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What are the various #Ethereum ERC Token Standards?

A thread 🧵
#ERC (Ethereum Request for Comments) are Ethereum application-level specifications, such as token standards, name registries, library/package formats etc.
Anyone can make an ERC token with #Ethereum Blockchain app development, but the author must clarify their standard and gain community approval for it to be adopted widely.
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Community #AMA session on Twitter with @XSNofficial #Stakenet #XSN

Let's start sharing the official media and some Introduction about Stakenet


#Stakenet is combining Layer 2 protocols (#Bitcoin #Lightning Network and @ConnextNetwork #Connext, interoperability protocol of L2 #Ethereum #ETH) to allow practically instant, feeless #CROSSCHAIN swaps backed by the Stakenet #blockchain and powered by its nodes.
Furthermore, they are focused on enabling connectivity between #Lightning Network, #Masternode networks, and decentralized applications (#dApps).
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THREAD: Thoughts about an decentralized, tokenized, NFT compatible, fully #P2P exchange aka #DEX for local economies and food producers / #agriculture combined with #IoT / #Blockchain / #IOTA #ISCP and #EVM SmartContracts - incentivizing biological and healthy food with staking..
.. people could invest into their #local #farms, by buying some of the farms own minted token supply ( some kind of shareholdership ), at some price XYZ - FUNGIBLE #tokens. nonNFTs. #ERC20. - that gives the farmer actual money / stablecoins / fiat money, that allows him to get..
much better quality of #biological food due to better machines, farming equipment, drones, #loT equipment and #AI oracle rovers, get IoT sensors installed, waterlevel sensors, ...
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[Thread] Autour du projet @GodsUnchained, la "petite" révolution autour des cartes à collectionner, du #freetoplay et des #NFTs.

Installez-vous confortablement au fond du canapé, sortez la couette et la tisane... Nous allons démarrer la visite en douceur !
Petite intro en règle,

@GodsUnchained est un jeu de cartes à collectionner #freetoplay qui va utiliser l'écosystème des #NFTs en leur donnant une réelle utilité.

Dans ce #jeu, vous affronterez les autres joueurs dans des duels de carte (comme dans Magic The gathering).
C'est un #jeu qui est orienté sur la compétition, ce qui signifie que vous devrez faire preuve d'imagination et de stratégie pour battre vos adversaires.

Et tout cet écosystème se passe sur la blockchain #Ethereum et plus précisément sur son layer 2 @Immutable X.
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Yesterday we launched the FIRST EVER #Layer2 bridge to a centralised exchange 🥂 - @bitfinex, but what does that mean for you?

🧵 #Thread🧵 (1/6)
Remember how you used to pay those pesky gas fees 💸 and wait absurd times ⏳ when moving from an exchange to #DeFi? This all changes now with minuscule fees and rapid transfers!
This bridge🌉now enables fast and low-cost transfers between #Bitfinex & #DeversiFi meaning that you can move @Tether_to tokens ($USDt) seamlessly between the two platforms, without ever touching #Layer1 #Ethereum! And what's more, we’ll be adding more #ERC20 tokens soon!
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#Ethereum size istediğiniz her şeyi yapabileceğiniz bir platform sunar ama nasıl yapacağınıza #ETH karar verir.” Ethereum ile #PolkaDot arasındaki temel fark budur. Bugün anlatacağım @AcalaNetwork #AcalaNetwork projesi #PolkaDot un hepsi bir arada #DeFi hub ı olmayı planlıyor. Image
#ETH protokolü üzerinden istediğiniz #DApp uygulamasını yazabilirsiniz ama istediğiniz şekilde yazamazsınız. En basitinden, protokol sizden #ERC20 standartlarına uymanızı, #Solidity dilinde yazmanızı, (yüksek fee ücretlerine rağmen) fee olarak $ETH kullanmanızı isteyecektir. Image
Öte yandan, PolkaDot ağı birçok yazılım dilini desteklediği için size herhangi bir programlama dilini veya herhangi bir para birimini kullanmanızı gerektirmez. Geliştiricileri/Yazılımcıları kısıtlamak, sınırlamak yerine onlara tüm istediklerini yapabilecekleri bir platform sunar
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Yes, we are stepping into the big league. $NCG is making its debut on the #Ethereum network, and we're launching the ERC-20 token in partnership with @SushiSwap!…
@NineChronicles is an open source, #decentralized RPG network powered by the community.

