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'I am going to begin with food because most of my family’s activities, as I remember them, focused on and around acquiring food. That’s the only way to be when you live under socialism because food is not something you just go out and buy.' - M. Romanska #Socialism #Truth
'Under socialism, food is something you “organize.” Imagine that suddenly, due to some deuced thaumaturgy, all the food in all the stores and restaurants had vanished, leaving only sardines, mustard, and vinegar on the shelves.' -M. Romanska #Socialism #Survivor
'The food was rationed, and as in all just and fair societies, everyone received an equal ration. The rations were distributed in exchange for monthly government coupons, which everyone received at their workplace, along with their paychecks.' -M. Romanska - YES, YOU WORK!
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1/ The sheer scale of what @quant_network is working to achieve is incredible and an amazing opportunity.

✅Internet scale interoperability for any blockchain / existing network
✅ Already connect , , , , , , , #Corda #Hyperledger #Quorum

2/✅Implemented in the largest European Financial Network in Europe with SIA
✅Oracle Fintech partner - going to Tier 1 Banks, Central Banks and other Oracle customers to provide mission critical services
✅ Working with Central Banks, Banks, Governments, Healthcare,Supply Chain
3/✅Previous CISO at Vocalink (in charge of security of payments for the UK - £6 Trillion per year)
✅Vice President of Product at Vocalink recently joined
✅Vice Chairman of Comcast and MD of Rockefeller Capital on the Board
✅ Rapidly expanding team consisting of 4 PhDs
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0/ Reasons why you should be #Bullish on $BAND @BandProtocol

If you are bullish on #defi and smart contract adoption, you want to get exposure to needed middleware like #oracles. Smart contracts can't access real-world data and APIs, and oracles like $BAND solve this problem
1/ Chainlink dominating 97% of the entire oracle space having the first-mover advantage. $BAND was founded in 2017, on the market since late 2019 with now around 2.6% of chainlinks market cap.
So the question is how big can $BAND grow and capture value relative to $LINK?
2/ If we look at other spaces eg smart contracts, $EOS & $ADA are around 10-15% of $ETH's market cap

Exchange token show a better ratio with $HT at 40% of $BNB value while $OKB and $FTX are around 10%

If $BAND does a similar ratio of ~15% of $LINK - that puts it already at ~$25
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@mjeng54 @jbcpsm Ah, such a kind-hearted response.

What history would you have me learn?

"Protests happen every year." Is there ANYONE else out here that feels these are protests like any other year?

But I will play your little game…

Let's dance.
@mjeng54 @jbcpsm Somehow BLM protests & racial "divides" are fanned every 4yrs. Coincidence I'm sure. It's not like it is part of a well-documented Marxist plan to take down America. If you don't believe that could be true, try learning some political science. #DYOR Image
@mjeng54 @jbcpsm Let's start from where we stand.

Me: I'm a Christian, American Patriot, Capitalist. I do not believe America is perfect, but believe she's the best thing going & that productive participation by her citizens can make her better.
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1/ As awareness is increasing for @quant_network after recent announcements I encourage everyone to see the thread below providing more details around the project. Excellent Team, Tech, Use cases, Tokenomics, Partners $QNT has it all.

2/ Quant’s Overledger Blockchain Operating System not only provides interoperability between all the leading Enterprise and Public Blockchains but also connecting the world’s networks to blockchain with just 3 lines of code.
3/ Unlike other solutions, Overledger solves interoperability at scale without the overhead/bottleneck/single point of failure of adding another blockchain in the middle, nor does it impose restrictions / require blockchains to fork their code to connect.…
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0/ ppl ask why i'm bullish on $BAND, here is a few thought

If you are bullish on #defi and smart contract adoption, you want to get exposure to infrastructure protocol like oracle. Smart contract can't access real-world data and APIs and oracle like $BAND solve this problem
1/ Now there are many oracles in the space, with chainlink dominating 97% of the entire oracle space with clear network effect with BAND just emerging in 2019 and around 2% of chainlink

So the question is how big can $BAND grow and capture value relative to $LINK
2/ If one looks at other spaces eg smart contract, $EOS and $ADA are around 10-15% of $ETH market cap

Exchange token shows better ratio with $HT at 40% of $BNB value while $OKB and $FTX are around 10%

If $BAND does similar ratio of 10-15% of $LINK - that puts it already at $10
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Como un equipo experto, dedicado y pionero de blockchain Proof of Stake centrada en la privacidad desde 2016, @_PIVX está extremadamente decepcionado de ver como @officialmcafee y su proyecto @GhostbyMcAfee $ESH $GHOST está plagiando descaradamente el whitepaper #PIVX Sep/2018
La comunidad PIVX nos ha informado recientemente sobre el proyecto $GHOST de John McAfee.

