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So here are my questions:
1. How was an upgrade authorised by #Vodacom without my consent? Bear in mind that I had to verify my identity after merely sending an e-mail to #Vodacom customer care which required my ID number, Bank name and account type and the physical or postal
address that appears on my account.

2. Who was the #Vodacom employee who signed off on the upgrade? Did they receive a commission? In which case, this is a perverse incentive that promotes fraud.
3. How was the address changed on my account statement? I received no notification of this change. No due RICA process was followed by #Vodacom.
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📣As we get ready for the public tests we want to remind everyone that we dare you to test our product at max, the more you will test and give feedback, the more rewards you'll win🔥
Get ready to test the future marketplace on #MultiversX
#CPA #ArtCPAclub
1/To reward those that help we prepared 300,000 $CPA 🔥
Enthusiastic projects also decided to add to the prize pool:
@SupercietyHQ added #NFTs 🔥
@dbrothersclub added #NFTs & 100k $DEAD 🔥
@ElrondAngelsNFT added #NFTs & 50k $JOY 🔥
@HodlTokenClub added #NFTs & 25k $REWARD 🔥
2/Projects that announced their help in testing:
@SuperRare_Bears 🤝
@CryptoExpertNf1 🤝
@BillionaireTzep 🤝
@ElrondMoarts 🤝
@JCorpBattle 🤝
@PDroneRacing 🤝
@egldrush 🤝
@jexchangeP2P 🤝
@Elrond_Miners 🤝
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1) I lived under the regime of the #SEC for 25 years as an investment banker. So what I am about to tell you is nothing new to me. Every member of the securities industry can corroborate and every securities lawyer with integrity can back these statements.
2) DISCLAIMER: Before you proceed, you must know that I am not a #securities lawyer, and this is not legal advice. In addition, these are only my own opinions.
3) The SEC designs rules that makes them "operatively contagious", like a virus. If Im sick and I touch you, you get sick. To understand what this means one first MUST understand the term #Gatekeeper as it is has been commonly used in the regulatory community.
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Last week on SRB 🐻 📆30th of May-05th of June

💵53.7 Million #LKMEX Distribution to SRB Holders

🧹Sweep the Floor Friday Rewards Distribution

💸Bi-weekly Royalties Distribution for #SRB Holders

🪙@_Official_CPA Collaboration Announced

💸CPA BearDrop Announced
🎯Bearly Games Event

🐣 #BearCaveSpaces is launched on Twitter

🐥 #BearCaveSpaces going live with ProeGLDHodlr

🌍SRB @GIPHY Channel reaches half a million views

🐭@MiceCityClub Mint Raffle winners announced

🎯Bearly Game Event Announcement
🐻💀SRB and @dbrothersclub Strategic Partnership announced

🧹 #SweeptheFloor Friday is announced

🏆#MegaBearGif Contest concludes

🎮#BearlyGames participants donate prizes to @Together4Victor

🎭URB Holders Special #CPA drop

🗺Progress on #Roadmap published
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You know WHY it's important to have a CPA as City Controller, the city's accountant & auditor? 🤔

Here's a great story from today while reviewing the City of LA's new FY2022-23 budget. I noticed that the numbers were off in the "Unrestricted Revenue" section. So I did a thing.🔎
Here was the issue in the "Unrestricted Revenue" section🔎:

• The FY2021-22 numbers in the new budget didn't match the FY2021-22 numbers in the previous budget (the city used FY2020-21 by accident)

(The 1st image is from the new budget. The 2nd image is the previous budget)
I reached out directly to the CAO's office to tell them about this and long story short, they said:

"Thanks for calling that to my attention... We should have it resolved in a little bit"

I looked at the new budget again in the "Unrestricted Revenue" section and they fixed it!
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It's #RPA Sunday and I am going to Tweet along while I try to build a bot to solve a specific problem that I'm having with a client.

Thread 👇

#CPA #accounting #automation
Use case: I have a relatively new client with an OOC chart of accounts. The original P&L consisted of 218 accounts: 4 revenue, 129 COGS and 85 OPEX.
After some convincing, we were able to get COGS down to 6 accounts, but it took me about 3 hours to do YTD reclasses using the @QuickBooks "Reclassify" tool. That's what I am trying to avoid as we migrate the OPEX accounts to our template COA.
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What are new graduates doing to be attractive to banks entry-level analyst programs?
@ABABankers @TheBanker @CIOonline @RiskDotNet @FT
Interesting question.
Banking sector MTO - Management Trainee Officers Program vary from country to country.
In my country Bank Staff Colleges train young graduates to become bankers.
The hired graduates have to undergo an intensive training course by attending several In-house boot camps or lecture hall workshops before they are moved into the formal workplace.
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بكتب #ثريد عن حياتي كمحاسب له ١٣ سنة بالسوق قد تكون مفيدة لمن يدرس محاسبة او يتخصص محاسبة ؛ او حتى شخص يبي #وعي عن عالم المال والتجارة #منتدى_المحاسبين_السعودي طبعاً بديت حياتي كمحاسب راتبه ٢٨٠٠ ريال وانتهيت بدخل يزيد عن ٨٠ الف ريال شهري وامتلاك اصول ثابته بالملايين.
تخرجت من المحاسبة من جامعة الملك سعود عام ٢٠٠٦م وتقدمت ومعدلي كان مقبول وكلما قدمت على اي جهة قالو معدل منخفض رح الله يرزقك 😅 استمريت ابحث لحدما وجدت مكتب محاسبة في حي العليا بالرياض في فلة قديمة وانا السعودي الوحيد عندهم وراتبي ٢٨٠٠ ريال وقتها استلم راتبي كاش .. يتبع
طبعاً كان يخصم منه مبالغ من المدير المصري وكل مرة حجة ؛ مرة لاني تاخرت ١٠ دقايق خصم ١٥٠ ريال؛ وخصم ٥٠ اضافية في الشهر الثاني لاني ما اكملت الشغل وفقاً للوقت المحدد ولاعمري وين الشغل لان المعاناة انهم مايعطوني اي شغل بس كنت ملقوف اذا سحبو عينات من الحسابات احاول افهم القصة .. يتبع
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How the accounting industry is LITERALLY KILLING YOU.
#accounting #cpa #cloudaccounting #qbconnect #snh

A thread.
Yeah I know, you got some new apps and your practice is all stream-lined and your clients are happy, cool cool cool.

But as a whole, accounting is a industry that does not take their health seriously.

And statistically, that means you don't either.
Let's change that.

Here's a short list of 7 problems & solutions which will lead to better work and better health.
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