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2/ Historical FACT: Russia has been infiltrating & subverting inside USA since 1930s; slow, like the big hand of a as to not be noticed. Disinformation was spread so Americans would distrust government & national/international security agencies that protected them. ImageImageImageImage
3/. Our USA...ALL countries...are victims of Russian “active measures, idealogical subversion, psychological warfare”. Russia has been waging war against us all, only it wasn’t war as we think of it. ALL *isms* subverted for power to control masses. ImageImageImageImage
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When #Nirbhaya was mercilessly raped, the entire nation came together to get justice for her. Culprits were caught within 1 week. There is unbelievable amount of evidence of #assault on #DishaSalian, possibly sexual assault. Why is the nation not uniting for justice for her? Image
I did not want to share this, but Disha happens to be a distant family friend. I know a lot of her cousins, and they, along with her family seem to be under some form of unimaginable pressure to remain quiet. Even the RIP posts that they put up for her have been deleted.
And what I mean by coming together for #JusticeForDisha is that the whole crowd, #liberals, (and trust me, I consider myself to be liberal in thought too) - why are they silent? Why do they think this is all drama? Why is this a conspiracy theory to them? Debate me on the facts.
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2/2. BTW, NO 1999, 2016, 2018 news reports re. his Bay of Pigs Squad museum visits mention an “award”, ONLY an “endorsement”.😎 The painting was given as a thank you gift for his visiting (campaigning); there was NO attribution, name, or even a date signifying it an “award”. ImageImageImage
The Bay of Pigs Squad does not issue small frames paintings as “awards”: their awards are actual awards...with attribution, name, dated, & with a seal. ImageImage
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2/. Trump sold entire 45th floor of Trump Tower to Saudis, 2 months before 9/11 attacks. 15 of the terrorists were Saudis. Trump said he saw ‘Muslims celebrating’ & witnesses attack (45 th floor...w/his ‘solid gold telescope’?🤔). No GOP were targeted for anthrax attacks.🤔 ImageImageImageImage
3/. Once you understand what T.O.C. is, all the puzzle pieces from last couple decades start to connect & you understand why our national security agencies have been attacked, in attempt to discredit & silence them.

1) 2011:…

2)… ImageImageImageImage
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Exactly, its #liberals's and #maoists's agenda to associate #Hindus with #hinduism.

'ISM' is suffix connoting dogma, and way of behaving on the contrary, 'Tattva' is principle.

@bnss7cuz @thesecunew @MahuaMoitra @BanglaPokkho @GargaC

As for @BanglaPokkho owning Bangla as a language is fine, however, Indian LANGUAGE emanates from Brahami SCRIPT.
@BanglaPokkho logic will fail if he can provide a Sanskrit word for Divorce.

Sensuality was never a taboo not even in eastern part of Indian continent as far as Cambodia.
Woman objectification started when Mughal Moroders invaded India.
Such happened to Sensuality as well.

@bnss7cuz @thesecunew @MahuaMoitra @BanglaPokkho @GargaC

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These #fascist #anarachist #communist #leftist #liberals have been intimidating/threatening/shaming/silencing our platforms... organizations... employers.... companies, WHEN SOMEONE DON'T BOW DOWN TO THEIR VICIOUS IDEOLOGY. ❌


(thread) Image

#BLM inc., is a Marxist Communist Fascist Anarchist organization that is currently aligned, and is collaborating with #antifa domestic mob terrorist group terrorizing people of America & traumatizing Americans. #SeattleRiots #PortlandRiots #KenoshaRiots

#HindusForTrump🚩 @POTUS
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Once a week for 3 years I've cleaned this window, carefully blotting this sticker with a blue towel so as not to disrupt it.

It is a weekly reminder that the entirety of Trumpism and modern conservatism amounts to nothing more than this.

Not empathy. Not virtue. Not policy..
1/ Image
Not the 'greater good'. Not equality. Not inclusion. Not values.

Just this. Displaying perceived strength in rejection of perceived weakness.

This is Trumpism. The fundamental truth of it, in all its glory.

Environmental concerns? F*ck you. National debt? F*ck you. Managing a pandemic? F*ck you. Corruption in plain sight? F*ck you.

There is no objective. There is no policy. There is no path to a brighter future.

