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How to get started in #datascience?

👀🧵👇 See thread below
2/ 1. Craft your own personal learning plan
Earlier this year I made a video that details the steps you can take to craft your own personal learning plan for your data journey. Everyone's plan is different, make your own! Here's how...
3/ 2. Work on data projects using datasets that is interesting to you
When starting out, I found that working on datasets that's interesting to you will help you engage in the process. Be persistent and work on the project to completion (end-to-end).
How? Data→Model→ Deployment
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India is the only responsible actor right now. India is offering emergency, free visas to Afghans (…)
Here's the details:
India has introduced a new category of fast-tracked electronic visa called "e-Emergency X-Misc Visa"

Click on…
Visa category is "Emergency X-Misc Visa".
If the link does not redirect to the application page, click on "For eVisa by Bureau of Immigration, Apply here" on the Homepage
On the landing page, it redirects to, click on "Apply here for e-visa".
Upon filling in the basic details on the application landing page, the list of required supporting documents will appear on the pop-up.
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#GetVaccinated vs. #COVID. Vaccines stave off hospitalization, death and even worse for some people, sexual performance. Let's discuss some of the math, pros and cons, and adverse effects and that sexual performance thing. THREAD:…
2/ Most who are dying or are being hospitalized are unvaccinated. The vaccines don't give 100% immunity, but they are free, easy, painless and provide good protection. They also greatly decrease the impact of COVID if you do get it.…
3/ COVID vaccines don't magnetize you and are too small to insert a tracker. Regardless, the government can already track you through your phone, computer, email, credit cards, social media, etc., etc., etc. Fully vaccinated folks are now <1% of deaths.…
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So the Gov't has gone from promising a review of #VaccinePassports in February...…

to officials saying #domestic uses are "dead" and "not going to happen" in May...…

to the review stating they won't be #mandated in early July... @BorisJohnson announcing they WILL be #mandatory for (mostly) young people from the end of September:…
Meanwhile, and despite MONTHS of denials*, it turns out the Government has already spent £23.6 million on #VaccinePassports 👇 and has already cut deals that could run until 2023 at least...…

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𝟲𝟬 𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗲𝘀 𝘁𝗼 𝗴𝗲𝘁 𝗳𝗿𝗲𝗲 𝗶𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘀 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗻𝗲𝘅𝘁 𝘀𝗶𝗱𝗲 𝗵𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗹𝗲

A Mega Thread 👇
#100DaysOfCode #OpenSource #free
These threads includes names of some popular brands as well as some underrated sites which provide amazing icons for 𝗙𝗿𝗲𝗲
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• Income opportunities
• Business Ideas
• Side Hustles

Become a
‘Money Making Machine’

Let’s explore our options

(Thread )👇🏽 Image
• Waste Removal

Buy assets that have more than one utility and that generate cash flow.

-Cars look good, but they really only get me to work.


- Bakkie’s have more uses, generate extra income to service the financing costs.

• House moving
• Waste removal Image
•Cleaning Services

Many people are more consciously aware of their environment around them + businesses are forced to put more emphasis on hygiene, possibly because of the law or just for the safety of their customers.

There lies an opportunity here.
#business Image
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Hi! ... 👋

Happy Happy Fryday!
What kind of Snacks are you filling your awesome lives with?
You don't have to be in A GIANT house or on A luxurious boat to be Happy .. Happiness comes from within. Object/materials give/put nothing out. Only YOU can CHOOSE to make A
ROW boat 🚣‍♂️ exactltly what it is, it is all you truly [NEED] ..
Lose you're Paddles? No worries, the winds will shift (WINDS OF CHANGE) just for you to give you that little extra P.U.S.H. into the direction you #SEEK, Right, Tommy Boy? .. ImageImage
Many of you seem to be stuck on the Beach looking for Gold & Treasures, don't worry, that will come .. What was stolen, will be given BACK to ALL OF YOU! #YOU are the ELITES.
Right now, you MUST be about THAT LIFE & get into your Boat & start sailing or Start sailing again. Image
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mainly macro: A government out of control…
A #government out of control
The commitment that the #UK government gives 0.7% of its GDP as overseas aid is enshrined in law. #Johnson’s government decided to cut this to 0.5%, but didn’t need to put this to parliament because the cut was supposed to be temporary.
A large number of Conservative MPs were unhappy with this, and wanted to use parliament to reverse this cut. The parliament’s #speaker ruled their attempt invalid, but requested the #government to allow a vote on the issue. The government refused.
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Y’all! In less than 1 week, the first of hopefully many #HDPHumpDay drops will happen!