As a fully decentralized game, there are no servers, and every player is a node with full access to the code and data of Nine Chronicles.
After launching the mainnet last October, more than 500,000 #NFTs have been crafted and 80,000 NFTs have been traded on the network. Players have mined over 2 million blocks since the launch, and thousands of nodes power the Nine Chronicles network every day (600% growth in Q2).
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It's time for some educational fun. It is important to always keep your wallet recovery phrase secret. If anyone gets access to it they have access to your coins. With that in mind, let's have some fun!
For this first-of-its-kind global treasure hunt, the rules are simple. Guess all 12 of our riddles and recover the metamask wallet. Anyone can send it coins so keep checking to see what is inside!
Wallet address 0x1d593097Ea77d546389fbfe73c3b59cff1f84873
Day one:
"A $Pussy likes catnip, a $DOGE likes a ____"
The first answer will be confirmed in our discord once someone guesses it. Good luck! 😉

#Crypto #cryptogivaway #treasurehunt #erc20 #education #Cryptoeducation #doge #thefutureiscrypto #Pussywallet
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1/ Do you think ERC20 approve() is safe? Well… 🧵

Function in itself is safe but there are two scenario where ERC20 approve() shows its rough edges.

First is a front-running attack on approve().

Imagine following scenario 👇
* Alice approves Bob for 20 Tokens
* After some time, Alice changes approve to 10
* Bob front-runs the Alice TX for approve(10)
* Bob spends 20 Tokens
* Alice TX passes
* Bob spends additional 10 Tokens from Alice.

Why is that?
3/ Attack is also possible because approve() overrides current allowance.

It doesn’t increase/decrease allowance in atomic manner.

How can we limit against that?

There are two approaches to limit the attack vector.
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What is (@iearnfinance $YFI)?

#DeFi yield optimization. In 5 tweets 🧵👇 Image
Yearn Finance is a suite of #DeFi products that provides lending aggregation, yield generation, and insurance on the #Ethereum blockchain.

It launched in 2020 and has more than $3 bn in assets locked.
yVaults are capital pools that obtain a yield from opportunities in the market. Vault strategist & guardian get fees.

By pooling their funds, users share gas costs, benefit from automated processes and rebalancing strategies, and don't need to be proficient in DeFi intricacies.
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What is Synthetix (@synthetix_io $SNX)?🦾

Hardcore #DeFi: derivatives on all types of assets on the blockchain. In 5 tweets 🧵👇 Image
Synthetix is a decentralized synthetic asset platform that provides on-chain exposure to fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and indices.

It opens up endless trading possibilities to people who wouldn't normally have access to trading the tracked asset.
Synthetic assets (Synths) are backed by Synthetix Network Tokens ( $SNX) staked into a smart contract as collateral. The current ratio is 750% and can be changed by governance.

In exchange, Synth stakers get a fixed amount of inflation and fees on the trading of the Synth.
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🙌 Just imagine having a universal tool allowing you to build ♾ number of #trading strategies and getting you closer to 🚗 a cherished #Lambo...

Well, now you got one 🙃

⚡️Introducing the #1inch Limit Order Protocol!

More info ⤵️

#DeFi #crypto…

📜 A limit order option has been available in the #1inch #dApp for a while, but, until recently, it was based on the @0xProject protocol.

🚀 Now, it has been replaced with the much more 🛠 efficient 1inch Limit Order Protocol.

The #1inch Limit Order Protocol will be available on 🔷 #ETH, 🔶 #BSC, and 💠 #Polygon.

Supported token standards:


✳️ Other standards could be supported via external extension.
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(1) Recently, #NFTs have gained *a lot* of attention from not just crypto-evangelists, but more mainstream outlets. @enjin are a leader in the #NFT space, but what make their approach and solutions to #trueownership of digital assets so special? A thread! #enj $ENJ #evENJelist
(2) First thing's first; if you're still not 100% sure on *what* NFTs actually are (and why they matter and hold value), it's worth reading these handy-dandy beginner's guide that I wrote. #enj $ENJ
(2a) NB: While @enjin's heritage is in gaming, it's important to note that $ENJ-backed #NFTs span a wide variety of usecases: @Azure use them to encourage and reward developer engagement… and @binance use them for digital community collectibles
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This bull market’s top-performing token? It’s @ZapProtocol -a @chainlink $LINK alternative that represents the most decentralized oracle proxy for smart contracts.


#Bitcoin #defi #crypto #eth #ERC20 #oracles #bondingcurves…
$zap is a multifunctional blockchain solution offering full liquidity for many #DeFi use-cases like data monetization, token creation, & creating various #DApps. $zap smart contract templates use #bondingcurves, algorithmic market makers that provide liquidity for the protocol.
In comparison w/ @chainlink, @ZapProtocol allows users to create #decentralized #oracles using #smartcontract templates, and to buy and sell the oracle tokens in an open fully-liquid marketplace.
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@GoingParabolic #Verus is a truly free, #decentralized protocol and rent-free #blockchain framework that provides chain #interoperability that can scale to the world. It’s not just a protocol, but an ecosystem of interconnected blockchains.

@GoingParabolic Once on mainnet, the Verus #DeFi system will be a fractal, market-driven, & completely liquid worldwide network of independently valued currencies and protocol-based currency baskets that allows anyone holding Verus to perform cross-chain transactions, launch a fractional reserve
@GoingParabolic Token and merge #mine and #stake on up to 22 #blockchains at once.
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📦 Starter Pack: What’s @thorchain_org and its Decentralized Liquidity Network?

