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@taikoxyz is Type 1 Ethereum equivalent, ZK-EVM aims for maximum compatibility
ALpha-2 testnet is live!

( Easter EGG in this thread 🔥 deploy smart contract & bridge your own token )

#airdrop #airdrops Image
2/ I had already made an #airdrop strategy in alpha 1 testnet phase so we gonna perform some tasks now in alpha 2 phase

I'll answer your first question right away : YES, you are still early, check screen below 😏 Image
3/ If you've never heard of Taiko 🥁 and think it is just another exotic project, think again.

Here's what @VitalikButerin, founder of Ethereum, has to say...

Missing out on this #airdrop could be a huge mistake ☠️ Image
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#Starknet #Airdrop Stratejisi🪂

Thread 🧵

👉Gereksiz detaylar yok

👉Basit anlatım, ilk defa Starknet kullananlar bile kolayca yapabilecek

👉İşin mantığını anlatıyorum

👉Bu Thread yer işaretine kaydedin, diğerlerine ihtiyaç duymayacaksınız

Beğeni - RT

Başlıyoruz 👇
Geçen hafta #arbitrum airdrop claim ederken şartları inceledik

Şartlar içerisinde:

Arbitrum'un kendi köprüsünü kullananlara airdrop vermişti

Projeler birbirlerinin iyi stratejilerini izler, o yüzden starknet airdrop yaparsa kendi köprüsünü kullananlara verme ihtimali yüksek Image
Söylediklerimin bir kesinliği yok, geçmişteki airdrop kriterlerini inceliyorum ve kendime bir strateji belirliyorum

Starknetin kendi köprüsünü kullanmak için

🟢 @myBraavos cüzdanı kuracağız

🟢 Eth ağından starknet ağına bridge yapacağız
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@taikoxyz is Type 1 Ethereum equivalent, ZK-EVM aims for maximum compatibility
ALpha-2 testnet is live!

( Easter EGG in this thread 🔥 deploy smart contract & bridge your own token )

#airdrop #airdrops Image
2/ I had already made an #airdrop strategy in alpha 1 testnet phase so we gonna perform some tasks now in alpha 2 phase

I'll answer your first question right away : YES, you are still early, check screen below 😏 Image
3/ If you've never heard of Taiko 🥁 and think it is just another exotic project, think again.

Here's what @VitalikButerin, founder of Ethereum, has to say...

Missing out on this #airdrop could be a huge mistake ☠️ Image
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Ready to change your life? Get in on the CONFIRMED Scroll #airdrop 🪂

$ARB is already making bank for countless people. Don't miss out on the next big opportunity – grab it while you can 💸

Follow these simple steps below and get your hands on the Scroll airdrop 👇🧵: Image
Introducing Scroll: The Type-2 zk-rollup that scales Ethereum. With native compatibility for existing apps and tools, Scroll is the answer to your scalability needs.

What makes Scroll tick? Three key components: Scalability, EVM Equivalence, and Security. Image
Scroll just raised $80M, so they have money to reward their early users. Image
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Forget $ARB Airdrop.

It's time to talk about the untapped potential of Dune, a project that many already use, but few are talking about its #airdrop potential 🪂

Don't waste any more time. Follow these steps below 👇🧵: Image

They raised $80 million in three funding rounds valued at $1 billion. Notable investors include Dragonfly, Stani Kulechov, Multicoin Capital, and USV. Image

Quick question: Can they drop a reward for site activity? Check out the "Rewards" section at Image
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#L2 #Taiko #Testnet #ETH #Airdrop

@taikoxyz 是一个基于以太坊的完全去中心化的ZK-Rollup,类似L2 扩展解决方案;

该项目获得Vitalik的高度关注,是由国产之光路印协议 @loopringorg 原班人马打造;

目前alpha-2 测试网已经上线,教程如下: Image
1⃣添加 Sepolia 和 Taiko 测试网络


🌟搜索Sepolia,点击Add Chain,钱包批准授权

🌟搜索Taiko,点击Add Chain,钱包批准授权 ImageImage


-输入“!Faucet+地址”发送 ImageImageImage
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MetaMask possible Snapshot by March 31st.

How to Qualify for their $Mask Token #Airdrop?

Here is a compilation of threads with live video on how to qualify.

Retweet for others to see
Here is the First guide on swap and bridging
Here is the second guide on staking inside your metamask wallet
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44% of all #airdrop criteria to get $ARB referred to bridging funds, you could get almost half of the max amount for bridging funds correctly.

The #zkSync ERA mainnet launched 2 days ago.
Follow these steps in bridging to score max points for the upcoming airdrop 👇🧵: Image
1/ Since the launch of the official bridge at , users have bridged almost 100k times, let's analyze these transactions using Dune:…

and see what we should do to qualify for future airdrop criteria. Image
2/ One of the main criteria can be the volume of $ETH you bridge:

50% of users bridge less than 0.031 ETH
80% of users bridge less than 0.110 ETH
90% of users bridge less than 0.251 ETH

So, bridge 0.251+ ETH to be ahead of 90% of users (note that data might be changed) Image
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Missed out on the $ARB #airdrop? Don't regret it!

