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I've got quite the list of projects I'm pondering to look at, so today I will present you @OnChainSmokers in this little thread and tell you what I think🧵🚬🔮: /1 #MultiversX #NFTs
First of all their website is a beautiful one-page design that covers a lot of important aspects and has a link to their spark paper, an entertaining PowerPoint-style PDF pitch./2
In essence the main idea behind OCS a digital membership program, offering discounts in partner cannabis shops and several more exclusive benefits to owners of the utility NFTs they have created. /3
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Curious about today’s biggest moves in the #MultiversX NFT Ecosystem?

Let's check out the most relevant stats & the hottest news of the day 🚀

@itheum are hosting an exclusive #DataNFT #AMA tomorrow at 11AM UTC on their Discord channel 🔬 Image
@ZionMultiverse published a detailed thread on the Zion GoldPass NFTs 🧵
@VSWatch_Club released essential information on their upcoming public sale ⏱️
@EthosNFTs are organizing The Ethos Games campaign with $EGLD prizes 🪙
@NFTimofficial announced another dApp update on the Perks feature ⚛️
@wwwatch_ shared 4 designs from the Mylitias faction 🩻
@uParkNFT published a thread on their Parking Space NFT Pricing Model 🅿️
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Rajis are about to land in MultiversX

Bringing with them a fighting spirit to challenge the system in place

Here're the top 10 Raji units

From 1 to 10 this time ⬇️⚔️ Image
Unit 1: Transcendents
Members: 5
Colors: Rune
Unit 2: Radiants
Members: 8
Colors: Gold
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Rajis operate in units

Each unit has a sacred bond, like a family

19 units made of 888 legendary warriors

Here're units 19 to 11 ⬇️ Image
Unit 19: Memento Mori
Members: 88
Colors: Red/White
Unit 18: Void Crusaders
Members: 88
Colors: Purple/Black
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Bonjour le #Web3 francophone !

Il y a quelques jours, il y a eu une importante mise à jour de l'explorateur #MultiversX, apportant quantité d'information et améliorant la transparence au sujet de son fonctionnement.

Un thread pour présenter tout ca ! 🧵
Mais tout d'abord, pour une meilleur expérience de lecture, cette présentation du nouvel explorateur @MultiversX est disponible en article sur Medium… en Français et en Anglais, et sortira prochainement en Anglais sur twitter
Récemment, à l’occasion du #Xday à Paris (03–05 novembre 2022), l’équipe d’Elrond a annoncé son rebranding en @MultiversX (Multivers puissance X).
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Curious about today’s biggest moves in the #MultiversX NFT Ecosystem?

Let's check out the most relevant stats & the hottest news of the day 🚀

@technologypoet is live with @xoxnoNFTs Founders discussing the upcoming roadmap & $XOXNO tokenomics 🔥
@Elrond_Mafia are organizing a 2v2 Tournament on February 5th 🎮
@cyberpunkcity_ $CYBER token will be listed on @xExchangeApp on February 2nd 🪙
@TheFacelessMany published a game guide for their Syndicate games ♦️
@ElrondPunks officially launched the first peer-to-pool NFT Lending Liquidity Protocol on #MultiversX 👊
@AngryPenguins_ published an important ecosystem thread 🧵
@FightoonsStudio established a collaboration with @DivergentClub_ 🤝
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We made our investigation about our new allies, the Rajis

Turns out it's very hard to discover anything as everything about them is basically a myth

Rajis are the most dangerous warriors known to date

This is because of their secret weapon: the "wings of fate"... ⬇️
#EGLD #NFT Image
Each pair of wings seem to have its own specialty and characteristics

#EGLD #NFT #MultiversX ⬇️ Image
In some folk tales, we discovered that each wing can mutate into various forms to serve multiple purposes

#EGLD #NFT #MultiversX ⬇️ Image
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Curious about today’s biggest moves in the #MultiversX NFT Ecosystem?

Let's check out the most relevant stats & the hottest news of the day 🚀

@cyberpunkcity_ established a strategic partnership with @HatomProtocol 🔥 Image
@BHeroLaunchpad are organizing a live Twitter AMA together with @wecowcow 🎙️
@drifters_nft published essential information on the Raji mint collection 🏁
@BoredApeXClub announced a partnership with @distileriile 🍷
@EGLD_Community published an interview held by @EGLD_Podcast together with @iameredani, CEO of @xoxnoNFTs 🔬
@NFTimofficial recorded over 4K $EGLD global volume 🚀
@wwwatch_ are organizing a Web3 dedicated discussion on February 7 🗓️
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Curious about today’s biggest moves in the #MultiversX NFT Ecosystem?

