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Let's talk about what happened in Chicago today.

Over the past 3 days, @ctulocal1 leadership has engaged parents, students, medical professionals and educators. This has been conducted via conferencing, social media, one to ones, etc.

And has been on-going before that.
Using those communications, @Ctulocal1 constructed an offer that met those groups' needs and expertise while moving as far as possible toward @chicagosmayor's position.

We literally pushed it to where any more of the mayor's position would get people killed.
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Illinois Covid fatality rate PLUMMETS
Cases UP / Deaths DOWN since last peak
Make your case for destroying OUR city @chicagosmayor
WHY is @lorilightfoot #SOULCRUSHING the People of Chicago? What IS UR basis 4 UR TYRANNICAL decrees?

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Grateful to @them for running this story on HRC's deletion of a tweet praising #LoriLightfoot after Black and brown Chicagoans pointed to its hypocrisy.

I also want to challenge some of the analysis here, which comes directly from the her administration:…
From the article:

"In addition to the police beatings of protesters, Lightfoot also drew criticism for nightly shutdowns of transit service through downtown...The nightly road and transit closures, unrelated to protesting, were enacted after looting downtown on August 10."
The looting that occurred downtown and in other parts of the city WAS PART OF THE PROTESTS of policing. #LoriLightfoot's claim that the de facto separating of the predominately Black south side from the predominately white north side had nothing to do with protesting is a lie.
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#Lightfoot has a similar profile to her predecessor #RahmEmanuel in that her national image and her status in the Democratic party matter much more to her than the opinion of local Chicagoans--especially Black, brown, immigrant, poor and working ones. #StopLightfoot #DefundCPD
The platforms these national orgs give #LoriLightfoot don't just shroud the violence she commits locally--they empower it. So long as she is allowed to masquerade as a champion or "racial justice" and "intersectionality" nationally, she is empowered to be the antithesis locally.
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#LoriLightfoot is hot on my TL right now, so I thought I'd share what I just posted in a neighborhood group on *that other* site. (A thread)
In addition to her loyalty to "law and order," policing, carceral logics, and treatment of protesters and other uprising participants, which activists who had testified before the Police Board under her leadership warned us about, here are a few of the things that I have observed
1. It became clear early on that her vision of reform did not include any changes to the centrality of mayoral power.
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Many folks have shared this thread, and asked what they can do to make up for the grave mistake of supporting #LoriLightfoot and believing she was a progressive. Great question. Here's some ideas:
1. Learn some history. #LoriLightfoot has a record of repression, gentrification, anti-Black violence. Black queer women organizers were the original folks who warned us of this. Supporting Black candidates is meaningless while ignoring Black community.…
2. Think/act more critically around identity politics. The goal of #BlackLivesMatter and other popular movements isn't to get more people with oppressed identities into positions of power, but to uproot oppressive structures on the whole:…
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Deeply disappointed in @cta, Dept. of Streets and Sanitation, and other bodies for colluding with both police and #LoriLightfoot to protect property, segregate the city, and aid in the brutalizing of protesters. #StopLightfoot #DefundCPD #BlackLivesMatter…
Transit and city workers in other parts of the country have refused to transport/cooperate with police while they are inflicting racist violence. Why do y'all keep enabling them to beat and pepper spray kids? @cta #StopLightfoot #DefundCPD #BlackLivesMatter
Why do y'all keep helping #LoriLightfoot shutdown and re-segregate our city on behalf of the wealthy and at the expense of the poor, of other workers like yourselves? @cta #StopLightfoot #DefundCPD #BlackLivesMatter
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If you voted/campaigned for #LoriLightfoot, uplifted the promises she made during her campaign, or tried to convince others she'd be a progressive mayor, you should be the most vocal in calling out the violence she is unleashing on #Chicago's Black/brown communities and youth.
We all make mistakes/miscalculations. We are all wrong sometimes. We are culpable when we refuse to own our mistakes, admit we were wrong, and take responsibility for the consequences of our miscalculations. If you thought #LoriLightfoot was a progressive, you made a mistake.
There are people who owe Black/brown Chicagoans an apology, who used our identities as political bait, who are silent. There are people who should be on the front lines holding #LoriLightfoot accountable to her promises who are passively watching from the sidelines.
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This is the argument police depts. nationally are relying on as demands to #DefundPolice mount: That cutting police depts. is a racial justice issues because it will disproportionately impact officers of color. #AbolishPolice #DefendBlackLife…
It's the exact argument #LoriLightfoot made shamefully in the NYT weeks ago, insisting that jobs in the police dept. were one of the only paths to middle-classness for Black and brown Chicagoans. #DefundPolice #AbolishPolice #DefendBlackLife…
Forget the fact that this logic (which acknowledges that lower ranking and rookie officers are disproportionately Black and brown) is already admitting the structural racism inherent within police depts. #DefundPolice #AbolishPolice #DefendBlackLife
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Anyone who believes #LoriLightfoot has the economic interests of POC in mind is deliberately ignoring nearly all her policy stances.