You can still earn from the other projects 💰

Make sure you get your share of the huge airdrops with this guide 👇🧵:
Ready to uncover the most high-potential projects?

Let's dive in!
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𝗭𝗞𝗦𝗬𝗡𝗖 - Hunt with FastLife EP1

@zksync is a Layer 2 that has just announced the public release of its ERA mainnet 🔥
It's the most coveted #airdrop of the year, so we're going to hunt it down in a series of episodes

#airdrops #zkSync #zkSyncEra Image
2/🤔 Why episodes?

Because ERA has just been released We will start now with available dAPPs, then try new ones regularly until #airdrop is announced

Join telegram (link in bio) to be notified 🔔

In addition, some dAPP we'll be using are also likely to do their own #airdrops Image
3/ Before I begin I will answer two questions that come up all the time :

💠 What is mainnet ?

Mainnet describe a working, fully-operational blockchain or protocol.
This phase comes right after the Testnet. All transactions are made with "real" money.
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Millions are made from airdrops, and you can cash in too 💰

$TKO Token has been confirmed with a potentially huge airdrop 🪂

Maximize your chances of receiving it with this Taiko #airdrop strategy: 👇🧵 Image
Taiko is the new ZK-Rollup equivalent of Ethereum, emulating eth to scale it with a decentralized and secure Layer 2 architecture that supports all EVM transaction codes. Image
Vitalik Buterin himself has applauded their outstanding work on ZK-EVM, even though they're still in the early stages of development. Image
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👑Mega thread 🧵on @zksync Era Mainnet

👇In this thread I will cover

🥽7 dApps live on Mainnet
🌉Including 3 bridges, 3 DEX & 1 NFT marketplace
🎛️Will do 10 txn on mainnet

🪂Which will potentially make u eligible for next biggest #Airdrop from #zkSync


🌉Bridge 1

🔗Click -
✅Connect wallet
✅Enter $ETH u want to bridge to #zkSync
✅Approve metamask txn
✅Done u succeed in bridging

🔁Now select withdraw & enter some amount & click
✅U will get add network pop up
✅Accept & u added zkSync era to mm

🌉Bridge 2

🎉 @Orbiter_Finance

🔗Click -
✅Connect wallet
✅Select ethereum to zkSync Era
✅Enter $ETH u want to bridge to #zkSync
✅Approve metamask txn
✅Done u succeed in bridging

😉 @Orbiter_Finance is not having any token so u know another🪂
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💫𝗦𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗱𝗮𝘆'𝘀 𝗯𝘂𝗱𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗿𝘀🌱


I'm super excited to present 1st EP of this program, which aims to bring you talented threaders who deserve to be known

This format aims to empower people who share quality #airdrop #NFT #DeFi content
This format is very important to me, I hope you will like it 😁

Some writers spend several hours writing their content.
By using 10 seconds of your time to bombard ❤️ & 🔄, you can give strength & visibility to these young talents.
If you don't know this new program or if you want to help me to make it live, here is its presentation

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the nuggets of the week ☺️
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🗞️ Some important news if you're an #airdrop farmers :

1️⃣ @VenomFoundation just released official #Venom whitepaper.

22% tokens are for Community 🤯

Venom is building the first layer 1 blockchain, licensed by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), airdrop will be insane 🪂
@functionland just announce souscription to their incentivized testnet..
Incentivized = #airdrops 🪂
You really should register yourself :…
@shardeum Sphinx 1.1 is live !

You must reset Metamask by going to Settings > Advanced > Reset account

❌ A lot of performance issues are fixed

A Shardeum ultimate thread is on its way this week 🪂
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Finally! #zkSync ERA mainnet is here, #airdrop soon? 🪂

Missed out on $ARB? Don't make that mistake again.

Follow these steps ASAP and seize your chance to earn a six-figure payout 👇🧵:
zkSync team just launched a new stage.

zkSync Era mainnet is now available to everyone - users, developers, and projects.
Light and Era now stand alone as two separate networks.

In ZkSync Era, you can deposit funds and start interacting with dApps right away.
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I personally got up to $3k from the $ARB Airdrop 🪂 2 days ago.

Trust me when I say you haven’t missed out.

Potential L1 giant @shardeum is next and you’re still early.

Here’s how to qualify:
Shardeum is a L1 blockchain uses the Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Quorum consensus algorithms.

Due to dynamic state segmentation, the blockchain maintains real decentralization and trustworthy security while offering minimal gas fees.
They’ve confirmed to launch an own token called $SHM and hinted at doing an #airdrop.

