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1/ Wassup degens!👋

Have you heard about @Narwhal_Finance ?👀

Narwhal is a decentralized perpetual trading platform, emphasizing #Social #Trading on both $BNB Chain and #Arbitrum 🔥

You can trade without KYC, geographical restrictions, or high centralized exchange fees.🤌 Image
@Narwhal_Finance ecosystem includes USDT as collateral and NAR as governance/utility token, making it easy to trade a wide range of leverages and pairs.📈

Follow and even copy the actions of your favorite traders with social trading, and watch your funds grow✅
Not enough to get you excited?🧐

Narwhal Finance has secured $1M in seed funding from top-tier investors such as @AnimocaVentures and @HailstoneVC ! 💰

This positions the platform for even greater success in the future.👏
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LayerZero and ZkSync Again?

Everyone is talking about $ZKS and $ZRO $LZR airdrops now. But imagine what your FOMO will be like when you don't get these airdrops.

This is a 3-minute interaction to avoid FOMO in the future.

Use @InterportFi

So what to do?
#airdrop Image

What is Interport Finance?

@InterportFi is a DEX Powered by LayerZero technology that allows cross-chain swaps at the best rate due to cross-chain liquidity aggregation contracts that source over 250 DEXes and liquidity sources looking for the best price!
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𝗜𝗻𝗰𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗶𝘇𝗲𝗱 𝗧𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗻𝗲𝘁 𝗘𝗱𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻

Here's a compilation of 6 testnet currently open, which could bring you a few dollars to invest in larger projects such as zkSync, LayerZero or Starknet

#airdrop #airdrops Image
I've selected these projects because they don't require an entire thread for each one

Tutorials are already available, so I've provided the links so you can farm easily

🧵Here we go 👇
1️⃣ @FactorDAO

Factor is a powerful foundational layer that interconnects DeFi protocols by providing the necessary tools and framework for protocols, builders, treasuries, and enables the creation and management of robust financial instruments Image
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🧵 Highlights Of All Content About zkSync #airdrop.

I've compiled the best existing strategies, threads, dashboards, all the links you'll need in one single thread.

Don't hesitate & Check out How to get $5000+ of profit 🔽 Image
Here's the link to the table from the thumbnail:

Each cell contains the link to the project.

Try it yourself, it's damn useful & Let's explore works of other creators: Image
Brief overview of DeFi projects on zkSync by handsome @0xFinish:
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🪂 هانت ایردراپ Airdrop🪂

🔥 بدون شک این رشته توییت بهترین راهنمای انجام شرایط ایردراپ LayerZero هست!🚀

💎 همه چی به طور کامل و جامع پوشش دادم تا با LayerZero تعامل داشته باشید که حداکثر مقدار ایردراپ دریافت کنید💰💵

رشته توییت🧵👇

#airdrop #airdrops #LayerZero Image

🟧 قبلا دو قسمت در مورد LayerZero صحبت کردم براتون. این قسمت جمع بندی میکنم و هم اینکه نکات تازه ای میگم بهتون.

🟧 تو این قسمت از اول میریم جلو قدم به قدم و کاملتر با نکات جدید. پس کامل با دقت بخونید

💎 قسمت اول در مورد چیا گفتم ؟

🔶 استارگیت

مهمترین بخش همین بخش هست!

🔸 توکن STG بخرید و استیک کنید
🔸 رای بدید در اسنپ شات
🔸 بریج بزنید

میخوایم همینارو مرور کنیم تفاوت چیه؟ با دقت بیشتر و نکات بیشتر!!
حتی اگر قسمت های قبل خوندید این قسمت رو به طور دقیق بخونید.
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You can participate in guaranteed #Airdrops and 10x your portfolio as a side hustle.

Cost: <$20
Reward: $1,500 - $5,000+

I have compiled 15 upcoming Airdrops for you to benefit from.

The ultimate airdrop thread 🧵 Image
In this thread, I have done the work for you and carefully compiled a list of ongoing Airdrop threads.

All threads contain a step by step easy guide of how to qualify for the Airdrops.

Let’s begin 🚀
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本篇基本涵盖 #zksync 空投你所需要的所有数据,信息以及技巧,建议收藏。


#zkSyncEra #Airdrop #Crypto
1⃣ zksync数据以及空投标准

参照 #Arbitrum 的发币数据

参考数据… Image

最低的代币空投额度 625枚
最高的代币空投额度为 10250枚



(3/n) Image
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#SEI Bridge Test Event is back! Don’t worry if you missed the first one.

I’ll give you a complete guide on how to participate for a potential #Airdrop

Cost: FREE
Reward💰: $1500+

🧵 Here’s how👇 #SeiNetwork #SeiEcosystem #SeiTestnet Image
For this event, we’ll bridge $MATIC from Polygon Mumbai on #Metamask🦊 to @compass_wallet and back in just three steps

Let's get started with these 3 easy steps
1/ Requesting Test $MATIC

-You’ll first need to set up Polygon #Mumbai network.

