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Some of us are recent graduates of Hyde Park academy &/or live in Woodlawn so we were proud to join @STOPChicago in supporting students who want #PoliceFreeSchools

a thread: 🧵🪡👇🏾… Image
As a concession because of the strong organizing here in #Chicago by @StuStrikeBack @STOPChicago @BPNCchicago & so many more to get #CopsOutCPS, CPS decided to allow LCS members vote to keep or fire SRO’s in each respective school. Hyde Park Academy already voted out one SRO……
Sadly this week the LSC voted to keep their remaining SRO despite all of the students giving strong & rational reasons as to why they rather use the $80K, used for the cop, to instead go towards programming & restorative justice in their school. The LSC didn’t listen & here’s why…
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Here is the statement from the HRE Committee on the report:

Keep in mind that these 3 letters came from WITHIN the board itself. The staff see how violent the trustees are - it's time for the trustees to listen.

#HamOnt #OnPoli #ImpeachNow #policefreeschools
HWDSB Principal's Council:
#HamOnt #OnPoli #ImpeachNow #policefreeschools
HWDSB Managers' Leadership Council:
#HamOnt #OnPoli #ImpeachNow #policefreeschools
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The saddest thing about @ChiPubSchools voting yet again to keep police in CPS ins't just that they're on the wrong side of history, it's that getting on the right side is inevitable.

#PoliceFreeSchools will be reality. You're just waisting time/$ until we get there. #CopsOutCPS
Hearing officials today use terms like "school to prison pipeline" and "restorative justice" while arguing FOR police in schools was insulting, and not even a good cover. We know exactly where you stand, and more importantly, we know where we stand. #CopsOutCPS #PoliceFreeSchools
The only members of the board who uplifted the actual voices/demands of youth were also the only ones who came with the actual data/stats that support #PoliceFreeSchools. @ChiPubSchools NO MORE STUDIES. The research has already been done and the findings are clear. #CopsOutCPS
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One of the most powerful moments from today's #CopsOutCPS #Bhangra was when @kdjzuz of @PilsenAlliance pointed out that #SendhilRevuluri lives in a gentrified condo on a gentrified #Pilsen block (photo by @TomSchuba) #PoliceFreeSchools Image
After fighting the gentrification of her neighborhood for years @kdjzuz notes, she now has to protest outside of a wealthy new development to get the gentrifier who lives there to agree to keep police out of her school. #CopsOutCPS #PoliceFreeSchools #PilsenNoSeVende
Powerful, painful, and telling. Why do wealthy adults support police in the schools of poor/working youth? Why do folks like #SendhilRevuluri think they can say #BlackLivesMatter without listening to the demands of Black students and youth? #CopsOutCPS #PoliceFreeSchools
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#SendhilRevuluri of the CPS board is doing the same thing many politicians, corporations, and ppl of means are doing currently--saying #BlackLivesMatter to appear progressive, while decidedly ignoring the demands of actual Black ppl in their work. #CopsOutCPS #HypocriteSendhil Image
#SendhilRevuluri voted in June to keep the $33mil contract CPS pays to keep CPD officers patrolling public schools--many of whom have no nurses, counselors, nor librarians. Black and brown students are organizing tirelessly to end this contract. #CopsOutCPS #PoliceFreeSchools
A vote to renew the contract is happening this coming Wednesday. Will #SendhilRevuluri actually make #BlackLivesMatter and vote no--listening to Black students and neighbors--or will he keep using their struggles to perform progressivism while silencing their demands? #CopsOutCPS
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Some of my favorite images from last nights #DecolonizeZhigaagoong action. #DefundCPD #DefundPolice #BlackLivesMatter ImageImageImageImage
That racist statue will come down. We will #DefundCPD. We will achieve #PoliceFreeSchools. Black and indigenous people will be free in Chicago and everywhere. #DecolonizeZhigaagoong #BlackLivesMatter
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Let's discuss the importance of restorative justice through a critical race lens,@cityofurbana. In 2015, there were 667 total suspensions (in-school and out-of school) at @Urbana116. Of those, 66% were Black students (1)

#RestorativeJustice #RestorativePractice #EdEquityOrElse
The question of safety in schools is not just about preventing extreme forms of violence, fights, or bullying. It is also about shrinking the achievement gap since the way @Urbana116 disciplines its students will either help or hurt academic achievement (2)