Let's check out the most relevant stats & the hottest news of the day 🚀

@drifters_nft are launching the Rajis collection of 888 unique 3D animated warriors ⚔️ Image
@Gnogen published an essential thread on The Great War initiative 🀄️
@NFTimofficial presented their dApp update for the Perks System 🍥
@KavariiOfficial recorded over 100K views on their platform 🚀
@cyberpunkcity_ published exclusive footage from the #CyberpunkCity Metaverse 🌌
@ZionMultiverse shared a new sneak peek on their Discord channel ☄️
@wwwatch_ created a video presentation of their mission 👁️
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The False Promises of #MultiversX: A Critical Look at the Blockchain for Builders 🤡

In this thread, we'll dive into why this blockchain is more a playground for ruggers than builders..

1/ Let's see first what @beniaminmincu & @MultiversX are promotting since a few months ... (No need to delete your tweets Beni)

- @HiRezTheRapper
- @Morningstar_vc
- And a ton of RUG projects like Maiar Kart, Gangsta Apes, Web3 Pirates, Maiar Kart Racing, and more ...
3/ As you may know now, @HiRezTheRapper is the owner of 5 projects in 2023 (Hog Homies, Maiar Kart, Gangsta Apes, Elrond Club House, Mutant Ape X Club).

Common Point with all of these projects? Cash Grab people with false promises and he also recently tried to RUG with MAXC.
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1/ The #1 marketplace on @MultiversX by a LARGE margin has MASSIVE plans for 2023

Doing nearly 90% of the #NFT volume @xoxnoNFTs has quickly become a juggernaut 🔥

Building faster than any MP in #crypto 🛠️

Here is what they have coming for 2023…🧵

#XOXNOToken #NFTs ⚡️
2/ But first let’s look at who/what @xoxnoNFTs is and what they have accomplished so far

Having been around for just over 1 year the team is building at an insane pace 🤯

So much accomplished in 2022 with such a small but mighty community…

@xoxnoNFTs has…

⚡️Send/Receive offers
⚡️Global offers w/trait filtering
⚡️P2P and community chat
⚡️FIAT payment integration
⚡️Marketplace aggregator
⚡️NFT Launchpad
⚡️NFT Staking
⚡️Browser/Email notifications

All in 1 year! 🤯
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Things are getting interesting.

Asking for a refund from @yugalabs since they've not stated consumer rights during the mint, so he has by law 12 months to ask for a refund.

Will it succeed?
In that case, it'll influence the whole NFT market.

Continue below🧵👇
Let's say you minted an NFT on #MultiversX or any blockchain.

EU and UK laws defend the customer saying this:
-You have 14 days to ask for a refund

This needs to be stated by the seller.

If he doesn't, here's how it works:
-You have 12 months and 14 days to ask for a refund
-The seller can tell customers about their rights, and they'd have 14 days since the announcement
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Thread: This Week's New Protocols! (Jan 26th, 2023 Edition)


Greetings friends - here's all the new protocols we flagged over the last week!

If you find this helpful please RT! 🐸🫡

1/x Image
Disclaimer: We highlight every new protocol we find once when initially found, and again if/when it gets added to @DefiLlama or @DeBankDeFi :)

We also don't include NFT projects, or Tomb forks/meme tokens/etc.

Also these are NOT vetted in any way so DYOR!!!

Let's dive in!

New protocol called @VetmeToken. Twitter bio states “VetMe is a platform providing users with an escrow service; OTC DEX on the blockchain and a vetting service with KYC AI system.” h/t @Only1temmy:

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Thread alert: #MultiversX Weekly Update is already here! Catch all the latest news 😉

1/ MultiversX Team launched @xSpotlightWeb3: the voice of the most impactful initiatives & communities in the @MultiversX Ecosystem.
2/ @FrontierdotXYZ non-custodial wallet has enabled support for @MultiversX NFTs. More info:…

3/ 0% fees for any $EGLD purchases via @Transak

4/ Programmable Money Streaming On MultiversX Via @CoinDripHQ - solution sets to transform token vesting and more.…

5/ @beniaminmincu and @the_economystic had a Twitter Space about progress and the next steps of @MultiversX

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Desktop Wallet or Mobile one?

In #MultiversX, you have both options - @MultiversX Web Wallet and Maiar wallet (soon will be transformed into @xPortalApp).

Let's have a look at how to stake $EGLD using the Maiar wallet.

So, how to stake EGLD? ⬇️
2/ You can download the app from the App Store/Google Play. To stake $EGLD, click on the button EARN. Then, to delegate tokens, click Stake.

Select a validator to whom you want to delegate.
3/ Then, click on the selected validator and then on the Continue button.

Enter the number of delegated #EGLD tokens, or just click the MAX button to stake everything at once, then click Continue.

Check the details and approve the transaction.
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A builders-first network. By the builders. For the builders.

Pushing forward with new ideas and use cases. Full focus on collaboration.

Here are some of the most exciting updates making the rounds in the ecosystem this week 🧵👇
1/ EGLD staking management just got easier thanks to @arda_project.