Después de una investigación detallada, es obvio que el documento técnico (whitepaper) de GHOST fue plagiado ampliamente de un documento técnico de PIVX de 2018, actualmente obsoleto.
Según lo que McAfee y su equipo han publicado hasta ahora, podemos confirmar que hay demasiadas similitudes entre GHOST y PIVX, que rayan en el plagiarismo.
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@mysticinthemoon @clanegan1 @bdglfr24 @99freemind @va_shiva @SloanBella @OutoftheG8TE This is completely false. He's just making stuff up.

That's why he doesn't post evidence. Because there is none, it's just lies.

People are really dying from this, and the death rate is still growing exponentially. I'm sorry that Alessandro doesn't believe it. #DYOR Image
@mysticinthemoon @clanegan1 @bdglfr24 @99freemind @va_shiva @SloanBella @OutoftheG8TE Lies again. I found evidence that Michael Aquino was stationed at a military psyop unit in Ft McArthur near McMartin til 79. All I said was I couldn't prove he was in LA at abuse time (83), he was at Presidio SF by then. I did prove Jim Channon was in LA:… Image
@mysticinthemoon @clanegan1 @bdglfr24 @99freemind @va_shiva @SloanBella @OutoftheG8TE Another falsehood. I dropped #Kappy research because people confided things in me that would jeopardize their family's safety if they were disclosed.

Why does Alessandro insist on lying behind my back? Why no citations?

I explained it clearly in this vid… Image
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#DXone_Indicators [13/03/20]:


The #ADL is a #trendline that indicates #VOLUME. If it goes up, it indicates #BUYING_VOLUME is #high, and vice versa.

It depicts the cumulative flow of money.

Note: It Does Not Indicate Price But Indicates Demand.
ADL to Analyse Historical Bitcoin Movement:

From early January to March, a steady inflow into #BTC with stable price depicts what traders call - #Accumulation. The increase in #volume after the initial #pandemic scare depicts larger renewed interest in BTC than last year.
Disclaimer: This is not trading advice and is intended for educational purposes only. #DYOR
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Self Sovereign Conscious Agency: A Framework for Post Trust world Image
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You may ask why $DAG? There are other DAG projects, what makes @conste11ation stand out? The following thread lays out exactly what the team and project has to offer, and why $DAG will flourish in 2020, and beyond.
$DAG offers a secure method to validate data on a large scale, to interface with legacy systems & applications to offer a resilient, flexible solution to data management, in a market estimated to be $156.72B by 2026 (…).
$DAG has already partnered with the US Air Force through an SBIR Phase I contract, earning valuable insights into DoD operations & connections that may lead to further opportunities with the US military, & government as a whole. This potential is highlighted below:
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While we have been DISTRACTED by the #ImpeachmentScam, there have been many meetings going on re: the urgent restructuring /digitization of our financial system.
Eyes On @Ripple's #XRP, when he says "Its Here"
..they have met with Lagarde, IMF/ ECB, SBI- MAJOR bank deals made. 👀
@Ripple P.S. I am NOT yet convinced of its overall benefit to humanity with all the bank deals being made, nevertheless they are being onboarded, very rapidly replacing #SWIFT.
Many are saying this (#XRP) will somehow be used as a gold bridge asset that will #EndtheFed?
Time will tell!
@Ripple 3/
Very interesting video,
Will XRP help end the fed?
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1/Why #bitcoin matters now.

Trump wants to look good for 2020. No surprise there. Strong economic numbers--especially GDP--are crucial.

So: trade war! Force a huge economy (China) to buy more of our products. Cranks up GDP. Yay us, right?!

Except China's fighting back.
2/China is devaluing their currency. Sounds bad for them, ya? So counter-intuitive.

A weaker Yuan makes it harder for China to import goods (they can't afford to buy other countries' stuff).

