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I've been seeing a lot on #BRC20
and #Bitcoin Ordinals and I'll be honest, I don't have a clue what these were. So I decided to change that.

Let's talk about it! 🧵

Understanding BRC-20 Tokens and Bitcoin Ordinals 🟠🟢

#crypto #cryptothread
BRC-20 tokens are a new experimental standard for creating and transferring tokens on the #Bitcoin blockchain. They work similarly to Ethereum's ERC-20 tokens but with some differences. However, it's important to note that BRC-20 tokens are still in the experimental stage.
BRC-20 tokens were made possible through the Ordinals protocol, which allows for the inscription of data on individual satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin). This enables the creation of fungible tokens on the Bitcoin network. #Ordinals #Bitcoin
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Let’s talk #ERC4337.

It’s a new #Ethereum standard that introduces “Account Abstraction,” or smart account, capabilities in production. 

A thread🧵👇
1/21 Image
#ERC4337’s already spread to a handful of other chains, and it’s got big implications for #NFTs wherever it goes. Let’s dig into these implications in this thread 🔻

What Is Account Abstraction?🔻

To understand AA, first it’s important to grasp the basics of accounts on #Ethereum and #Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks.
There are two main kinds of accounts to consider here: Externally Owned Accounts (EOA) and Contract Accounts (CA).

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⭐️@zksync potential #Airdrop strategy by @a2finance_io

Things to pay attention👇 Image
zkSync Lite

Only 254k wallets have made a deposit in zkSync Era and Lite…

2/ Image
Number of transactions and their volume

The number of transactions on most wallets does not exceed 10, and the total volume of transactions does not exceed $1000

3/ Image
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最近有点琐事产生,所以关于 #brc20 的内容拖到现在才来写。

1⃣️首先我们来看BRC20 是什么?
这就绕不开今年初的BTC nft的首次亮相。以往的NFT往往都发行在类似于 ETH、Solana等高性能公链上,但是ordinal团队认为BTC网络上也可以发行NFT。这也就是Ordinals项目的诞生。
随着Yuga Labs也跟着发行BTC上的NFT系列 Twelve Fold,更是把这一热点推向一个新的高度。

这里需要注意的是 BTC上的NFT是通过铭刻(inscribe)在聪(satoshi) 上的方式来发行。大家开始思考,既然NFT可以,那FT(同质化代币)是否也可以呢?

由此,在今年3月份,第一个brc20代币 $ORDI 就被创造出来。
这里还有一个值得一提的人物——Domo @domodata 是他创造了BRC20的标准。…


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🔥 #BRC 20 will be the next narrative after the #Meme $Pepe surge goes down.

$Ordi has performed #1000X since free mint on Unisat.

Spent hours diving deep into the Brc-20 network.

Everything about BRC20

How to make profit on BRC20 💰 🤑

I’ve got you covered here 🚪 Image
1️⃣ What is BRC-20

To make it simply, We have #ERC20 - token standard on Ethereum, #BEP20 - token standard on BNB.

Then, #BRC20 is a fungible token standard on Bitcoin blockchain.
#BRC20 is deployed using #Inscription or #JSON file, allowing users to create and transfer tokens.

The BRC20 standard was created by @domodata on March 8th.
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#ERC20 🆚 #BRC20 Image
What's #BRC20?

a short thread 🧵
1/3 BRC-20 is a token on the #Bitcoin blockchain, similar to Ethereum's ERC-20. It allows for the creation and transfer of fungible tokens using the Ordinals protocol, which stores token contract information.
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🧧✨ Gitcoin :: Beta Round is Live!!! ✨

🧧 Reward Potential

Deadline ::
May 9th 2023

Gitcoin Grants Program is a initiative that drive funding toward what they believe matters, with the impact of individual donation.

Mini-thread 🧵 -- #GitcoinBeta #gitcoin Image
Just like the Gitcoin GR15 round, Gitcoin beta round is here.
Previously, Optimism Used Gitcoin donation as a multiplier in Airdrop Round 1.
-------------- Image
⚠️ ⛽ Gas is expensive now as we are to donate on the Ethereum mainnet 🚧

Gwei then = 110 🚥
(~$35)... fr! you'll need to pay $50 in gas to approve this transaction...
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🌠What are #BRC20 Tokens?

#BRC20 stands for "Bitcoin Request for Comment" and is an experimental token standard.

Using Ordinals, developers inscribe text directly onto the #Bitcoin Blockchain.
This text is being used to represent fungible tokens that are interchangeable on a 1:1 basis.
🌠Why are they interesting?

❕Increased interest in building on Bitcoin.