Here’s how to qualify:
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Missed $ARB, Here is how to Interact on @Starknet to qualify for the $STRK token #Airdrop



A thread 🧵
Starknet is a type of Validity-Rollup that operates in a decentralized manner and is often referred to as a ZK-Rollup.
By functioning as a Layer 2 network that is built on top of Ethereum, it enables any application to scale up massively without compromising...
...the security and composability of the underlying Ethereum network.
Now mind you the @Starknet airdrop is not confirmed yet, and everything we are doing here is based on speculations.

And please, be honest users and not be Sybil attackers.
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zKSync Era is launched. Now is your time to act !!

Here is what to do to position yourself for possible #Airdrop.

Read this and take actions if you don’t want to miss out.

A thread 🧵 ⬇️
2. zKSync confirmed their token and the airdrop will surely happen.

Maybe in a year or less. The best thing is to start positioning early

Read below⬇️
3. zKSync should be huge so if you are coping cause you didn’t got the $ARB drop. This should give you hopium if you do the needful

Arb raised $120M

zKSync raised $458M

NB: since this requires real fund, do not use the wallet you use for Testnets interactions.

Lets start.
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🧵1/10 Exciting news today! #zkSync has just released their Mainnet Alpha! Let's dive into this promising Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum and learn how to get the upcoming #Airdrop ! 🚀
Want to upgrade your trading experience? Use my referral link for PrimeXBT and apply the coupon code VOES25 to get a 25% discount on trading fees at each order opening. Don't miss this opportunity to save on your trades! 💰
🧵2/10 First, let's discuss what zkSync is.
Developed by @matterlabs, it's a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, utilizing zero-knowledge proofs (zkRollup) to achieve high throughput, low gas costs, and fast finality. It's designed to bring massive scalability to #Ethereum.⚡️
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👉@argentHQ is a close partner of the @zksync . Do they have an #Airdrop? I'm not sure, but do it because it won't cost you anything.

💢Don't pass up any opportunity because surprises often come to those who work hard

A thread🧵
#zkSync Image
If you enjoy this topic, please 💕 and RT. We will update more about #Airdrop on #zkSync
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zkSync Era 主网已上线,目前大多是测试项目,支持主网项目很少,重点说下几个可主网交互项目。

下面是 #zksyncera 操作步骤


#Crypto #ETH #BTC #Airdrop #Testnet #NFT #Giveaway #Alpha
Network Name: zkSync Era Mainnet
Chain ID: 324
Currency Symbol: ETH
Block Explorer URL:

2)使用官方桥跨链至 Era网络

3)Mute @mute_io
Mute 的核心是一个 DeFi 平台,为所有基于zkSync 的协议构建流动性中心。


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Missed the $ARB hype? No worries, there are still opportunities to earn six figures 💰

Don't let $ZETA pass you by - it's got massive #airdrop potential.

Peep this thread 👇🧵: Image
Zetachain breaks down barriers for cross-chain and multi-chain issues, opening the door to an inclusive crypto and global financial ecosystem.

And guess what? They've got backing from big names like Binance and Coinbase employees.
Earn NFTs and ZETA Points by completing tasks.

In the Medium article below, Zetachain confirms an airdrop that rewards your contribution:… Image
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🚨Tek Tweette Starknet Airdrop🚨

Arkadaşlar selam,
Bugün %99 ihtimalle #Airdrop yapıcak olan #Starknet ekosisteminde işlemler yapıcaz.

Önemli olan çoğu konuya değinicem kesinlikle katılın.💵💰

Destek için Like+RT verirseniz çok mutlu olurum🙏🏻
Starknet geçtiğimiz dönemde kendi coini olan $STRK'ı Ethereum ağında çıkarmıştı.

Toplam arzın %9 unu kullanıcılara dağıtacağı için airdrop kesin diyebiliriz.
Önceki tweetlerimde çok fazla arkadaş bakiyem yok nasıl airdroplardan faydalanabilirim, bu işlemleri yapabilir miyim diye sormuştu.

Arkadaşlar yaptığımız işlemler mainnete olduğu için bir miktar bakiye gerekiyor.

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1) You've seen perp Dexes boom the entire year but you missed out.

You've seen $VELA migrate to Arbitrum and pull a 100x counting from the first announcement.

Now another project with already 300k users and only 4m mc is migrating to $ARB 🧵👇

(#airdrop opportunity at the end) Image
2) ⭐ Overview

@RoseonExchange is a multi-product DeFI app which aims to bridge the gap between CeFI and DeFI.

What differentiates Roseon from others is that it already has a working product called Roseon app and has been live for a long time.

It can be found in the app store. Image
3) The app already has:

• 300k users
• 20k daily active users
• 100+ partners

The app also features:

• A Launchpad
• An NFT Marketplace
• P2E
• Savings Vault
• Wallet
• Farms

We can basically conclude it's legit right?

Here's where it gets interesting however ↓ Image
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