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In my 10+ years of Crypto experience, I have never seen that kind of market condition where #BTC is down only 3%, and major #altcoins are down 20-30% 😱😳

Let's take a deep dive to know what's going on in the #Crypto market 👇
🔻In the past few hours, the #altcoin market has crashed like there is no support.

🔻So let's take a look at the factors crashing the market, which also include some #FUD.
1. #Binance is selling its holdings.

🔻An account started the rumour that @binance sold mass amounts of coins over the last few months, which caused the market crash.

🔻He also claimed that Binance moved a large chunk of its reserves. Image
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This #crypto wallet was worth $176 a month ago.

Today it's worth $210,543 at the time of recording.

So what did they buy for such impressive gains ?

I'll also show you how to check if these projects are safe with @bubblemaps

Let's find out 🧵👇 Image
Quick notes 📝

Let's dive into his holdings and see what he currently holds.

• The most held #altcoin in his portfolio I'll assume is the most bullish project
• I'll show you how to use @bubblemaps to check if there are any red flags on their biggest bags
The first project they hold is $RFD

• They hold 8016891466 $RFD worth $152,464
• Pnl currently sitting at: +4,887

It seems like they are still holding a decent bag of $RFD. Is there some more good news on the way?

This is where you need to track and continue to monitor
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This #crypto whale was worth $129 and currently sitting at $371,025

In this thread, I'll reveal what made them so much profit and what they are currently holding

Let’s dive into their newest plays + I’ll show you 3 simple steps on how to find whales 🧵 Image
Quick notes 📝

Let's dive into his holdings and see what he currently holds.

• The most held #altcoin in his portfolio I'll assume is the most bullish project
• They might have add some more cash to their position in order to grow this fast.
1️⃣ Their biggest bag is $UNIBOT - which took off not to long ago

• They hold 17040 $UNIBOT worth $291,883.12

• Their avg cost: $2.78

• with a current PnL: +$246,199.91
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A month ago this #crypto wallet was sitting at $13k

But today the wallet is worth $620,502

So how did he do this and what projects did he buy into?

All this plus his wallet address in this 🧵👇 Image
Quick notes.

Let's dive into his holdings and see what he currently holds.

• The most held #altcoin in his portfolio I'll assume is the most bullish project
• this thread will highlight how much he holds in each project
• We will also take a look at his transaction behavior
In this thread, I'll be using @zerion to analyze his holdings.

I use @dexscreener to find whales like these.

Also ape-ing into what they buy doesn't guarantee a successful trade.

Always DYOR

let's dive in...
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Final update:

This #crypto whale went from $20m to $390m all in one year

So what coins did they buy and how did they do almost 20,000% plus in just a year

His wallet + I’ll teach the easiest ways to find wallets like this - All in this 🧵 Image
Quick notes.

Let's dive into his holdings and see what he currently holds.

• The most held #altcoin in his portfolio I'll assume is the most bullish project
• this thread will highlight how much he holds in each project
• We will also take a look at his transaction behavior
In this thread, I'll be using @zerion to analyze his holdings.

I use @bubblemaps and @dexscreener to find whales like these.

let's dive in...
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Are you looking for the next $PEPE ??

If yes, then this post is for you and it's important you read this 👇👇

Here's a 🧵:

In the #MemeCoinSeason it's easy to get caught up in the hype of a single project or coin.
#FOMO can be strong, and it can be tempting to go all in on a project that seems to be blowing up.

However, it's important to remember that investing is a long game, and chasing after the next big thing can often lead to disappointment and loss.
This is especially true when it comes to meme coins, like $PEPE, which has blown up but is now unpredictable.

One of the most important lessons to learn as an investor is to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.
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A little over 2 years ago, I was in several Telegram groups scouting for low cap #altcoin gems.

I began sharing my analysis for some alts with the communities, which ended up being largely successful.

Their positive feedback led me to create this account.

Thread 🧵

A community is key for unlocking your potential.

Not only is the exchange of ideas crucial, but more so is discovering the value that you could provide for a space.

If it wasn't for that, I'd probably be doing my own thing, in private.

But getting rich alone isn't fun.

Now I'm semi-retired from altcoins and I deal mainly with trading #Bitcoin futures.

My success in futures was a slow grind that took years of trail & error and back testing 100s of strategies 100s of times.