❕Rely on Bitcoin's proof-of-work consensus for security.

❕Wallets like UniSat Wallet support BRC-20 tokens.

The Total market cap for BRC-20 tokens is around $17.5 million.
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One of the backbones of the #MultiversX ecosystem is the #ESDT token standard.

Let's explore its unique features and how its capabilities stack up against the most popular token standard out there: the ERC20 token.
#Ethereum Image
1/11: The main difference is that ESDT is pre-coded, non-programmable, and with a fixed set of functionalities. #ERC20, on the other hand, requires developer expertise and auditing for robustness and security.
2/11: Here are the key functionalities of ESDT tokens:

⚗️Minting: Mint new tokens after their initial release.

🔥Burning: Users can burn a certain amount of their tokens.

⏯Pausing/Unpausing: Prohibit all operations except mint and burn.
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1/ 📚 Welcome to the world of crypto slang! In this thread, we'll dive into the most popular terms and phrases used in the #crypto community. Buckle up, and let's get started! #CryptoLingo $QUACK
2/ 🤗 HODL: A misspelling of "hold" that became a popular term in the crypto world. It means to hold onto your cryptocurrencies rather than selling them, even during market fluctuations. Stay strong, HODLers! 💪 #HODL $QUACK
3/ 😱 FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. This term describes the anxiety people feel when they see others profiting from an investment or trade, making them want to jump on the bandwagon. Remember, always do your research before investing! 🧐 #FOMO $QUACK
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To all the #bettingtwitter folks out there!

Introducing $BCB - Blockchain Bets which is a fully decentralised betting platform which includes tons of sports and live casino games

Bet, Earn, Repeat 🚀💯🤑🚀

Let's dive right in! @BCBerc20 Image
What is $BCB?

A decentralised gasless betting platform that offers a unique combination of sports betting, online casinos, and staking rewards to the users.

$BCB does not require any KYC verification, making it an easy and private platform for users to engage in online betting. Image
What do they offer?

A fully functional decentralized betting platform with tons of sports with the best odds.

There are different betting features like Asian Corner, 1X2, Over/Under goals, 1st Half Goal Line prediction etc..

Check it out ->

#ETH #bcb Image
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1/ Introducing $BCB, a decentralized gasless betting platform that offers a unique combination of sports betting, online casinos, and Defi tools.


Check em out-> @BCBerc20
2/ One of the key features of $BCB is its gasless transactions, which allow users to make bets and collect payouts without incurring high fees.
3/ In addition, $BCB does not require any KYC (know your customer) verification, making it an easy and private platform for users to engage in online betting.
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#ERC20 🆕 , ¿Que es?
Buenos días amigos!! siguiendo con nuestra "Cripto-Educación", ven con nosotros para que puedas conocerla un poco mejor ; sigue el hilo abajo 👇👇 #hispacripto #Crypto #EthereumClassic #ERC20 #Bitcoin #Ethereum #META #criptoeducacion #cryptoeducation
Un token ERC20 es un estándar implementado en 2015 usado para crear y emitir smart contracts en la blockchain Ethereum. Este significa Ethereum request for comment o “Solicitud de comentario de Ethereum”.
Dichos smart contracts se pueden usar para crear activos tokenizados en los que las personas pueden invertir. En esencia, es un conjunto de reglas y regulaciones que crean un modelo para tokens basados en Ethereum.
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📢 Let's look into @WINRProtocol - $WINR

It's a fully autonomous liquidity and incentive infrastructure built for on-chain games requiring a counterparty asset vault 🎮 Here are some highlights from their recent article: 👇👇 Image

Build your games using the WINR Protocol smart contract game engine and achieve 1-sec finality providing a seamless user experience 🚀
Propose games to the $WINR #DAO and get it plugged into the deep Liquidity Pool, providing direct payouts to your players 💰 👇
Incentivize your players with vWINR emissions and earn a commission from the vWINR minted through your smart contracts 🤑
🎮 For Players:

Each game is played and settled immediately on-chain through immutable smart contracts ⛓️

$WINR 👇👇
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0/ Is @WadzPay serious about their market offering?
Answer this question yourself after researching on the points mentioned below:

1/ $WTK - originally an #ERC20 token - is also available as a XRC20 token which means they've partnered with @XinFin_Official aka #XDC Network.…
2/ @WadzPay using $XDC technology means faster transaction speeds, negligible gas fees, military-grade security, along with XinFin’s focus on providing applications for trade finance and remittances.

This partnership enables $WTK solve interoperability issues. @Anish_tweeets
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🇵🇱 W ten weekend miałem okazję powiedzieć parę słów o $PAXG na wydarzeniu organizowanym przez @KryptoEkipa i @bcp24pl.