2/ Where can I learn more about it? In official documentation:
3/ Or if you need someone to explain it to you, @rebasefoundtn produced some great audio content, here’s their Whitepaper Walkthrough:

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Shilling @thorchain_org 101:

1) Search for the most popular mentions of #BTC #ETH #ERC20’s #BNB #BEP2’s #XMR on Twitter.

2) Plug an @THORChainHammer command while fitting into the thread.

3) Do it again.

Fresh eyes only, not inner circles who all own
Example commands you can use:
@THORChainHammer video-explainer-thorchain
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Después de varios años dentro de la comunidad cripto, y un poco cansado, voy a intentar describirla en clave de humor irónico. Dentro hilo:
Por un lado están los Maximalistas de #BTC. Para ellos #Bitcoin resuelve todos los problemas del mundo mundial. Hambre, pobreza, injusticias, etc... ¡Nos dará la libertad! Y además es la reserva de valor por excelencia. Qué más se puede pedir? -Es el invento de la historia- dicen
Para un maximalista, 1 $BTC en el año 2140 equivaldrá a $ . Porque sí. Y punto. Lo único que tiene que hacer uno para hacerse millonario es ‘acumular sats’ y ya tiene el futuro asegurado. Todo lo demás no importa.
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Introduce me to your favourite #BTC #ETH #ERC20 #BNB #BEP brand leaders which could make use of their own @THORChainHammer bot. I’ll help them get setup with their own and show them the ways to maximize shilling.

Courtesy of @thorchain_org community ✌🏼
The amount of time it’s saved me is priceless…
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👨🏻‍🏫 Pick some #crypto communities and educate them 👩🏽‍🏫

@thorchain_org still needs to ChaosNet, MainNet and then capture that value into pools. You have 2 choices:

1) Hope it happens.
2) Develop a plan to help drive #BTC #ETH #ERC20 #BNB hodlers into the network.
2) There’s countless amount of #crypto communities who can benefit from staking their assets into pools. They need to be educated of the staking process, risks and benefits.

A first step you can take is to explain to them how grows in value using:
@THORChainHammer rune-price-simulator-guide
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🧠 @THORChain_org's Decentralized Liquidity Network creates opportunities for businesses / entrepreneurs / devs

The team is focused on the core swap tech and #ASGARDEX -- but that doesn't mean there isn't opportunity for others elsewhere in the meantime.
2) Any service which aims-to increase network utility via swaps will benefit will increase revenue for #THORNode operators, Liquidity Providers aka stakers -- and ultimately increase the value of $RUNE.
3) An example could be a @venmo style peer-to-peer payment solution, crafted in a way where the service can branch itself out to a variety of integrations, think @Shopify @magento @whmcs @opencart @PrestaShop @drupalcommerce @Ubercart @WordPress @ZenCart
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🧠 Did you know that the value of $RUNE can be simulated?

Link to the simulator:

Read the thread below to learn how to use it.
2) The end result of your simulation translates to this sentence:

By X date I believe that #BNB's market cap will be worth 2x more, #ETH's 3x more and #BTC's 5x more -- and 0.1% of ALL #BNB, 0.3% of ALL #ETH and 0.05% of ALL #BTC will be locked into @THORChain_org's network.
3) You have 3 mechanisms in place to help you simulate the price of $RUNE:

a) The blue date picker dropdown.
b) The asset aka "COIN" field in each table row (1st one).
c) The multiplier field in each table row (2nd one).
d) The percentage field in each table row (3rd one).
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.@renprotocol just launched on mainnet.

It’s one of the most underrated projects in DeFi

REN allows BTC, BCH and ZEC to be used trustlessly on Ethereum.

And unlike other trustless BTC token projects, Ren works today.

A thread : Image
1/ Ren started life as Republic Protocol, a project focused on private, cross-chain trading for BTC and ETH/ERC20 tokens.

Dark pool trading is common in financial markets, and Republic focused on bringing it to crypto, along with cross-chain order capability.
2/ As they developed Republic, the team realized that the private, cross-chain order technology could be expanded to smart contract interactions, making #RenVM much more versatile.

Republic was rebranded to Ren Protocol in 2019 to reflect this change.
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#Top10 #cryptocurrencies [by #MarketVolume] on the 3rd of April, 2020 according to Dxone Exchange.
Number 10:

#OKB token by @OKEx

It is an #ERC20 token with a market cap of 1,221 Million #USD. It's key utility is discounts on #trading fees, voting rights, ability to invest in #incubated projects and #sharing_revenue.

(Source:…) via @crypto_briefing
Number 9:

#BNB by @binance

@cz_binance's brainchild, the BNB #token powers everything in the Binance ecosystem. What was once just a #cryptocoin for exchange is a full-fledged #Ethereum competitor and sits at 1,917 Million USD market cap
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