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The pain of a #DEX trader = frontrunning BOTs that steal you of great value trades, slippage and swap fees.

The value for money and ease of trade trading on #Binance or #Coinbase is missed on a DEX.

Until @KromatikaFi .. shutterstock,com person showing empty wallet
Limit trades have been missing from #DEX protocols. They are a staple in traditional finance, also appearing on #CEX like #Binance or #coinbase.
Range orders on #uniswap are not the same as limit trades.

Limit orders on #1inch are slow to get filled.

Until @KromatikaFi .. Motley Fool image explaining market orders vs limit orders
This is what prompted the devs of @KromatikaFi to create a product that tackles every one of these problems with ease.

Now you get BOT protection, no slippage, no swap fees and the orders are filled quickly via @chainlink keepers and utilizing @uniswap liquidity. ten-steps-to-developing-your-big-idea_1036354855
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So, @1inch came down into the 1/3D Demand zone and is bouncing from it rn.

Reclaiming the May '21 range low as we speak, tho we need confirmation on the candle close tomorrow.

#1Inch Image
But there is more than just the token price, if you have a look at what #1Inch has to offer. Here is some information about what is to come for our Unicorn.

As we speak, 1Inch is at the brink of the next step of becoming a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Image
This would mean #1Inch would become a true 'project of the community', because when fully released it would allow 1Inch Hodlers to vote for key protocol parameters.
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$LQD @LiquidSwapDeFi is a cross-chain DEX aggregator which allows users to perform swaps across #ETH, #BSC, #AVAX, #FTM & #MATIC, all in one place

🧵 👇
Fair launched last night, now at $6.5m FDV and fits the current cross/multi-chain infrastructure narrative

Comparable to:
#1INCH ($2.5b FDV)
$PSP ($360m FDV)
Aggregates liquidity from a number of DEXs including UniSwap, PancakeSwap, TraderJoe, SpookySwap and QuickSwap. LiquidSwap plan to quickly add more sources to this also
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1/ 🚨 MARKET UPDATE🚨 A thread... 👇

Below I will share my views of the market and my plan, are you in? Lets go...

#Bear markets are great opportunities to scoop coins at a significant discount. The right picks can change lives.

Don't fall into FUD! Start planning!

2/ This is my third bear market. Here is what I learned so far. Bitcoin first. 👇

#Bitcoin bottoms after 85% drop from ATH, #ETH at 95%. Will we see similar drops now? Possibly, but maybe not.

Below the #Bitcoin levels to watch as we drop. Image
3/ $30k for #BTC is almost certain. If that breaks (likely), then $20k is in play.

To me $20k is the most likely level where we will bottom after a 70% crash. Why?

Previous ATH and strong support levels. Moreover, institutions are here now, so a 85% drop is less likely. 👇
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🚨 @ultra_io Mega Thread Alert 🚨

This thread will explore @ultra_io uses, the solutions, and the metrics to better understand $UOS.

What is @ultra_io: Ultra is a fee-less blockchain ecosystem powering an entertainment platform that provides a variety of games industries & blockchain-enabled services under a single roof. Individuals can buy, play games, watch live-streaming feeds all in the same place.

The problems in the #Games #market : It is unfairly structured. Most of the money made goes to middlemen: app stores, social networks. '88% of the PC game market is untapped.' The gaming industry is met with monopolies like the names of @Steam limiting the available options.

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Yo les kheys ! Apparemment c'est la saison des tops, donc à moi de vous proposer le mien. Voici les 13 #Crypto sur lesquelles je vais compter en 2022 avec mes réflexions perso et triées en 4 catégories de risque. Let's go 🧵

Avant de commencer, je rappelle quelques règles basiques 👇

✅ Ce n'est pas parce que je mise sur ces tokens que vous devez en faire de même, faites vos devoirs !

✅ Je peux parfaitement me planter, certains tokens peuvent partir au placard, donc gestion du risque !

✅ Inutile de venir me chercher parce que votre token favori est absent, c'est mon wallet et il ne bougera pas sauf quand je l'aurai décidé.

✅ Mes choix sont faits après des analyses techniques et fondamentales. Je ferai au mieux pour détailler ma démarche.

