@BradEdwards_Esq⁩ ⁦@TheDavidBoies

Virginia did you see this piece about ⁦@MaggieOliverUK⁩ ?
She is 😎❤️
Shaking up IICSA!…
See how this stuff connects, V...
#IICSA, #RoyalFamily, #PrinceAndrew #BoardingSchools, #GroomingGangs, #Rochdale, #CSA #CSE
I see only the connections whereas IICSA creates divisions between survivors and its 15/6 ‘investigations’

@Richard_Scorer @Kim_LHarrison @MaggieOliverUK
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Victims attack 'tokenistic' inquiry into organised child exploitation #CSE

@MaggieOliverUK⁩ ⁦@Richard_Scorer⁩ ⁦@Kim_LHarrison
Go Maggie! 👊💥👏👏👏

#MaggieOliver is best known as the detective-turned-whistleblower…
who resigned from Greater Manchester Police in late 2012 in order to expose the Rochdale grooming scandal. Image
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ALL children deserve
#safeguarding. Safeguarding is the responsibility of ALL adults in society. ALL adults should be subject to safeguard checks & scrutiny. Objecting to safeguarding enables the abuse & harm of children. Must read @VictoriaPeckham #CSE
The clips we have seen from #cutiesnetflix are appalling. Drawing attention to #CSE should not involve exploiting more children. Talking about ‘child sexuality’ is boundary pushing. Anybody defending this as an unsuitable person to be working with children
We have repeatedly raised concerns about unregulated groups, who clearly do not understand the importance of #safeguarding seeking access to vulnerable children. Being #LGBT does not exempt you from scrutiny. ALL children should be kept safe

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Another must-read @M_Star_Online article on the damaging effects of porn.

Porn culture has been allowed to seep into sex education and is extremely harmful to children. This must be challenged immediately. #RSE #Safeguarding
The ‘Respect Yourself’ resource used by @Warwickshire_CC falsely presents itself as helpful guidance for teens.

In reality, it is filled with boundary-erasing, pro-porn, pro-prostitution propaganda which raises a multitude of safeguarding issues.
'Respect Yourself' uses woke language to obfuscate the inappropriate nature of its advice to children on sex & relationships.

Have those responsible for this material been deceived by pseudo-progressive jargon? Or is this a deliberate attempt to weaken children's boundaries?
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Pedophilia: adults sexually attracted to children, age infant to prepuberty.
Hebephilia: adults sexually attracted to pubescent/adolescent youth.
Globally: 10 mil exploited in commercial sex industry, including porn.
Every year 1 mil children added to serve the demand.
This vile industry cannot thrive without active contribution of all global institutions-- church, government, business, entertainment, media, medicine, criminal justice, social services, education, military--supporting and nurturing organized crime against children and humanity.
Every major institution MUST historically and currently be led by pedophiles and hebephiles in order to support this magnitude of injustice against families. The majority of policies enacted by these pedophiles & hebephiles must directly create conditions...
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BREAKING: Huddersfield grooming gang jailed for total of 221 years. A THREAD.
The town joins at least a dozen towns and cities across England where hundreds – if not thousands – of girls and young people have been sexually exploited by #groominggangs over the last few decades. #CSE #CSA
20 men were convicted during three trials at #LeedsCrownCourt throughout 2018.
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10 minutes late to #SECU and it's moving fast. Catching up. For those following, clause 109 of #c59 #cdnpoli
Conservative motion, similar to with #CSE, asking #CSIS to report annually on the costs incurred due to oversight. Both #NDP & #Liberals argue that this creates a new administrative burden. #NDP argues could be used to try & undermine new review & oversight bodies
Motion fails
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Good morning from the Public Safety Committee study of Bill #C59. Four hour marathon meeting. We'll see how much of the 90 pages or so left MPs get through today. #cdnpoli #hw #SECU
Conservative motion to remove the requirement that the Minister of National Defence must consult with the Minister of Foreign Affairs when the #CSE engages in active (offensive) cyber operations. Conservatives argue that this will hinder ability of Minister of Defence to act #C59
Motion is defeated.
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