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#Chainge is a project that is set to redefine the way we shop & interact with retailers.

Let’s take a quick dive into how $CHNG aims to change the retail industry👇🏼🧵(4 min)

$CHNG #Chainge @FinanceChainge Image
What I will be covering in this thread:

-Disrupting the Retail Landscape
-Endless Possibilities, Limitless Growth
-Investing in $CHNG
-Shape the Future with Chainge $CHNG

Disrupting the Retail Landscape

Chainge $CHNG is not just another project.
It is a force that has the potential to disrupt the retail landscape as we know it. With a dedicated team of visionaries and a solid foundation, this project is gaining tremendous momentum and attracting investors from all corners.
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Welcome to the #Chainge De-Fi Universe.

#Chainge is a one stop finance App. Your own De-Fi universe in One App. Self Finance, Self Control and Self manageable.

In this thread, we will see In Depth analysis of #Chainge 🧵

#ChaingeFinanceChallenge Image
Traditional Banks vs #Chainge

Banks control your assets and have been failed for decades. No banks have found a solution yet.

Recent bank failures worth $548,500 M.

Source -… Image
Technologies behind #Chainge.

Prime features of #Chiange like Chainge Cross chain Aggregated DEXs, Cross chain roaming are build on @FUSIONProtocol.

Here is how Cross chain Aggregated DEX internally works to find the best asset prices to users with less slippage: Image
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1) Every individual wants the absolute 𝗯𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝗽𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗺 to trade in today's market.

But who's doing it best?

Who offers the lowest fees, highest security and largest cross-chain support?

Here's a 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗽𝗮𝗿𝗶𝘀𝗼𝗻 of the most popular cross-chain bridges 🧵 👇 Image
2) In today's market there's an abundance of different blockchain protocols.

The main issue we have is that these blockchains natively can't communicate with each other.

This makes it difficult to move assets from $ETH to $DOT for example.

Hence cross-chain bridging was born.
3) Bridges allow for data sharing between blockchains that previously had no connection.

They are the base-layer infrastructure that connects different blockchain ecosystems.

Not all cross-chain bridges introduced today are perfect though.

We are here to talk and see ↓ Image
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Are you tired of switching between multiple DEXs to buy/sell assets?

Chainge Finance has the solution for you.

Let’s talk about what sets #CHNG apart from the rest.👇🏼🧵

#Chainge #CHNG #crosschain #ChaingeFinance @FinanceChainge Image
What I will be covering in this thread:

-The problem with existing exchanges
-The cross-chain liquidity aggregator
-Chainge versus competitors
-Security and Reliability of Chainge Aggregator

The problem with existing exchanges
The #crypto market is constantly expanding, with new chains and assets emerging regularly. However, this has resulted in a significant challenge for existing exchanges: a lack of liquidity.
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Worried about the risks of cross-chain transactions?

@FinanceChainge prioritizes your asset security, fair trading, cross-chain transactions, and APY service.

Let’s dive in👇🏼🧵

#Chainge @FinanceChainge #DeFi #CHNG Image
What I will be covering in this thread:

-Asset security
-Fair trading
-Cross-chain transactions
-Safe APY service

Asset security

It’s no secret that centralized exchanges (CEXs) have had their fair share of problems, including exit scams and blocked accounts.
With Chainge DEX, your assets are always in your custody and at your own address, meaning you have full control over them. This is not just for the sake of decentralization but for the sake of your asset security.

Fair trading
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1) $CHNG is going 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗹𝗱𝘄𝗶𝗱𝗲!

What's happening to the most liquid cross-chain dex in the market and what does this mean for you?

🧵 👇
2) @FinanceChainge has always been a well known dex to work flawlessly on your mobile device.

Literally offering the best trading experience in the palm of your hands 📱

We had everything and yet we felt something was missing...

Something on the big screen 💻
3) A few weeks ago $CHNG did just that.

Bringing the full experience to your personal computer.

There are always individuals with a preference for one platform above the other.

The fact that #chainge offers something for everyone today is very welcome.
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1) Market looking gooooood:

• $AZERO pumping
• $MLT pumping
• $DIONE pumping
• $ARB pumping

The wonders of having a diversified portfolio.