- Go to Connect Wallet.

Tick "Include Testnet” and search “Mumbai.” Then click “Add to MetaMask” Image
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#zkSync Karat 🪂#Airdrop & #Tevaera Karma Token Upcoming Airdrop | Dont Missed |

NEW TASK For More Karma Token

🤙 Be sure to subscribe to YouTube, share the video with friends, poke the bell and likes / dislikes, and don't forget to leave comments.…… Image
Step-by-Step Guide:

● ►Step 1️⃣: Mint Citizen ID (takes 15 seconds)

Registration Link:… (Need to click on this link or copy paste in the browser to mint the Citizen ID and then play the game using the same Citizen ID to earn karma bonus rewards. Only……
Step 2️⃣: Verify Citizen ID in OKX to win free NFT (takes 30 seconds and totally free)

Once you have minted the ID, download the OKX mobile wallet, import their wallet address and verify their “existing” Citizen ID in OKX Cryptopedia -> zkSync Era -> Tevaera Quest.

Apps Link👇……
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Recently, a security breach in Atomic Wallet resulted in a loss of $100M+ in user funds.

Discord hacks are also on the rise, impacting projects such as Orbiter, BNB Chain, etc.

Here are some highly useful tools & safety tips for #Airdrop participants to safeguard themselves 👇 Image
Before we continue...

I'd like to share that this thread is brought to you by our valued sponsor, @wallet_guard.

I've been using it for 2+ months.

It basically converts Metamask transactions into human-readable format, ensuring a clear understanding of what you're signing.
🛡 You can install the free extension here:

Examples of usage:

1. Reveals transaction details when signing.
2. Provides phishing site warnings.
3. Displays alerts when signing a transaction on phishing sites.

So, let's go... Image
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🧵获得Layer Zero #airdrop 的最后机会。
不要犹豫,顺着教程走,你就能收获福报! Image
1. Layer Zero Airdrop空投钱包划分为不同层级的详细对比表:这也将代表将来获得空投数量的多少。 Image
2. 以下是如何使用 LayerZero 以 1 U的价格完成 50 笔TX🤯 成本:1美元
第 1 步:在 Polygon 网络上跨桥或购买 1 个 USDC。•
第 2 步:现在将 USDC 桥接到 DFK Chain。•
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𝗟𝗮𝘆𝗲𝗿 𝗭𝗲𝗿𝗼

Not a $1 strategy, not a life-changing opportunity, just a complete thread that lets you interact with everything LayerZero has to offer today

#airdrop #airdrops #LayerZero Image
Now we get 25 LayerZero airdrop strategies a day on Twitter. So much so that I almost canceled my thread...

I'm posting it to give you the choice to use as many different protocols as you can, look like a real user and take what you get !
Sorry I don't post $1 strategies when I know it doesn't work
If you doubt it, tell me which top tier project has airdrop users who spent only $1 😉

For this tutorial, no amount, if LayerZero does an airdrop, it will certainly be based on volume, so do according to your means
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🧵 Last chance to get Layer Zero #airdrop.

I've compiled the best existing strategies, threads, dashboards, all the links you'll need in one single thread.

Don't hesitate & Check out How to get $2000+ of profit 🔽 Image
Here's the link to the table from the thumbnail:…

Each cell contains the link to the project.

Try it yourself, it's damn useful & Let's explore works of other creators: Image
Detailed comparison table by amazing @nobrainflip about the division of wallets for Layer Zero Airdrop into different Tiers:
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With gas fees at 16 Gwei, I think it's the best time for some interactions⚡️

🔸Let's do some zkSync interactions in this thread and mint an NFT on Pixelcase.

By doing this, we can prepare ourselves for the potential $ZKS #Airdrop.🪂 Image
At the time of writing, zkSync is the 3rd largest layer 2 solution in terms of TVL (Approx $470 M).

It's the only one in the top 10 list that has a growing TVL (10% increase).

And I think this growth is mostly due to the airdrop hype around it. Image
Before we start, Do note that you need some funds on the Ethereum mainnet.

So as this tutorial involves funds on the mainnet, make sure you do your own research and also this is not financial advice.
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𝗣𝗼𝗹𝘆𝗴𝗼𝗻 𝘇𝗸𝗘𝗩𝗠

The layer is not yet in use, so it's time to take a stand

Here is Twitter's most comprehensive thread, which will have you interacting with zkEVM & 4 potential #airdrops

⏳ Estim. time : 45min
💸 Cost : based on volume

#airdrop Image
One month ago Sandeep Nailwal, co founder of Polygon responded to a comment from a user about TVL on zkEVM

See message below 👇

His words was clear :
Three days ago, Polygon published a complete thread on its vision to build the Value Layer of the Internet.