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Yo les kheys ! Nous y voilà, dernier jour d'une année 2021 qui aura été exceptionnelle à tous les niveaux. Je profite de cette occasion pour vous proposer mon bilan de l'année, mes échecs, mes réussites et mes objectifs pour 2022. Let's go 🧵
Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas, je suis arrivé relativement tard sur le marché crypto (fin Janvier 2021). Avant cela, j'étais surtout sur de l'investissement traditionnel (ETFs et assurance vie notamment) comme tout boomer qui se respecte (j'aurai 30 ans en Janvier).
J'avais déjà quelques connaissances sur la technologie de la blockchain, ayant rapidement travaillé sur le sujet lorsque j'étais chez Ubisoft, mais je ne m'étais jamais intéressé à l'aspect spéculatif de la chose.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the $ETH DeFi Tier List. I might do another depending on my motivation. Here is a thread explaining my reasoning for each pick. As always, this is financial advice
1inch tier: We have $Cream, this project is honestly cat shit, I personally view their TVL as the prize pool of the DeFi Hack Olympics. 4 hacks, and this thing is still kicking, either a testament to its resilience or how retarded its investors are. $10 EOY
1inch tier: #1inch is trash scum, their devs are shady their dex is the worst aggregator. I personally view it as the $EOS of DeFi. Their token distribution is shadier than $BSV I would stay away at all costs. sub $1 EOY
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Cuando se trabaja un rango lateral es imposible saber de ante mano si estamos ante una acumulación o una distribución. Al partir del desconocimiento en un escenario de pura incertidumbre debemos identificar zonas donde nuestro plan de trading arroje una relación R/B positiva (+) Image
Como se ve en el gráfico de #1nch el precio venía en clara tendencia alcista y luego comienza a lateralizar, a esto le llamamos cambio de carácter, simplemente por una cuestión lógica en la cual pasamos de tener mínimos y máximos ascendentes a construir un rango lateral (+)
En tanto, esto lo he comentado en otros hilos, recuerden que el precio navega constante entre zonas de equilibrio (rango lateral) donde la oferta y la demanda se disputan la victoria y el desequilibrio producido por el triunfo de una de ellas (tendencia) (+)
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این کریپتومان به مناسبت 10K شدن و قدردانی از شما عزیزان تقدیم میشه، سپاس بیکران بابت حمایتهای همیشگیتون🤗

کدام پروژه های #DeFi مستعد رشد هستند:
۱. پلتفرم هایی که توان جذب نقدینگی #TVL بیشتری دارند:
فعلا که اتریوم و bsc پیشتازند و پولیگان، terra ، سولانا ، آولنچ ، فانتوم با رشدی سریع در تعقیبشون، گزارش زیر رو به صورت دائم دنبال کنید:/
/۲. پلتفرم یا شبکه هایی که برای توسعه دهنده ها و برنامه های دیفای جذابیت بیشتری دارند و برای توسعه اکوسیستمشون بودجه یا فاند یا پاداش اختصاص دادن و میدن مثل سولانا، فانتوم و آولنچ و ..
فاندها رو رصد کنید
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After gathering all powers of #Ethereum, #BSC and #Polygon, the #1inch mascot directed his gaze to the edge of the #DeFi world.

A pink bolt of lightning flashed on the horizon, and he suddenly felt that another rift in the fabric of reality took its shape somewhere near him.

📻 Tune in to a positive wave as the #1inch Network expands to Optimistic Ethereum (#OΞ) by @optimismPBC!

⚡️ Dive into the pink portal with us and get a tremendous increase in the speed of your transactions.

Read more ⤵️…

⏱ At the initial stage, #OΞ’s throughput will be limited to 0.6 transactions per second.

🚄 However, transactions on Optimistic are set to become faster as the project's team tests and optimizes its infrastructure.
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#کریپتومان مهم در خصوص سرمایه گذاری در فضای کریپتو:

۱. از افرادی که میگن قطعا فلان اتفاق می افته به شدت دوری کنید، مگر بازار قطعیت میشناسه؟
۲. از #ماکسیمالیست ها که میگن فقط بیت کوین یا فقط اتریوم یا فقط bnb یا فقط فلان رمز ارز قطعا دوری کنید، روی وب۳ ما به همشون نیاز داریم:
#بيتکوین امن ترین و غیرمتمرکز ترین شبکه است و فقط ۲۱ میلیون عدد ازش وجود داره، بهترین برای ذخیره ارزش پول، #اتریوم بزرگترین اکوسیستم رو داره بیشتر برنامه های #دیفای و Nft رو داره و رشد آنها رشد اتریوم رو در پی داره، همچنین با بروزرسانی هاش اکنون با رول آپ ها و
با اجرای #شاردینگ در ۲۰۲۲ مشکل مقیاس پذیریش رو حل می کنه و اینکه اعجوبه ایه به نام #ویتالیک پشتشه که توی ۱۹ سالگی اتریوم رو خلق کرد و با نبوغش به این راحتی ها تسلیم نمیشه،توکن bnb متعلق به #بایننس که یکی از کارکشته ترین صرافی های دنیاست و به شدت کاربردیه، همچنین
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🎇 #1inch Foundation starts the very first 1inch Wallet #contest with a 💰 $5K #prize fund!