“Time spent learning is the single best predictor of positive academic outcomes.” Suspensions and expulsions are time spent out of the classroom (3)

@PaignToPeace @CU_Indivisible @ACLUofIL @il_fps
#RestorativeJustice #RestorativePractice #EdEquityOrElse Image
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(1) @il_fps Thank you! It's also worthwhile to mention that we have some great support from key organisations & @cityofurbana & @champaigncity political candidates such as:

#PoliceFreeSchools #ProudofU
Emily Rodriguez
Candidate, County Board District 8

Mary King
Candidate, County Board District 10

@il_fps #PoliceFreeSchools #ProudofU #USD116DivestFromUPD
Graduate Employees' Organization (@geo_uiuc)
CU Action Coalition
CU Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)
HV Neighborhood Transformation (HVNT)

@il_fps #PoliceFreeSchools #ProudofU #USD116DivestFromUPD @pslchampaign
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Meeting outside of @WholeFoods to avoid disrupting the farmer’s market. People will be there w supplies! Come join!!
Teacher @japaspanglish on her way to the rally!!! It’s starting y’all!! Come join us!!!
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(1) At yesterday's @cityofurbana special City Council meeting, I had the opportunity to discuss the SRO program contract w/ the Council & Chief of Police, Bryant Seraphin
(2) We discussed the SRO program associated costs, & how this money should be re-invested into school outreach & programs that work for vulnerable youth(e.g. trauma-informed teaching practices, mental health & well-being support)

#PoliceFreeSchools @il_fps #ProudofU

Start from 2:18:46 to hear my statement & discussion with the @cityofurbana Council and Chief of Police Bryant Seraphin

#PoliceFreeSchools #ProudofU @geo_uiuc @HerUrbana @ChampaignABLM @PaignToPeace
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Important victory for rank and file educators ❤️❤️ Thank you comrades

“Tonight my union voted to get cops off CUNY campuses and for the AFL-CIO parent union to disaffiliate with cop unions!! This would not have happened without Rank and File Action.
RAFA activists created the resolution, the PSC took out the union bit out, RAFA activists put it back in, it passed overwhelmingly. I am very proud 🤩✨💋👨‍✈️❌#policefreeschools #policefreeunions #defundNYPD” —Boyda Josa
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Success Academy: A school that regularly threatens or goes as far to call the police or ASC on Black kids and families. #blacklivesmatter #policing #policingblackbodies #insidesuccess #PoliceFreeSchools
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As an @UrbanaHS graduate, I am saddened that @Urban116 has opted to spend $103,813 (start up cost) + $321,300/yr to fund police presence (whom openly carry loaded hand guns) at @UrbanaMiddle116 & @UrbanaHS
@dwmarlin @cityofurbana


We know that the mere presence of police in schools serves to reinforce & accelerate the school to prison pipeline, & this is borne out by data.
@dwmarlin @UrbanaHS @UrbanaMiddle116 @cityofurbana @Urbana116 @VoicesofAcademia


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A thread on #PoliceFreeSchools.

Every parent or educator who has ever said the words, “#BlckLivesMatter” should work to get cops out of schools.

This school year has many cases cops harming kids: 1) a cop assaulted a girl for taking an extra milk.…
In Florida this school year, a cop traumatized a 6-year-old girl when he handcuffed, arrested, & forced her into his squad car.

Then he took her to the youth jail, took her mug shot & fingerprinted her, all for a temper tantrum.

In Chicago this school year, police punched a girl and threw her down stairs in her school. Then lied about doing it. The video revealed the truth.

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In Chicago we can follow the lead of Minneapolis. We can cut ties with Chicago Police in our schools. We can create programs like conflict resolution, true restorative justice, & mentor programs. We can have crises counselors. We can do that with #PoliceFreeSchools
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Congrats @CTULocal1 on carrying out a strike that advocated for ALL school staff, placed the rights of poor/working families at the fore, and fought for economic justice structurally.

I feel more hope for Chicago today than I have in months.

#CTUSEIUStrike #ReimagineChicago
And a huge shoutout to the students who made this possible! @StuStrikeBack @StudentUnionChi @vrodriguez48 @Citlali37953406 @Asha_2A

#CTUSEIUStrike #ReimagineChicago
As we continue to advocate for #PoliceFreeSchools, #HousingForAll, and a #BudgetForTheMany you all have dramatically shifted the public conversation, and the possibilities for future action and organizing.

#CTUSEIUStrike #ReimagineChicago
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