@ash_mcmullenMD and I are nervous + excited + + grateful + ready (which pretty much sums up how we feel every day as academic physicians. 😂)

Here’s what you can expect. . .
1. A glimpse of the interaction between 2 Black women physicians & friends being their entire selves and uplifting one another.

2. Stuff we learned or are learning.

3. A story of the week then us unpacking it.

4. A whole lot of unfiltered #BlackWomanMagic.

Yes indeed!
Our first #HDPHumpDay will kick off with 3 (!) episodes for the price of 1 (which is #free btw!😂)

👊🏽Ep 1: #BlackWomanMagic Intro to us (and our hair)
👊🏽 Ep 2: “Oh, you work here?”
👊🏽 Ep 3: “Some people just don’t like pizza.”

Mmm hmmmm, chile. Intrigued, ain’t you?
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#eIDAS 2.0 interesting snippets thread starting here.
identity solutions falling
outside the scope of eIDAS, such as those offered by social media providers and financial
institutions, raise privacy and data protection concerns
proposal expands the current eIDAS list of trust services with three new qualified trust
services, namely the provision of electronic archiving services, electronic ledgers and the
management of remote electronic signature and seal creation devices.
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Education enables us to make effective decisions about ourselves, our surroundings, and our societies.
Suffice to say #Education as an institution is notably significant in a civil society. And more so for #Kashmir.

@AdityaRajKaul @LtGenGurmit @AsimKhanTweets @MirYanaSY Image
In #Kashmir, the importance of structured #Education increases manifolds due to the dynamic nature of this region. Lack of education has a severe cascading effect here, eventually leading the gullible young people towards unlawful activities.
@kakar_harsha @neeraj_rajput Image
#Pandemic has restricted movement all over. With every public institution closed including schools and colleges, the Govt of #Jammu and #Kashmir have introduced initiatives to help students continue their studies, even in such uncertain times.
@MirYanaSY @Fayak_Wani1 @IAmErAijaz Image
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"YOu've Got Mail" ..😂

Dr. Dip Stick is not the one who shocks the world awake but close ..
Where/When does the Flood start?
Now does everyone understand WHY it had to be this way this entire time?
DJT kept his friends close & enemies closer, Right?
How is Fake news going
to spin all this now?
They have nothing. DJT played by the Fake rules ALL FOR SHOW to catch Fake news & everyone else IN THE #ACT ..
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𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗠𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝗨𝘀𝗲𝗳𝘂𝗹 𝗪𝗲𝗯𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗲𝘀 𝗢𝗻 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘁

I will be sharing unique , useful, and interesting #websites in this thread.

🚀Goal - 10,000 websites. 🚀

⏩ A Thread ⏪

🙏 RT for more exposure .

#unique #internet #useful #knowledge #worldwide
1: 🚀YayText .com🚀

You can use this website to use Bold, Italic, Underlined text on #Facebook , #Instagram , #Twitter ........

2: 🚀Fast .com🚀

You can check speed of your Internet connection from here.

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warum @SimonsKehrwoche ist dein titel #distruption der #wissenschaft, wenn - falls ichs richtig verstanden habe - auch du davon ausgehst, dass wissenschaft genau so zu arbeiten hat, wie es @ilariacapua tut?… @CarlAuerVerlag Image
@SimonsKehrwoche @ilariacapua @CarlAuerVerlag die #distruption von #wissenschaft beginnt einen schritt später. dort wo es bei #wikipedia #wikidata ganz einfach nachvollziehbar wird:

es geht um den unterschied #Open #Free welchen den dramatischen - äh. praktischen! - unterschied macht ;-)… Image
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[#SupremeCourt hearing in Suo Motu case concerning #COVID19 issues]

Justice DY Chandrachud led bench will shortly hear the #suomotu case regarding COVID vaccine pricing issues, #oxygen supply & supply of essential medicines.
Centre has told the #SupremeCourt that new liberalised pricing policy for COVID vaccine adopted is to ensure scaling up of vaccine coverage, to incentivize vaccine manufacturers to rapidly scale up their production and to attract new vaccine manufacturers…
During the hearing of the matter on April 30, the top court had questioned the government on vaccine pricing, remarking that vaccines which states have to procure are overpriced.
#SupremeCourt #covidvaccine @SerumInstIndia @BharatBiotech
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Conocidas las "Conclusiones Provisionales" del caso "Luis Robles" te traigo un hilo donde te cuento todo lo sucedido alrededor de este joven, sin más...