Oczywiście nie przyciągnęło by to tak dużej publiczności gdyby nie towarzystwo @Silver_Star_PL.

Poniżej 12 nie dla wszystkich oczywistych kwestii o $PAXG
1. Zespół

Firma @PaxosGlobal zatrudniająca ponad 350 osób, obecnie
posiada ponad 50 wakatów (większość inżynierskich).

Natomiast więcej bardziej ciekawych kwestii można przeczytać #onchain ze #smartcontract
Właścicielem kontraktu jest grupa 7 osób wchodzących w skład rozwiązania typu #multisignature, wystarczy potwierdzenie ze strony 3 z nich, by np. całkowicie zmienić implementację tego #smartcontract (np. zmienić fee za transfer $PAXG)…
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One of the best performers in the bear market is the perp DEX.

One could ask if there is still an opportunity for creativity when $GNS $GMX and $MVX are leading the pack.

Well, @OptixProtocol is ushering in a new era of perpetual trade.

Introducing Optix - a revolutionary options protocol that aims to make the process as simple and user-friendly as using a crypto dex.

Introducing Optix Options Protocol. The revolutionary new platform that allows users to transfer risk using any asset in the crypto ecosystem.
With its unique features such as capital efficiency, simple user experience, and permissionless structured products,

@OptixProtocol is set to transform the way options trading is done in the crypto space.
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Like seriously, #Crypto bois

Where in any way shape or form do you use one single network today?

Or are you even aware of any network or security protocols you use frictionlessly?

This evolution is happening for public networks, but not the wild West…
It's been failure and rugs one after another for years on years, with few successful adopted networks with utility tokens, like #Ethereum

Which is why $qnt is #erc20 for its utility functions, why wouldn't it be on the most popular network.

There's a necessity to " leap frog " 2 decades of friction and limited #interoperability to arrive where we need to be to achieve true real time digital assets across jurisdictions.

Leading solutions as discussed via #WEF, are #API #Gateways

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[1/🧵] Is this you? 🤨

• Holder of #XRP since December 2020
• Has never heard of $FLR before (Hello, #Spark?)
• Has no idea what the fuss is all about
• Slept under a rock for two years

Allow me to bring you up to speed w/ this crash course on @FlareNetworks and $FLR. 🧵👇 Source:
[2/20] If you've been following this topic, you'll recall that there was once a #XRPL snapshot:

• 12th December 2020, 00:00 UTC
#XRP Ledger index 60,155,580
. . . Source:
[3/20] . . .

You may recall that you had to claim your #Spark coins by providing your #EVM-based $FLR address in the message key field of your #XRPL account.

→ claim period expired on #XRPLedger index 64,204,315
→ Message could be changed until 11th June 2021, 23:59 UTC
. . . Source:
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25 jours pour apprendre à développer des Smart Contracts en #Solidity 🔥

Jour 17 / 25 :

Création #ERC20 : Nous allons déployer notre contrat ERC20, le vérifier, et l'ajouter à notre wallet 🔥

Hier nous avons créé notre premier contrat ERC20. Aujourd'hui le challenge est simple : le déployer sur Mumbai, mint des tokens et l'ajouter à notre wallet pour pouvoir le voir !

En route 🔥
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25 jours pour apprendre à développer des Smart Contracts en #Solidity 🔥

Jour 16 / 25 :

Création #ERC20 : Nous allons créer notre premier token ERC20 ! Et tout ceci en une seule journée 🔥

Il est possible de faire des contrats de token ERC20 plus ou moins complexe !

Comme nous réalisons un token utilitaire qui sert de récompense de staking, il va être extrêmement simple à mettre en place !

On pourrait imaginer qu'il serve dans une marketplace de jeu par exemple.
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25 jours pour apprendre à développer des Smart Contracts en #Solidity 🔥

Jour 15 / 25 :

La norme #ERC20 : Qu'est-ce que la norme ERC20 ? À quoi sert-elle ? C'est ce que nous allons voir aujourd'hui 💸

La norme ERC20 est une norme pour définir les contrats intelligents des jetons fongibles.

À l'inverse d'un NFT (ERC721), ERC20 permet de créer des jetons qui sont échangeables en 1:1 car ils ont exactement tous la même valeur !
À titre d'exemple, le "stable coin" #USDT est un token fongible dont le contrat est disponible sur plusieurs blockchain.…

Il est impossible de différencier 1 USDT d'un autre sur le même contrat, c'est pour ça qu'on les appelle des jetons fongibles !
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