But also makes it cheaper for others to buy Chinese goods (our bucks go further).
3/But China is primarily an export economy. So they're happy to juice the trade flow out and disadvantage the flow in.

The $USD is already expensive relative to everyone else's currency. So what can Trump do? He *needs* to increase our exports... but we're expensive to buy from.
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You can margin-trade DAI/USDC when the peg strays from $1, in case you're not aware!

Example using @compoundfinance :
1. You have $1,000 $USDC on Coinbase
2. Buy $DAI @ $0.99 (incl. fees) => You now have $1,010.10 DAI
3. Lock your DAI into @compoundfinance

4. Receive $68.69 in yearly *supply* interests (current rate)
5. Borrow 50% of your supplied DAI in USDC, i.e. $505.05
6. Pay $63.79 in yearly *borrow* interests (again current rate)
7. Buy more DAI @ $0.99 for your borrowed USDC => You now have $510.15 more DAI
8. Lock your new $510.15 DAI up in @compoundfinance for an additional $34.69 in yearly supply interests
9. You're now net positive on your interests: $39.59/year, or 3.96% on your initial capital
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The #LARPwars are in full swing. It's been wild since 2016 WikiLeak, #SethRich - what will happen next now that there's another election in sight? Not to mention an ever increasing number of court cases. #LARPindictments #UnsealTheLARPs
2. I'm making my way through Defango's 4 hour subpoena stream. Some gems already! I believe this is the wife of Defango's former attorney, who is representing Robert David Steele in his defamation suit against Jason Goodman. Note the date: same day as Port of Charleston #govLARP
3. Here's Tanya introducing RDS to her stoner buddy, Nora Maccoby. Her family are deeply involved in Dem politics, "would have known Seth Rich if he was real & she's never heard of him"
Nora "outed [Manafort] as working for Russians".
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@Awe_andWonder and I discussed this article yesterday and had some thoughts on it.

0/ Our rebutal relies on two main points...

a) The models are based on unreliable data.

b) Even if the data was fully reliable, the models provided are not applicable for forecasting or confirming a bottom.
2/ This is a replication of the average volume model usign the same CMC data we reckon was used for this analysis. When zoomed-out to the last cycle, you can easily see that it can keep making new highs while price keeps making new lows.
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Some of you may have noticed that I'm sporting a new tag in my screen name. It's not just a fad though, allow me to explain in this lil ol' #thread:
1/ As you (should) know, january 3rd marks the actual birthday of #Bitcoin, as it was the day that Satoshi mined the first blocks and hence set the Bitcoin story into motion. Upcoming jan 3rd will be the 10th anniversary and this would be an obvious time for celebrations.
2/ @TraceMayer took the initiative of a call-to-arms for all HODLers-of-last-resort, to join him and quite a few other prominent bitcoiners like @giacomozucco, @theonevortex and @CaitlinLong_, just to name some, and also sport the same tag in their screen name.
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BTCUSD open short positions on Bitfinex
#bitcoin #dyor
10k BTC was short sold since 2nd Aug (max price $7600) ... and Bitcoin has yet to make a new low
Bitcoin's support was taken out entirely with the use of leverage last night ...
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Chances are we can expect a crypto alt season soon.
If you played your cards right, one of these seasons can completely change your financial situation and increase your capital extremely.
But what steps should you take to perhaps become financially independent?


First of all, research which altcoins you want to invest in.
For me the goal is always to collect more Bitcoins and try to buy the alts low in the lesser season (the extremely low prices we have seen) and to sell during the peak of the alt season.

Choose fundamentally good alts, and choose your entry moments using TA.
Do not invest in too much alts, quality over quantity. Too much causes a lack of overview and focus and costs much more time to maintain positions.
This is not recommended if you are a beginner.

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Yet ANOTHER Quick and Dirty Breakdown:
As some of you may have learned recently traditional financial institutions tend to treat us crypto people as persona non-grata and refuse us services like home loans even if we have great credit scores and massive cash down payments.
So today I'm breaking down @TheVivaNetwork. Viva aims to bring transparency and innovation to the Home Financing market through leveraging decentralized funding and blockchain technology, making it cheaper, faster, and easier to buy a home securely.
Basically it works like this, each user that signs up is given a unique V-ID and after completing several forms you are granted a V-SCORE. Viva tokenizes fixed assets, like a home, allowing them to divide them up into thousands of pieces called fractionalized mortgage shares
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