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Next is "Raees Ahmed Standard Biryani House" in #Landhi #Karachi which was made to register on a Previous complaint and issued a show cause notice for Penalty so inquired what happened to that notice is it finalised #TaxChoriBandKaru

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Complaint 16 Nov, Reply 24 Nov

Restaurant was fined for Rs 10,000/= which is abysmally low for the sale and running of it.
And they are still being non compliant to which they know soon again :)

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Next "Javed Nihari" #Sharfabad branch in #Karachi issuing non compliant invoice with no SNTN# mentioned #TaxChoriBandKaru

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E temos mais tênis de mesa daqui a pouco, dessa vez é a equipe masculina.


O confronto é contra Sérvia🇷🇸 pelas oitavas de final

#JogosOlimpicos #Tokyo2020 #Tabletennis #OlimpiadasNoSporTV
Temos as partidas definidas!

🇧🇷Brasil x Sérvia🇷🇸


#JogosOlimpicos #Tokyo2020 #Tabletennis #OlimpiadasNoSporTV


#JogosOlimpicos #Tokyo2020 #Tabletennis #OlimpiadasNoSporTV
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A partir das 08h, ao vivo na Globo, SporTV e BandSports!
#Tokyo2020 #JogosOlímpicos
20 MINUTOS! Bruno e Ketleyn já estão no preparo!

📸 Christian Dawes/COB
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FALTA POUCO! Vai começar o Remo em #Tokyo2020!

Luca Verthein será o representante do #BRA e será na primeira bateria!

gostei do GC

e estamos muito bem na prova!
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Next is "HM Furniture" in Lahore , issuing invoices with no GST # or Sales Tax Amount, asked authorities to check if they are even registered for Sales Tax?
2ndly Aren't they a Tier-1 Business? Shouldn't they be linked with POS already?

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Complaint on 08 Apr, Reply on 01 Jun

Notice has been served to Business to explain their position on both accounts.

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Next "Hungers Den" at Kashmir Road #Karachi

Asked #FBR if the Restaurant is registered for Income Tax? As SRB officers visited for Services Sales Tax complaint the owner didn't produce any NTN

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#Eurovisionfinds Cyprus - A medieval base silver (billon) denier of Henry II of the Kingdom of Cyprus (1285-1324) of 'lion' type probably dating to the period after 1296 (see notes below). Mint uncertain #Eurovision @findsorguk… Image
#Eurovisionfinds Albania - A complete Post Medieval copper alloy Venetian 2 Soldi struck for use in Dalmatia and Albania dating from AD 1684 or 1691 #Eurovision
#ALB @CrapFinds… Image
#Eurovisionfinds Israel - A cast lead pilgrim ampulla of Medieval, thirteenth to fifteenth century date. the ampulla is similar to a design for which a mould was found during excavations of a Medieval workshop in Akko (Acre) in Israel. #Eurovision
#ISR… Image
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THREAD okay let's go! Join me as I draw along with the 2021 Eurovision Grand Final! #draweurovision #Eurovision
El Diablo sounds like a shagger #draweurovision #Eurovision #CYP
Credit to the dude on that smoke machine for going the extra mile #draweurovision #Eurovision #ALB
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As stated the other day #SRB hit AISC $1,080 at c. 40k oz production in 2019.

This year looking like min. 36,000 oz is on which will raise that AISC slightly.

However, we must not forget the exchange rate.

In 2019 the Brazil Real averaged R3.95 to a dollar.

YTD in 2021 it is running at R5.47 a dollar.

That's a 38% difference to 2019. The vast majority of SRB costs are in Brazil Real with revenues in dollars.
So it's going to have an effect and certainly gives me great confidence that my $1,200 AISC estimate is top end.

Gold price YTD is averaging $1,790 per oz.
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Very encouraging results from #SRB this morning.

Production now above 8,000 oz and more importantly, grades have increased from 5.27g/t (Q4) to 6.27 g/t.

"this first quarter was expected to deliver the lowest level of gold production for 2021."
This represents a "16 per cent improvement on our internal budget represents an excellent result."

FY guidance held at between 33,000 and 36,000 oz.

Even if we take the "internal budget" to be the lowest end fig. 33,000 oz, a 16% improvement means that actual production...
should be capable of coming in at c. 38,000 oz.

The uplift in grades demonstrates that the company was correct. That it's about optionality, which should now keep on improving given that,
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With Q3 now at an end, I have the average gold price coming in at c. $1,905 per oz.

That really is a fantastic quarter for smaller producers and my main pick #SRB.

I still expect a pullback in gold prices but I don't expect that to be a negative, given how high prices are.
lots of debate about will/won't they agree a new US relief bill.

Personally, I cannot see them failing to secure a deal, so close to the election, especially with Trump behind in the polls.

The bigger the deal, the harder DXY gets hit and the higher gold should go.
This is the sort of thing I am talking about. That's a lot of voters being hung out to dry, so close to an election. Not going to happen, which is why I expect a deal.