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#Breaking #BreakingNews
MASSIVE PROTESTS MILLIONS in #SouthKorea in, get this, a Q Protest! O.O BOOM 💥 Against Mask Restrictions, against #COVID19 #Scamdemic Against #ChildTrafficking & against the #NWO #Globalism by #UN #EU &the Elite Crime Cabals. INCREDIBLE #Spain also Today
3/ Many TROLL FARM accounts attacking this video LYING through their faces that supposedly there are no protests in #SouthKorea. TOTAL LIARS!!! Of course there are HUGE protests in Korea now! Don't listen to these LIARS! Look at their TROLL accounts!! TROLL FARM DISINFO people!!
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1. News: EXCITING BIKE RALLY!! Antifa Goons Go to Sturgis Biker Rally — BIG MISTAKE — Need Police Protection for Their Escape - 8.16.20 Thread


Article:… #TRUMP #StandUp #ANITFA #STURGIS
2. News: InfoWars Reporter – Millie Weaver – Arrested This Weekend Shortly After Releasing “Shadowgate” a New Documentary on Social Media Psychological Warfare Used Against the American Public… #TRUMP #TRUMP2020 #StandUp
3. News: Top Democrats rooting for the enemy:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib & Obama Security Advisor Ben Rhodes joined Iranian regime & Turkey in condemning Iranian Regime in Condemning Historic Peace Deal Between #Israel &d UAE… #Trump #Infiltrated #UAE #PeaceDeal
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#BREAKING:AG #Barr says #liberals/#progressives are INCAPABLE of compromise because to them, politics is an "ALL CONSUMING, SECULAR RELIGION" adding, they are ONLY interested in TEARING DOWN systems. SERIOUSLY?

#TheResistance #SundayThoughts #FBRParty
No offense AG #Barr but aren't Trumpers the ones trying to TEAR DOWN the "#DeepState" system which they deem "against God"? Give me a break with the projection!!

#TheResistance #SundayThoughts #FBRParty
By the way, is it even proper for a sitting AG to engage in such HYPER-PARTISAN dialogue? Isn't he AG for conservatives, liberals, progressives, independents etc? Just sayin'

#TheResistance #SundayThoughts #FBRParty
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@Transman74 @milburn_ted @bridges_walls @Stop_The_EU Yeah

You're one of the rose tinted tin foil hat brigade who think slipping "Socialist" into their name was all a conspiracy theory to trick socialists into joining the Nazi Party…
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A totalitarian global government is being formed and using Coronavirus as the excuse.

The fatality Rate of #coronavirus
(Not to be taken as medical advice)

Statistics show that school aged children and teens ages 0 to 39 are at a 0.2% to 2% risk of fatality.

@seanhannity ImageImageImageImage
Most at risk of fatality complications are those who are older with weakend immune systems or pre-existing conditions

Heart disease, diabetes, smokers, heavy drinkers etc

Countries like Sweaden have kept the economy and schools open and sheielded the elderly and those at risk ImageImageImageImage
The purpose the lockdown is about power, authority and a global totalitarian governnent system.

Please read the whole thread for the evidence.

The purpose of the lockdown is to crash the US Economy, crash the US dollar, end capitalism and replace it with #Marxism.
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Small #thread
India's 'ROME' is in Arikamedu Pondicherry dates 200 BCE (excavation stopped due to uncontrollable water seepage) before being abandoned.
It is believed to be only Indian Port where Indians Traded with #Romans

#Archaeology @RajVedam1…

Pondicherry is European corruption of PUDU-CHCHERI which means NEWTOWN
Arikamedu, was a major port dedicated to SIGNATURE bead making and trading with Roman traders. It has a big Dockyard of its own ImageImageImageImage
The Arikamedu were trading beads, Muslin, Pepper, Pearls, Ivory, Silk, Wine EXTENSIVELY at the end of 200 BCE. ImageImageImage
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وفاقی وزیر تعلیم جناب شفقت محمود صاحب جب #پرویز_مشرف کی کابینہ سے فارغ ہوئے تھے تو انہوں نے یہ کالم لکھا تھا ۱۶ نومبر ۲۰۰۱ کو دی نیوز میں ۔ بڑے شوق سے #ایک_نصاب کا شوق پورا فرمائیں

#AikNisab ImageImageImageImage
وفاقی وزیر تعلیم جناب شفقت محمود صاحب نے محترم عمران خان صاحب کی سیاسی اہلیت پر یہ کالم لکھا تھا ۱۵ مئ ۲۰۰۹ کو دی نیوز میں “عمران خان کی عجیب سیاست ۔ بڑے شوق سے #ایک_نصاب کا شوق پورا فرمائیں #AikNisab کی بات کرنیوالے کا اپنے لیڈر کے بارے میں عدم اعتماد👇… Image
Aurangzeb was asked to expel the #Hindus & #Shias from his administration, he said that religion & politics were two separate things & they should not be mixed with each other. (Historian & Teacher Dr Mubarak Ali )
@KumbharHafeez ! URL :
—— #AikNisab
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We’re in a global pandemic, #cdnmedia is a RW propaganda wasteland, #Conservative Premiers like Kenney & Ford have severely mismanaged their provincial economies, yet #Liberals, flaws & all, have managed to steady the ship.…

#IStandWithMorneau #cdnpoli Image
Right wing parties have literally nothing to offer in terms of making ordinary people’s lives better. They can’t compete on policy or fiscal responsibility. They continuously propagandize about their fiscal records, which have been consistently terrible & consist of....#cdnpoli
....the transfer of public wealth into the private hands of their big money donors.