📝 To enter:

✅ Download the 1inch #DeFi Wallet for iOS
✅ Post a screenshot of your balance (it should be more than 0) on Twitter
✅ Add your comment and the #1inchWallet hashtag

✳️ You may also mention the @1inchNetwork profile in case you are afraid that we might miss your post.

⛔️ Screenshots tweeted by newly created Twitter profiles won’t be accepted.

⚠️ Don’t forget to turn on DM from everyone in your profile settings.

🗓 The Gods of random will choose 🤩 5 lucky winners on June 28.

🎁 Winners gonna receive a message from our official Twitter account with a request to pass simple verification procedure.

🔥 Let the contest begin and may the liquidity be with you!
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🙌 Just imagine having a universal tool allowing you to build ♾ number of #trading strategies and getting you closer to 🚗 a cherished #Lambo...

Well, now you got one 🙃

⚡️Introducing the #1inch Limit Order Protocol!

More info ⤵️

#DeFi #crypto…

📜 A limit order option has been available in the #1inch #dApp for a while, but, until recently, it was based on the @0xProject protocol.

🚀 Now, it has been replaced with the much more 🛠 efficient 1inch Limit Order Protocol.

The #1inch Limit Order Protocol will be available on 🔷 #ETH, 🔶 #BSC, and 💠 #Polygon.

Supported token standards:


✳️ Other standards could be supported via external extension.
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🔥 Proud to announce the addition of the OTC swap feature to the #1inch dApp! 🔥

In a nutshell, it will allow performing zero-slippage trades protected from front-running ⚔️

🌐 Read our new blog post for more details ⤵️

#DeFi #cryptotrading…

💡 Over-the-counter (OTC) trading is buying or selling crypto off-exchange to achieve the 📈 maximum degree of security and privacy.

🚴‍♂️ In OTC trading, market makers compete with each other to offer 🏆 the best swap price to the user.

Since the price is announced upfront and fixed, usually the user gets 💰 a better average price.

Advantage of OTC trading is that the quoted price is 🔒 locked in, and 👤 the user receives the exact quoted amount, with ❌ no slippage.
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🙀Have you ever been scared of potential loss from front-running and 'sandwich attacks'?

🤖 Meet the Flashbot transactions and forget about bothering while exchanging assets on #1inch!

🌐 Visit our help center for more details ⤵️


#DeFi #crypto

🦾 Check out a super-guide on how to set a Flashbot transaction:

1️⃣ Go to, ‘exchange’ tab;

2️⃣ Connect your wallet;

⛔️ Please, note that Flashbot transactions do not work with MetaMask (Ledger, MEW etc. are compatible).

3️⃣ Fill the ‘you pay’ and ‘you receive’ fields;

4️⃣ Unlock your tokens for a swap, if needed;

5️⃣ Hit the ‘swap token’ button;

6️⃣ In the verification window, select the option ‘Sign & send as Flashbot transaction’;
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In the Age before #Crypto, the world was shrouded by fog. But then there was Fire. And with Fire came disparity. And #ETH with #BSC were born.

The 3rd world had always been a tale of ancient #degens. But the truth appeared before #1inch mascot in the form of a green portal.

🪂 Jump into the @0xPolygon's portal with #1inch and feel the 🦾 full power of one of the most promising scaling solutions on #ETH.

⤵️ Follow this thread or read our new blog post to solve all mysteries hidden inside. 🔮

#Ethereum #Blockchain #DeFi…

You asked for it, you got it! 😎

🔥 The #1inch Network expanded to #Polygon! 🔥

✅ The expansion provides 1inch users with access to multiple liquidity sources on Polygon such as @CurveFinance, @SushiSwap, @AaveAave, @MUSTCometh, and @QuickswapDEX.
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🎯 #1inch Foundation launches 🏆 legendary farming with @wirexapp!

✅ An equivalent of $2.5 mln in $1INCH tokens together with an equivalent of $2.5 mln in $WXT will be distributed among LPs to the 1INCH-WXT pool.

#DeFi #crypto #ETH #WXT #Ethereum

🤔 So what is Wirex and why is this collab so special?