Other tokens I expect to be pumping soon based on FA and price analysis 🧵👇
2) $ASTR

After spotting strong early signs of accumulation in my earlier call #AstarNetwork made an explosive breakout.

The market usually follows with a healthy retest after.

This retest looks to be ending with a confirmed breakout on the daily.

Strong fundamentals as well. ImageImage
3) $CHNG

#Chainge has seen a very healthy uptrend the last couple of weeks mainly due to the amount of progress and flawless execution of their product.

The previous confirmed breakout is looking to retest soon with a continuation to the highs and beyond. Image
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One thing is for certain, $CHNG isn't sitting still. Here's the latest progress of @FinanceChainge.

Time for a 🧵👇🏼 Image
1️⃣ Web Versions

💥 The Chainge mobile app has gone web-wide! 

💸 Cross-chain swap your fav tokens & coins on your desktop while benefiting from the absolute BEST trading prices

2️⃣ New App Version

📱 The NEW version of the Chainge Finance app is live with some great updates!

▪️ Automatic $ARB claim
▪️ 2 new integrated chains
▪️ Virtual VISA card min top-up credit lowered to $100

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1) We all know 2023 is going to be a great year for $CHNG.

There are a host of updates planned that will transform #Chainge from already being the most liquid cross-chain dex to a whole lot more.

What updates you ask? Let's see 🧵 👇
2) For a long time @FinanceChainge has been known as one of the best solutions for cross-chain trading in the market.

While this has been the core product it's going to be much more than that.

(If you want a recap on the core product first check this out ↓)
3) The next few months #Chainge will have:

1️⃣ Chainge 2.0
2️⃣ Desktop version
3️⃣ New website
4️⃣ Hardware wallet
5️⃣ Launchpad
6️⃣ Fiat On ramp

Let's go more in depth into these new features ↓
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1) @FinanceChainge is often called the most "liquid dex" on the market.

What is the reason however people can get the absolute best prices for their trades on here? 🧵👇

#Chainge $Chng Image
2) There are 2 kind of dexes out there in today's market:

• Single-chain dexes that let you trade assets on the same chain only.

• Multi-chain dexes that let you trade assets on all chains together.

There are pros and cons to either of these.
3) At first glance a multi-chain dex looks far superior since you can trade anything from 1 single place.

While this is true, they also sacrifice security and efficiency to achieve this.

We've seen a lot of hacks in the past caused by bridging assets which is caused by this.
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1) ⚠️ FA CLASSES PART 2 ⚠️

As part of our weekly FA classes, we'll start with the 2nd step of researching a cryptocurrency:

''Analysing the team of a crypto project''

Case-study and homework provided down below 🧵 👇

➡️ You will have 2 days to participate ⏰
2) ⭐ Case-study

After browsing ''Crypto twitter'' and seeing countless of new recommendations by the crypto community, you've stumbled upon $CHNG and deemed it worthy for further investigation.

➡️ Want to know how to pre-select cryptocurrencies?

Read up on first class 👇
3) The first thing we want to do after figuring out what the project is all about, is a credibility check.

We want to see:

• We don't get rugged.
• It's in reputable hands.
• It has a good chance of succeeding.

ALL of this starts with the team.
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1) Everyone knows some of the highest returns come from low caps or presales.

After looking at more than 50 projects, here are some of my favourites 🧵👇
2) I will be making a list divided in 2 categories:

1️⃣ Promising low caps already available.

2️⃣ Promising upcoming presales.

Let's start with the first category:

1️⃣ Promising low caps in today's market ↓
3) $MLT

@MILCplatform felt the need for a change in how content is traded globally.

It took them around 5 years to come up with a project that aims to revolutionize the process of content licensing.