In order to sidetrack voters away from facts, RW parties like #CPC, push wedge issues, fake scandals & weaponize Parliamentary complaints processes, just like their #GOP counterparts. #cdnpoli
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How do communists, secular and #liberals destroy society?

Answer: Using subversion

Subversion means:
- Aggressive and destructive activity towards enemy country
- Destroying the power and authority of a system.

Four stages of subversion

First Stage: DEMORALIZATION (Duration: 15-20 years)

Targets the below areas


Dharmic life is attacked by ridiculing deities and established dharmic traditions and rituals using #bollywood movies and #kathavachaks.

Fake godmen like #muraribapu etc. are promoted. Dharmic values are replaced with various sects and cults until people are disconnected from their roots.

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The stupidity of #Stayhome, #WearADamnMask and lockdowns.
Most of the idiots promoting this don’t know the 1st thing about Immunology.
Well I do, and you can’t fight a virus by hiding from it.
No I’m not saying get infected, but you need to a little bit.
#PharaohRant #Covid_19
The human body is almost like “AI”, the immune system only works by “response”, and in order for it to respond it must get infected so it can build antibodies. It learns and adapts.
Actually it’s quite amazing.. my fav is killer T-cells 👊🏻
If you #StayHome, you can’t get exposed
If you aren’t exposed to the first gen of the virus, then guess what?
That bug has mutated and you’re body can’t fight what’s about to hit you.
Why do you think the new cases are getting younger?
They did the #StayHome and #WearADamnMas, crap and got the worst #Covid_19 🤬
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Liberal we know about you, you do work for money because you have not happens problem any other religions because you know if you say anything about any other religions your store will close, so your saying about #aysofya mosque , why did change into mosque from church..?
So i tell you many masjid has been occupied in india converted into hindu mandir from masjid in hariyana, mahrshtra etc and also on international level Spain jama masjid cordoba closed by govt and has been done converted in church and purtagal also closed many masjid & converted
Jama Masjid, Farrukhnagar, Haryana

The town of Farrukhnagar in Gurugram District was founded by Mughal Governor Faujdar Khan in 1732 AD. It was named after the Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar and know mosque occupied by hindu and converted in hindu temple.
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Let's start with #Centrist.

Centrists are the most cowards
and the garbage of the political spectrum. They oscillate like a pendulum between two forces. 1/n
OK now liberals turn😌.

#Liberals are the true heirs of the Nazi spirit.

Pass it on... 2/n
Now IMT turn.

Casteism exists in inidian Muslims.
When will you discuss it. 3/n
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My Thread of #Sociopaths, #Liberals #Democrats & #Qanon I won't go into too much on the difference between a Sociopath & Psychopath because the definitions constantly change. But I will say like Autism it has a spectrum & to put it in simple terms it would be how close they..
resemble the father of them all satan & no I am not saying they are his actual children it is just a metaphor. It is not a mental condition as experts claim it is a sign of who they are a window into the soul. It is important in any war to know thy enemy if you ever plan to beat
them as you can not see what is not in you the only way to do that is by experience & study. If you do not know your enemy you can be assured that they will beat you. You need to learn not to judge them by their words but by their fruit. #BlacklivesMatter for example claim to be
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Just an observation but Liberals are Fearful bunch, and I think I know why ....#Phobias.
It’s the only other explanation for such erratic behaviors.
I’m NOT excusing them just trying to understand them ( maybe)😂
Anyway I made a list, and I hope you enjoy.
#Liberalism #MAGA
An unnatural fear of women considered beautiful by the one who fears them.
This fear often stems from low self-esteem and a lack of self worth.
This is why they hate @FLOTUS so much... she’s beautiful, and smart too! ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

#MAGA #Trump2020
Chremnophobia: An unnatural fear of wealth and becoming wealthy.
This often stems from the fear that wealth might actual serve to ruin an individual’s Life. 🙄

Explains why they hate anyone who’s rich... esp @realDonaldTrump!
Psst lots of wealthy #Liberals!
#Trump #MAGA😂😂
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The best & speediest way to see them disappear fast and clean up: Disband the police in their areas/zones. For all truckers to exclude their zones. Let them eat each other. Let them finish each other.… #
Is this the vision, utopia, a la #Democrats, #NWO #Left? Seems so. Listen to “their” media: all enticing & cheering for this. Listen to the “real” Left, and your hear ... the Crickets 🦗
Interestingly, ask them (These violent thugs-thieves- murderers), and they’ll tell you #Biden is their choice. And what does that tell you?
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