#gold #SRB

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Fantastic news from #SRB this morning. Having now achieved "the most critical stage" of the licensing for Coringa, the path is now open to a doubling of production.

This company makes $3.5m profit a quarter at 8,500 oz production and $1,710 gold…
I don't believe gold goes below that fig. in Q4 before pushing onto new highs.

A return to 11,000 oz in Q4/Q1 2021 will see SRB making significantly higher profits/cash flows, lowering their debt needs for Coringa.

If all goes to plan, I expect big things in 2021.
A further note on #SRB after yesterday's brief post.

For the 3 and 6 month periods
ended 30 June 2020" page 14 ;

Dated 4th August. Image
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Been focused on other things for a few days but a few thoughts on shares I hold, given the perceived turmoil.

Main focuses for me for a while now, has been shares exposed to Covid, battery metals (incl. energy storage) and gold.

The events of the last few days if anything strengthen that stance.

In terms of Covid (and I tread carefully because both my stocks have other things in their locker), its a waiting game on both.

I think 1 strong update from #GDR and it moves much higher from here.
In terms of #AVCT, an update, one way or the other is pending, whereby the exact progress of BAMS/LFT tests, should be made clearer.

I see no reason for concern and the lockdown measures announced today in the UK, only go to strengthen that argument. Nothing has changed.
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I believe its a matter of time before #SRB goes on a run.

The worst is clearly over and $2,000 gold will deliver them Coringa, for little more than the CLN dilution and c. 73m shares in issue.

c £65m MC for growth to 100k oz is far too cheap.
They say its the quiet ones you've got to watch.

We need to go way back to April 2017 to see #SRB attempt to trade at these sorts of levels.

Big month end coming for both it and gold.
#SRB already looking like its going to be a strong Q3 gold price wise.

Another 8,500 oz quarter with a build up to +10k oz in Q4 and I'll be calling 73m share all in for 85k oz production in 2022.

If so, then the SP has a long way to go.
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Not surprised at all by the positive reaction to the #SRB update this morning, the business is starting to look really good value now in this gold environment.

Now paying down their Coringa acquisition from cash flows with $9.5m to go.

Coringa build costs of $25m with $4m of contingencies with company clear that this is effectively a replica of Palito, so the process is well known.

Current cash of $9.5m.
Palito generating cash flows of min. $4m per quarter at 8,500 oz and $1,710 oz gold prices.

Q3 expecting same production and prices currently of "approximately US$1,880 to date"

So cash flow should be over $5m
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So, because I’m tired of Coronatweets, and I’m stuck on a 3 hour plane and don’t want to do real work, I thought I’d distract you with some general thoughts on this year’s Eurovision songs, in my first #ESC2020 thread of the year
Not all the songs are out so far, but enough now to start forming opinions, and in general, this is going to be an awesomely amazing year. A much better showing all round than 2019, and possibly better than 2018 levels. Videos are here:…
Retro is big this year. From random cassettes and floppies in #GEO 🇬🇪 to pixel art in #ISL 🇮🇸 to... whatever you want to make of #RUS 🇷🇺... Retro has made a comeback
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#Gold first attempt at breaking above it’s technical resistance at $1,590.

If it holds then there should be a big move coming. All very supportive for a already strong performing #SRB
Well the $1,590 resistance didn't last long, nor $1,600 for that matter.

Gold should really strengthen now as economic fallout from Coronavirus starts to be better understood.

#SRB quietly going about its business. Ore sorter set to reduce AISC by $30, to circa $1,045 per oz

2020 production of 45k oz. Double that by end of 2021.

Current gold price of $1,600 throwing off $550 per oz or $25m (£19m).

Post Greenstone investment, fully diluted £62m MC
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Xhaka le marcó el gol a #SRB e hizo el águila albanesa. Tremenda provocación del #SUI a sus rivales.
Granit Xhaka es el #SUI que acaba de marcar el gol y su hermano Taulant representa a la Selección de #Albania. Ambos se enfrentaron en la Euro 2016 en #FRA.
¿Se acuerdan las Eliminatorias para la Euro 2016? Se enfrentaban #SRB y #Albania en #Partizán, todo era un caos entre ambas parcialidades y fue peor cuando el serbio Stefan Mitrovic bajó un drone con la bandera de la Gran Albania. Ahí comenzó el caos.
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The 64 matches of the 2018 FIFA #WorldCup

A thread:

Match #1 | #RUS 5-0 #KSA

Match #2 | #EGY 0-1 #URU

Match #3 | #POR 3-3 #ESP

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It's nearly time for #Eurovision we'll be tweeting the abortion law from each country as they perform. We appreciate the law on paper can differ from practise so let us know if it is different than our reseaech!
It’s fitting that the #eurovision theme this year is #AllAboard as we are talking about abortion laws in the participating countries, and many in Ireland have to ‘take the boat’ to access abortion care.
The #Allaboard #eurovision theme is supposed to symbolise the connectivity across Europe, there are several examples of people travelling from one country to another such as Poland to Germany as well as Ireland to Britain, The Netherlands and others.
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