⏩ Low cap sitting at 22m market cap.
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$RIO is doing wonders and here are 15 reasons to be bullish on @realio_network
1- $RIO is an EVM compatible L1 built on @cosmos
2- $RIO is targeting Trillion dollar #RealEstatemarket
3- $RIO has 55M circulating supply and rest 20M will be unlocked gradually in 38 years.
4- $RIO is compliant with global regulations such as SEC.
5- $RIO has experienced and successful team.
6- $RIO has wide range of tokenized assets for investment.
7- $RIO is the future of Private Equity.
8- $RIO has aligned token economy for long-term growth.
9- $RIO allows you to invest alongside institutional investors and fund managers.
10- $RIO is partnered with @StellarOrg
@Algorand and @FUSIONProtocol 11- $RIO is adaptable to industry developments.
12- $RIO has strong narrative for growth and adoption.
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20 Reasons to believe in Chainge.Finance
1- $CHNG is a DEX.
2- $CHNG feels like CEX.
3- $CHNG is deflationary.
4- $CHNG has @djqianfusion as CEO.
5- $CHNG uses @FUSIONProtocol's unhackable #DCRM technology.
6- $CHNG is Decentralized interoperability HUB.
7- $CHNG is a DEX aggregator working with cross-chain liquidity.
8- $CHNG as per DJ is looking to integrate ChatGPT very soon in a productive way.
9- $CHNG API endpoints and SDK does not charge any fee on top of either third-party usage or user swap.
10- $CHNG has Wallet!
11- $CHNG offer Time Frame Staking.
12- $CHNG will offer Escrow service very soon.
13- With $CHNG you can have virtual Credit Card.
14- $CHNG is also offering Arculus Hardware Cold Wallet.
15- $CHNG let's you send and receive payments with just twitter username.
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🔥 🔥 @FinanceChainge 🔥 🔥 Chainge Finance is venturing into .......

Hardware Cold Wallet + Virtual Credit Card

🧵 Thread (1/7)

$CHNG keeps delivering #chng #Chaingefinance #FSN $fsn @FUSIONProtocol
1. Get the Package for Free (2/7)

Package Cost: 2000 $CHNG but you can get it for #free

1x Hardware Cold Wallet (available to pre-order)

1x Visa Virtual Credit Card (quick and easy off-ramp solution)
(2/7) Within 10 days after you’ve activated the credit card, IF you have over 5000 $USD credits available, the 2000 $CHNG payment will be reimbursed to you (by end of 2023)

So you basically get the package for FREE!
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#Altcoin #Gem ! Turn Rich with this Token. (1/6)

✅ Expedia of Cross-Chain Dex
✅ Swap millions with Low Slippage
✅ Cross-chain liquidity aggregator
✅ 60+bn in agg. liquidity
✅ App
✅ Wallet

Thread 🧵🧵 👇👇
1.Expedia of Cross-Chain Dex (2/6)

- Chainge $CHNG Performs multiple cross-chain transactions
- 13 integrated chains and counting, the app supports
over 75 assets
- Low Slippage + Best price possible swap
2. Swap millions with Low Slippage (3/6)

- $CHNG Splits your transaction proportionally and exec them on diff chains simultaneously

Liquidity is not from one single chain per tx=Low Slippage

-Is the only aggregator able to pull liquidity from multiple chains for any given tx
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How to understand @FinanceChainge $CHNG without spending 100’s of hours researching.

I spent the whole weekend making this the EASIEST #CHNG thread out there.

Let’s dive in ↓🧵
What I’ll be covering:

1️⃣ What is Chainge Finance
2️⃣ How Does Chainge Work?
3️⃣ 6 WOW Features of chainge
4️⃣ My final thoughts
1️⃣ What is Chainge Finance

Chainge Finance operates on Fusion blockchain that offers users complete access to their assets and complete freedom to interact with innovative financial instruments without any intermediaries.
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Here’s why I am bullish on $CHNG

a thread 🧵:
1. In the early days of cryptocurrency there weren't many ways to trade them due to the lack of interest and volume in this market.

An entire decade later and crypto trading has become a huge industry with BILLIONS being moved DAILY.
2. For a long time this has happened solely through centralized exchanges.

While there are certainly advantages through using these there are also PLENTY of disadvantages.

The last 3 years we have seen a large improvement in the decentralized exchange industry.
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What is $CHNG

A thread 🧵 about this project!

1/ who is founder?
The sole founder is DJ Qian, he’s also the co-founder of Anyswap, founder of Fusion, co-founder of Vechain, co-founder of QTUM, and CEO of Bitse.
1.1/ His goal is to create a more fair, equitable and decentralized finance!When you hear this name you realise that you are dealing with a serious project
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