🚨El joven detrás del cartel: La historia de Luis Robles🚨

PD: Hilo cortesía de la (el) CIA (Cerebro del Inge en Acción)
Quién es Luis Robles?

Luis Robles Elizástigui, guantanamero de nacimiento, habanero por adopción, apresado el pasado 4 de diciembre por llevar un cartel con el rotulado "Libertad», «No+Represión», «#Free-Denis»", hoy se enfrenta a 6 años de prisión por pensar diferente.
Haciendo uso de la libertad de expresión (Artículo 54 de la constitución), este joven sin vínculo alguno con movimientos opositores quiso expresar su sentir pero olvidó un detalle: en Cuba la libertad de expresión funciona solo para aquellos que no disienten del "gobierno"
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The EU steel industry is at the crossroads: by 2030 ~50% of blast furnaces will reach their end-of-life. Which EU countries are affected by 2030? Do we have a plan for the transition? Spoiler: bold policy will make all the difference. Thread (1/11)
What are the EU countries where blast furnace capacity will reach their end-of-life before 2030?
🇦🇹 49% of total primary steel capacity
🇧🇪 50%
🇨🇿 81%
🇩🇪 50%
🇪🇸 50%
🇫🇮 50%
🇫🇷 48%
🇮🇹 5%
🇳🇱 100%
🇵🇱 47%
🇸🇰 100%

🇬🇧 39%

From now on there’s barely a business case for reinvestments into coal-based blast furnaces.
Even efficient blast furnaces would come under immense pressure during a typical 20-year campaign, regardless whether EU goes for #CBAM or continued #free allocation. (3/11)
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Thread on Hospitals, Medicines, Plasma Donors etc for Delhi:

Hospital Info below: Image
Refer to this Page for Plasma Donors across in Delhi:…

- please DM her
2. Cipla Med Gautam Enterprise - 9868124105
3. Mitesh Shah - He is not a supplier, he is finding the injection on demand as a social cause, and he was helpful

I request you to only text and not call them.
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43/gpc Effectiveness of different #vaccines, & range of uncertainty (chart)
44/gpc This 🧵👇🏼is consistent with what I have said in my tweet 🧵☝🏼 since august 2020
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#nocode, #free way to #bootstrap yourself a consulting or coaching page and offer your clients automatic booking & payment of online services. Using @myMeetFox (a calendly-like software) embedded to a @NotionHQ page. See it here👉:…
The aim here is to show how you can add this simple hack in 5 min. to a current #notiontwt online space.

A bit of context about this no-code hack and the project behind it, in this:

#NoCode for the People short thread🧵👇
1/ #NoCode for the People

I've been meeting people that are just jumping into the online/digital wagon. People used to the face-to-face, day-to-day business operations, who don't find opening a FB business as easy nor maintaining it.
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#USA is a free democracy, #India is a "partly free" democracy
#FOE Japan is a free democracy, India is a partly free democracy: Compare the ratio of critical/unfavorable articles, to favorable articles, in the top 3 news sources in Japan & India respectively, to find which press is freer! #SciMe 1st data, 2nd Analysis, 3rd Policy/views!🧐🤔
3/demo #Majoritarianism & freedom: Compare treatment of minorities in USA(non-christian), Japan(Korean etc) & India (Muslims): In particular plot over 70yrs th % of minority pop on same graph & compare decadal changes[summarizes it's discrimination(in cntry) & opportunities(ROW)]
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A small number persist in #LONDON

#PROTEST continues

#LIVE via @Ruptly

wow - I remember being out like this !!

#londonprotest #londonprotests ImageImage
Just imagine - being out in the cool spring air - #FREE and walking around

I remember that !!

a hundred years ago


So is this how it is to be in Britain from now on?


#live coverage ➡️

via @Ruptly

#PoliceState ImageImageImageImage
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