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Some of us are recent graduates of Hyde Park academy &/or live in Woodlawn so we were proud to join @STOPChicago in supporting students who want #PoliceFreeSchools

a thread: 🧵🪡👇🏾… Image
As a concession because of the strong organizing here in #Chicago by @StuStrikeBack @STOPChicago @BPNCchicago & so many more to get #CopsOutCPS, CPS decided to allow LCS members vote to keep or fire SRO’s in each respective school. Hyde Park Academy already voted out one SRO……
Sadly this week the LSC voted to keep their remaining SRO despite all of the students giving strong & rational reasons as to why they rather use the $80K, used for the cop, to instead go towards programming & restorative justice in their school. The LSC didn’t listen & here’s why…
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Formerly the #CPSSickOut group, @ChiParentsAct has evolved into a network of progressive parents, families, caregivers & community activists in Chicago who passionately defend public education. What do we support? First, public school teachers' rights and teacher unions. 🍎✊ 1/ Supports Public School Teac...
Public school teachers and public school districts are facing attacks by extremist groups trying to defund and destroy public education. Either with aggressive bullying or in more subtle ways trying to privatize and monetize schools through charters, 'choice' and vouchers. 2/ Fights Against Extremist Gr...
Activate Chicago Parents is a progressive counterweight to the conservative parent groups attacking public education and bankrolled by right-wing special interest orgs. We won't let them take over Chicago. Not our schools, not our city. 🍎✊ 3/…
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Currently outside McCutcheon Elementary in Uptown where a press conference is set to start soon regarding a four-year-old student who was roughed up by an off-duty police officer at the school last Spring.
Protestors are gathering behind the speakers.
Attorney Michael Gerard starts off the press conference sharing that on March 2, 2020 there was a four-year-old child that was violently abused in the school's hallway and the family is seeking answers about what happened.
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While everyone is talking about the Constitution, here's a 🧵 about why you should listen to/read this week's episode of Movement Memos about voter suppression and how you can fight it.…
Classic voter suppression tactics like voter ID laws, intimidation and mass disenrollment have been bolstered by the pandemic, which has been leveraged as an excuse by some officials to close more polling places and create other barriers to voting.…
A WaPo analysis recently found that more than half a million mail in ballots have already been rejected in primaries in 23 States this year. By comparison, less than 318,000 ballots were rejected in the 2016 general election. So how do we meet this crisis?…
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The saddest thing about @ChiPubSchools voting yet again to keep police in CPS ins't just that they're on the wrong side of history, it's that getting on the right side is inevitable.

#PoliceFreeSchools will be reality. You're just waisting time/$ until we get there. #CopsOutCPS
Hearing officials today use terms like "school to prison pipeline" and "restorative justice" while arguing FOR police in schools was insulting, and not even a good cover. We know exactly where you stand, and more importantly, we know where we stand. #CopsOutCPS #PoliceFreeSchools
The only members of the board who uplifted the actual voices/demands of youth were also the only ones who came with the actual data/stats that support #PoliceFreeSchools. @ChiPubSchools NO MORE STUDIES. The research has already been done and the findings are clear. #CopsOutCPS
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CPS Board of Education is expected to meet at 10:30am on the issue of #CopsOutCPS. Follow this thread for live updates throughout the meeting.

@CHIdocumenters #CHIdocumenters
The meeting will go LIVE on the BoE YouTube channel:…

I'll post it as soon as its up. You can watch the 9:30am holiday waiver public hearing that just finished up.
If you haven't had a chance yet to read the agenda, here's the link:…

Some interesting things I noticed include a resolution to appoint members to Local School Councils (LSC) that have vacancies and a resolution to find alternative plans for safety.
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One of the most powerful moments from today's #CopsOutCPS #Bhangra was when @kdjzuz of @PilsenAlliance pointed out that #SendhilRevuluri lives in a gentrified condo on a gentrified #Pilsen block (photo by @TomSchuba) #PoliceFreeSchools Image
After fighting the gentrification of her neighborhood for years @kdjzuz notes, she now has to protest outside of a wealthy new development to get the gentrifier who lives there to agree to keep police out of her school. #CopsOutCPS #PoliceFreeSchools #PilsenNoSeVende
Powerful, painful, and telling. Why do wealthy adults support police in the schools of poor/working youth? Why do folks like #SendhilRevuluri think they can say #BlackLivesMatter without listening to the demands of Black students and youth? #CopsOutCPS #PoliceFreeSchools
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#SendhilRevuluri of the CPS board is doing the same thing many politicians, corporations, and ppl of means are doing currently--saying #BlackLivesMatter to appear progressive, while decidedly ignoring the demands of actual Black ppl in their work. #CopsOutCPS #HypocriteSendhil Image
#SendhilRevuluri voted in June to keep the $33mil contract CPS pays to keep CPD officers patrolling public schools--many of whom have no nurses, counselors, nor librarians. Black and brown students are organizing tirelessly to end this contract. #CopsOutCPS #PoliceFreeSchools
A vote to renew the contract is happening this coming Wednesday. Will #SendhilRevuluri actually make #BlackLivesMatter and vote no--listening to Black students and neighbors--or will he keep using their struggles to perform progressivism while silencing their demands? #CopsOutCPS
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Many folks have shared this thread, and asked what they can do to make up for the grave mistake of supporting #LoriLightfoot and believing she was a progressive. Great question. Here's some ideas:
1. Learn some history. #LoriLightfoot has a record of repression, gentrification, anti-Black violence. Black queer women organizers were the original folks who warned us of this. Supporting Black candidates is meaningless while ignoring Black community.…
2. Think/act more critically around identity politics. The goal of #BlackLivesMatter and other popular movements isn't to get more people with oppressed identities into positions of power, but to uproot oppressive structures on the whole:…
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17 y/o Caleb Reed an anti-police brutality activist working on #CopsOutCPS was shot and killed in Chicago yesterday morning.

To my friends in the movement in Chicago my heart is with you today and I’m here to talk or if there is anything I can do. @GKMC18
If you can-
please consider supporting Caleb’s family…
$2000 more to go until they hit their goal $5,000 please consider supporting!
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