We aren't fighting to achieve middle-classness. We are fighting to stay alive. #DefundCPD #AbolishPolice #GoodMorningLori…
In recent months alone, #LoriLightfoot has halted reparations for Black residents, allowed developers to poison #LittleVillage, pushed to reopen businesses before the end of #COVID19, implemented a racist curfew...and she dares talk about our economic interests? #GoodMorningLori
We are TIRED of telling you #LoriLightfoot is a bigot, a corporate puppet, and a champion of austerity and police murder, hiding behind her individual identities as a Black queer woman. If you voted for her, YOU need to come get her. #DefundCPD #AbolishPolice #GoodMorningLori
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1/ This thread will be a VERY sobering analysis of some of the $billions (and $trillions, when pensions are included) that go solely to the #police--not including fire departments & other emergency management divisions of municipal budgets. @alex_zee @NigelJaquiss
2/ I've been saying for many years that over-militarized #police departments cripple #cities' budgets at BEST--and are brutal & racist at worst. NYPD's annual budget: $5 billion!! @NYCMayor’s proposed $24M cut is well under *1/200th* of the budget.
3/ New York City spends more on policing (possibly $6B/year, in fact!) than it does on the Departments of Health, Homeless Services, Housing Preservation and Development, and Youth and Community Development *combined*.
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There are folks in progressive circles that need to take accountability for their role in endorsing, defending, and lending credibility to the #Lightfoot campaign. We all make mistakes, but taking ownership of our mistakes is crucial. #StopLightfoot
There are folks who need to admit they made a mistake by supporting #LoriLightfoot, and that our city is now paying for that mistake. And while the highest level of accountability should be demanded of #Lightfoot herself… #StopLightfoot
...those who tried to convince us that #Lightfoot was a progressive can redeem themselves by calling the loudest for the reversal of her policies of displacement, austerity, and continued criminalization. #StopLightfoot
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As the #LoriLightfoot transition begins, namely with "flooding the zone" where a recent murder was committed by CPD with hundreds more cops, I want us to be vigilant against our own anti-Blackness as we call out the bullshit. #StopLightfoot
Folks like Lightfoot and Eddie Johnson are hellbent on privatizing, displacing, and militarizing our communities, and their harmful actions need to be vocally rejected at every turn--by every community and organization possible. #StopLightfoot
That being said, it's easy for the memes, taunts, and hashtags to slip into old racist and homophobic tropes, especially when being put forward by non-Black and non-queer ppl. #StopLightfoot
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Lori Lightfoot just became the first Black woman and first LGBTQ person to be elected Mayor of Chicago, the third-largest city in the United States. This also makes Chicago the largest municipality in U.S. history to be led by a Black woman and LGBTQ person.
Hard not to think of Black LGBTQ children who are watching history unfold tonight and perhaps watching their own futures. Pretty great feeling.

***correction: Lori Lightfoot is the first *openly*-LGBTQ person to do these things
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