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Official Open Source smart contracts that #MultiversX #blockchain provides for free use for your business, project, dapp. There is a lot of them, so check it out! Let's start with less complicated ones and end with full-featured and real-world use cases. $egld 👇
(1/15) Bonding Curve Smart Contract (…) - enables using a bonding curve to define the behavior of the price of the token as its balance changes. Read more about it in the repository.
(2/15) Multisig (…) - enables multiple parties to sign or approve an action that takes place - typically a requirement for certain wallets, accounts, and smart contracts to prevent a rogue or hacked individual from performing detrimental actions.
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The most thrilling content on the #MultiversX #NFT ecosystem is now live on @xSpotlightWeb3 🔥

The Web3 Culture Hub was launched with a mission to highlight amazing creators and unique Web3 projects.

What exciting features can you expect to discover on
🪐 Enhanced aggregation & curation of Web3 projects through additional featured & trending areas.

☑️ Verified badge applied to validated NFTs, creators & collections.

🔎 An Explore section dedicated to specific collections & creators with advanced filters & sorting options.
🫂 Social profiles linked to your herotag and customizable Web3 feed.

🎙️ Promotion of ecosystem partners, through the integration of their existing auctions and marketplace listings.

⚛️ Dedicated growth modules focused on building Web3 communities.
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Incredible 🔥 alpha dropped. Valuable insight into product development & strategy. A few personal notes from the recent spaces w/ @beniaminmincu. Everything rises and falls on leadership; @MultiversX is in good hands. 📚😎
Understanding MultiversX is understanding that #Elrond built one of the most exciting blockchain architectures. A first principle design means you can't just copy the EVM. After extensive research & thinking deeply, the conclusion becomes evident that there is an opportunity. [1]
An opportunity for a larger expansion to everything that #ElrondNetwork was. This is a #Multiverse to the power of X. An elegant positioning between the physical world and the #metaverse. The complete vision was unveiled at [2]
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Curious about today’s biggest moves in the #MultiversX NFT Ecosystem?

Let's check out the most relevant stats & the hottest news of the day 🚀

@ElrondNFTSwap is introducing the Transaction History feature built in 'My items' page ☑️ Image
@EffortEconomy created & dedicated a thread for all NFT collectors 🧵
@calileo are organizing a Web3 Twitter Spaces session together with @the_economystic 🎙️
@egldrush are launching an educational quiz marathon on their Discord 🔖
@CryptoPittz are organizing a community town hall together with @HeliosStaking 🎧
@HODLcards are running a Power Tournament together with @VSWatch_Club 🃏
@VUEMetaverse published a weekly reminder of their core products 🪐
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Curious about today’s biggest moves in the #MultiversX NFT Ecosystem?

Let's check out the most relevant stats & the hottest news of the day 🚀

@NFTimofficial published an overview of the most essential achievements of 2022 🎯
@BoredApeXClub distributed $EGLD rewards to their holders 🪙
@NFTimofficial is preparing the first NFT Airdrop for their holders 🎁
@ElrondWarriorz are organizing a giveaway partnership with @MechaX_ ⚔️
@VSWatch_Club are preparing a new DAO vote 🗳️
@FightoonsStudio shared the Rugmap Q1 results ⚒️
@ElrondCity are running an Airdrop campaign for their holders 🪂
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.@MultiversX is a better base layer for the global economy than #Ethereum. Why? Because #MultiversX has robust primitives to build upon. Let's take one example with token standards: ESDT vs. ERC-20. 📚🧵
Anyone holding a large amount of $ETH would violently disagree; technically speaking, this is quite objective if we want crypto to grow. ESDT, with the transition to #MultiversX, is now eStandard Digital Tokens.

Besides fragmented scaling or lack of it, ERC-20 token smart contracts have been the root of wallets inadvertently being drained. Because of #MultiversX accounts and ESDT (native assets), no smart code needs to be executed dealing with tokens.

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⚡️Attention all Captains! It's been a busy year in the cryptocurrency, and 2022 has been no different! Here's a quick rundown of our evolution and some of the biggest events that have happened so far:👇

#MultiversX #EGLD #Elrond #esdt #ElrondCommunity
⚡️When we first started out, we were a meme token looking to bring some fun and lightheartedness to the Elrond ecosystem.
As Elrond became MultiversX, we followed the same path.
⚡️As we grew and gained more support from our community, we realized that we had the opportunity to do something even bigger and more impactful.

So, we made the decision to pivot and become an incubator for projects that want to build on the MultiversX blockchain.
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Building on #MultiversX never stops 🛠️

New tools, products and creative initiatives are coming to life with each block.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the latest developments pushing the blockchain space forward 🧵👇
3/ With CES 2023 wrapped up, it’s time to recognize the brands making the biggest waves.

@holoride brought the future of backseat entertainment to the over 100,000 attendees 🔥

Congrats on its In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety Award Honoree.

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