It's all about Polygon 2.0, and the illustration below has sparked debate 👇 Image
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🪂The Ultimate Scroll Airdrop Strategy🪂

Follow this strategy and increase your airdrop chances. #scroll #airdrop #strategy

1/8 Image
❔What is Scroll❔

#Scroll is a zkEVM-based zk-Rollup for Ethereum with native compatibility for existing protocols on Ethereum. That means devs only need to redeploy their contracts. 🔥

aaaand @Scroll_ZKP also raised 80mio$ from large vc's incl. @polychain & @sequoia

2/8 Image
Currently Scroll is only on Testnet, however it already makes sense to interact with it.

➡️ head over to their website & join the Alpha Testnet

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ULTIMATE GUIDE for Debank Airdrop 🪂⚡

@DeBankDeFi raised over $25M from Sequoia, DragonFly, Coinbase Ventures and other VCs🚨

This impressive Investors could give the biggest airdrop of all time, the $BANK 🤯

🧵1/9 Image
Step 1️⃣ : PFP

• Visit
• Connect Your Wallet (Preferably A Wallet With An NFT In It)
• Edit your Profile, Select A Profile Picture From Your Available NFTs
• Save

Step 2️⃣ : Register Profile

• Click "Debank L2 Unregistered"
• Click Register
• Send Request & Sign and Confirm Transaction
• Now Set A Key For Your Profile and Confirm

🧵3/9 ImageImageImageImage
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🤑Want an easy $10K from #LayerZero Try this hidden strategy🤑

45 transactions on @LayerZero_Labs for just $1.6 in fees!🫡

#LayerZero #Airdrop

Lets Begin🧵👇 Image
For this strategy we use @DeFiKingdoms chain and generate 45 transactions at minimal fees!

#LayerZero Also confirmed they supports DeFiKingdoms bridge

Bridge USDC worth of $1.6 from Polygon to DFK Chain

Note: Slippage is quite high Image
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To engage its #Seilor’s🚢 @SeiNetwork launched the Atlantis Ambassador Program🌊

Based on their engagement, Atlantis participants can get different roles in the #Sei ecosystem. Level up⬆️ and unlock more opportunities and better #Airdrop chances🔥

How to get involved👇🏻 Image

✅ Follow @SeiNetwork for all major announcements.
✅ Join Sei on Discord.
✅ Join Sei on Telegram.
✅ Participate in Discord & engage in conversation with the rest of the community.

How to level up ⬆️

- Fulfill ongoing requirements and activities, depending on the level you’re in.
- Post your work in community-content channel on Sei‘s Discord server
- Invite friends to join Atlantis
- Be active on Twitter/Discord/Telegram Image
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The second CHANCE SEI bridge test event

POSSIBLE $200 to $500 Airdrop 🤲🏾

A thread 🧵


Do like and rt for your frens 🫶🏽 Image

For those of us that this is our first time of interacting with $SEI ecosystem, it’s advisable you download COMPASS wallet @compass_wallet as your primary wallet .

There are other wallets like leap and Keplr but for this thread we will be using compass .

Download and save your 12 words secret phrase , write it down and never share it with anyone.

Now let’s get into the real deal , remember not to expect too much $200 is money ( zero hopium this side ) Image
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#跟着朵拉撸空投 #Linea #Airdrop #空投教程 Image
1.Gitcoin Passport积分必须大于20分
点击Sign in with Ethereum
接着点击Confirm Stamps
做完估计也可以达到20分了 ImageImageImageImage
打开下边的网站,点击Mint NOW
BSC链的,需要0.015BNB… ImageImageImageImage
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Speculation is that Base might be the next biggest airdrop

And the best part? It won't cost you a dime.

Potential gain: $1,000 +

Get ready for the next biggest #airdrop🪂

Here's how to qualify in just 10 minutes 👇🧵 Image
Introducing Base, the revolutionary Ethereum L2 solution incubated by Coinbase and developed in collaboration with Optimism on the open-source OP Stack.

With massive potential for growth, Base is set to become one of the most significant projects of the future.
Is the airdrop confirmed or not?

Despite the announcement that there won't be one, we can't afford to ignore the possibility.

We don't want to miss out on this massive opportunity! Let's dive in and find out for ourselves.
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Almost $1M trading volume in 24hrs

-98% in just 3 hours.

Here an easy ways to check tokens for red flags using @bubblemaps

Let's investigate 🧵 Image
In this thread we’re going to be using @bubblemaps

I’ll be showing you:

How to spot token distribution red flags.
I found a trending token on @dexscreener that had almost $1M in transactions $POV

A few hours later it dropped by 98%.

This would have been very easy to avoid.
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19岁少年靠撸空投每个月挣 $1500+,惊呆了我🤯



1⃣ 快速发现潜力项目

2⃣ 轻松掌握空投技巧

#airdrop Image
1⃣ 快速发现潜力项目

使用 @DefiLlama 来找到具有#空投潜力的项目,找到空投选项卡


点击Total Money Raised进行排序

具有较高TVL和筹款的项目有更高的空投机会 ImageImage
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