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#btc Başlangıç uyarısı: Bu yazı içeriği hiçbir coin hakkında değildir. Al-sat önerisi içermez, kısa vade kar hedefi belirtmez. Tamamen genel piyasa hakkında bilgilendirme ve bir şeyler……
#btc Bitcoin-Dolar endeksi (DXY)- Altın korelasyonu Image
Ayı dönemindeki sert düşüşlerin ardından gelen ve kısmen daha yatayda testere şeklinde geçen sıkıcı, ky için kazanç olmayan bölge.
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MC of 4.5M & sitting at roughly .12 @DFXFinance has an insane amount upside. $DFX has big plans, great team, great partners, & is bringing foreign #stablescoins to the 🌍. DB is sold on the potential. See this YouTube vid on how the bonding curve works.

@pZpWjd4dkw9ZGIG appreciate your $DFX RT💯 my friend @DFXFinance is bringing #stablecoins to the 🌍
@Gordospin1 appreciate your $DFX RT💯 @DFXFinance is bringing #Stablecoins to the 🌍
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Time for a Community Chart Request 🔥🤩

In this thread🧵:

I will take you through a technical analysis of each of them so you have a better understanding of possible scenarios and how they can benefit you.

Read on and find out what these #altcoin charts are!
In this thread I will cover:

1.- Polkadot $DOT
2.- NEAR Protocol $NEAR
3.- Litecoin $LTC
4.- Chainlink $LINK
5.- Rebel Bots $RBLS
6.- Aptos $APT
7.- Avalanche $AVAX
8.- Solana $SOL
9.- Moonbeam $GLMR
10.- Oasis Network $ROSE

$DOT is still in a downtrend in the medium to long term. We must reclaim $6.862 on a monthly close above this level to break this downtrend. The accumulation area is between $5 - $3.5.
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Wooooo $TEL sis coming through 🔥 número uno on the RT💯
@CKJCryptonews DM sent 🤝
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With all the negativity in #crypto at the moment I’m glad I’m in $TEL & $DFX 🤝🏻 they are doing it the right way💯

$TEL $DFX $MATIC #Web3 #Staking #altcoin #polygon #GSMA #Fintech #Defi #Crypto #Stablecoins @telcoin @JTQuigley @P4Cap @DFXFinance @CotyKuhn @kevinzhangTO @0xNegi…
Appreciate your $TEL $DFX RT💯 @Lelaye_XRP. Hope your having a great Sunday 🤜🤛 My $TEL sis is on fire 🔥 today!!!!
@pZpWjd4dkw9ZGIG 🤝🏻 is on fire 🔥 appreciate your $DFX $TEL RT💯
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@Telcoinomics keeps growing slowly but surely 165 members 💪 . We are ambassadors for @telcoin & #Telfam growth. If you 💙 #Telcoin, spread the word to grow & expand our community. We lead the way! Join👇🏻

#Web3 #altcoin #polygon #Fintech #Defi #Crypto
@bitlars appreciate your $TEL @Telcoinomics RT💯 Thanks for your support 🤝🏻
@pZpWjd4dkw9ZGIG @ede_jeffry appreciate your $TEL @Telcoinomics RT💯 thanks for the support 🤝🏻
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With only a $5M cap $KROM is the easiest future 10x #altcoin I’ve found to date 💰

Gasless DEX for @ethereum and the leading #layer2 protocols @0xPolygon @arbitrum @optimismFND

I’m expecting big things here for a few reasons 👇👇👇
Kromatika is a Next Generation DEX enabling #crypto traders to do limit orders on top of @Uniswap without any swap fees, price slippages, or front-running bots
🏆 Won an award at the ‘21 @chainlink Hackathon

💰Awarded an @optimismFND Grant

The big players are helping to fund $KROM
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In a bear market, it can be a challenge to identify top-notch #altcoin projects worth investing in.

I have shouldered the task of filtering through the masses to bring you only the cream of the crop.

$TRIAS is a platform designed to solve these trust issues by providing a secure and trustworthy computing environment.

$Nexa cryptocurrency boasts a distinctive Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm that enables it to process over 10 billion transactions per day. Check it out here ↓

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Web 3.0 ile birlikte artık yaptığınız her eylemde kazanç sağlayabileceğinizi videolarımda bahsetmiştim.

@CryptoGPT_org #CryptoGPT #altcoin
@CryptoGPT_org 2) Günlük hayatınızda yaptığınız her işi bir gelir kaynağına dönüştürün. Kulağa çok hoş gelen bir cümle. Peki bunu nasıl yapacaksınız. CryptoGPT zero knowledge katman 2 özelliği ile sizlerin Al verilerinizi işleyerek para kazanmanıza olanak sağlamaktadır.