Wirex is a 🌐 worldwide 💸 digital payment platform and regulated institution endeavoring to make digital money accessible to everyone 🙌

📜 In 2015, they developed the world's first crypto-enabled 💳 payment card giving users the ability to 🌈seamlessly spend crypto and traditional currencies in real life, and for now have over 👥 3.5 million customers across 130 countries!
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موضوع: رمزارزها و تئوری بیل و کلنگ
این تئوری میگه وقتی همه دنبال استخراج طلا هستند شما بیل وکلنگ بفروشید!!
حالا اینو تعمیم بدیدبه رمزارزها، به نظرتون بیل و کلنگ ها کدومند؟
من توی این رشته تویت چند مورد رو میگم کلیت جریان دستمون بیاد:
مهم-مثالها رو بدون کسب دانش، مبنای خرید خود قرار ندهید،شاید دراین لحظه قیمت برخی ازآنها برای خرید مناسب نباشد:

۱.بیل و کلنگ ساخت dapp ها؟ مثل #اتریوم، #ترون، #کاردانو، #سولانا، #کازموس، #Terra، #آوالانچه و..

۲.بیل و کلنگ مقیاس پذیری؟ الگوریتمهای لایه ۲ که بهترینشون #پولیگان
۳. بیل و کلنگ ارتباط بلاکچین ها؟ مثل پولکادات #dot

۴. بیل و کلنگ صرافی ها؟ که امکان معامله با آنها،استیک و سایر خدمات صرافی با آنها وجود دارد، نمونش #bnb و #cake و #Uni

۵.بیل و کلنگ ساخت بازیهای قمار؟ مثل #wink
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#Hns- #Handshake :
در این سیستم #سایت ها و #نامهای_دامنه ، آدرس ها و امضاهای جعلی که خودشون را به جای منبع اصلی جا می زنند جایگاهی نخواهند داشت. مهاجم یا جاعل باید هزینه زیادی جهت جعل پرداخت کند و برایش به صرفه نیست.
#Api3- API3 :
#اوراکل و پلتفورمی است برای ساخت و مدیریت #api های غیرمتمرکز (#dapi) و ایجاد مارکتی برای خرید و فروش آنها به عبارتی اوراکلی است برای اوراکل ها، اهمیت اوراکل ها برای جمع آوری داده های خارج از زنجیره (#offchain) بر کسی پوشیده نیست.
#Uni -#Uniswap :
#صرافی_غیرمتمرکز با بالاترین #حجم_مارکت پیشرو و درحال رشد، نقص و مشکلات صرافی های متمرکز اعم از #کارمزد های بالا، دستکاری در بازار، فساد و زدو بند با شرکت ها بر کسی پوشیده نیست.
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#Crypto #Trading #TIP
I am going to share a pattern with you, it is the most profitable pattern that I have in my strategy record.

I call it (Slow Liquidity Pattern), because it is an initial pattern that you see when assets are listed on exchanges.
It is a very simple pattern and gives several opportunities to enter, it is usually quite similar, although it has variations in time and some shape, but basically it is an initial distribution triangle.
The pattern is this, you have it in countless assets that have just been listed, as is the case of $ HTR in kucoin.

It is a triangle and usually has 3 modules of sections (or some more)
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$CRV x $SNX cross asset multichain liquidity

Thread on how they solve Impermanent Loss for LPs while also enabling decentralized cross-chain swaps for traders

AMM innovation is heating up & they are competing directly with Bancor & Thorchain for volume on the major pairs
Primer - The idea to use synths to power cross pool swaps originated late last year as a white swan event

Part 1 - Solving Impermanent Loss by offering single asset exposure to LPs

LPs who desire 100% price exposure to their chosen asset are able to provide liquidity to the sBTC or sETH pools on Curve

Their funds float between all assets in the pool based on what trades are made
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Long on #1inch again for quick trade. Chart too bullish to ignore, best looking coin in top 100 imo. Got in @ 3.45, bids @ 3.3 and 3.02. Don't dump on me. $uni #defi #cryptocurrency #wsb Image
Sold 1/5 of #1inch at 3.82
Sold more #1inch at 4.25. Only have small amount left.
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I spotted a 3,500,000 #1INCH deposit into the staking contract earlier. Which single handedly took the apy from 187% > 143%

So I thought to myself let’s do a quick whale watch shall we?? 🐳🐳


Here’s what I found 👇
0xa0 has a net worth of $70m so this entity is a Chad.

Interestingly this wallet has very little debt ‘only’ half a mil mainly from their $SNX staking position.

It’s usually common to see these ‘Smart LP’s’ (as described by @nansen_ai ) borrow off $ETH $BTC Image
0xa0 is a Chad $wBTC / $ETH LP provider.

They have $19.5m position in $SUSHI & $15.5m in $BAL

They also have a $2.5m position in Shell protocol $BTC pool Image
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