Uygulamayı hergün yaptığınız işlerde (fitness, oyunlar, alışveriş ve eğitim) kullan
CryptoGPT verilerini yakalar, işler ve paketler.
Verilerinizin sahibi olun ve satarak kazanın.

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1/10 Có rất nhiều bạn ib cho mình vì mất tiền và thất bại và mất niềm tin. Cái mình có thể chia sẻ cho các bạn ở tweet này như sau:
Năm 2019:
Bài này cũng cố lòng tin và #btc cho mình…
#btc #crypto #eth Image
2/10 Tại sao bạn thua lỗ trong thị trường tài chính và crypto?
Sau năm 2018 đau thương mất mát quá nhiều thì năm 2019 Đức đã đúng kết và chia sẻ lại cảm giác và trải nhiệm lên mạng xã hội facebook cá nhân, mọi người có thể đọc dưới theo link: Image
3/10 bài này mình đăng để các bạn đã và đang mất tiền xem lại và nên biết phải làm gì?…
#btc #ETH #crypto Image
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You have just spotted an intriguing #Altcoin

What steps should you take before investing?

Read this thread for framework on researching your investments.
First up, consider the tech.

What problem does the altcoin aim to solve, and how does its technology help to address it?

Is it a unique and innovative solution?
Some extra factors to consider especially when evaluating new blockchains:
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Diversification 🧵 What is it, why is it important and how to approach it.

A simple guide to aid your #altcoin adventures.

Let's get learning! 👇 Image
✕ Introduction

Diversification is key to a well-rounded investment strategy. It helps manage risk by spreading investments across different assets, market sectors, and geographical regions.
✕ Importance of diversification in crypto

In the world of cryptocurrency, diversification is especially important.
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Top coins by % change in the last 10 minutes:

1️⃣ $gny
2️⃣ $astr
3️⃣ $cdt
4️⃣ $dag
5️⃣ $bgb
6️⃣ $mona
7️⃣ $forth
8️⃣ $ewt
9️⃣ $hex
🔟 $trac
the live dashboard from @LunarCrush for these metrics is 🔥
Come and join and talk about any of these #altcoin 💎

The next #100xgem could be on that list…
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Massive move incoming for $NOIA as @Syntropynet finally goes public 🚀

An easy to understand 🧵on why I’m stacking this #altcoin 👇 Image
What is @Syntropynet 🤔

🔸#Blockchain for the internet
🔸#Layer0 for #Web3

Data security and routing system operating on top of existing internet protocols

🔸3rd parties removed from data encryption
🔸Optimized latency Image
Recent move to @cosmos offers superior advantages over other #blockchain ecosystems

🔸Creation of specialized chains
🔸Interoperability and scalability
🔸Enhanced security
🔸Sovereignty Image
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Maximizing Success in a Changing Market:
Understanding Narratives and Adapting Your Strategy for Crazy Returns💲👇
A big part of understanding narratives is understanding the current #market and its trends and identifying upcoming trends in advance.
One of the most common misunderstandings people have is that they view the market as having a fixed condition and that the only variable is their strategy for playing it. This is flawed. The market changes. You have two variables. the current #market and your #strategy.
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$XPR 🧵 @ProtonXPR boasts exceptional capabilities that set it apart from other blockchains. You can experience seamless, cost-free transactions and simplify your life with user-friendly wallet addresses.

Read this overview of Protons key features to find out more! 👇

Proton is a secure and efficient L1 blockchain that utilizes a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Its goal is to provide a decentralized platform with energy efficient and fast, low-cost transactions.
The team behind Proton is dedicated to making the integration of traditional finance, blockchain technology, and Web3 into a user-friendly and compliant system for everyday consumers.

Let's explore some of it's features 👇
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Thread on #Altcoin cycles and what to expect during this time of the year.

#Bitcoin #BTC $BTC $BTC.D $ETH #Ethereum $ETHBTC
Some notes are on this chart. I'm using $ETHBTC as the macro indicator for altcoins right now; it usually is a good sign of how altcoins are doing (vs. bitcoin).
The cycle is usually this:

1) Dec/Jan- Alts start to move hard
2) Feb/March- Alts dump for a month and/or consolidate
3) March/April- Alts start to move again for another pump, usually less than #1
4) Alts retrace and start to die down in the summer
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